Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Visakhapatnam

For the success of businesses in Visakhapatnam, the city needs skilled digital marketers who can pave these companies’ way into the internet world. If you are that aspiring digital marketer then you have come to the right location. Here you will get abundant information for digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Do you often ask yourself what digital marketing contains? How will you get placements after your course? Will you have practical knowledge and hands-on experience? Whatever you are looking for, will be addressed clearly. So just relax and get ready to contain the great wisdom.


Digital Marketing Courses in Visakhapatnam



Visakhapatnam, known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and picturesque tourist locations, is the largest city of Andhra Pradesh state. There are myriad large industries, IT hubs, shopping complexes that are contributing to the growth of Vizag. Keeping all things in mind, Visakhapatnam’s businesses are in dire need of marketing, as without advertising, no business can climb the stairs of success.


In the internet era, digital marketing has become unavoidable. To compete in the race of contemporary methods of marketing, it is the right time to give the city of immense resources a boost of digital marketing to reach millions of consumers who are waiting to know more about the companies in Visakhapatnam. So, here I bring you the best digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam.


Here is the list of the top digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam that offer rich knowledge of digital marketing.


1. IIM Skills


Ratings: 4.9/5

Duration: 5 months program (3 months course + 2 Months Paid internships)


IIM Skills is the most distinguished institute for digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. It delivers lessons through an online platform and provides abundant knowledge for online marketing. They conduct the best training programs in The country. Be it content writing courses in India, SEO, or technical writing courses, IIM SKILLS is an illustrious institute with an impeccable learning pedagogy. 


The institute offers digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam, in which you will get diversified knowledge about various components of digital marketing. The Whole team of tutors works effectively to give support to you. They are there for you 24×7. Got any queries at 10 pm? Go ahead, message them! IIM Skills deserves a special mention as one of the popular digital marketing courses In Visakhapatnam.


Benefits you’ll receive.


  • Tools worth INR 79000+
  • 15+ live projects/ 10+ case studies
  • Certifications from 13 other platforms
  • Master certification from IIM Skills
  • Preparation for Google, Facebook, and HubSpot examination
  • Get interview support from 300+ placement partners


What is in the course?


  1. Get intensive knowledge of WordPress and learn to build your site with a super easy method! (if you want to) – 15 hours duration
  2. Get an enriched understanding of SEO – Search Engine Optimization (both off-page and on-page), which is the backbone of digital marketing – 25 hours duration.
  3. Get hands-on practical knowledge about Google Ads. With this, you’ll learn the importance of an ads campaign and will be able to design your ad campaign on the search engine – 10 hours
  4. Email marketing – 15 hours
  5. Social media marketing: 15 hours
  6. Learn Micro video marketing. Let that creative mind of yours work here and learn to create your first video marketing campaign by yourself, of course with proper guidance through IIM Skills experts – 10 hours
  7. Affiliate marketing – in this course, learn marketing strategy by signing up with various affiliate programs. Hence, you will be able to earn some real money while learning! – 10 hours
  8. Content writing: Grasp good knowledge for effective writing. Know the value of things like keyword research, long tail and short tail keywords, blog writing, etc. – 30 hours
  9. Hands-on assignments for real-time practice – 120 hours


This course is packed with a curriculum that contains over 180 hours of comprehensive training. If you want to learn digital marketing, more than knowledge, you’ll need experience. This you’ll get from practice, therefore, in this course, you get 120+ hours of assignments for practicing to boost your confidence.


The digital marketing course of IIM Skills is packed with intense knowledge about important marketing tools. You’ll be getting full assistance and wisdom to use these tools. What is more exciting is that while working with these tools you’ll train yourself to work and strategize your digital marketing skills in the real world.


After finishing the course, what will you thrive for the most? Yes, that’s right! To work with reputable companies and earn good packages. In this course, they promise you to give full placement support. So, relax as they have got your back in any placement assistance. Some of their hiring partners are Flipkart, Amazon, etc.


IIM Skills have got experienced experts and the best course for digital marketing in Visakhapatnam. The tutors who will be teaching you have got 10+ years of experience in this field with Google certifications. Their alumni responses about this program are also desirable.



