Top 7 Data Analytics Boot Camps With Placement Assistance

Data analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to infer insights (Patterns/trends) that are actionable to fuel smart business decisions. Whether it’s sales forecasting, Public health policy, or weather reports, data analytics is the key. Given the unprecedented growth in internet users & emergence of fields like Big data, AI & machine learning, a career as a data analyst is very lucrative. These data analytics boot camps provide you with paced specialization & tremendously increase the probability of finding new or changing jobs. Do read further to know various promising career paths in the data analysis field.


List of best data analytics boot camps


Top 7 Data Analytics Boot Camp



This highly renowned institute is focused on imparting various quality professional and Industry oriented courses including Master Certification in Data Analytics Course. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, it has quite a large presence in the ed-tech space in Asia including global centers like Dubai and Singapore.

The constant quest to identify various skill development courses having market relevance in this ever-dynamic era fueled by technological disruptions is what makes them leaders in the ed-tech space. Their curriculum is as per the guidelines of MSME, Govt of India, Microsoft, and Google. Their boot camp curriculum includes more than seven live projects, more than ten case studies, and mastery over more than seven tools.

They also provide 100 % assured internship and guaranteed interview opportunities. Moreover, zero-interest EMI financing is also available. They provide a Data analytics boot camp of six months (160 Hours) duration with 100+ Hours of practical assignments and hands-on tool-based learning. The content covered in the course is as follows:


  • Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics Using VBA
  • Data Analytics Using SQL
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau
  • R For Data Science
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx


Contact: +91 9580 740 740


2. BrainStation Data Analytics Course

This institute is the world leader in providing digital skills, helping businesses and various brands succeed in this digital age. The Institute Provides onsite and online curriculum. Its onsite campuses are in NewYork, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver & London. It prides itself in its association with 500 instructors from top innovative companies worldwide.

It has developed the most dynamic, truly real-world digital curriculum including data analytics. Further, it boasts its low student-teacher ratio, ensuring the teacher is available all the time to students for any doubts or queries. On top of this, the institute also provides financing facilities and scholarships as well.

They provide two Data Analytics Boot Camps of different durations, one 28-hour boot camp Spanned over four Sundays and another 32-hour boot camp  Spanned over eight Wednesdays. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Intro to Data Analytics- Analysis strategy, data problem solving, Data collection, Data cleaning & Advanced Excel
  • Database Operations & Advanced Data Analytics- Exploratory data analysis, SQL, Regular expressions, Data management & Data normalization and Database schema
  • Advanced Statistical techniques like regression
  • Data Visualisation- My SQL, Tableau, Dashboard, Presentation skills, Data Communication
  • Python, R, Tableau, and more
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • 5 projects & one major portfolio piece using real-world data




3. Springboard Data Analytics boot camp

The institute provides a job guarantee and provides a full refund in case the candidate doesn’t land the job (Terms apply). Further, it provides 100% online coaching with one-to-one mentorship available. They provide students with regular opportunities to meet experts online to clarify their doubts. And 65% time of the curriculum goes to hands-on project work. They are partners with Microsoft. Another highlight of their course is the average salary hike of +$ 18K


Their Data Analytics Boot Camp is of 6 months duration. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Structured Foundations- Breaking down of problems into bite-sized chunks & hypothesis tree testing, value driver tree, HDEIP framework, &-Step problem-solving framework
  • Microsoft Excel for Business Analytics- Pivot tables & statistical functions, basic visualization tools like waterfall charts, Bar charts & Column charts
  • Financial Analysis- Understand various terms like revenue, cost of goods sold, EBIT & case studies
  • Economics for Data Analysis- Demand & supply, elasticity, monopolies, market demand & supply curves.Business insights & Case Studies on cost-effectiveness
  • Statistics for Data Analysis- Descriptive statistics like mean, median, mode, spread, histograms, and box plots. Inferential statistics concepts like correlation, confidence intervals, margins of error, and regression
  • Visualization Tools- Develop an advanced ability to use two visualization tools: Tableau and Power BI, Learn to prepare data, such as reshaping and removing bad data, and Learn the basics of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
  • The Art of Storytelling- Learn effective communication strategies, formats, and templates. Make effective presentations to technical and non-technical stakeholders, including C-suite executives, through case studies
  • Data Connectivity- SQL including common table expressions, structured & unstructured data sets
  • Data Analysis in Python- Python syntax, Use Git, Git Hub, and Jupyter Notebook for code and project sharing
  • Projects- Capstone 1 & Capstone 2 projects
  • Career Support- Types of industry roles, Job search strategies, Building a network and using it to land interviews, Creating a high-quality resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, Preparing for technical and non-technical interviews, and Successful negotiation art


Contact: +1 415 966 2533


4. CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

Started in 2013 and since then institute has helped many individuals in career transition from backgrounds as diverse as teaching, and opera singing to tech professionals. They provide a market-relevant curriculum that provides flexible-paced learning with expert mentorship that helps students land the job they love.

