Top 12 Technical Writing Courses in France

France boasts of a rich cultural heritage and a thriving student community and is one of the largest education hubs in technical writing. Technical writing has its precedence in history, especially after World War II and the wave of the Industrial Revolution. Technical writing courses in France involve giving information to the users on scientific or engineering products or services for their correct and hazard-free usage. It can also include specialized topics which include medical processes, computer applications, or regulations about the environmental framework.


List of best technical writing courses in France


More Information About Technical Writing


A technical writing piece can be produced by anyone working in a professional setup such as instruction and procedures for an end-user, proposal of tasks to be performed in a timebound undertaking, white papers, specifications and descriptions, technical reports, web designing, hardware, software, etc.


Hence technical writing covers a wide variety of topics that present information about difficult terminologies and procedures lucidly and in an instructional format. Writing in a commercial space is very goal-directed. There are different types of writing persuasive, expressing opinions, and narrative, but the style of technical writing is factual and clarity is more emphasized.


What does this mean? Its main purpose is to explain and inform. For instance, how-to articles, news stories, recipes, textbooks, technical procedures, business processes, scientific writing, etc. Unlike creative writing, technical writing focuses on translating factual information and procedures into layman’s language so that people can follow them without misunderstanding.


The Following Are the Key Skills :


  1. Research Skills: Successful technical writing needs immense research skills which will prove to be very valuable.
  2. Efficient Planning: developing technical content needs a complete timeline to manage the outline, research for writing, and efficiently distribute it. The content has to be planned ahead of timekeeping in mind quality aspects.
  3. Observation Skills: Technical content tends to be long-form and it is pertinent to have good observation skills that aid in picking valuable data from a plethora of information from various online and offline sources.
  4. Being Tech-Savvy: To develop high-quality content in a short time in this digital age knowledge of high-quality content development software systems is a must.


Technical Writing Courses Can Be Categorized Into Different Needs:


1. Scientific and Medical Writing: Scientific and Medical writing is categorized as one of the earliest forms of technical writing. Many researchers use this form of writing to write journals and research papers on online platforms. This type of writing needs exceptional attention to detail, sound academic background, accuracy in citing names, dates, and citations, and ensuring that there is a logical flow organizing raw data in a user-friendly format.


2. User Manuals and Assistance Guides: Many non-technical professionals encounter this type of writing to have a good end-user experience. This type of writing aims at focussing on helping the consumer to understand the functioning of different constituent parts of the product.


3. Books & Guides: In this type of writing the content is detailed, comprehensive, and highly conceptual. It can be as simple as a user manual. This type of writing entails the ability to transform complex jargon into simple layman’s terms. It can also involve the use of visual aids such as diagrams, graphs, images, and tables to make the content more understandable. A typical example can include guides for software programs.


4. Assembly Manuals: Assembly and repair manuals are usually found in a company’s mechanical maintenance department. One needs technical skills to be able to practice this form of writing. Technical skills are needed to understand the assembly processes of machinery or equipment.


General repair guides are a case in point. Usually, an expert who can perform the assembly operation is into this type of writing and hence having a theoretical and practical understanding of the equipment is a prerequisite. One also needs to have research skills and knowledge.


5. Reports, Technical Documents, and Reviews: In this type of writing, one needs to understand the business proposals, business pitches, and stakeholder meetings. It mixes academic reporting and technical knowledge and focuses on being business-centric.


Some examples in this category are feasibility reports, primary research reports, short-form proposals, press releases, business plans and prospectuses case studies, etc. This type of technical writing needs skills that enable one to understand trends of the products and services, being business savvy, and excellent writing skills. Hence, the above are some of the main categories of technical writing courses in France.


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Job Prospects In Technical Writing:


Due to different avenues in writing, there are a dozen of industries that employ technical writers that including engineering, computer applications, web-based commerce, medical devices, healthcare, banking and finance, automation, manufacturing, medical devices, healthcare, and so on.


Technical writing courses offer numerous career paths in terms of seeking a job, freelancing, or setting up an agency. It can also be an added advantage to have technical writing skills in an existing job. It can also help to create e-learning modules. Thus, with the advancement in technology, there is immense potential to be tapped in terms of career growth, stable jobs, and salary.


The scope of the job is unlimited. It is a more rewarding field in terms of career growth, opportunities, job stability, salary, and career path. Those who pursue technical writing courses in France, usually have a college degree or certification in technical writing with experience in engineering, computer science, media, or web design.


The highest employment opportunities in technical writing are in the field of software & IT, computer system design, engineering, architecture, instrumentation, aerospace, print media, employment services, and scientific research & development.


Some of the Careers for Technical Writers Are:

  1. Manual writing
  2. Policy writing
  3. Technical training
  4. Web writers
  5. Technical communications
  6. Information developers & designers
  7. Specialists of Documentation


Institutes Offering Certification In Technical Writing Courses In France Are As Follows:


As we have seen that the scope of technical writing is expanding in various industries, many institutes and universities offer courses listed below.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the most prestigious and well-known institutes for technical writing courses in France. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned technical expert looking to improve your skills, the Technical Writing Master Course at IIM Skills is an excellent option. The respected Delhi-based college offers one of India’s best technical writing programs. Furthermore, because of its online format, you can easily learn it from the convenience of your home. The course is designed by industry experts.


