10 Best Content Writing Courses in Vizag With Placements

Content writers are needed to be committed not only to the companies they’re working with but also to writing. Thus, to write effectively and comparatively better you should enroll yourself in one of the content writing courses in Vizag. These courses will uplift you and allow you to build your effective CVs.


Top Content Writing Courses in Vizag



If you want to share your ideas with a few people ‘speak’, but if you want to share with more people, then ‘write’. Writing is the best way to express your thoughts and ideas to others. Living in a practical world, writing has become a powerful source to communicate ideas with one another. As a result, businesses eventually outspread and are more trusted.


What Is Content?


Content is a creation that expresses a person’s or group’s idea demonstrated in the form of writings, speech, or various other arts. Everything you see around you on the internet, television, radio, or any other platform is by fair means the content presented to you in some form.


Hence, content writing is the art of creating or supplying information to the readers through websites, social media, pamphlets, and any other form of public writing. But the content you write should be valuable and according to the reader’s need- that’s what adds value to it.


Content Writing has emerged as a great career in the world of mobilizing everything. People are offered ample things to watch and see in the hand-carrying instrument that access them to tour around the globe. Also, opportunities knock on the door when you are exposed to the outer world.


And as a content writer, you need to face the same in order to create traffic and rank your content on top. Thus being a passionate writer you should consume other skills too that could make your content valuable.


Qualities of the content writer that helps them in gaining success and acknowledgment include the following:-


  • Commitment towards writing.
  • Effective writing skills.
  • Adequate Vocabulary and basic Grammar.
  • Good at market research.
  • Understand the audience requirements and fulfill them.
  • Sticking towards originality rather than plagiarism.
  • Enough knowledge and understanding of SEO.
  • Editing and Proofreading skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and time management.


Types of Content Writing


Following are the types of content writing. It requires high imaginative skills to write such quality content with SEO- based tools and other writing apps. These are:-

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Scripts
  • Podcast
  • E-books
  • Testimonials
  • White Pages
  • Case Studies
  • SOP
  • Brochure
  • Product Description/ Reviews
  • E-mails
  • Infographic
  • Technical Writing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Report Writing


Career in Visakhapatnam


Visakhapatnam, also called Vizag, is one of the largest cities and also the proposed administrative capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is densely populated and is also one of the smart cities in Andhra Pradesh selected under the Smart Cities Mission.


Moreover, Visakhapatnam is building itself into a major hub for IT and digital Pedagogies. This will also lead to an increase in employment opportunities and the education sector. Thus, content writers will get the opening to get themselves registered in the field of success.


As with the development of the education sector, content writing courses in Vizag will eventually rise. Also, the need for competent writers too. This indicates a successful future for content writers in Vizag.


Benefits of Being a Content Writer


Content writing will benefit you in many ways as discussed below:-


Improve the Way of Writing– Content writing will help you write professionally with fewer or no grammatical mistakes. It also helps you to check your vocabulary. So, you could excel in writing your thoughts.

Flexible Job Opportunity– The demand for content writers is stronger than the availability of them in Vizag. This will allow you to choose the timings or to work full time or part-time according to your preferences. They also grant you flexibility in writing the content.

Source of Income– Content writers are paid sufficiently in Vizag, hence can be chosen as a career option. You can also perform content writing as a full-time income source or partly as an additional income generation source.

Following Passion– By building a career in writing you are following your passion for writing; also, making it a source of earning a livelihood. It helps you to showcase your talent and earn value from it.


Salary Structure in Vizag


The requirement of content writers is in every field, from small cafes or bakeries to large IT companies. With the improvement in technology and mass usage of the internet and social media, content writing has proven to be an effective field of requirement in every sector.


Thus in one of the prominent cities of Andhra Pradesh, content writing is a well-recognized job and pays an adequate amount. The average salary paid to content writers is 2,40,000 per annum.


Also, the top companies hiring content writers are Jaro Education, Embibe, Digital marketing consulting, Cogniter Technologies, Submit Core, etc.


Education is the key to growing and learning new things. Also, many institutes are set up to provide content writing courses in Vizag. Some of them are listed below:-


Top Content Writing Courses in Vizag


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an e-learning platform for content writing master courses. It teaches how to write SEO-based content that gives you maximum traffic on your website. It also educates you to rank your website on the top. The teachers not only furnish you with classroom learning but also train you practically with a 3-months internship and a master’s certificate after completion. They are amongst the most coveted and illustrious content writing courses in India with a comprehensive compact curriculum, great mentors, and post-course support. 


Online Content Writing course Key Features-


Classroom Training– IIM Skills grants 16 hours of live lectures in 1-month duration. The classes give students an online platform to learn with a classroom experience.