IIM Skills has considerable tie-ups with the Following Brands




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Charges: 34,900 + 18% GST


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Other courses at IIM SKILLS that you cam sign up for are as follows:

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

GST Course

Content Writing Course

SEO Course


2. IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education


Ratings: 4.7/5


They have been awarded India’s No.1 Digital Institute by the Indian Education Congress and India’s best Education Content Creator by Career Change Maker. They provide one of the best digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam.


They have three types of courses in Digital marketing: 


  1. Short term certification digital marketing courses
  2. Advanced digital marketing training course:


 Duration – 3 months

Post-graduation in digital marketing ( MBA level training): 

Duration: 11 months


IIDE has live sessions and delivers coursework and its content through an online platform. It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. As there are three kinds of the training programs, you can choose any according to your interest.


Each course of IIDE has some modifications and if you think that you are just at beginner level and don’t yet hold any expertise, then the advanced program of the institute will suit you the most. This is because it contains in-depth knowledge, projects as well as assignments.


  Short term certification digital marketing courses


In this program, you will find various components of the digital marketing syllabus in many single pieces. Meaning you can choose a single area of digital marketing and learn that only.


The short-term certification digital marketing courses include:


  1. Media planning
  2. Facebook and Instagram ads
  3. E-commerce management
  4. Google ads
  5. Content marketing and strategy
  6. Email marketing
  7. Online reputation management
  8. Search engine optimization
  9. Social media marketing
  10. Google analytics
  11. Copywriting
  12. WordPress planning and development
  13. App store optimization
  14. Ad designing


For example, if you are only interested in knowing about social media marketing. Then, in this program, you can get the option to take one short course in social media marketing.  Each distinguished section has its respective expenses and durations about which you can check on their website.


Otherwise, if you want to gain expertise in all these elements, you can always choose the other two courses.


Advanced digital marketing training course


Duration: 3 months

Charges: 67,795/- plus taxes


This course offers knowledge of all components of digital marketing.


Benefits you’ll receive 

  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • 100% placement assistance
  • 8 brand projects
  • Resume and interview training
  • 20+ industry tools mastery
  • Certification from IIDE
  • Google Ad fundamental certification
  • Learning from experts of renowned companies like Facebook, Google, etc.


What is in the course?

  1. Introduction to digital marketing– 2 hours
  2. Website planning and E-Commerce development: WordPress website building and learn selling on Amazon and Shopify- 20 hours and 1 assignment
  3. Search engine marketing and blogging: This includes SEO, SEM, blogging, Google Adsense, and app store optimization- 22 hours and 1 assignment
  4. Marketing content and Campaign planning: content strategy, Copywriting, Ad design, E-marketing, Influencer marketing, and campaign planning – 22 hours and 1 assignment
  5. Organic social media marketing of Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – 7 hours and 1 assignment
  6. Social media marketing: Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads – 10 hours and 1 assignment
  7. Brand reputation management – 4 hours
  8. Media planning, buying, and optimization – 6 hours and 1 assignment
  9. Analytics and reporting: learn social analytics and google analytics – 6 hours and 1 assignment
  10. Projects and mentoring – 2 hours and 1 assignment
  11. Managerial and soft skills: interview skills, pitching, career guidance, resume building, presentation skills – 10 hours


Contact: +91-9911839503


Post-graduation in Digital marketing


Duration: 11 months


Charges : 4,00,000/- plus taxes


This is an MBA-level course. Therefore, only those with bachelor’s degrees are suitable for this course. It is an intensive and in-depth course for digital marketing with 600+ hours of live learning. The fees for the program can also be paid in EMI’s with no interest.


Benefits that you’ll get 

  • 13+ live projects
  • 2 months intensive internship
  • 100% placement guaranteed
  • Post-graduation certification from IIDE
  • Personal career guidance
  • Preparation for Google and Facebook certifications
  • Teachings from CXOs and CMOs of leading brands


What is in the course?