It provides a job guarantee by refunding the fee if the candidate doesn’t land a job within six months of training. Their placement rate is quite impressive with a 90% rate. It also provides financing with affordable EMIs and one-to-one mentorship.

The institute provides Data Analytics Boot Camp in three formats, the first one is part-time having a duration of 10 months, the second is flexible spanning over 6-10 months and the third one is full-time time spanning over 5 months. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Data analytics in practice
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Understanding your data set
  • Cleaning your data
  • Grouping & summarising your data
  • Introduction to Analytical Methods
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Developing insights
  • Visualising data insights
  • Storytelling with data




5. Scaler Academy

It’s an online transformative upskilling platform that skills its students to create real-world impact. The USP of their course is to provide an ecosystem that nurtures its students and helps realize the potential of the candidate. Learners are trained by expert professionals from leading organizations like Google, Meta, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

Additionally, it also provides access to Scaler Chat which is an international communication tool to share experiences, referrals & collaborations. Further, it provides the flexibility that allows you to move between batches without any additional cost. Another highlight is that it provides Job support with our 100+ partners, including interview & counseling support. The program is reverse-engineered to understand what it takes to be a great engineer

It has  Data Analytics Boot Camp in three formats, the first is a beginner module (47 weeks), the second one is an intermediate level (39 weeks) and the third one is an advanced level module (31 weeks). The content of the course is as follows:


(Basic Module)

  • Programming language fundamentals
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • SQL
  • LLD and Project Specialisations
  • System Design Essentials
  • Electives


(Intermediate  & Advanced Modules)

  • Introduction to problem-solving
  • Data Structure & Algorithms
  • SQL (Structured query language)
  • LLD (Low-level design)
  • HLD (High-level design)




6. Dataquest Data

Dataquest boasts its curriculum on the basis that it teaches skills faster than other platforms with better retention. The guiding principle behind such an outcome is the 3 pillar approach that includes contextual learning, efficient learning & structured paths. Moreover, the institute refunds the fee if the student isn’t satisfied with the outcome. The institute underlines that it does not waste time on unrelated topics.

There are two Data Analytics Boot Camps, one DA in Python which is an 8-month duration course, and another DA in R which is 4 4-month duration course. The content of the course is as follows:


(DA In R):

  • Introduction to R
  • Data visualization in R
  • Data cleaning in R
  • Data visualization in R
  • Working with data sources using SQL
  • APIs & web scrapping in R
  • Probability & statistics
  • Predictive modeling & Machine Learning
  • Shiny applications in R


(DA in Python):

  • Introduction to Python programming
  • Intermediate Python & Pandas
  • Data cleaning in Python
  • The command line
  • Working with data sources using SQL
  • APIs and web scraping
  • Probability & statistics
  • Advanced topics in data analysis




7. DataCamp

The mission of the institute is to democratize data skills for everyone to ensure a more secure future for all. In pursuance of their democratizing data skills, they provide free, unlimited access to data camp students and instructors.  It teaches both individuals & companies to use data in real-world setups.

Their core values are data-driven decision-making, the Importance of taking action, Transparency, accountability, and prioritizing the needs of learners above everything. They have partnered with +120 NGOs to provide 25000 free data camp subscriptions to the most needy communities. They have offices in New York, London, and Belgium.

They provide various modules of Data Analytics Boot Camp as separate courses, and each module is 3-4 hours on average. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Analyzing data and creating Dashboards in Tableau
  • Data-driven decision-making in SQL
  • Connecting data in Tableau
  • Exploratory data in SQL
  • Statistical Thinking in Python (part 1)
  • Hypothesis testing in R
  • Building dashboards with Dash & Polity
  • Data Analysis in spreadsheets
  • Data visualization in spreadsheets
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Streamlined data ingestion with Pandas




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Career After Data Analytics Boot Camp


Business Analyst

Primarily business analyst is a bridge between business stakeholder (Or end-users) and technology teams (Or project manager) to ensure that all the systems, tools & software that are developed aligns with the objective of the business. A business analyst is valued for his analytical skills to comprehend data-driven strategies that will add value to the organization’s processes, Services, Hardware, Software, and products. He also needs to have business acumen & organizational abilities to create a balance between the functionality of technology and the financial feasibility of the same. Therefore capability to have such insight is also developed in the data analytics course.


