Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara With Placements

If you have qualifications in a technical field, enjoy reading, and are also passionate about writing. Then the field of technical writing is for you! In this field, you can combine your technical knowledge from academics with your passion for writing. With or without any technical background, one can enter this field. If you are located in Vadodara, completing promising technical writing courses in Vadodara would ease your career path in this field. This article is about everything you need to know about technical writing basics and the top 7 technical writing courses in Vadodara.


List of best technical writing courses in Vadodara


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is writing technical documents like user manuals, research papers, emails, memos, white papers, etc. in a detailed, simple, easy-to-understand manner. The way technical documents are written depends on the audience. If you are writing it for laymen, then it must be written in the simplest language, strictly avoiding the use of technical terms.

It should explain the complex technical content in an easy-to-understand language without assuming that a reader knows anything about that topic. For example, writing a mobile phone user guide for mobile phone users. Whereas, if you are writing a technical document to a person from that same technical field, then it can have technical terms. For example, writing an ultrasound machine user manual for medical staff.


What Do Technical Writers Write? 

Technical writers are involved in writing a range of technical documents for different types of audiences. Technical writers write the following types of technical documents. However, businesses and companies may need other kinds of technical documents as per their needs.


  • Instruction Manuals

An instruction manual is a set of detailed information on how to use a product. In instruction manuals, sellers ensure that the customer will not find any difficulty while using their products. 


  • Reports

A technical report is a brief information on results and outcomings. It can be in the form of minutes of meetings, progress reports, audit reports, annual reports, expenditure reports, etc.  


  • Emails and Memos

A memo is a short form used for “memorandum”. It gives brief and concise information to be conveyed. Emails also serve a similar purpose.


  • Product Assembly Instructions

This is a technical document consisting of detailed, step-by-step instructions to guide the users on how to assemble the product. It generally comes along with the product. Sometimes the product has a QR code which after scanning shows its product assembly instructions.  


A white paper is a form of technical document which explains information about complex products/services of a company or government schemes in the simplest form to potential buyers. Unlike flashy brochures and flyers, white papers are simple, detailed, and descriptive documents. 


  • Case Studies

A case study is a well-researched document of a person, organization, community, etc. It gives detailed information in a simple and understandable format.


  • Standard Operating Instructions (SOPs)

SOPs are technical documents that consist of a set of instructions on how a routine or repetitive job or procedure is to be done safely and correctly.


  • Medical Documentation

It is written on a wide range of medical and healthcare-related articles. It consists of user manuals, instruction sets for medical equipment assembly, marketing documents, educational documents, etc.


  • Technology Blogging (Tech Blogging) 

Unlike regular blogs, technical blogs focus on writing about advanced technology, new models, their functioning, etc.


Difference Between Content Writing and Technical Writing

For beginners, content writing and technical writing fields may sound similar. They indeed share a lot of common aspects like having strong writing skills, grammar and spelling checks, etc. However, there is a fundamental difference in terms of their respective focus.

A content writer involves writing content like blogs, eBooks, social media posts, product descriptions, press releases, book reviews, etc. They mainly focus on keyword selection and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to rank their content on the first pages of search engines. Their main aim remains to be found on the internet. 

Whereas technical writers research to understand complex and hard-to-understand information about internal procedures, working principles of products, and services of an organization, etc. As a layman, this information is typically considered difficult to understand. A technical writer writes this information in simple and easy language so that anyone would be able to understand it.


Skills Required for a Technical Writer:

Here is the list of skills required for a technical writer that gets covered during technical writing courses in Vadodara: 


  • Powerful Writing Skills

Like a content writer, a technical writer should also have powerful writing skills. It includes the apt knowledge of grammar, tenses, concise sentence constructions, etc. He/she should use an active voice tone. The difference between active and passive voice is illustrated as follows:


Active voice: I gave some books to her.

Passive voice: She was given some books by me.


  • Ability to Understand Your Audience:

In technical writing, it is very important to understand the type of your audience. If you are writing a technical document for technical people, then you can include the technical terms from that field. However, if that document is for ordinary people, then it should be written without assuming that they know any technical terminologies. One should not also write just abbreviations without explaining their full form anywhere in the documents.


