Top 5 Content Writing Courses In New Zealand With Placements

Are you looking for content writing courses in New Zealand? If you are an aspiring content marketer, who is looking to make the move into freelance writing or a student trying to build a career along the lines of writing or content creation, then you’re in the right place.


Top Content Writing Courses in New Zealand


In recent times, there has been a surge in demand for expert content writers from various companies. In this digital era of 2022, every business and organization needs a content writer in order to grow or even to be noticed.


Today, employers want to employ content writers who can create articles on short notice without compromising on quality. You will discover mind-boggling insights if you dig deeper. The content writer career prospects right now are more abundant than ever before. Read on to know in detail about content creation, its scope, and most importantly- the top 5 content writing courses in New Zealand.



What is Content Writing?


Content writing, as the name implies, is the art and talent of creating content for a range of media, contexts, and ideas. Content writing could be defined as a means for communicating a person’s (or brand’s) sentiments, an idea, or a concept in a way that might assist people to grasp and learn about something new, or uncover new ideas that could influence the reader and spread the message across the globe. Hence, content writing is a must-know for marketing professionals or digital marketers, content writing and marketing go hand in hand.


Content writers essentially create content for print media, websites, and other forms of media. SEO, infographics, marketing collaterals, podcasts, ads, and other concepts are all part of content creation.  creative writing, technical writing, brand journalism, white paper writing, and other types of writing are used to create content for various platforms.


What Is The Scope Of Content Writing?


Because of the variety of professional sectors, the boom in digital marketing, IT, and work from home, Content writing is getting a lot of traction these days. Those who want to pursue a career in content writing can choose from a variety of options, including blog content writer, brand journalist content writer, copywriter, academic content writer, etc. (And so many untapped areas in the future.)


The need for content writers is further driven by a desire for high-quality work. There are thousands of content pieces floating on the web, but only a few catch the eye of a reader.


As a result, the business demands content writers who can utilize their particular skills to represent words in such a manner that they not only make sense, assist the reader to build a comprehensive picture of the concept, and also get the reader to take the desired call to action.


This is no cakewalk for every person and can be only accomplished by an experienced or well-versed content writer.


As a result, they have a position that no one else can fill. It’s difficult to find competent content writers in the first place. In these conditions, it’s no surprise that these thoughtful individuals are in high demand and have many job opportunities available to them.


NewZealand, just like other countries across the globe, holds a lot of scope for content writers who can deliver results. There are many content writing courses in New Zealand that offer several courses that will teach you how to create content which includes websites and blogs, online advertising designs, and copywriting for social media. Content writing courses in New Zealand include both on-site courses and distance learning over the internet.


Now, let’s dive into the details about content writing courses in New Zealand that offer quality courses taught by experienced academics with market knowledge.


The Top 5 Content Writing Courses In New Zealand Are As Follows:


1. IIM Skills


In the field of online education, IIM Skills is a standout institution. The institute provides courses that are future-ready and connected with industry demands. IIM Skills has risen to the top of the content writing business in just five years, with a remarkable clientele. This institute excels in all areas, including content writing, digital marketing, and CAT preparation.


IIM Skills stands first in the race and is in step with the current developments in the content writing area thanks to high-profile trainers and flawless teaching techniques. The faculty provides students with up-to-date information on content writing and digital marketing trends, as well as the tools they need to be job-ready. IIM Skills encourages students to learn by doing and hence practical sessions, assignments and internships are given more importance than just the theoretical sessions.


IIM Skills has a presence all over the globe and is constantly developing pocket-friendly, in-demand skills development courses. Any student across the globe can have access to this course as IIM Skills provides online Master courses and internships. IIM Skills is one of the best content writing courses in New Zealand and is designed to help applicants achieve financial independence.


Salient Features of Online Content Writing Course at IIM Skills


  • The Content Writing Master Course is a comprehensive program that covers all elements of content creation.
  • It is a virtual course, which means it is only available online. Being online saves time and is available from anywhere and includes a varied group of students from various backgrounds.
  • The addition of top-tier industry professionals as teachers is the cherry on top. A limited batch size ensures individual attention. Although many content writing courses in New Zealand offer the course requires some technical expertise, the faculty provides comprehensive guidance throughout.
  • The Content Writing Master Course is open to anybody interested in learning more about content writing. There are no specific qualifying requirements.
  • The curriculum’s design and structure guarantee that the course is delivered to its full potential over the course’s duration.
  • Web development, SEO, social media marketing, and content Writing are among the course’s modules and the assignments guarantee that you put what you’ve learned in each live session into practice and are checked weekly.
  • The student benefits greatly from having lifetime access to course materials since they may refer to them whenever they need help.
  • Along with the certificate of IIM Skills, they also offer a HubSpot certification (with an additional exam), which is internationally acknowledged and recognized.
  • They also offer internships and placement opportunities after the completion of the course, along with guidance if you are interested in freelancing.