Name of the Course: Technical Writing Course



  • Introduction
  • Manner of writing
  • Presenting Content
  • Different types of writing
  • Writing a Discourse
  • Publishing & Proofreading and
  • API documentation
  • User Guides & Datasheets
  • Writing Case Studies
  • MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus


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Industry experts provide you with more than just academic information; they also provide you with hands-on training. Furthermore, live interactive sessions create a favorable classroom setting in which you may immediately clarify any issues. The learning management system of IIM skills offers lifetime access to the course, which is a unique feature of the course. Students pursuing technical writing training will find it very useful.


Other Courses

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

2. California State University, Dominguez Hills


The online Technical Writing Certificate of Completion is a contemporary course to aid the students in various aspects of technical writing practices. It helps in confidence-building and skill generation to communicate complex technical aspects of this style of writing.


Name of the Course: 

Technical Writing Certificate of Completion



Students must have a command of the English Language.



  • Determining audience
  • The purpose of different technical document types
  • Steps for successful technical writing
  • Writing collaboratively
  • Procedure to follow in making a manual
  • Types of technical documents


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3. Technical Writer Head Quarters


The technical writing course from Technical Writer HQ has online resources from beginner to expert level with emphasis on topics that are highly in demand. The modules are segmented logically with interactive learning interventions. This is one of the highly demanded technical writing courses in France.


Name of the Course: Technical writer certification course

Eligibility: Command over the English Language



  • 50+ lectures & 5+ downloadable resources
  • Setting scope & purpose of documentation
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Structure documentation layout
  • Conducting user interviews
  • Working with product managers, engineers & designers
  • API writing
  • Tools for documentation
  • Working with different types of technical writing


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4. University of Strasbourg:


The University of Strasbourg has a sterling reputation for educational excellence. It offers a wide range of choices of courses in arts, literature, languages, humanities, science, and communication. The online technical writing course is available in all locations for 12 – 24 months. The medium of instruction of the course is English. It is a flexible distance learning program, taught by experts. There are two intakes throughout the year, in July and in January.


Name of the Course:

Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization (TCLoc)



Degree with 3 years of professional experience and computer skills. Command over English is mandatory.



  • Web tools and languages
  • Technical communication
  • Professional writing
  • Project management
  • Advanced localization
  • Master thesis and defense


5. PetroSkills


PetroSkills solutions is a training company for professionals in the oil and gas value chain. It believes in professional development in every aspect of the sector.


Name of the Course: Essential Technical Writing Skills

Eligibility: Working professionals



  • Learn essential writing skills
  • Structured writing approach
  • Understand target audience
  • Learn different writing types


6. Domestika


Domestika has a marked presence in the educational industry of Europe. It is a leading online educational platform for technical writing courses in France. This course enables me in building expertise in technical writing. Networking on social media is a very important aspect of the course. The courses are provided in French also, hence it is considered an important training platform for online technical writing courses in France.



  • Lifetime access
  • Provides a certificate of completion
  • Flexible learning
  • Writing books, manuals, and other technical documents
  • Guidance for freelancers and bloggers


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7. Skillshare


Skillshare is an online training academy that engages learners and teachers under a single online platform. It helps in bridging the professional gap and functions with the USP of helping gain access to universal education for all. By the end of the class, one becomes proficient with the assignments and teachings. The technical writing courses in France range from beginner to expert with opportunities for newbies to follow their curiosity and hone skills.



  • Technical writing
  • Different types of technical writing
  • Job opportunities in technical writing
  • SEO & Internet writing
  • Checklist for lead generation
  • Freelancing & Solopreneurship
  • Layout for technical writing


8. Tekom, Europe


Tekom, Europe commits itself to the highest standards of technical communication and professional development. It serves as a platform for the exchange of information, education, training, and professional support. There is continual thrust in the advancement of technical writing and harnessing of business interests. It aims at creating a marketplace for technical documentation and support. They offer benefits like membership, conferences, education, and training, publications, Tekom service, and country organizations.



  • Undergraduate or graduate
  • Individuals with vocational training in a specialized field


Tekom offers different levels of training depending upon the needs of the candidates.

  • Fulltime direct retraining as a technical writer
  • Job-oriented part-time training programs
  • Lateral entry training
  • Tekom internship for graduates or undergraduates


The technical writing course is designed to help you to work in your chosen field, gain expertise, create information that can be used by all, and interdisciplinary and hands-on work with content creation tools.


Names of Courses:

  1. Bachelor programs in technical communication
  2. Masters’ programs in technical communication
  3. Programs in related disciplines

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

9. Bowling Green State University


Bowling Green State University provides experiential lifelong career growth and is one of the top public universities that lead to professional success. It houses more than 800 faculty members in more than 70 countries of the world. In the university, more than $25 million in scholarships are awarded each year.