  • Ability to Think About User Experience

A technical writer should be able to put himself/herself in the audience’s shoes and be able to think about the way the audience feels while reading their technical articles. While writing, periodically he/she should go back and check again if the document is easy to follow or not. The audience should be able to follow the technical documents.


  • Ability to Conduct Thorough Research

Research is a crucial part of technical writing. A technical writer should be able to carry out in-depth research about the topic they’re going to write on. They should visit the related websites that are a google search way to dig the updated and reliable information. However, they should not take up any part of that information as it is, as this comes under plagiarism. 


  • Having an Appropriate Writing Tone

Technical writing should not be written in a flashy or flowery tone. Generally speaking, they should be able to maintain a formal tone throughout their documents. 


  • Proofreading Ability 

A technical writer should have excellent proofreading ability and patience. There is a good chance to miss mistakes, typos, etc., especially in lengthy technical documents. Since someone is going to follow those technical documents for an important cause, technical writers must be able to proofread their documents in great detail.


Eligibility Criteria for Technical Writers

Employers may expect a bachelor’s degree in English, translation, journalism, or communications for technical writers. Whereas, some employers may expect technical writers with some technical background in science, computers, engineering, information technology, etc. However, there are no fixed eligibility criteria for technical writers. A completion certificate of technical writing courses in Vadodara would also give me a great career boost.


Salary for Technical Writers in India 

After completion of technical writing courses in Vadodara, salaries change from company to company, experience, and skills of the candidates. According to the job salary listing website, Ambition box, the salary range of technical writers is 2.8 Lakh to 12.7 Lakh per annum.


Jobs After Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara

A survey by the Bureau of Labour Statistics indicates 11.65% employment growth for technical writers from 2020 to 2030. Earlier, software engineers or developers only used to write their technical documents. Moreover, this field was confined to a few aspects of technical writing like instruction manuals, product assembly instructions, etc.

However, nowadays this field encompasses lots more elements. Hence there is tremendous growth in technical writing jobs. Here is the list of some of the job roles for technical writers.

  • Medical Writer
  • Legal Documents Writer
  • SOP Writer
  • User Manual Writers
  • Grants Writers
  • White Paper Writers 
  • Tech Bloggers
  • Freelancers 


Top Industries Recruiting Technical Writers

Wherever there are technology-based service providers, and product manufacturers, there is undoubtedly a need for technical writers. Here is a list of some of the popular industries recruiting technical writers.

  • Information Technology
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Finance
  • Software and Hardware
  • Aeronautics
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology


Top Recruiters

After completing technical writing courses in Vadodara, software, finance, and medical instruments manufacturing companies are the major recruiters of technical writers in India. According to Glassdoor, a popular job listing website, here is a list of some of the top recruiters of technical writers in India.

  • Capgemini
  • Oracle
  • HCLTech
  • Wipro
  • Cisco Systems
  • Cognizant Technolgy Solutions
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cyient
  • Accenture
  • Tech Mahindra


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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara

There is a huge scope for joining technical writing courses in Vadodara. People can choose to pursue these courses either online or in the classroom. Aspiring candidates in Vadodara can opt for online technical courses across the globe while sitting in Vadodara. Here is the list of the top 7 technical writing courses in Vadodara. 



IIM SKILLS is a renowned Indian online education platform providing various courses in finance, accounting, writing, and marketing. Along with New Delhi, it has a presence in different cities and states of India and abroad as well.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Mode: Online

Duration: 5 weeks of live online training + 1-month internship

Fee: INR 14,900 

Eligibility Criteria: None


Course Curriculum:

This course has the following 13 modules.

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • How to write technical documents
  • Start writing your technical documents
  • Introduction to technical reports
  • Introduction to white papers, and journals
  • Introduction to conversational writing
  • Introduction to versioning
  • Reviewing and publishing documents
  • Introduction to API documentation
  • Introduction to datasheets, user manuals
  • Introduction to effective writing
  • Introduction to medical writing
  • Introduction to case studies


Certificate:  It provides globally recognized certification of course completion. 


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Highlights of the Course:

  • Guaranteed one-month internship
  • Lifetime consulting and technical support
  • Assistance in portfolio development
  • Assistance in publishing a white paper, a scholarly article/ book chapter
  • Assistance in publishing a technical bog in the Times of India
  • Dedicated placement cells
  • Introduction to various software tools




Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740



H B Twin Tower

Max Hospital Building 

Netaji Subhash Place

Pitam Pura

New Delhi- 110034.