  1. Introduction to digital marketing– 2 hours
  2. Website planning and E-commerce development: WordPress website building and learn selling on Amazon and Shopify-  20 hours and 1 assignment
  3. Search engine marketing and blogging: This includes SEO, SEM, blogging, Google Adsense, and App store optimization- 22 hours and 1 assignment
  4. Marketing content and Campaign planning: content strategy, Copywriting, Ad design, E-marketing, Influencer marketing, and campaign planning – 22 hours and 1 assignment
  5. Organic social media marketing of Facebook, Youtube, Quora, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – 7 hours and 1 assignment
  6. Social media marketing: Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and Twitter ads – 10 hours and 1 assignment
  7. Brand reputation management – 4 hours
  8. Media planning, buying, and optimization – 6 hours and 1 assignment
  9. Analytics and reporting: learn social analytics and google analytics – 6 hours and 1 assignment
  10. Projects and mentoring – 2 hours and 1 assignment
  11. Managerial and soft skills: interview skills, pitching, career guidance, resume building, presentation skills – 10 hours


In this program, you’ll get the opportunity to dive deeper into the digital marketing world. However, the only restriction is that it demands a bachelor’s degree from candidates. If you want to do a Master’s degree in digital marketing, this might be the right choice for you. Otherwise, their other courses of digital marketing also work well.


In IIDE, you’ll have the opportunity of supersessions from CXO’s and CMO’s of top companies who can truly motivate you and provide you with their stories of the journey in the field.


Contact: +91-9619958615


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing course Demo Invite Visakhapatnam



3. Pivotalsoft

Ratings: 4.8/ 5


Primarily a designing agency, Pivotalsoft also offers digital marketing courses In Visakhapatnam.  They provide expert guidance in the subject matter and commitment for placement.


For course duration and fees, you can contact them through their official website. They also provide certification and give round-the-clock assistance to the learners.


Benefits you’ll receive 

  • 100% placement guidance
  • Online/ classroom training available
  • Free software installation
  • Work with latest tools and software to master Digital Marketing
  • Live projects
  • Earning opportunities from home
  • Learn most advanced topics
  • Brush up on interviewing skills


What is in the course?

  1. Introduction to digital marketing, its benefits, different platforms, types, and strategies
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, cost-per-click, Google ads, etc.
  3. Search engine marketing (SEM), tips and techniques, benefits, marketing of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. Analytics and reports, benefits, introduction to google search console, its use and advantages.
  5. Blogging and web designing, know about a blogger, start websites with blogger, learn WordPress and website building.
  6. Affiliate marketing, basics, its advantages, and many more.
  7. Email marketing


You can gain expertise in digital marketing from Pivotalsoft as they have 6+ experience in the field. For more clarity and firm hold on your learnings, you’ll be expected to do practicals. Besides digital marketing, they also teach other courses like machine learning, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, Android, PHP full-stack power systems, ethical hacking, and cyber security, etc.


You can also check their blogs about marketing. They have published a lot of articles on the same which may deepen your understanding.


They also give a free live demo. So, do check their course details and what they deliver to gain a more knowledgeable perspective towards them. They provide Digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.


Contact: +91-903020009



4. Wifi vidya


Ratings: 4.7/5


Wifi vidya is another best institute that offers digital marketing courses In Visakhapatnam.  Wifi vidya delivers its lessons through two platforms; one is online, the other is in-house training. You can choose flexible timings if you have any other commitments to pay attention to.


This institution has trainers that are immensely experienced, who know the nook and crook of digital marketing. Hence, this is another institute that is up to superior standards in educating online marketing. They specifically work for the growth of your business or website through social media marketing.


Their course delivers dense knowledge for each module of digital marketing.


Benefits you get

  • Free tools worth 20k
  • 100% job guarantee
  • Get 3 certifications
  • Freelancing guidance
  • Real-time projects
  • Live recording sessions


What is in the course?

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Google Webster tools
  5. Google Analytics
  6. WordPress
  7. YouTube Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Blogger
  11. Freelancing


Wifi Vidya focuses on the real troubles of the digital marketing world and teaches strategies to combat them. They provide quality education in the field and do not wander to unnecessary aspects of the course, which otherwise can kill your precious time.


What is plausible about them is budget-friendly courses. You can select any of the packages according to your requirement or affordability. Therefore, if you live in Vizag, they are also optimum for delivering digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam.


They have enticed many renowned companies with superior earning packages. So, you will have a good chance of getting a high salary after the course, depending on your efforts.


In their course, they have a separate module for freelancing that provides complete guidance for beginners. You’ll expect to create your profile with their help. You can also get tips and tricks to pitch in at online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, and contact mart! So, even if you cannot commit to a company for a period of time, you’ll always have many possibilities as a freelancer in the earnings world.

