Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Bangladesh With Placements

Are you looking for content writing courses in Bangladesh? Do you want to begin a career as a content writer? Do you want to find out more about content writing and how it works? After reading this article, you will have read everything in your mind and will return with clear thoughts.


Top Content Writing Courses in Bangladesh



This article will aid you in selecting a course that matches your needs at the correct spot for your convenience. So, what exactly is content writing, and why is it necessary to master content writing abilities in order to get employment as a content writer?


Content writing is the process of creating, generating, and updating web content for digital marketing purposes.


Bangladesh is a nation in Southern Asia that is located on the Bay of Bengal and is surrounded on all sides by India, with the exception of a minor border with Burma. Bangladesh has flat plains, and the majority of the nation is built on the deltas of huge rivers that come from the Himalayas.


The government system is a parliamentary democracy; the president is the chief of state, and the prime minister is the head of government. Bangladesh has a traditional economic system in which available resources are allocated based on heredity and rudimentary techniques.


Today, one of the most in-demand occupations is content writing. The content writing job market is flooded with content writers, but there are relatively few competent content marketers that are employable.


A good content writing course from a reputable school can assist you in becoming a prospective content marketer. Especially if you are looking for content writing courses in Bangladesh it should be the key focus.


As a result, content writing is a talent that does not require a degree. The benefits include the fact that it is neither age nor gender restricted. You may work as a freelancer and from home.


The disadvantage is that there is a lot of competition, which may be stressful. Even if you are adaptable, failing to fulfill deadlines might cost you your job. It needs some time management skills as well as discipline.


It is also normal to have writer’s block when the idea process and translation into writing slows down. It is unavoidable, and virtually all content authors will confront it at some time in their careers. It takes a substantial amount of time for freelancers to build a name in the freelancing industry.


So, let’s get right to the point and figure out what we’re searching for in content writing courses in Bangladesh. Also, you can have a look at the top 10 digital marketing courses in Bangladesh.


So, before we go into the best content writing courses in Bangladesh, let’s go over some of the most frequent concerns and questions that people have while considering a career in this industry.


  • Is this a long-term job?
  • What are the employment prospects for content writers?
  • Is there a requirement for certification for this course?
  • Is technical expertise required?
  • Look no further if you’ve come across the same set of queries. We’ve got your back.


What Do You Mean By Content Writing?


Print, digital, films, ads, infographics, brochures, podcasts, and other kinds of content are all examples of content. Every word, whether written or uttered, has meaning. Material writing is the process of developing ideas, creating, editing, and proofreading content for digital or print media.

At an alarming rate, we devour content. Throughout the day, we are effortlessly consuming material from one gadget to the next. Consumer content consumption is being influenced by the global growth in smartphone usage, fast digitalization, and the abundance of options accessible.


This is a relatively new trend. We’re seeing a lot of irrelevant stuff and fluff as content consumption rises. Staying within the context and delivering valuable material are the keywords for content writing.


What Is The Role Of A Content Writer?


Previously, it was assumed that if you had a talent for writing or are skilled with words, you might work as a content writer. This notion is merely a fantasy in today’s digital world of fierce competition. A successful content marketer must meet a number of requirements, including:


  •   Learn to write in a variety of styles.
  •   Understand the significance of incorporating all of these variables into content creation by learning the fundamentals of SEO, HTML, and WordPress.
  •   The fundamentals of social media marketing.
  •   To produce appropriate content, you must first understand the buyer persona.
  •   Writing clickable, innovative, and high-quality content is both an art and a science. The art component is the use of language creatively, while the science component is the clickability and quality of the material.
  •   Any content writer job brief or need will give you a decent notion of all the traits that a professional content marketer must-have.


Scope Of Content Writing In Bangladesh


  •   Blogging.
  •   Ghost-writing.
  •   Articles.
  •   Interviews.
  •   Brand stories.
  •   Press releases.
  •   Internal communications.
  •   Copywriting.
  •   Infographics.
  •   Product description.
  •   Technical writing.
  •   White papers.
  •   Ebooks.
  •   Social media writing.
  •   PR outreach.
  •   Email writer.
  •   Scriptwriter.
  •   Long-form content and so on.