2. Education and Career Times ECT

It is an academic organization recognized by the government of India as a startup. It offers various courses like content writing, technical writing, digital marketing, and personality development. It provides online and classroom training with two training centers in New Delhi and Noida, U P. It offers two courses in technical writing; one for entry & medium level and another for advanced level.


  • Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

   (Entry and medium level course)


Mode: Online/Classroom

Duration: 3 months

Fee: INR 19,999

Eligibility Criteria: None


Course Curriculum: 

It has the following modules:

  • Technical writing introduction
  • Grammar and styling
  • Introduction to information architecture
  • Markdown language mastering
  • Extensible Markup Language XML
  • Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation 
  • Introduction to Darwin Information Typing Architecture 
  • Introduction to document authoring tools
  • Introduction to technical authoring tools
  • Introduction to API documentation
  • Introduction to agile documentation strategy
  • Introduction to careers in technical writing
  • Introduction to beginner-friendly tools


Certificate: It provides one certification.


Highlights of the Course:

  • It conducts 6 assignments
  • It conducts 6 live projects
  • It conducts 12 quizzes

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

  • Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course & HTML, CSS, JavaScript

   (Advanced level course)


Mode: Online/classroom

Duration: 3-6 months

Fee: INR 39,999

Eligibility Criteria: None


Course Curriculum: 

It offers all the modules offered in the first course. In addition to that, it offers the following modules. 

  • Website development
  • Dev environment setting
  • Elements and structure of HTML
  • Tables of HTML
  • Forms of HTML
  • Introduction to Semantic HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Basics of Java Script
  • Java Script: Conditionals, functions, Scope, Arrays, Loops, Objects, Iterators, Errors, and Debugging 


Certificate: It provides 4 certifications.


Highlights of the Course:

  • It conducts 18 assignments
  • It conducts 18 live projects
  • It conducts 36 quizzes




Phone: +91 7827916060



M 138, 3rd floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001.

G284, 1st Floor, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301. 


3. Technical Writer HQ

It is an online education providing platform dedicated to technical writing. It provides four courses on technical writing, namely, Technical Writing Certification Course, UX Writing Certification Course, Grant Writing Certification Course, and proposal Writing Certification Course. Here is the detailed information on Technical Writing Certification Course.


Course Name: Technical Writing Certification Course

Mode: Online

Duration: 4 hours\week to complete in 10 weeks, self-paced

Fee: $299 (Approx. INR 24855)

Eligibility Criteria: None


Course Curriculum:

  • Technical writing introduction
  • How to write great technical documents
  • How to format technical documents
  • Introduction to editing, proofreading, and readability 
  • Introduction to communication and workflow
  • How to get a technical writing job
  • Preparation for job interviews


Certificate: It provides a completion certificate after passing the exam.


Highlights of the Course:

  • It offers 7 quizzes
  • It gives 10+ downloadable templates for technical writing
  • It takes one capstone project
  • Access to exclusive interviews with technical writers from reputed companies, questions they ask in interviews, their suggestions to stand out in the field


Contact: Phone +1 6199440697


Also Check:


4. Udemy

Udemy is a global online teaching and learning platform providing over 213,000 different courses. Udemy has a lot of options for technical writing courses. Here is my pick from people’s favorite courses. 


Course Name: Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion

By Starweaver Instructor Team, Paul Siegel


Mode: Online

Duration: 4.5 hours of on-demand videos

Eligibility Criteria: Basic English Knowledge


Course Curriculum: 

It has the following modules.

  • To know the purpose of writing a technical document
  • To know who is the audience
  • To learn writing a purpose statement
  • To learn how to gather information
  • To learn how to write sentence outlines and drafts
  • To learn revising the content and its organization
  • Editing for coherence, clarity, economy, readability
  • Tips on emails writing


Certificate: It provides a course completion certificate. 


Highlights of the Course:

  • It provides 66 downloadable resources.
  • Lifetime access to the instructor and support team of this course for your questions, queries, doubts, etc.
  • Top companies like Nasdaq, box, NetApp, and Eventbrite choose to offer this course to their employees


5. Coursera

It is a US-based online education platform. It provides over 4000 courses in a variety of subjects. It offers certification as well as degree courses. 


Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course by Rice University

Mode: Online

Duration: 1-3 months

Fee: INR 4,015 (Financial aid is available)


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to specialization in communication for engineers
  • To learn writing skills for engineers
  • To learn things before you begin technical writing
  • How to develop paragraphs and write reports
  • How to write with quality and consciousness
  • How to plan, write, revise a draft, and make it suitable for your purpose and audience 


Certificate: It provides a shareable course completion certificate.


Highlights of the Course:

  • It provides course videos and reading material
  • It conducts practice quizzes, graded assignments with feedback, graded quizzes with feedback, and graded programming assignments.

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

6. Google

It offers four short courses on technical writing. Most of these courses have pre-class components consisting of the introduction of topics whereas in-class components are meant to integrate and practice these pre-class topics. These courses are free of cost. The courses are as follows:


  • Technical Writing One

This course is built especially for software engineers and computer science students. Product managers also can opt for this course. 

You will learn: Essential fundamentals of technical writing.

Duration: Pre-class 2 hours

In-class 2-2.5 hours


  • Technical Writing Two

This course is built especially for software engineers and computer science students. Product managers also can opt for this course.

You will learn: To practice four main topics in technical writing.

Duration: Pre-class 1-hour

    In-class 2-2.5 hours


  • Tech Writing Accessibility

This course is specially created for engineers, engineering managers, product managers, and technical writers.

You will learn: To learn how to make a technical document accessible and readable to all.

Duration: In-class 1.5 hours


  • Writing Helpful Error Messages

You will learn: To learn how to write effective error messages appearing in command lines, GUIs, etc.

Duration: Pre-class 1.5 hours


7. Henry Harvin

It is an online education provider from India. It has a presence in different cities in India, the USA, and Dubai. It provides online courses in more than 27 categories, providing over 7000 classes per month.


Course Name: Technical Writing Course (Gold Membership)

Mode: Online

Duration: 36 hours of a learning period

Fee: INR 17,500 (EMI option is also available)


Eligibility Criteria: Passion to write technical content. However, some proficiency in writing or understanding technical documents would be helpful.


Course Curriculum:

It has the following modules.

  • Technical writing introduction
  • To learn the documentation process
  • Introduction to the technical writing process
  • To learn grammar and editing in technical writing
  • Introduction to software tools for technical writing
  • To learn various components of technical documents
  • To learn the creation of a technical document template
  • Introduction to advanced tools of writing


Certificate: It provides a course completion certificate.


Highlights of the Course:

  • It provides job and placement assistance.
  • It offers a gold membership through which access to recorded classes of all its courses for 1 year.


FAQs About Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara


Q1. What tools are taught in technical writing courses in Vadodara?

There is a huge variety of tools used in the field of technical writing. Adobe FrameMaker for technical writing, authoring tools like Microsoft Word/ Google Docs, Grammarly/Hemmingway for grammar and spellcheck, TechSmith Snagit for screenshot capture, Adobe Photoshop for image editing, etc. are some of the popular tools used in the technical writing field. The technical writing courses in Vadodara cover all these popular tools.


Q2. Should technical writers have technical qualifications?

There are no defined technical qualifications needed for technical writing. However, familiarity with coding can be an added advantage in the field of IT or software technical writing. 


Q3. What is the scope for jobs after technical writing courses in Vadodara?

After completing technical writing courses in Vadodara, in addition to local jobs, you can apply for remote jobs in India also. For this, while being in Vadodara, you can work for companies and organizations across India.


Q4. Are technical writing jobs remote i.e. work from home or the office?

Technical writing jobs can be office and work from home as well. The nature of technical writing job changes from company to company. You can search for technical writing jobs on the websites like LinkedIn,, etc., and opt for the one according to your location preference.



Companies, governments, and private organizations have already started hiring skilled technical writers. Hence the demand for technical writers in India is growing and is expected to skyrocket shortly. It is a well-paid and rewarding job as well. Those who have a skillset of English fluency, powerful writing, research, and curiosity about technical perspectives, are suitable for this job role. However, completing technical writing courses in Vadodara would be an additional asset to your resume. I hope this article would help all aspiring technical writers. 

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