Financial Analyst

He is responsible for the optimal utilization of resources to achieve business short-term and long-term objectives. In other words, he also suggests which vertical of a business needs to adopt austerity measures where costs can be brought down and where those savings can be channelized to boost outcomes. As resources will always be limited, the ability to maximize optimization in sync with business goals is what financial analysts should strive for. So financial analyst uses various techniques for resource optimization like analyzing current and past financial data, past and current financial performance, etc. Based on the above analysis he prepares the reports. Another key role is to develop various financial models & forecast expenditures & revenues, suggesting changes in budget & more.


Healthcare data analyst

Data analytics can reveal very impactful & powerful insights in the healthcare system which can significantly reduce the healthcare cost and improve the healthcare delivery mechanism. Unlike healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, etc. who work on the clinical side, they work on the business side of the healthcare system. Types of data sets they work on could be, Insurance data, Clinical data, Pharmaceutical data, Behavioral data, Public health data & more.


Big Data Analyst

He has various roles requiring him to frequently switch between such roles as data mining to gather information and then presenting findings or insights from such information to various stakeholders in coherent formats like graphs & reports. In the process, they may find hidden patterns, trends, or some sort of correlation between large data sets. Unlike traditional data analysts who most of the time deal with structured data sets, big data analysts deal with unstructured & semi-structured data.


Data Analytics vs. Data  Science

Though both the fields essentially work with data sets. However, unlike a data analyst who is mainly concerned with the analysis of past data to drive informed decisions in the present, a data scientist uses data to build various models that can predict outcomes in the future. Below is the comparison between both


Data Analytics Data Science
Coding Languages Knowledge of Python & R is essential




The most commonly used language is Python. However other languages are also used like C++, Java, Perl, etc
Programming Skills



A basic programming language is necessary In-depth Programming knowledge is necessary
Use of Machine Learning & AI



Use of Machine learning isn’t required to get the insights The use of Machine learning is very much required to get insights


Other Skills Here the analysis is Hadoop-based to conclude the raw data. To get actionable & meaningful insights, Data mining is required
Scope The scope is narrow in comparison to Data Science as it is part of data science


Very broad and large scope


Goals It uses existing resources as it’s not into forecasting and modeling.


It deals with innovation and exploration for eg, it involves developing various models for forecasting
Statistical Skills It’s required but the complexity of statistical aptitude is less. Statistical complexity is a very high and necessary skill to have.

Data Analytics Vs. Data Analysis

Data analytics is a general form of analytics whereas data analysis is a specialized version of data analytics used to get insights.  In data analysis, one gets to the why & how of the things. Eg How much was the sales growth in the last quarter and why such growth happened?  Now after getting these answers, organisations might want to forecast future growth trajectory. This forecasting is data analytics.


Salary After Doing Data Analytics Boot Camp

Various factors impact the salary of a data analyst Level of education & experience, Industry type, organization size & location, and Supply and demand of data analysts in the market. However, as per  Data Camp’s website, salaries for data analysts across major economies are given below:


United States:              $54,132

United Kingdom:          $38,131

Canada:                       $40,533

Australia:                      $43,762

Germany:                     $50,832

India:                            $4,677

Singapore:                   $41082


Scope of Data Analytics

Though one of the important reasons behind exponential data growth in recent years is the rapid growth of internet users a much more important factor is the humongous data created by large enterprises, e-commerce companies, the health care industry, scientific industries, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

This has been further accentuated by the emergence of machine learning and fields like  Quantum computing and artificial intelligence as the continuous quest for excellence to mirror human habitual patterns increases.

This scenario very prominently and rightly so highlighted the immense economic value of the data. Whether we use banking services,  online shopping, streaming services, connecting with people and social media outreach, sensors to track devices, and so on.

This has created an opportunity for public and private organizations alike to exploit data from a business perspective and has only created a multiplier impact on data generation. No doubt every industry domain is utilising and generating data but the large share of the cake for obvious reasons is cornered by tech giants like Amazon, Google, etc.

According to an estimate more than 200 million people use Amazon platforms. More than 1 Billion people use Google services globally. Meta is generating almost 1 million gigabytes of data every day.

This has forced governments and businesses to look for ways to manage this data to optimize the limited resources and utilize this data to better the lives of humans, to provide a solution to various problems humanity is facing in health care, governance, economic slowdown, climate change, etc. The need for data privacy and digital rights has furthered the dynamism of the data industry.

