5 Unique Content Writing Courses in Greece With Placements

With people working from home in this post-covid world, content writing has become one of the most sought-after skills set across the world. It is not without reason; you can skip 2 hrs per day of peak traffic, wear any clothes when you work, work from anywhere in the world and work for anyone in the world. This increased attractiveness, coupled with a 24X7 connected world, has created an exponential demand for learning this art. This article will explore content writing in detail, explain its importance, explore its scope and finally list out the 5 unique content writing courses in Greece.


Content Writing Courses in Greece


What Is Content Writing?


Content writing at the most basic level is a process of communication via written media. It has a very wide range and can include articles written for newspapers, blogs, websites, or even content on social media platforms. It can encompass a variety of forms from developing a pamphlet for distribution, writing a book review, to writing an SOP for students.


A content writer can also conceptualize a script for videos and podcasts tailored to bring out the essence of a product or service. The objective of content writing is to successfully and efficiently engage with a target audience.


Why is Content Writing Important?


In today’s world of digital connectivity, traditional communication barriers have been removed. The entire world can be your customer. Also, there are a wide variety of avenues via which one can reach out to potential customers across the world; from social media like Facebook and Instagram to dedicated web pages to one’s own Youtube or Tiktok channel.


Also with the proliferation of smartphones across the world, it has become very easy to connect with a potential customer instantly. Hence, to harness the power of the internet and maximize one’s business earnings, it is essential to maintain a presence on the internet and communicate with one’s customers.


The right kind of communication can do wonders for a business and help it grow exponentially. Hence content writing has become one of the most important and sought-after skills for each and every business. It has become so important that all organizations (even political parties) have dedicated firms to maintain their internet presence and handle their communication with their people.


What is the average salary of a content writer in Greece?


According to the website www.salaryexplorer.com, a content writer in Greece can earn in a range of 1070 Euro (minimum salary) to 3140 Euro (maximum salary) monthly. The median salary is supposed to be around 1970 Euro. While this might seem not too attractive, keep in mind that the pay increases with experience. Also with the rise of the internet and 24/7 connectivity, people need not be constrained to working for firms situated only in Greece.


Since content writing does not necessarily require one to be physically present in a particular place, one can work for any company in the world through websites like Freelancer or Upwork, etc. The top Greek content writers on Upwork charge USD 50 per hour or more. Hence, depending on the experience, the quality of writing, and the amount of time one is willing to spend, the sky is the limit as far as earnings are concerned


What are different specializations in content writing?


There are a plethora of options to focus on when one is learning and practicing content writing. One can specialize based on areas of interest like finance, education, sports, technology, etc. Once the area of interest is zeroed in then the individual can take any one of the multiple options like blogging, writing articles, developing videos or podcasts, etc.


One can also look at the skill set one possesses and take that ahead and convert it into a career in content writing. To help understand better, let’s take a look at some common types of careers in content writing:


  • If one is good at talking to people and understanding their best qualities and how they contributed to their current company and then bring it out in a meaningful way in a resume, then one can specialize as a resume writer and can teach others the same by writing books, etc.
  • If one has a good understanding of the nearby universities and knows the main professors and their areas of expertise, then one can specialize in writing SOPs for students who want to get admitted to that college. If one is quite into social media and understands the basics of how to garner attention using the same, one can explore a career as a social media consultant.
  • If one likes developing plots, creating and building characters, and writing mind-boggling stories then one can become a scriptwriter or a story writer.

These are only some of the possible options from infinite opportunities out there; the only thing binging you will be your imagination and your drive to succeed. Kindly note that as with any skill, there are some basic rules that can help you improve over time. However, there is no shortcut to success and no replacement to practice.


What Are The Different Types Of Courses?


As explained before, content writing is a huge ocean and you will need to pick your niche going forward. Depending on the type of training that you are looking for, the content writing courses can be divided into the following major types:


  • Offline Courses: These are the most traditional kinds of courses. Their advantages include physical interaction with teachers and fellow students, dedicated time and place for learning with minimum distractions, and a traditional setup that everyone is used to.
  • Online Courses: This type, of course, can be done via live online instructor-led sessions. These kinds of courses have become very popular due to the COVID pandemic. They can be done from anywhere in the world inside the safety of your house.

Hence, there is no need to worry about maintaining social distancing when traveling or in class, sanitizing your hands regularly, etc. You can completely focus on one and only one thing; learning content writing.

  • Workshop-Based Courses: These courses focus on instructor-led learning with the added benefit of having a vibrant peer group from which you can learn. These are perfect for people who are slightly experienced and would like direct feedback from an experienced writer and an experienced peer group.