How Does One Go About Becoming A Content Writer?


To become a content writer, there is no one-size-fits-all path to take. Today, there is a colossal industry of online resources that provide courses on anything and everything. There are courses accessible online for everything from cooking to art to digital marketing and content writing. There are several alternatives on platforms such as IIM Skills,  Skillshare, Udemy, and Coursera.


These courses provide you the freedom to learn from any device and at your own pace. You may use these resources to study the fundamentals of content writing and gain a general knowledge of what it entails. You can also conduct content writing courses in Bangladesh online or offline as a tutor.



What Are The Career Options For Content Writers In Bangladesh?


Web Content Writer


Writers of web content create content for use on the internet. As a content writer, you must write about the firm, how it operates, the services/products, blogs about the company, team members, customer testimonials, article writing, SEO copywriting, and so on. They must produce web-optimized material.

To generate great content that accurately represents your firm; you must maintain open lines of contact with the sales and marketing teams.



Your tasks and responsibilities as a freelance writer will vary according to the company with which you work. Social media interaction, email marketing, content production, and SEO practice are all examples of work that may be done.

There are various organizations in Bangladesh where you can work. All you have to do is pitch your leads on LinkedIn. Organizations are putting their job openings out there to find the appropriate people, so why not participate in order to make money from a different source?




Blogging will help you in your chosen field. Creating a group of individuals who value your views is the finest concept. Bloggers come in a variety of forms. First and foremost, they like writing as a pastime and would like to share their expertise on a variety of platforms.

Part-time blogging is the second option. They may either establish their own blog or work as a part-time/full-time blogger for a firm. The third option is full-time blogging, which involves earning a living from one’s own website.


Creative Content Writer


Generally, publishing firms recruit content writers that are innovative. You must write about current events and subjects, as well as articles. Recommendation letters, statements of purpose, resumes, applications, motivational letters, scholarship applications, and a variety of other documents are all written by creative people.

You may also be required to convert customer briefs into creative concepts and to have good communication skills as well as creative writing abilities.


Script Writer


The scriptwriters are primarily in charge of generating shoot-ready content for video, audio, and multimedia for training modules. You must be able to communicate with your clients and audience in the appropriate tone by understanding when to modulate your voice.

As a professional scriptwriter, you must be adaptable while writing across several platforms. In order to engage your audience, you must utilize new ideas while conducting your task.


IIM SKILLS DM Demo Invite Bangladesh




A copywriter writes persuasive writing to promote items or services or to educate customers. The entire process entails stretching persuasive writing skills on the website, blog entries, product descriptions, article writing, whitepapers, banner advertising, newsletters, PSAs, social media platforms, and so on.

This position also requires conceptualizing and arranging storyboards, as well as engaging with marketing and other creative teams to establish branding initiatives.


Technical Writer

As a technical writer, you must be able to translate complicated information into simple words. This involves the creation of user manuals, and how-to guides, among other things. To be a competent technical writer, you must have a solid understanding of software, engineering, and a variety of other technical jargon.


Academic Writer


In this career, you must combine your general knowledge of numerous subjects with your writing abilities. With this, you will be needed to produce academic material for pupils that will be beneficial to them. At a higher level, you may be expected to create instructional materials to assist individuals in advancing their professional careers.


The Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Career In Content Writing


Content writing, like any other job, has its advantages and disadvantages.



  • You may work as a freelance writer and work from anywhere in the globe.
  • A content writer may earn a lot of money by collaborating with business and marketing.
  • With time, a writer can gain linguistic proficiency, a large vocabulary, and editing abilities.



  • The market in Bangladesh is booming, therefore you must be the finest in your field.
  • Even if your presence is flexible, you must adhere to deadlines.


Average Salary Structure For Content Writers In Bangladesh


An entry-level content writer with 1-4 years of experience gets an hourly rate of 95.61.


 Let’s Get To The Detailed Overview Of The Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Bangladesh :


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top content writing courses in Bangladesh and one of the best content writing courses in India. The Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) includes everything a student needs to get started in this profession.


After completing this course, if you put in the time and effort, you will be able to gain your first customer as a freelancer or in the employment market. The faculty here has considerable domain knowledge.