Hence this brings the opportunity for such boot camps to supply skilled data analysts to the market. Given the cost of education & time constraints data analytics boot camp has emerged as an attractive option for individuals wanting to be part of the bandwagon


Advantages of Completing a Data Analytics Boot Camp

Career Transition It provides a well-formulated path for People who are looking to switch their job field to data data-driven industry.


Curriculum that are relevant to the industry Being short-duration courses their methodology is pinpointed to train candidates on 100% industry-relevant skills to help candidates learn the most relevant tools and techniques to be job-ready.


Networking opportunities with professionals Numerous opportunities to connect with fellow students, industry-experienced instructors & alumni.


Projects with real data set Projects based on real data sets always add more value to your portfolio as it showcases your skill to relate theory with a practical and real-world aspect of it.


Focussed & fast-paced learning In comparison to traditional degree courses, it saves you time and most of these boot camps do provide recordings, so gives you the flexibility of time and space.


Placement assistance program These boot camps provide you assistance in landing a job, some also provide interview & resume guidance.


Boosts Resume As every industry requires data management in one way or the other, the demand for data analysts is very high. Moreover if one is opting for such a boot camp for career transitioning, it shows candidates constant shirts on learning new skills and adaptability to an ever-dynamic market.


How Important is Data Analytics for Businesses

Informed decision-making by businesses Data analytics helps businesses in anticipating outcomes vis-e-vi various strategies adopted by the organizations.  For instance, a company can predict consumer buying behavior if the company increases the price of the product, a particular age group of consumers might not re-purchase its product. In such a scenario company can offer better deals to those consumers to retain them.


Client-centric Marketing and Sales Campaign Businesses can always tap into data generated by users on social media platforms or e-commerce platforms to offer more tailor-made user experiences to customers. Data analysts can certainly look into the product category in demand to initiate targeted social media campaigns in that category of product. Further businesses can leverage various consumer behavior models to provide a more and more personalized experience to their target users


Efficiency in operations Data analytics can help in maximizing supply chain efficiency by gathering supply-side data, inventory data, etc. He can analyze the source of pain points in the supply chain. Further, it can do capacity planning, Advanced sales & operation planning, Inventory optimization, demand shaping, managing stockouts, and simulation and scenario analysis.


Enhanced security net As more and more businesses get exposed to the world of the internet, the concern for clients’ data protection from cyber threats and concern related to undue advantage by competitors via data theft has increased by leaps and bounds. Data analytics here comes to the rescue by collating data from various business applications, Virus scanners, Operating system event logs, etc. to aggregate in a single data set to be used to understand the pattern and trend of cyber attacks to ensure cyber hygiene and protection of data and systems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q) Are data analytics boot camps worth it?

A) Yes, However still industry prefers candidates who have traditional bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees in computer science mathematics, or statistics. But as the industry is maturing and lots of quality boot camps in the field have come up, it has opened the doors for candidates without traditional degrees for data analyst roles. As far as choosing such a boot camp is concerned, it saves you time (1 month to 3-month duration) and significantly on the cost. Hence question of the worth of boot camp is a very subjective one. It depends upon various factors like the academic background of a person, stage of career & work experience of the candidate, the Candidates expectation for career progression and his career goals, is to get a promotion or hike in the current field or for a complete career transition to data analytics field.


Q) What is meant by data analytics boot camp course?

A) It’s a very focused, short-term, training program that combines collaborative hands-on training with real-world data sets.


Q) Can I become a Data Analyst with a Data Analytics boot camp?

A) Obviously Yes. The curriculum provides you with all the skills and tools to land you an entry-level data analyst job. Moreover, various boot camps also provide career counseling, interview guidance, alumni networking, and make you aware of the various openings in the field. That said, at the end of the day like any other field it’s an individual’s hard work, quest to keep learning, and exposure to as many real data sets problems as possible to excel in the field.


Q) How much does a boot camp cost?

A) Generally on average it’s around USD 10,000 but certain institutes like uPgrad are providing it at as little as USD 1,000. The cost of boot camps hugely varies depending upon factors like location, one-to-one mentor facility, online or onsite classes, etc.


Q) Can nontechnical – nonscience background persons enroll in a Data Analytics boot camp?

A) Absolutely Yes. There are many instances where people have transitioned from a diverse background in music to a data analyst domain. Such candidates need to put in lots of effort as they don’t have a head start like a candidate with a tech background. But hard work and enthusiasm to learn will propel anyone in the industry.

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