5 Unique Content Writing Courses in Greece


Content writing courses are generally available a dime a dozen. Almost all colleges or universities will have some courses dedicated to content writing. They may be marketed under different names like English writing courses or creative writing courses; all of them mean the same. Instead of going with these run-of-the-mill courses, how about some off-the-routine type of courses that are uniquely designed to germinate ideas and to provide an ideal learning environment (other than the usual classroom session kind)?


This is what we have attempted to explore in this article. Our research has led to the discovery of the following exciting content writing courses in Greece. Some of them are different from others and some are similar in nature. Taken together, they provide a comprehensive set of options that will cater to the requirements of almost all individuals.


Content Writing Courses in Greece #1: IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top online teaching institutes for content writing with over 15000 people trained across the world. Though this is not physically situated in Greece, it made to our list of unique content writing courses in Greece because of its ease of access and its relative importance in the post-covid world. They have been around for more than 5 years and their teachers have a good 5+ years of industry experience. You may also want to know about content writing courses in India. 


Their online content writing course has been ranked #1 by Top Education Blogs Such as Career360, CourseReport, Advisor Uncle & CourseDekho. Several students across the world have completed their course online, so in the true sense of the term, they are global. The course covers the following important modules:


  1. Website Development
  2. Blog creation
  3. Content writing basics
  4. Content keyword research
  5. Start Content writing
  6. Content writing tools
  7. Duplicate content detector
  8. Content Distribution using email
  9. Google local pages setup
  10. Content marketing using social media
  11. Exploring social media tools
  12. Freelance content writing


This course provides 16 hours of teaching and 3 months internship after that to help transition easily into this profession. The teachers are quite experienced and this course provides a certification from Hubspot as well which is globally recognized. Their students have been placed across the world in some of the top companies like BMW, Amazon, KPMG, etc.



They only have an online mode of teaching and do not conduct classroom sessions in any of the cities. Their course recordings and contents are available for free for life so that you can refresh whenever you want. The online teaching sessions coupled with the 3 months of practical internship exercise means that one emerges out of this course with highly employable skills. While you are undergoing an unpaid internship with them, they also encourage you to reach out on your own to businesses near you that might require this kind of expertise.


This not only helps one learn on the job but also enables one to see the effect of his work on the business that one works with. Any issues arising during an internship can be directed to the IIMSkills team who will then guide you on how to solve the same using their vast amount of practical experience. Apart from that they also keep posting jobs that are available on their portal/group chats which gives you one more avenue to pursue an internship and hone your content creation skills.


Course Fee – 153.69 Greek Euros

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MNCs involved with IIM SKILLS for Placement Assistance 





Reviews and Testimonials




For a more detailed report, read IIM Skills Content Writing course Review



Email: info@iimskills.com

Ph.No: +91 9911839503


Other courses at IIM SKILLS institute


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IIM SKILLS CW Demo Invite Greece


Content Writing Courses in Greece #2: The American College of Greece


When one talks about content writing courses in Greece, it is difficult to exclude the Writing Program offered by Deree – The American College of Greece. It provides an instructor-led classroom session on content writing which helps one develop a structured thinking and writing style. It has 3 courses that it offers to students, each of which is eligible for 3 graduation credits.


  • WP 1010 – 3 hours per week

This is an introductory course that helps build basic skills of reading, analyzing articles, and writing skills. This builds a good foundation for anyone new to reading and writing as a whole.

  • WP 1111 – 3 hours per week

This is an intermediate course that builds on the earlier foundation course. It helps students practice and develop their writing skills with practice and feedback on assignments. This type of reading/writing will include fiction, non-fiction, visual, and web-based content which are generally informal in nature in addition to formal revised writing assignments.

  • WP 1212 – 3 hours per week

In this course, the students will build upon the earlier two courses to further develop their core academic writing skills and then use them in a new context: academic research writing.

Tel.: +30 210 600 9800 ext. 1462


Content Writing Courses in Greece #3: Erasmus+ Greece


One Line at a Time: Creative Writing and Poetry Course


This is one of the best content writing courses in Greece that is completely dedicated to the development of poetry. Situated in the beautiful and ancient city of Athens, this one-week course (also available online) gives you an introduction to creative writing in poetry.


This course helps you develop your skill related to reading, analysis, and research practices relevant to poets. Situated in the picturesque city of Athens, this course not only provides the necessary environment to be an inspired poet but also helps by encouraging classroom learning by encouraging direct feedback from the instructor and peers.