Worthy Tools- It also gives access to all the complementary tools which are required for writing such as WordPress, Keyword Research Tool, Theme, Landing Page Creator, SEO Management Tool for better search ranking.

Lifetime Access- As a learner, you’ll get lifetime access to all the latest content in your learning management system. Also, you can get that access anytime and anywhere you require.

Feedback and Doubt Solving Sessions- IIM Skills grants your assignments to be completed in a particular time period. Those are reviewed by experts and convenient feedback is provided accordingly. Also, students can clarify their doubts in class or in the doubt-solving sessions with the faculty.

Master Certificate– The certificate provided by IIM Skills is worthy and applicable in recognized companies. Also, the certificate has a value as provided by Hubspot, Cambridge.

Top Recruiters- The alumni of IIM Skills is placed in Top Writing Agencies, Media Houses, and Branding Companies such as Fortune 500.


That shows IIM Skills being one of the prominent content writing courses in Vizag and the foremost recommendation to join.


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


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Reviews and Testimonials


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2. Udemy


Udemy is an online platform for learning content writing courses in Vizag and worldwide. Although Udemy offers a wide range of courses in various fields, its content writing courses have value. The courses are taught by knowledgeable faculty at affordable prices. Udemy also provides students a certification at completion that is acceptable by most renowned companies.


Udemy is known for its valuable teaching courses marked by their worth in the industry. Though it is mostly one-way communication, the lessons are worth learning. They’ll teach you more than you expected from them.


Also, the lessons are accompanied by a quiz so you can be able to recall and test what you have learned. And the notes are included with the lesson lectures for better understanding.


It also shows the ranking of teachers and reviews listed on the site below the program. So far providing detailed information about the course for the students to review, which will guide you to understand why you should pay for these courses and what more value you add to your writing skills.


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3. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is a consultancy and counseling company providing content writing courses. It is one of the recognized institutes for content writing courses in Vizag as they dedicate themselves to career growth and personal development. They deliver innovative learning by the highly expert faculties who are also available 24/7 for support.


Further, provides lifetime access to the students and also guides students with practical training. Their training is completely online which deducts the amount and time of riding to any institute for learning. The students taught in a batch are limited in number so every student can get special attention and proper time to clear their doubts.


Therefore, those opting for content writing courses by Skills Upgrader will receive knowledge as well as guidance from the experts.



CW IIM SKILLS Demo Invite Vizag

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4. FITA Academy


FITA Academy is a leading institute for providing content writing courses in Vizag. It offers smart classroom training with hi-tech facilities. The teaching is given by highly qualified teachers with a decade of experience. Also, it grants placement facilities to the students. FITA increases the efficiency of learning by involving students in real-life projects.


The trainers also assist the students in building their effective resumes. Moreover, boost their confidence by providing valuable insights that add value to them and create a lasting impression in interviews. It is a cheaper course with the benefit of gaining immense knowledge.


Also, it grants flexibility in timing as per the student’s convenience. Those wishing to become an inspired writer should join FITA Academy’s content writing course to earn more and succeed.


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5. Payilagam


Payilagam is one of the best training institutes in Chennai. It provides quality education with ethical values through skilled and dedicated teachers. They ensure that the students get optimum use of time invested in their institute. They also help them in the complete development of skills. Payilagam is committed to making you a professional writer.


They are the provider of content writing courses in Vizag that offers students a systematic course structure. It consists of value-added training that helps them to become top-notch content writers. It also enables students to practice clearing interviews and helps them in placing them in distinguished companies.


6. Leads Academy


An innovative learning platform was established in 2006 by a group of professionals from the fields of management, content writing, and human resource training. It is known as Leads Academy offers quality training and helps students grow and uplift in the field of writing.


They understand the requirements of students and conduct simple and effective programs for learning. Additionally, works for their betterment and are interested in setting up a career in writing. The program inculcates in students the ability to understand customers’ needs and write accordingly. Also, teach the students to add value to the content they write.


Thus, overall you can choose Leads Academy as one of the best content writing courses in Vizag. It will benefit you in the quality education and effective support system to your content writing field.


7. Nestsoft Technologies


Nestsoft Technologies are also listed in the best content writing courses in Vizag. They acknowledge students with the latest skills and training in the field of writing for the internet. Their support is also illustrated as their guidance in assuring internship and placement in recognized companies. The education has its worth and quality, guided by expert tutors.


Their services include writing blogs, articles, social media content, brochures, pamphlets, technical writing, and copywriting. They teach to write SEO-based content. However, it also allows students to know the benefits of content writing and the sites where to upload the content.  Thus, you can join Nestsoft technologies for educating yourself with the experts.


8. ECT or Education and Career Times


ECT short for Education and Career Times is a fully owned brand of Digital Impulse Online Pvt. Ltd. It is the only content writing institute recognized by the government of India. Therefore, a certificate from ECT will help you get jobs easily and publish your work with confidence.


