Top 15 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai

Chennai, the home of flamboyant icons and traditional values, has also grown in the field of education. It’s the artistic and business center of south India. Chennai has attracted a lot of youth who want to make a better life in the commercial world. In the last decade, Chennai has surfaced as the place to live for growing businesses. Scholars aspiring to learn Business Accounting and Taxation in Chennai have a variety of courses available in the eastern littoral plain. 


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Chennai


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai give scholars the understanding of 

* Account generalities 

* Taxation 

* Payroll programs 

* Integral disciplines of Economics 


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai range from graduation to PG across the megacity.


What’s the Business Accounting & Taxation Course


Accounting has gained tremendous growth eventually and is a part of every association across all diligence. With in-depth content of the syllabi and adding competition, learners can anticipate having an in-depth knowledge of the Assiduity methodology and essential accounting tools.


The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation course keeps a balanced blend of subjects and the training that includes assiduity-specific chops needed to be job-ready. The average payment offered to a fresher is between INR 2 to 8 lakhs per annum. Chennai welcomes the aspiring Business Accounting and Taxation Courses scholars! 


The Top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai are listed below:


1. IIM Skills-


The affluent BAT course at IIM Skills is customized to the needs of all career stages in the business, accounting, and taxation domains. Whether you are a fresher or a professional, IIM Skills provides valuable guidance through its comprehensive course. 


BAT Course Highlights:

  • Attain useful information in accounting concepts, taxation, and economics. 
  • Profound view of finance and accounts industry.
  • Business Management
  • Learning book-keeping skills
  • Globally accredited Master BAT Certifications
  • Lifetime Access via your Learning Management System (LMS)


Their exhaustive course is expertly designed by industry experts having years of experience in the disciplines of accounting and taxation. Focusing on the industry standards, they have designed the course to help students prepare for the practical experience. This is why IIM Skills is considered to be the best institute for Business Accounting and taxation courses in Chennai.


2. EduPristine-


Through EduPristine, you master the most in-demand tools for a high-performing account career. Soft chops and practical hands-on experience are handed. Any seeker with a Commerce background is eligible for the Business Accounting and Taxation course. The course is specially designed for freshers or people looking for part-time work experience. 



  • 190- hour training programs 
  • Devoted computer lab 
  • Tone-paced literacy content 
  • Assiduity championed class 
  • Case studies for real-life practice 
  • Operation- acquainted training 
  • Comprehensive study notes 
  • Placement backing 
  • 24*7 Learning Management System( LMS) 


EduPristine is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE ATGE), a world education provider headquartered in the United States. Adtalem is a $1.2 billion (INR 7560 crores) company that has 9 institutions and companies with workers spread across 145 locales. It’s one of the go-to choices for scholars pursuing a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai. 


The Course Is Divided Into 9 Modules- 

  • Basics of Accounting 
  • GST 
  • Income duty 
  • Payroll 
  • MIS 
  • Financials 
  • SAP 
  • Busy software 
  • Soft Skills


EduPristine offers online as well as offline courses in Chennai. 




National Institute of Financial Markets registered under name of” NIFM Educational InstitutionsLtd.”  NIFM is among the top institutes in the banking, insurance, financing, and stock request sector under section 1956 of the Indian Companies Act. Their specialization is into Job acquainted Vocational Training Courses in Accounts, Banking & Financial Market parts. 


They Offer Short-term Crash Courses on- 

* Stock & Share Market 

* Derivations Market 

* Commodities Market 

* Forex Market 

* Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Futures & Options 

* Options strategy, Research Analyst 

* Investment counsels 

* collective finances 

* Insurance Sector 

* Banking sector 

* Duty Saving Instruments etc. from introductory to advanced. 


NIFM introduces a short- term job- acquainted parchment program for furnishing state-of-the-art installations in Finance World. It’s considered a premier institute for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses. 



  • More than 7 times of experience 
  • Investment in professionals when seeking credentials and continuing education 
  • Leading the assiduity’s thinking in the area of ethics, integrity, and excellence in practice 
  • A strong network of societies to deliver on the charge 
  • Largely good levies and professional staff 


It’s the Institute of its kind in the country which provides fiscal request courses with a focus on changing patterns of fiscal requests backed by times of exploration work in stock request operations. 


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4. St. Joseph’s College-


St. Joseph’s College is a private institution established in 1994. The council is under the Society for Education for Life operation and managed by Rev. Father Dr. J.E. Arul Raj since 2004. It’s also accredited by NAAC and combined with the University of Madras, Chennai.


St. Joseph’s College provides undergraduate & postgraduate programs in the trades & science fields similar to BCom, B.Sc., BBA, BA, BCA, M.Sc.’s, MA, and MSW. Admissions to the courses offered by the council are merit-grounded. F Jesuit offers one of the best Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chennai.


Jesuit institutions are, thus, committed to; 

* An authentic hunt for knowledge in the service and advancement of the world. 

* Uphold the quality, oneness, and opinions of every member. 

* The creation of harmony between man and man and man and nature. 