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For further enlightenment, read the detailed IIM Skills Content Writing course Review



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2. NZ Writers College


NZ writers college was established in 2005 and has only grown ever since.  It is needless to say that this is one of the cream content writing courses in New Zealand. Over the years NZ writers college has helped students and aspiring writers from all over the world to achieve their goals, no matter what it is! From getting published in books to being a business writer, the college has made every student’s dream come true.


Their students come from as diverse a range of backgrounds as they do geographical regions, ranging from published or professional authors looking to enhance or broaden their writing abilities to first-timers with a desire to write but no idea where to begin.


They have a variety of online courses that can help you flex your creative muscle and stretch your imagination. Their courses being online you don’t have to travel to learn. From fictional writing to technical writing, every nook and corner is covered, all you have to do is to select the course that suits your needs the best.


Along with this, you have an opportunity of getting published and graduating as a writing specialist, this is possible because of their detailed course, regular assignments, and the assistance of a personal tutor throughout the course.


Salient Features of NZ Writers College:


  • Experienced writers and specialists in the field train the students.
  • Module-wise assignments and regular feedback and notes.
  • Constant touch and guidance from personal tutors and mentors.
  • They offer a certification that is internationally recognized and valued.
  • Being able to learn online saves time, allows you to access information from anywhere, and allows you to interact with a diverse set of students from all backgrounds.
  • The institute provides a wide variety of courses and has multiple modules and topics to cover, unlike other courses it does not only stick to one type of writing but provides both creative/ fictional type of writing and technical type of writing.
  • NZ writers also provide you with the opportunity of being published in books, magazines, or online, helping you build your foundation.


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3. The North Tec


NorthTec was established in 1978 and is one of the most trusted content writing courses in New Zealand, it is the only Northland-based Tertiary Education Institute (TEI) that offers foundation, certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s degree programs.


North Tec’s online writing diploma program allows students to work around their schedules while laying the basis for professional writing abilities and methods.


Apart from applied writing courses they also provide other courses for agriculture, business, social service, and much more. But they’re very well recognized for their writing courses.

Their highly experienced teachers are all established authors, and after the course, you will have a solid foundation in a range of genres as well as an overview of the New Zealand writing landscape.


NorthTec provides 3 levels of applied writing diplomas- Level 5, level 6, and level 7.


Their programs are perfect for those who want to work as freelance writers, those who already work in the creative industries but want to improve their abilities, and those who work in other sectors but want to improve their writing skills to further their careers. The NorthTec is more inclined towards creative writing, though technical writing is also given enough importance.


Level 5 includes writing for children in both Te Reo Maori and English, as well as an editing paper for authors, and it covers every kind of fiction and nonfiction writing you can think of. Level 6 incorporates business skills, publication, and professional editing, and takes the student’s chosen genre to the next level, whether it’s poetry, short stories, romantic writing, science fiction, fantasy, women’s literature, non-fiction, literary fiction, memoir, or screenplays.


Level 7 allows students to concentrate on their work while receiving guidance from prominent authors. Graphic novels, novels, memoirs, family history, Maori mythology, historical fiction, short stories, travel pieces, and more have been created by previous students. This shows that NorthTec is one of the finest content writing courses in New Zealand.


Salient Features Of The NorthTec Applied Writing Course:


  • Graduates of this program are likely to work as freelance writers, technical writers, scriptwriters, website content writers, educational writers, speech writers, museum writers, newsletter writers, and other professional content writers, as well as book reviewers.
  • Their diploma is very well valued all around the globe.
  • They provide their diploma online, and it is suited to all types of students.
  • The course can be accessed at the student’s pace.
  • You will gain broad theoretical and technical knowledge and skills relevant to creative and applied writing through this program, which will prepare you to work in the writing industry, including publishing, broadcasting, performance, and digital platforms, as well as other businesses and organizations.
  • The student has the freedom to opt between part-time and full-time courses making it more accessible for all the students.


4. The Creative Hub


This course is for anyone who wishes to create a book, a collection of short stories, or a memoir or autobiography. They create a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere in which you may find your literary voice. Many alumni of this program have written novels, some of which have been published in London and New York.


The classroom version of the course began in September and goes through May, with a summer break for one-on-one mentorship. In the case of a Covid lockout, the course has been switched to Zoom. It is led by John Cranna, the originator of the Creative Hub, who was named Best Post-Graduate Teacher by AUT University students.


The course is accessible to all the students from the world and may be completed at any time and at any location. It covers the same content as the standard course, but you’ll get one-on-one help from an expert teacher, including coaching through SKYPE or Zoom.


The course director, John Cranna, has been awarded the Commonwealth Writers Prize for Best First Book as well as the New Zealand Book Award for Fiction.


The classroom course revolves around a weekly three-hour group meeting where students’ work is reviewed and criticized in a relaxed yet supportive setting. Discussion of this work naturally brings up the craft and technical problems. Both versions of the course have students keep reading and writing logs, which helps them track their progress.