There is no need to travel to the institute because the course is entirely online. The university has an excellent faculty with considerable domain experience. Because of its student-centered approach and practical expertise, this institution is considered top among the finest content writing courses in Bangladesh. Furthermore, because they accept a limited number of students, each participant receives one-on-one attention.


Everyone is welcome to attend the program, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, a working professional, or a stay-at-home parent. Because it is structured in such a manner that anybody can learn and profit from it, anyone can learn and profit from it. The mentor/trainer ensures that each applicant understands all aspects of the course.


The IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course covers four weeks of live interactive online instruction.

  •   16 hours of expert instructor-led lectures
  •   Assignments that include a practical component
  •   You will get unlimited access to the course for the rest of your life
  •   Over Rs 35,000 free tools
  •   Freelancing Possibilities
  •   10+ hours of lectures about internships
  •   IIM Skills Master certification
  •   Internationally recognized HubSpot certification


IIM Skills provides a curriculum. The course is broken down into 12 parts.

  •   Making a website
  •   User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) interface
  •   An Overview of Content Creation
  •   Content keyword research
  •   Begin writing software for content production
  •   Duplicate content detector Creating email newsletters
  •   Creating a Google My Business page
  •   Marketing on social media



Duration: 4 weeks of online classroom instruction with a 60-hour internship.

Skill Level: Basic.


These are some of the IIM Skills Brand Partners that provide placement opportunities:




Reviews and Testimonials



Fee: 14666.96 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka.)


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You can also check out the detailed report on IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review


Ratings:  4.8/5


Enroll in the Online Content Writing Course by IIM Skills.


Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

GST Course

SEO Course


2. Lilac Education


You will learn how to generate numerous sorts of marketable material in the content writing course. Content creation is a thriving sector all around the world. Content writing by Lilac costs BDT 3000 for the program each semester. This is one of the best content writing courses in Bangladesh. 


The Course Offers:

  • Lifetime membership entitles you to our assistance via content writing by Lilac and Lilac Education.
  • Their class schedules are adaptable.
  • Assignments are reviewed by their professional mentors.
  • Mentorship is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via WhatsApp.
  • The course tutorials are offered in both Bangla and English.
  • WhatsApp group conversation for discussing student issues and success.
  • Google Meet allows you to have a live discussion with the pupils (Weekly.)
  • 4 months of supervisor support (Who becomes a writer from Lilac Education.)


Your Takeaways:

  • Have your work published in an internet journal with your name on it (Lilac Online Magazine)
  • Receive offers from active projects and earn money (If you can pass 1st semester with 80 percent marks)
  •   A portfolio of writing (After Completing 1st semester)
  •   Every semester, you will receive a certificate in Bangla and English, as well as a recorded video lesson with 24-hour assistance
  •   Fee: Registration fee 450 BDT

Per Semester Fee:3,000 BDT (Bangladeshi Takas)

Duration: 5 semesters

Skill Level: Basic


Ratings:  4.6/5


Although there are many content writing courses in Bangladesh and talented content writers are there, yet they are unable to find jobs. On the other hand, they require a more talented writer in our department. Furthermore, because they have particular needs, they do not recruit a writer from outside.


Every content writer must be fluent in English and able to write in a timely manner. At the same time, developing a content writer is a time-consuming procedure. Due to financial constraints, many brilliant students are unable to pursue the main course.


Considering all possibilities, they are enabling students to study the old edition of the content writing course. As a result, interested authors and students can apply for the internship program only for BDT 900.


IIM SKILLS DM Demo Invite Bangladesh


3. Virtual IT Training Institute


Virtual IT Institute was founded in 2018 and is one of Bangladesh’s main training and consulting institutes, as well as one of the top 5 content writing courses in Bangladesh.


Today, the Virtual IT Institute is the optimal mix of courses, programs, and projects to address the market’s challenges and requirements: certified supplier training – the institute has major partners, self-developed courses, e-learning, and training to teach people. They provide both offline and online training.


Despite the fact that they provide in-depth training in a variety of subjects. The primary concentration is on digital marketing. They also offer a separate SEO course.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables a firm to rank higher in search engine results, allowing it to reach a wider audience. Humans are inherently inquisitive animals that are constantly on the lookout for solutions.