ECT is one of the content writing courses in Vizag that will also allow you to build sound vocabulary, improve your grammar and learn all types of writing skills. Thus, it offers a 3-months training program that includes 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Training and 50 Hours of eLearning and useful Videos. The lectures are also informative and engaging to students.


To check the student’s compatibility they involve them in assignments, live projects, and quizzes. Along with these, also guarantee 100% placement, work-from-home opportunities, and lifetime support.


In conclusion, a content writing course by ECT will prove beneficial to you in every way you can think.



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9. Coursera


Coursera is an online e-learning platform that says “learn without limits”. It offers many content writing courses in Vizag for the development of students. The courses are taught by the experienced and knowledgeable teachers of top universities like Michigan or Wesleyan, etc.


In addition, it provides courses according to the preferences and requirements of the students based on whether they are beginners or advanced learners. The lectures can be viewed more than once and have lifetime access availability.


Moreover, the course displays the period of completion along with other details and grants certificates at the end of completion. Courses at Coursera are highly recognized and globally accepted by digital companies.


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin’s content writing course is one of the best courses to invest your time and money in. They guide you to build a professional career in content writing. The course they offer includes 36 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions.


In addition, it gives you projects and assignments to be completed within the time frame. That will help you deal with time management and effective writing.


They guarantee you an internship to gain practical experience of the learnings. Importantly, the certificate granted will help you distinguish your profile with the global credential of a certified digital content writer. The placement is 100% guaranteed by them with the support for 1-year post successful completion.


Henry Harvin offers more than a program of learning. As it also includes monthly Bootcamp sessions, 1-year gold membership, access to abundant tools, and free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions.


Therefore, among the content writing courses in Vizag, Henry Harvin’s course is a must you should go for. This will enhance your CV and will take you close to becoming a successful content writer.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Content Writing courses In Vizag


  1. Is content writing a decent career option?


Any field would become a decent career possibility if you’re passionate and skillful within the chosen field. This content writing could be a smart career possibility for people who ponder thoughts creatively and write following their passion.


Also, it is a great option for people who can categorically express their thoughts in writing and are smart at researching any topic. It ought to not be specific and prejudiced to your field of selection, however, should be in step with the readers’ preferences and selections.


  1. Which degree is best for content writing?


You don’t have to be compelled to specialize in any degree course to be a content creator. Several writers don’t possess any degree in writing or literature. Writing desires solely fervent and committed folks that will categorize their ideas in finer words.


But, you can pursue a bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication or in English Literature. As those can assist you to write content with correct synchronic linguistics and use higher vocabulary.


  1. What are the highest-paying writing jobs?


The average remuneration for content writers in our country India is 2-3 lakhs. The roles that offer such remuneration are as follows:-

  • Editor
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • PR Manager
  • Medical Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Research Analyst
  • Blogger
  • Scriptwriter
  • Freelancer


  1. Which subject is best for content writing?


If you’re extremely fascinated by a content writing course you’ll get yourself registered in these content writing courses in Vizag. They’re provided by efficacious institutes and would certainly offer you positive results:-


Content Writing Master Course by IIM Skills:

The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera

Technical Writing on Coursera


  1. How do I improve my writing?


Write and write a lot of content. The only way to improve your writing is to try and do analysis, i.e. Research, Read and Write. Not all fervent writers become self-made writers. However, those committed to writing and practicing it daily will certainly become one, as practice makes a person perfect, and therefore it’ll improve your skills in writing.


Additionally, by reading you’ll learn the style that other writers use in their work and make you produce your own sort of writing. By analysis, you’ll get new ideas that improve your thought process.


  1. What is the work of a content writer?


The work of a content creator is to write down creatively and with fewer or no errors. Your content ought to have correct synchronic linguistics and vocabulary usage. It ought to be free from plagiarism. Additionally, you can use tools like Grammarly, plagiarism-detector, or others that facilitate jotting down quality content.


The usage of these tools keeps a check whether or not you write your own thoughts or imitate others. Also, you are required to have information on basic SEO tools and proofread written content. Thus, a content author primarily writes on the subject that customers will explore.


Conclusion on the top content writing courses in Vizag


Content writing is a field that has a great future in upcoming years. It will surely increase the demand for impressive writers. The courses mentioned above have their own benefits and listing. It’s upon you to choose the best according to your preferences and cost.


Think deeply before involving in any course and you can visit the websites for more detailed knowledge about the course you like. Also, many of these courses provide free demo sessions that will help you understand better before enrolling in any course.


Rest any course you choose will surely benefit you in growing and betterment of your writing skills. But that too if you dedicate yourself thoroughly to writing.


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