Contact: +91-9908178486


5. Grafx IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 


Ratings: 4.9/5


Duration: 40 hours


Grafx It solution is another eminent institute for digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. They have numerous specialized courses like R- Program, Linux, HTML, Python, web designing, industrial software, and so on.


You can get exposure to teachings through offline as well as online classes. After finishing the course, you can opt for internships. These internships will ultimately help in boosting your confidence. In these internships, you’ll gain plenty of practical experience which will carve your skills further for real-world exposure.


You can also check videos for in-depth information regarding the topic. They have addressed and simply explained everything. Not only digital marketing but there is also rich information about other courses and fields too that may seek your interest.


Benefits you’ll receive

  • Quality education from experts
  • Internship programs
  • Fast-paced course
  • Detailed knowledge of content writing


what’s in the course?

  1. Digital marketing overview
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. On-page optimization
  4. Off-page optimization
  5. Local SEO
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Affiliates
  8. Facebook marketing
  9. Twitter advertising
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Mobile Web marketing
  12. Online Reputation Management
  13. Adsense and Blogging


Grafx IT institute of digital marketing provides efficient material and knowledge for digital marketing. They have been listed among top companies that provide digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. For fee charges or more details go ahead and check their website or contact them.


Contact: +91 8912575103, 9290089969


IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing course Demo Invite Visakhapatnam


6. Digital Vidya


Ratings: 4.9/5

Duration: 4-7 months


Digital Vidya, established in 2009 started by giving lessons about Social Media training workshops. With abundant efforts and commitment towards their quality work, they became Asia’s leading professional training company. They have trained over 38000+ professionals who later worked with premium brands such as Google, Toyota, Reliance, Cisco, etc. It offers one of the best digital marketing courses In Visakhapatnam.


Digital Vidya delivers its Digital marketing course in Visakhapatnam through an online platform. They are official partners with Global social media giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft India, NASSCOM, and Vskills. Therefore, by doing digital marketing training with them, you’ll get a lot of updates regarding online marketing.


Benefits you’ll receive

  • 13 Digital Marketing Certifications
  • Free access to digital marketing tools worth 72,000/-
  • 140+ hours practical assignments
  • Lifetime access and support for participants
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Regularly updated syllabus
  • Exclusive set paid digital marketing tools


What’s in the course?

  1. Search Engine Optimization – 4 modules
  2. Search Engine Marketing – 5 modules
  3. Search Media Marketing – 5 modules
  4. Email Marketing – 3 modules
  5. Inbound Marketing – 4 modules
  6. Web analytics – 5 modules
  7. Facebook Marketing – 2 modules
  8. Other digital marketing topics – 15 modules


While pursuing this course, you’ll gain immense expertise in the practical world of online marketing. As you’ll be doing 60 hours of case study assignments and 140+ hours of practical assignments. They have also customized courses for well-known companies like Sony, Wipro, and Tata Motors, etc.


In your assignments, you’ll also get the opportunity to write your first blog by SEO. You can choose between a 4 months program and a 7 months program. The lessons are delivered through multiple online classes every week. Though they also conduct offline classes, due to Covid restrictions they have limited their course delivery to online systems only.


Along with digital marketing, the institution also offers lessons on courses such as Data Science & Analytics training programs, Social Media Marketing, Cyber security & full-stack development training.


The institution has trainers who have tremendous experience in the field. So, you’ll learn from the best tutors who have gained huge exposure to real-world digital marketing. In Visakhapatnam, you can attend classes through an online portal only. All you need is a good Wifi connection and a laptop or computer.


Contact: +91-8010033033, +91-111475997475


Check out our article on the Top Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi


7. Digiperform


Ratings: 4.8/5


Digiperform is another superior institution that promises to deliver quality education in digital marketing in Visakhapatnam. It has 40 centers all around the country and has been awarded as “Most trusted brand in Digital education” by WCRC, a leading marketing research firm and magazine for Asian Leaders.


In this institute, you’ll be studying the updated syllabus as they keep an eye on current changing scenarios in the world of digital marketing. Since 2014, they have trained 24000+ professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who got an immediate hike in their earnings after this course. So far, they have conducted over 850 batches and successfully met 18000 placements in top-notch companies.


