Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand With Placements

Are you the one planning to enroll yourself in the technical writing course but are unaware of the best ones? Don’t worry; surely you are at the right place to know about the best courses. In this article, we are here to guide you with the top best institutes for technical writing courses in New Zealand.


List of best technical writing courses in New Zealand


But, before knowing the best technical writing courses in New Zealand, it is advisable to get in with the details of the technical writing course to clear our perception regarding the course.


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is one of the types of varied writing that simplify the complex content for those who need to accomplish some tasks. This writing is not limited to writing manuals or documentation, but it has a wide range because technical writing is present and used in almost every industry.

This is a method used in technical or any other occupational field like engineering, IT, robotics, aeronautics, finance, medicine, etc. Technical writing is performed by technical writers whose primary task is to communicate technical information to the client most effectively and efficiently.

Technical writers are required to be skilled both in writing as well as with the knowledge of computers because they are the users of the programs to create and edit the illustrations, visual aids, etc. The role of a writer merely depends on the company or the industry they are employed for.

The basic task of a technical writer is just to break the complicated subject matter into simpler and digestible content. Their major role is to convert complicated data into simple data so that everyone can understand the depth of the data.


Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing entails a wide variety of writing types depending on the company you are working for. There are different types of technical writing depending on the different types of want as per the company; the following are the different types of technical writing:


Writing for Professional Audience: The piece of communication written for field experts and professionals such as programming guidelines, research papers, repair manuals, professional reports, reviews, etc.

Writing for End-Users: The ‘how to’ pieces of content are written keeping end-users in mind such as user help guides, assembly guidelines, product manuals, etc.

Writing for Marketing: The piece of content is written to market the technical product or service such as brochures, white papers, case studies, etc.

Technical Writing Training is Ideal for: If we talk technically, then the technical writing course is ideal for anyone having an interest in the same area and is determined to learn the skill of technical writing and looking forward to giving their career a healthy start in this field. Broadly speaking, the aspirants that would benefit from the course include:

  • Content Writers
  • Marketing Executives
  • Technical Documentation Engineer
  • Configuration and Control Engineer
  • Design/Development Engineer
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Existing Technical Writers
  • Software Engineers


Eligibility Criteria for the Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand

As such there are no set prerequisites to attending the Technical Writing Training. As an ideal learner, you would need to be:

  • A graduate in any field from any background
  • Good command of language and communication skills
  • Basic internet knowledge


Career as a Technical Writer:

As we are all aware that over the past few years, the excessive growth of technology and the trend of online has simultaneously increased the demand for the written word. During the covid period, we all observed a decline in face-to-face interaction with colleagues, clients, and employees which led to a perfect platform for technical writers to build and grow their careers.

The following bullets depict why technical writing as a career has a high demand in the present scenario, as many low- and high-profile companies hire technical writers for their company to boost their sales leading to a high increase and demand for technical writers.

  • Today, almost every company and organization need properly documented policies for their employees which can be done by technical writers most effectively.
  • Software, computer products, and electronic products need a documentation type that is easy to understand for the audience.
  • With the high increase in the usage of the internet by most people, there are more job opportunities open for technical writers.


Technical writers are in high demand in almost every technical-related field. This includes private companies, IT sectors, government agencies, and electronics. Many technical writers also choose to be self-employed and work as freelancers.


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Average Salary of Technical Writers:

Salary is conceivably known to be one of the most deciding and important factors to decide on a career. A technical writer is one of the emerging high jobs in India and the average salary for the same varies with not just the city but the company/organization/sector.

But, on average technical writer’s salary in New Zealand is $11355. Although based on your experience and knowledge the salary range varies from low to high respectively. One of the reports indicated that the technical writer’s salary is highest in Delhi, followed by Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Indeed, we can say that salary is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to decide before enrolling yourself for the concerned course because, in the end, we all enroll ourselves for any such course just to earn our livelihood. So, the above-mentioned average salary will surely give you a brief idea about the salary of a technical writer.

Now, we are well versed with the knowledge and the understanding of the Technical Writing course in a great detailed way. It’s the perfect moment to know about the top Technical Writing courses in New Zealand on which a real aspirant can trust for his or her bright future with at most faith.


So, Here Are the Verified Details of the Top 5 Best Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand



IIM SKILLS is known to be one of the top best and most renowned coaching institutes, famous for providing many highly profiled professional courses to their learners with experience of over 5 years. IIM SKILLS solely concentrate on work and aims to transform the skills of an individual into their source of income for them.

They simply believe to follow a single mission to provide quality education to everyone, who is willing engrossed, and determined to learn something new. They also believe to provide world-class education to real aspirants that too at affordable prices so that everyone can afford it and reach new heights of success through their high-quality online and self-paced learning programs.