The course encompasses a variety of exercises, associated readings, and analysis of a range of poetic approaches, styles, and techniques. The course is designed to not only give a structure to poetry writing but also grant a practical experience in the development of your poems.


Fees: Eur 450

Phone: (+30) 26610 25715



Content Writing Courses in Greece #4: Agean Center of Fine Arts


The Creative Writing Course from the Agean Center of Fine Arts is similar to the one offered by Erasmus but is designed to be more in a workshop configuration. The informal nature of this course and the free-flowing interaction that it offers the students is the reason it is one of the sought-after content writing courses in Greece.


The focus of learning is via feedback from instructors and peers. The students are required to submit poetry or fiction which will then be taken up for discussion. The students will be given assignments and exercises as part of their coursework. The highlight of this course is that the groups tend to be smaller and hence the student is assured of individual attention.


Minute details of a student’s writings are brought out and the student is expected to either submit new writing next time or a revised version. The workshop format is generally used for conducting group discussions and for readings, and analysis.


The course also arranges for guest readings during the semester by famous poets at the Aegean Center. This not only inspires the students to aspire for more but also encourages them to interact with established poets and learn from them. At the end of the course, a Public reading is used as a signature sign-off.


IIM SKILLS CW Demo Invite Greece


Content Writing Courses in Greece #5: Writer’s Retreat


This is another type of Group Writing Course offered by Writer’s Retreat. The charm of this course is that it combines the course with a week-long vacation in a rustic hotel with provisions for food, optional guided meditation sessions, and much more.


You will have access to one individual session with the instructor Ms. Charlotte. Also, each writer will have two sessions with life coach Ms. Daisy. The hotel is situated on an island near the sea which gives the individuals access to boat rides, swim, walk to the local town or explore the coastline.


The price for the entire course starts at UK 950 for twin sharing basis and UK 1195 for single bed option.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which course is the best suited for me?


It depends on your requirements. If COVID is still an issue with you and you would like to be safe then the online class is the best possible option out of the above courses. However, if that is not the issue and you prefer studying in a peer group, the other courses would suit your requirement better. Depending on the time available and the exact area that you plan to work on (Poem, Creative writing, etc) you can choose one of the offline courses.


2. Will any of these courses provide job opportunities after the course is completed?


None of these courses guarantee any jobs at the end of the course. However, in some of the courses (like IIM Skills), they have a non-paid internship and keep posting jobs that require content writing expertise. In other courses, you have access to peer groups, many of whom might be working, which gets you into their network. You can then use these contacts to explore the option for jobs.


3. Will I get certification after these courses?


While not all these courses give certification (some of them are meant to be kind of a workshop),  some of the others like IIM Skills do provide globally accredited certification. If certification or credits are what one is looking for, then IIM Skills and American College of Greece are the best bet.


4. I am still confused about choosing between these courses. Can you help me out?

To make things very simple, the following is the entire list of content writing courses in Greece and the reasons that make each of the courses attractive.


IIM Skills:

  • You are not very comfortable yet stepping out among people because Covid is still around
  • You would prefer the safety of your home for learning about content writing
  • You are interested in learning how to get your content ranked on the first page of google
  • You are interested in building a website of your own and quickly increasing traffic to the same


American College of Greece:

  • You prefer a formal education environment
  • You would like to have credits that you can use/transfer to some other collage
  • You are starting from scratch and want to understand the basics of communicating effectively in a properly structured manner


Erasmus+ Greece:

  • You prefer a more informal learning environment
  • You prefer to learn by doing and not too much of theory
  • You prefer to learn from others
  • You already know the basics of content writing and now want to hone your skills with the guidance of an experienced writer.


Agean Center of Fine Arts:

  • You want to write poetry
  • You would like to learn from an experienced writer and have access to some of the famous ones who visit the center
  • You prefer to learn from others/peer group
  • You learn from your mistakes
  • You already know the basics of content writing and now want to hone your skills with the guidance of an experienced writer


Writers’ Retreat:

  • You want to get away from daily life and focus only on honing your creative skills
  • You are tired of COVID and would like to have a vacation at the same time
  • You want to take a holiday
  • You prefer to learn from others/peer group
  • You learn from your mistakes
  • You already know the basics of content writing and now want to hone your skills with the guidance of an experienced writer


Conclusion on top content writing courses in Greece:


It is said that interesting times throw up interesting options. Due to the ongoing pandemic, hundreds of people are turning to content writing as a career or as a part-time job. While some might possess the requisite skill set, others might be interested in further honing their skills in this domain. Whatever your reason and whatever your requirements, we hope the unique nature of the above-mentioned content writing courses in Greece help take you to the next level in your evolution as a content writer.



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