This grew simpler as technology advanced, and Google has become the go-to search engine for billions of people worldwide. This is feasible if you understand how the Google search engine works and how web pages are ranked.


This course is required for understanding one of the most important skills in digital marketing. Businesses who understand how to rank their websites on Google may expect millions of visitors and millions of opportunities.


This course complies with global curricular standards. This course will teach you about Google and Bing, how search engines work, how search engines rank websites, why Google is the best search engine, what it takes to be a favorite in Google’s algorithm, how to rank high for your targeted keywords, and which tools and techniques you will need to outrank your competitors.


This course will teach you how to optimize your content and websites so that they rank high in search engines, how to use SEO tools, and how to manage an SEO project effectively. Hands-on exercises, detailed video lectures, multiple-choice questions, and reference study material are all part of the course.


Fee: 30,000 BDT (Bangladeshi Takas)

Duration: 3 months / 12 weeks

Skill Level: Basic


Ratings:  4.4/5



4. Coders Trust


Consider the coders trust one of the finest content writing courses in Bangladesh to help you develop a professional or freelance content writing career.


Course Module:

  •   Introduction and Quick Summary of Content Writing Techniques for Content Copywriting
  •   Writing Effective Paragraphs Using Reading Techniques
  •   Grammar for Writers: Communicating with Subject Matter Experts
  •   Common Grammatical Errors
  •   Introduction to Writing – Information Types
  •   What precisely is a reader-centric document?
  •   Referencing and Plagiarism
  •   Keyword Research and Planning for Search Engine Optimization
  •   Elements of SEO Copywriting
  •   WordPress Content Management (CM)
  •   Understanding Your Client and Their Objectives
  •   Creating Client Personas
  •   Examine Your Client’s Blog for Proofreading Plagiarism
  •   Rewriting the Marketplace Classification ( Fiverr).
  •   Freelancing hints and tips
  •   Solving problems.
  •   Interaction with the Graphic Designer


Fee: 3000 BDT (Bangladeshi Takas)

Duration: 36 Hours

Skill Level: Basic


Ratings:  4.2/5


IIM SKILLS DM Demo Invite Bangladesh



5. Digita Institute


Digita Institute offers professional content writing courses in Bangladesh. Their training will teach you all you need to know to become an exceptional content writer. It provides you with the knowledge; methodology, confidence, and drive you need to begin or advance your career as a content writer.


  • Accurate knowledge and fact organization.
  • Insightful and educational writing for readers.
  • Adherence to traditional content writing norms.
  • Making a Meta title and Meta description.


This extensive training curriculum covers all of the key forms of content writing. This course will teach you how to write SEO-friendly website content, engaging social media material, engaging blog post content, effective email content, and much more.


  • A live presentation by the trainer on Google Meet
  • Project work to learn the skills practically
  • Group discussion with other program participants
  • Rich learning materials from the trainer
  • Social media content authoring


Fee: 7000 BDT (Bangladeshi Takas)

Duration: 2 Months

Skill Level: Basic


Ratings:  4/5


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the best content writing courses in Bangladesh?

If you are in search of a cost-effective and acting course, then you should opt for IIM Skills because it offers quality education and knowledge of relevant topics.


 2. Should I pursue a content writing course?

If you are passionate about writing and want to build a career in the content writing industry then you should pursue a content writing course.


3. Can I learn content writing at home?

Yes, you can learn content writing at home. If you want to establish a career in the content writing industry then, you must pursue an online content writing course because the mentors will teach you about the latest SEO techniques and additional methods to create unique content.




People are becoming aware of this sector, and it is expanding much too quickly. Every business wants content writers; therefore there are many opportunities in the content writing field. It all comes down to perseverance and a continual flow of writing and new ideas.


There are several content writing courses in Bangladesh for you to investigate. Choose the best option for you based on convenience, cost, and duration.


The necessities of the market change the parameters of creating material on a daily basis. So long as you are strong at creative thinking and can convey your thoughts in words, you may make a living in this field. We hope that this article will help you start your career as a content writer.


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