  • A history of over 144 times 
  • Value- Grounded Education 
  • Seeking excellence in learning 
  • Largely complete tutoring faculty 
  • Academic excellence, character conformation, and social concern 


St. Joseph’s College of Commerce seeks to be the place where a hunt for knowledge complements a sense of responsibility to the life of the community. It’s a place where understanding is intermingled with commitment, and where academic excellence goes with the civilization of virtue. 


5. Udemy-


SAP Accounts Receivable Certification 2022 is an instrument course offered by Uplatz on the Udemy platform. Update Training is a mate establishment with Udemy and offers Business Accounting and Taxation courses on their platform. The area covered by Uplatz includes Data Science, SAP, Oracle, SAS, Java, Python, Google Cloud, Digital Marketing, and numerous further. 



  • Pre-recorded lectures of 5- hours, divided into 7- lectures 
  • Account Receivable in SAP 
  • Full continuance access to the course and vids 
  • Along with vids, it also offers 2- downloadable coffers 
  • Accessible course on mobile and television 
  • Udemy also gives a 30- day plutocrat- reverse guarantee on the course 



Uplatz is charging Rs. 4840 on Udemy SAP Accounts Receivable Certification 2022


6. Institute of Professional Accountants-


IPA provides a job-acquainted course that helps the fresher accountants gain the required experience to upscale their professional skills. Scholars from non-commerce and commerce backgrounds can join with a 100-placement guarantee. 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • Industrial Accounting 
  • Tally, ERP, Busy software 
  • GST, Income duty 
  • Provident Fund Labour Laws 
  • Company Law 
  • Stock request 
  • E-commerce and banking 


The course duration for the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai is one year. It’s a practical-based class for working and freshers. 


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7. Coursera-


Coursera is an American course provider service that offers instruments, specializations, and degrees in colorful subjects online. It came into actuality in 2012. Their Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course class give you a brief preface on:


* Financial Modeling

* Balance wastes 

* Recording deals 

* Cash inflow 

* Fiscal statement medication, periodic report, and numerous further 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • Practice quizzes 
  • Graded quizzes 
  • Online course 
  • Feedback sessions 


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai at Coursera is a freshman position course. You can enroll in the fiscal account fundamentals course for free. 


Other affiliated programs are 

* Financial reporting 

* Account for decision making 

* directorial account fundamentals 

* preface to finance and counting 

* Intuit secretary, etc. 


8. Sai Infosys Company Accounts and Taxation Course-


Sai Infosys computer training specializes in-

* Computer language programming 

* Accounts and finance 

* Web designing, communication 

* DBA training, and fleck net. 


They have a friendly environment for the scholars to learn Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai. 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • Preface to introductory account 
  • Basics of Tally 
  • Contra 
  • Inventory 
  • VVoucher-type creations 
  • Account validations 
  • Manufacturing and branch conservation 
  • Significant generalities of account in Tally ERP reports. 
  • Taxation deals  
  • Value-added duty 
  • Central deals duty 
  • Service duty 
  • Payroll 
  • Goods and service Tax


They’ve flexible course timings which grease scholars and working individualities to pierce the program snappily. Sai Infosys facilitates a practical approach to Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai. 


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9. APG-


In 2013, APG literacy began its charge to educate scholars in the sections of Business, finance, and life. Blending practical gests and theoretical knowledge tutoring styles ensure that the literacy process is veritably effective. They are partnered with Coreco technologies, Foxberry technologies, and RPG foundations.


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

In the course, you’ll have practical exposure to the Business account and Taxation courses in the following six modules. 


  • Artificial account 
  • Tally 
  • Direct taxation 
  • Goods and service duty GST 
  • Payroll and its factors 
  • Excel and MIS 


Complete knowledge of accounting and numerous essential features of taxation is handed. They give the rearmost practices as their syllabi are streamlined every 6 months. 



* The course figure is ₹12000/- all-inclusive. 


10. Spark Academy Taxation Course-


The spark training academy is a prominent institution offering professional courses. They give an online course that consists:


* Income duty 

* Handbasket/ deals duty and 

* Service duty 

* How to cipher TDS 

* Special features of spark academe 

* Friendly terrain 

* Well-educated and passionate preceptors 

* Excellent training in enrollment, and remittances. 

* High conditions by scholars 


11. CFTI (Central Footwear Training Institute)-


CFTI is an independent institution that came into being in 1957. They offer Business Accounting and Taxation Courses under their technical courses criteria. They have a customized course for account professionals, and it covers the following motifs-


* Direct taxation and income duty act 

* Tally account norms 

* GST and GST in Tally 

* Business account 

* Taxation 

* TDS 

* Auditing practices 

* Trial balance ending and adaptation entries 

* Payroll factors in Tally enrollment 

* Finalization of the financial statement, etc. 


You’ll admit a certification from the government of India at the end of the course. It’s a 3- weekend online training program. 