You can enquire about fee details, however, they claim to have affordable programs for digital marketing learning in Visakhapatnam. Most importantly, Famous magazines like Business Insider, Inc,, Sify News, Yourstory, and, etc have featured Digi perform.


In their course, they commit to deliver superior lessons along with supportive training.


Benefits you’ll receive

  • Hands-on exposure to tools worth 50k
  • 24×7 learning
  • Access to content library with 100+ PPT & videos
  • 100% job help
  • No previous degree required
  • Free doubt sessions


What’s in the course?

The lessons have been arranged in the form of sections containing over 25 modules.


  1. Marketing and web presence foundation modules – 6 modules
  2. Online business visibility creation – 6 modules
  3. Lead generation – 5 modules
  4. Lead nurturing – 4 modules
  5. Personal branding and online earning – 4 modules
  6. Interview preparation – 1 module


In these modules, you’ll learn about introduction, history, and current opportunities in Digital marketing, website planning and local visibility, social media visibility, online ads, graphic designing, video creation, search engine optimization, web analytics, landing page optimization, and so on.


The tools which you’ll be working with are Google forms, Survey Monkey, Google Drive, Google Advanced Search, Canva, SEMRush, Mailchimp, Leadsqaured, Facebook remarketing, etc.


After the sessions, you’ll have 8 masterclasses to attend and 3 Capstone projects with 9 specialization batches. With all this curriculum you’ll obtain thorough knowledge and confidence to step your foot in the earning world. You’ll get training from the best trainers who deliver quality education. All of the trainers have got immense experience in the field and they will guide you through interview training and test experiences. Hence, they are also good for digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam.


Contact: +91-8527611500


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Why is digital marketing important?


With the fast-paced developments of the Internet, more than half of the global population today uses the internet for gaining knowledge or buying. Therefore, digital marketing allows you to reach millions of audiences even outside your borders. Digital marketing has become today’s hour of need as it gives a boost to companies and increases traffic to your web pages. In short, you can publicize your products to millions instead of thousands through internet reach.


2. Who is suitable for digital marketing?


If you’re a student or housewife or even an established entrepreneur, you can pursue training in online marketing. Isn’t it mind-blowing that irrespective of your qualifications or age, you can learn this skill? Remember, there is always room for learning at every stage of life. So go ahead!


3. What are the important factors of digital marketing?


There are various elements that when combined make digital marketing techniques cohesive. However, the most important elements are search engine optimization, organic search, content marketing, web analytics, and mobile considerations.


4. Is digital marketing a good career?


When you’ll get proper certification in the field then you’ll be able to earn between 25k-35k per month. Again, growth in any field is the key to success and of course, the great demand of digital marketers makes it a lucrative job. Once you begin with the job then, for an expert sky will be the limit in terms of earnings.


5. How do beginners learn digital marketing?


If you seriously want to head to the road of digital marketing then, you should get enrolled in a reputed course. Along with this, know what others are doing, follow digital marketers on social media, and listen to digital marketing podcasts. Do an internship for real-world experience and you’ll be good to go.


6. Is the scope of a digital marketing career suitable for cities like Visakhapatnam?


Visakhapatnam, being India’s fastest-growing city is the best place for a digital marketing journey. Moreover, there are many institutes that provide digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam. Through this course, you’ll be able to get placements and step into the world of a career in the same field. So, yes, the city is suitable for an online marketing career.




It is important for you to do thorough research to make the best decision. There are plenty of courses available, however above are some of the eminent digital marketing courses in Visakhapatnam that you can consider.


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  1. Hello, I am final year MSc IT student. I was just browsing through internet to look for different job options after MScIT . Graphic Designing is my area of interest but I prefer to work as a freelance graphic designer. For which I need to mark my presence online and offline both.Digital marketing gives leverage to online advertisement through various digital channels such as social media, search engine optimization, blogs, video, display ads, pay per click, email marketing, etc. Implementing these services in marketing means giving new improving website ranking and traffic on the site. IIM skills course can add that leverage and it’s internship & placement assistance can be an added bonus.

  2. Hello, I am Gunjan. I am working in event management company. My duty involves creation of website, managing, publishing, operating and updating. Generate business leads, create digital campaigns, adcopies, social media marketing. I have been doing content writing, SEO,SEM, and Marketing is little bit difficult. So I planned to take a crash course.


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