The highly professional faculty having an experience of over 12+ years helps and guides their learners in the right direction and to grasp in-depth knowledge and understanding of every topic.

IIM SKILLS offers a variety of professional short-term courses to individuals and indeed technical writing courses in one of them which is an ideal complete package for the one seeking to look forward to being a technical writer in the coming future. So, let’s go through the details of the technical writing course.


Technical Writing Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction
  • How to Write
  • Creating your Content
  • Technical Reports
  • White Paper/Journals
  • Conversational Writing
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API Documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Studies


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Course Duration and Fees: The duration of the technical writing course concerned is 5 weeks of Live Online Training, and the fee for the course is 296.36 New Zealand Dollars + 18% GST.


Course Highlights:

  • 1 month Guaranteed Internship
  • Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio Development for Job/Freelance
  • Publishing your First White Paper
  • Publishing a Scholarly Article or Book Chapter
  • Publishing your First Technical Blog with the Times of India Blog
  • Master Certification from IIM SKILLS



  • Practical Training and Learning Modules
  • Tool-Driven Course
  • Master Certification
  • Lifetime Access
  • 24*7 Support



Phone – +91 9580 740 740

Email –

Website –


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IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

2. Auldhouse

Auldhouse is known to be one of the renowned institutions, and providers of Technical Writing courses in New Zealand, with over 30 years of experience in the training space. Auldhouse is the leading privately owned IT training provider institute.

Their award-winning training inculcates the latest training content designed to help individuals to achieve the skills and the required knowledge. They offer a wide range of end-user, IT professional, and Professional development training delivered by industry-leading consultants and instructors.


Course Syllabus:

  • Getting Started
  • Structure and Style
  • Grammar
  • Writing for the Web
  • Short Document Techniques
  • Long Document Techniques


Course Duration: The concerned course is a 2-day training program which is delivered in two sections. 


What Will an Individual Learn:

After the completion of the course, the participant will have the ability to demonstrate the-

  • A technical brief including audience profiling, success criteria, and defining the scope of a technical writing project.
  • Development and use of consistent styles to formulate an identifiable brand including useful consistent formatting, content development, meaningful headings, and navigable structure.
  • Identification of appropriate levels of grammatical correctness suitable for the audience 
  • Ability to apply technical writing techniques to short documents including brochures, forms, checklists, and policy and procedure documents



Phone – +91 093610977

Email –

Website –


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3. Knowles Training Institute

Knowles Training Institute is known to be one of the most renowned providers of Technical Writing courses in New Zealand, it is a world-class training and development solution. They specialize in assisting clients to identify people, processes, and problems that hinder organizations from achieving optimal and desired results.

They evaluate, design, develop, and deliver training programs through a wide range of learning solutions. Knowles Training Institute’s high-class professional faculties and coaching are one of the most prominent reasons to choose Knowles Training Institute among others.

They believe to provide contextualized courses based on their client’s requirements and needs to serve them better. Knowles training institute offers quite a wide range of courses to their learners and indeed Technical Writing course is one of them, which is a complete ideal package for real learners.


Course Syllabus:

  • What is Technical Writing
  • Benefits and Types of Technical Writing
  • The genre of Technical Writing
  • Practicing Technical Writing
  • Three Knows of Technical Writing
  • Excellence in Technical Documents
  • Collaborative Technical Writing
  • Research
  • Report Process
  • Style of Technical Writing
  • Planning Techniques
  • Methods for Presenting Complex Concepts
  • Advance Technical Writing Techniques


Course Duration and Fees: The duration of the Technical Writing course concerned is 1 full day, they will be able to contextualize this workshop according to different durations; 2 full days, half days, 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours), and 60 minutes and the fee of the course are $489.


Why Knowles Training Institute:

  • Provides Hybrid Learning Training options
  • The course content has been developed by a team of experts
  • Knowles Trainers are highly qualified and an expert in their concerned industry
  • Knowles Training Institute has a good number of experiences, thus being a highly respected and regarded institute



Phone – +6569357406

Email –

Website –


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4. Cherry Leaf

Cherry Leaf is also one of the most renowned coaching institutes, founded in the year 2002 by people passionate about technical communication and learning improvement. Cherry Leaf is a UK-based organization that provides an e-learning option to the learners, thus accessible for learners of New Zealand to learn the concepts with the guidance of the team of Cherry Leaf.

They offer online courses at affordable rates to make the courses accessible for all, which can help in developing your skill as a technical writer for IT and software user documentation. Cherry Leaf provides a huge variety of business and technical writing training courses and has taught technical communication to over 100 people.

The Cherry Leaf’s popular, low-cost and online Technical Author/Technical Writing course teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing for IT and software user documentation. Indeed, the technical writing course is one of the professional courses offered by Cherry Leaf.