* Structured fees are at ₹ 4720/- 


12. KPMG-


KPMG combines the moxie of subject matter specialists with their specialized chops and capabilities for this specially designed course for account professionals. You’ll get to experience in-depth knowledge of account and taxation through their literacy immolations. 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • They concentrate on delivering further than training, including account and taxation chops in range and depth. 
  • High-quality training 
  • They modernize their course at regular intervals and keep them applicable to the current assiduity norms. 
  • This course will be suitable for scholars or professionals who cannot devote time to regular classroom shops. 
  • Shares 
  • Basic rate analysis 
  • Profit recognition 
  • Construction account and parcel account 
  • Property factory and outfit 
  • Impairment of means 
  • Structure of income duty and exercise rules applicable in India 
  • Service duty 


This program is entirely for online literacy. They’ve over 200 hours of face-to-face live online sessions and 200 hours of pre-recorded LMS sessions. 


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13. Synergy School of Business Skills (SBS)-


Synergy School of Business Skills features the Business account and Taxation Course for finance and taxation graduates. 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • They’re well known for their practical and existential training 
  • This 2 months course comes with 100 placement support 
  • Training in account software like Tally 
  • Simulation and case study- grounded practical training 
  • Well-trained faculties 
  • Practical training in income duty and GST 
  • Tone-paced literacy content 


The academy conducts the course online, and its duration is two months( 120hours).


14. Institute of Company Accounts-


The institute was established in 2004. They also cover income-tax practitioners for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai. 


The company course has four papers as follows 

* Commercial accounts 

* Duty practice and procedure 

* Financial account software 

* Company law and statutory legislation 


They’re the settlers in GST training, accounting training, and other taxation-related subjects. They’ve high-quality training centers and also give certification at the end of the course. 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • GST training 
  • Professional duty preparer course 
  • Income duty course 
  • Account instrument course 
  • Secretary course and numerous further 


15. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin education is one of the premier institutions that give business accounting and taxation training. The course envelopes significant factors of account like:


  • GST 
  • Income duty 
  • TDS 


Highlights of BAT Courses in Chennai:

  • 172 hours of ferocious training 
  • Systems in GST, advanced Excel, HR payroll 
  • Certificate from Henry Harvin, Government of India honored institution 
  • Get assured placements
  • Access to hackathons, competitions, vids, assessments, and other platforms. 
  • Exclusive one-time gold class 


The one-time gold class provides yearly charge camps and internship openings with Henry Harvin. You’ll also be supported in handling and clearing the interview and have access to free modules like soft skill development and capsule writing. The courses are tutored by the experts on how to relate and execute abstract account and taxation skills virtually.


Henry Harvin Education has won numerous accolades like top commercial training awards, 1400 positive google reviews, high conditions, coupled with 200 witnesses, and numerous further. Henry Harvin provides a variety of options in Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chennai ranging from instrument to post scale. 



–  Online course ₹ 31050.

–  Live online classroom ₹ 34500.


Career & Salary After Business Accounting and Taxation Courses


With an integrated degree in the triad of Business Accounting and Taxation, you can explore a variety of job openings. A Business Accounting and Taxation Course also equip scholars with the knowledge of the Finance sector, furnishing them with a protean skill set. Along with pursuing the profile of an accountant, given below is a list of other suitable work biographies for a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course graduate:


* Critic or an elderly Associate 

* Assistant or Senior Manager 

* Accounts Executive 

* Deputy General Manager 

* Lecturer 


The entry-position payment after Business Accounting and Taxation Courses is around 2 Lakhs INR to 8 Lakhs INR per annum. 


Duty of Tax Accountant


Amongst the variety of career biographies that you can pursue after a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course, a duty Accountant is a profitable and largely satisfying option to explore. There are the crucial places and liabilities of a duty Accountant.


* Guiding the establishment with updated business plans, investment openings, and numerous other salutary strategies. 

* Responsible for formation and submitting business-related documents for the fiscal time. 

* Calculating the income duty returns of the company or the association and analyzing that they’re paid on a timely base. 

* Advising the company’s board of directors on opinions related to Finance and Tax Management. 




1. How do I apply for a Business Accounting and Taxation course? 

You can directly visit the sanctioned website of your chosen institute to apply for the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course and fill out the operation form. 


2. What’s the introductory demand for this course? 

The minimal demand for a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course is that you must have a bachelor’s degree in a Commerce-related specialization. 


3. Who can apply for this course? 

Utmost of the institutions allow only commerce and accounts graduates to enroll in this course. 


4. What are the job openings for this course? 

There are numerous suitable work biographies for a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses course- certified person. Many are a critic or elderly associates, adjunct or elderly directors, account superintendents, deputy general directors, speakers, taxation specialists, and duty accountants. 


5. What’s the role of a Business Accounting and Taxation Courses specialist? 

They have a good part in guiding and aiding the companies with suitable business plans and fiscal strategies. enterprises involve them in investment openings, dealing and submitting duty-related documents, and finance and duty-related opinions. 




In this competitive financial space, you must constantly modernize your knowledge to stay around in changing times of the assiduity. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses help you launch your career. The instrument helps you in getting familiarized with the current norms of Commerce, Accounting, and Taxation. You’ll add value by getting perceptivity on SAP, quick books, GST, payroll, and auditing. Go ahead and find yourself in the best institute and put your best foot forward! 

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