Name of the Course:

Technical Writing Course






  • Composition of Documents
  • Layout for product information for local and global transformation
  • Best practices for new online writing workspaces


The application can be made by submitting a graduate college application online. You can also submit transcripts and test scores along with three letters of recommendation.


10. Society for Technical Communication


The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is the world’s oldest professional organization committed to technical communication progress. Members of the society range from students, academicians, practitioners, and managers in the field of technical communication.


The members come from a wide range of industries and countries around the world thus enriching the field of technical education. STC promotes the development and dissemination of technical communication knowledge and skills in a continually changing sector.


Intercom and Technical Communication, the Society’s award-winning magazines, are widely read by practitioners and scholars in the field, and the STC annual conference is one of the year’s most-attended technical communication events. The STC also offers the Certified Professional Technical Communicator program, which provides professional certification for knowledge, competency, and currency in the industry.


Name of the Course: an online course in content writing

Eligibility: Graduation



  • Overview
  • Editor’s tools
  • Grammar & Mechanics
  • Editing for clarity & style
  • Visual design
  • Special considerations


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11. National Association of Science Writers


The National Association of Science Writers (NASW) supports the professional interests of science writers on a national and international level. It also participates actively in efforts to guarantee that writers are paid for their work, and advocates for copyright protections for writers.


12. Henry Harvin


In France, Henry Harvin is a well-known provider of online technical writing courses. In France, it is a well-known technical writing training college. Henry Harvin’s online technical writing course is very interesting and is an outstanding course. You’ll learn how to create lab reports, research reports, plan and plausibility reports, progress reports, and counseling reports, among other specialty reports in this course. The course also goes over some of the linguistic, design, style, and content problems that you can face as a technical writer while presenting your study findings.


Name of the Course: Certified Technical Writing Course

Eligibility: Any Graduate



  • Scientific Communication
  • Research Proposals
  • Communicating technical details
  • Writing process and thesis writing
  • English expressions
  • Research paper
  • Perfecting citations and references




1. Why do technical writing courses in France offer a promising career path?

The technical communication profession rates highly in terms of job satisfaction, salary, personal reward, range of specialized areas, and stability across the country. Technical communicators have consistently ranked high on the list of professions informal surveys, peer consultations, and informal networking.


2. Is it possible to move from one job to another in technical communication?

Yes. Some occupations, on the other hand, are easier to transfer into technical communication than others. Why? Because some vocations necessitate a high level of written communication, there are opportunities to get more relevant communication experience that is more easily transferable to technical writing. Some jobs may necessitate a strong technical knowledge as well as the ability to explain ideas, train employees, or persuade clients.


3. Is it possible for me to continue working full-time at my current employment while taking classes?

Yes. Many college-level undergrads, graduate, and certificate programs offer online options, giving working students the freedom to schedule their classes around their business and personal obligations.


4. Is remote work possible while taking technical writing courses in France?

Yes. There was an ever-increasing usage and requirement for employing talent outside of the immediate commuting sphere of a certain corporate geographic location in “pre-Covid” days.


5. Is it possible for me to keep my existing employment and pursue technical writing courses in France at the same time?

Yes. Many colleges and institutions with established writing programs, including undergraduate, post-graduate, and certificate programs, provide online options.


6. Are there internships available for writing program graduates?

Yes. Internships are strongly advised. They are critical because they provide a boost to the undergraduate’s credentials and validate their qualifications before training. They have traditionally been separated into paid and non-paid employees, though “paid” is becoming the more typical norm among businesses nowadays. Internship opportunities are most plentiful in the first and second quarters of the calendar year.


7. Why is Technical Writing regarded as such a promising career path?

The technical communication profession rates highly in terms of job satisfaction, salary, personal reward, range of specialized areas, and stability across the country. Technical communicators have consistently ranked high on the list of professions informal surveys, peer consultations, and informal networking.




In a country like France, technical writing is a lucrative career. As a result, there are a plethora of technical writing courses available online in France. Technical writing is a skill that not everyone can master. A good college that offers technical writing courses for ambitious candidates can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a good technical writer. Because France’s digital growth is accelerating, it is a fantastic opportunity for people to learn more about technical and digital writing.


This post is focused on technical writing courses in France, for people who want to pursue technical writing as a career. The majority of the themes are based on the field of technical writing, which will aid people in making an informed decision to pursue this as a career option. This article is the result of a great deal of investigation and analysis. It is critical to remember that to attain or accomplish a goal, we must have a particular level of dedication and passion for that goal.


Similarly, being a technical writer is not a simple task, thus you must have a high level of passion and dedication to be a good technical writer. As a technical writer, you must be able to recognize the differences in technical writing and respond accordingly to achieve the best results. Technical writers and aspiring technical writers should always be aware of changes in the field of technical writing as well as upcoming advances. I hope that the reader will find this post useful, as we have listed the most important and well-known technical writing training schools in France, which will assist them in selecting the appropriate institution before enrolling.

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