Course Syllabus:

  • The purpose of technical documentation
  • Different models of technical documentation
  • Who is the technical writer
  • Information design stage
  • Software tools
  • Overview of the writing process
  • Planning the content
  • Researching work
  • Hyperlinking
  • Reviewing and editing


Course Duration and Fees: The individual can complete the course modules at their own pace. The modules of the course are delivered to the candidate over the web in small, manageable video presentations. The module is a complete package of practical examples and techniques, which you can download as Word or PDF files.

The candidate will be given access for 13 months to complete the course, if they need some more time, in that case, they need to contact the team. The fee for the course is $299.


What Will an Individual Learn:

  • Purpose and Value of technical documentation
  • Documentation process
  • Skills for a technical communicator
  • Effective techniques to be a technical writer


Who is this Course For:

The course is an ideal package for the one who needs to –

  • Create end-user documentation and other forms of instructional content with ease
  • Mastering the fundamentals of technical writing 
  • Understanding of the technical author’s role



Phone – +44 20 7 100 4513

Email –

Website –

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

5. Udemy

Udemy is another renowned provider of Technical Writing courses in New Zealand, being the global destination for online learning, they help people to connect with knowledge. At Udemy, they believe in creating a culture that is diverse, inclusive, and committed to the employees.

The team of Udemy is committed to improving lives through learning. They simply aim to work on a single motto to share knowledge with the world, which is indeed a high-class mentality. No matter what the learning style is of the learner, Udemy is the institute that can provide the candidate with the course that fits their style and requirement.

Isn’t it an amazing feature, of course, it is. The Udemy courses span over 75 languages and cover anything you want to know, as Udemy instructors come from all over the world. The Udemy instructors are real people who are passionate enough to share their knowledge with the world.


Course Syllabus:

  • Getting started with technical writing
  • Documentation in the software development world
  • Writing software documentation
  • Style guide in technical writing
  • Principles of technical writing
  • Software documentation development
  • Graphics and images usage
  • Strategies and information architecture
  • Additional materials


Course Fee: The fee of the technical writing course concerned Udemy is Rs.3499.


Course Highlights:

  • 13 hours of demand video
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • 8 articles
  • Lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion



Website –


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Technical Writing Courses in New Zealand


Q1. Which is the top best coaching provider institute of Technical Writing courses in New Zealand? 

All the above-mentioned coaching institutes of Technical Writing courses in New Zealand are known to be the most renowned institutes offering the course with the best study material and with the best instructors. For the learner’s career enhancement, one can pick up the above-mentioned institute as per their needs and requirement.


Q2. What are some excellent career opportunities available for technical writers?

The opportunities presented to technical writers today are extremely diverse. Many industries at present require the services of competent technical writers to simplify complex writing into a simplified one. As technical writers, the candidates are allowed to write instruction manuals, articles, journals, instruction guides, etc.


Q3. Is the technical writing course high in demand today?

Technical writing as a comparison with the past has gained much importance and regard. In the present scenario, every business requires a technical writer to connect the business with its focus customer group and to create content that is easy to comprehend and connect with.



Hence, at the end of the overall study and discussion, we can infer that Technical Writing courses in New Zealand are at present one of the highest in-demand courses in the world and will going to add an extraordinary skill to your ordinary life. The course concerned can open immense career and growth opportunities to their learners to expand their working enhancement skills. The technical writing courses in New Zealand make you explore a new phase of your life where you can enhance your career as a technical writer.

We can analyze that technical writing courses are indeed one of the global leading and high-in-demand courses in the present modern world, which any individual can opt for and enjoy the fruits of their praiseworthy skills. From the above discussion, we can infer that after the completion of the technical writing course, the aspirant will end up opening the gate to many high-profile career and growth opportunities.

Thus, if you are looking for technical writing courses in New Zealand to add an extraordinary skill to your portfolio, then indeed this article is the right one to teach you the top 5 best Technical Writing courses in New Zealand on which an individual can rely the most for their flourishing career growth. We assure the most that with the best learning and experience with the above-mentioned coaching institutes and wish all the aspirants the very best for their dream careers. 

We had gone through a lot of intense research and study to compile our article with the highly praised worthy courses that serve the best and teach the learners with much dedication to make them experts in their domains and excel in their fields. Once you enroll yourself in the course concerned, it will become your responsibility to follow all the instructions and work on the given projects timely to get the best out of the course because technical writing is a bit of technical skill that can only be honed with consistent practice and hard work.

If you truly aspire to become a successful technical writer, just enroll in one of the above-mentioned coaching institutes and learn the most used and updated tactics to be a pro technical writer. Wishing you all great heights of success and never-ending growth opportunities on your way. Good Luck.

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