During the course, several successful New Zealand fiction writers and editors will hold specialist craft workshops, including newcomers Ruby Porter and Eileen Merriman, as well as established authors Roger Hall, Tessa Duder, Fiona Sussman, Stuart Hoar, Judith White, and Penguin-Random House fiction publisher Harriet Allan, who will discuss the types of manuscripts they accept. During group sessions, the main craft concerns of dialogue, character, narrative, and structure, point of view, description, voice, and topic will all be discussed.


The student will get an appraisal of her or his manuscript’s strengths and shortcomings in the form of a publisher’s readers report at the end of the course. The Creative Hub will give you a Higher Certificate in Writing if you complete the course successfully. The students at the Creative Hub are testimony to the fact that this is one of the top content writing courses in New Zealand.


Salient Features Of Thirty-Week Fiction/ Memoir Writing Course At The Creative Hub:


  • Creative skills are enhanced thoroughly with this institute.
  • Assignments and reviews are given consistently to the students.
  • Several of their teachers have won the Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement.
  • They help their students with writing and publishing their first set of work.
  • After the successful completion of the course, students are awarded a Higher certificate in writing from the Creative Hub, which is acknowledged all around the world and is also claimed to be one of the most reliable content writing courses in New Zealand by the media.


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5. Henry Harvin


A list of top content writing courses in New Zealand and missed Henry Harvin? Not a chance. Henry Harvin is recognized for offering hands-on learning and using an immersive approach to giving essential information and abilities.


This is one of Mumbai’s most well-known content writing courses, which began in 2017. After taking this course, you will be able to pass with flying colors. Henry Harvin’s management can assist you in joining the writer’s network. This business has at least ten years of expertise in the field.


The course is 106 hours long (32 hours of instructor-led training + an additional 24 hours of live online sessions + 50 hours of e-Learning access). You will receive employment chances and boot camp sessions for a year at no cost. More than 23000 students have participated in online and offline training programs. They have taught around 110 batches to date.


Different types of writing are taught here, the modules include Google Analytics, logo software, checking for copyrights, how to make landing pages, mind mapping, thesis, research paper, SEO Writing, earn as an agency, writing your ebook, blogging secrets, and much more. For all these reasons, Henry Harvin is considered to be one of the finest content writing courses in New Zealand.


Salient Features Of Henry Harvin Certified Digital Content Writer Course:


  • 32 hours of live instruction with tasks to assess the learner’s comprehension level.
  • A wide range of subjects is addressed, including establishing your specialty, website building, and keyword utilization.
  • Coursework remains accessible for a year after the course has ended, which is a significant benefit to the student.
  • The learner will be guided through the process by hands-on and experienced trainers who will answer any questions he or she may have.
  • Placement and Internship assistance.
  • The development of language and writing abilities is emphasized.
  • This is also an online course perfectly suited for the students considering the current situation.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Which are the best content writing courses in New Zealand?


  • If you’re looking for the top content writing training in New Zealand, go no further than IIM Skills. This course gives students one-on-one attention, and the instructors use real-life examples to help students understand the material. Every week, the professional faculty assigns simple, quick-to-complete assignments to test your understanding. Within 24 hours, your job will be reviewed.


  1. Why should I join a content writing course?


  • To be on the safe side, it is necessary to enroll in this course. You will learn new things that will broaden your horizons. You will be an expert in this subject after enrolling. You’ll be able to develop. It is important for a content writer to promote his or her work. Learning SEO would make it simple for him to create traffic on websites when he joins.


  1. How to become a certified content writer?


  • Certification is useful and advantageous in the future, and finishing a course from a reputable Institute can prepare you to be an excellent certifier. IIM Skills is a program that you may enroll in. In fact, any certificate from the courses that have been mentioned above makes you a certified content writer.


  1. Is this course difficult to do?


  • No, completing the course is not tough. You must first grasp certain fundamental principles, after which you will be an expert in this subject. You will have to struggle at first, but it will become second nature to you after that.


  1. What is the age limit for doing a content writing course?


  • This course is open to students between the ages of 18 and 50. It is dependent on their capabilities for those above the age of 60. Keep in mind, age is not the bar to learning.


  1. What is the scope of employability from this course?


  • Top content writing programs might help you land a job in a reputable company. They have placement cells that will assist you in finding a job quickly.


  1. What is the expected starting income after completing this course?


  • Starting salary is 10k-20k and you may get stipends also.


To Sum it up


When it comes to content writing training, the institutes listed above are among the best. Some solely provide classroom training, while others only provide online instruction. Some, on the other hand, provide classroom or online flexibility.


If you live in New Zealand and want to become a content writer or need to improve your skills in the content sector, you must use their services.


Do not undervalue any training center for upskilling or learning a new skill. These institutions offer practical instructions that are quite beneficial. Don’t let anything hold you back from learning content writing.


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