Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana With Placements

As today’s world is mostly run through technology, which can be complex to grasp at times, we make it simple for us to put it into use by supplying manuals and instructions. If you have observed, they are written in a fairly uncomplicated approach that makes them unchallenging to comprehend. The way of writing complex things in simple language to convey difficult concepts, processes, or ideas is called technical writing. Here are a number of patterns, and structures. Today, in this article, we shall study more about technical writing and the technical writing courses in Ghana.


List of best technical writing courses in Ghana


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is about technical content written for end users, but it is not limited to it. Technical writing is a way to communicate the complex in simple terms. This writing is mainly helpful for purposes that require sticking to the main points and is intended to guide people to understand complex concepts easily.

As per this notion, it is considered that technical writing is limited to industries such as IT or is just all about guides, manuals, software documentation, and other applied sciences. This is not true. Today, we see that technical writing is needed in every sector or business where complicated ideas, purposes, memos, practices, theories, and procedures exist.


Types of Technical Writers

There are several varieties of technical writers, each with their own unique field of specialization. Among the most prevalent sorts of technical writers are:

Software/Technology Technical Writer: A software technical writer develops documentation that details how to install and utilize software products. User guides, setup instructions, instruction manuals, online training material, release notes, new feature papers, how-to guides, and quick reference articles are all provided by software technical writers.

Medical/Scientific Technical Writer: Technical documentation for medical and scientific goods and research, such as clinical trial reports, research papers, and regulatory paperwork, is created by this sort of technical writer.

Business/Finance Technical Writer: A financial writer is a technical writer who specializes in developing financial reference materials. For people who love working independently, being a financial writer might be a perfect career choice, as the role often provides remote work alternatives and a good income.

Engineering Technical Writer: Technical documentation for engineering goods, such as schematics, diagrams, and user manuals, is created by this sort of technical writer.

Marketing Technical Writer: Technical writing is centered on the user, whereas content marketing is centered on the consumer. This implies that technical writers often develop material for existing users, whereas content marketers focus on future users. Technical writers approach their readers as users first, then as clients.27

Educational/Instructional Technical Writer: Technical documentation for educational and instructional resources, such as textbooks, training manuals, and e-learning modules, is created by this sort of technical writer.

Easy to skim: Technical writers ought to keep in mind that technical writing should be written in a format that is easy for readers to understand. In short, skim ability has to be present in the text.

Detailed: Extremely meticulous, and informative writing is good technical writing. It should not leave readers skeptical or ambiguous.

Problem-solving: The main aim behind this technical writing is to solve problems, as it is not feasible to explain everything to everyone, so technical writing came into existence. Technical content is created with the sole purpose of making people understand how a specific thing, material, or machine works. A writer would not like to forget that while writing.

Clear: The writer should use language or vocabulary that is easy to comprehend for readers. It should be written in a precise and concise manner. It does not have to leave room for any misconceptions. Hence, succinct language is required.

Straightforward: Your content should convey all the facts in a manner that is direct, to the point, and clear.

Precise: The terminology used in the content should be specific and precise to describe respectable objects.

Denotative: Technical writing is based on the literal meanings of words. This saves us from the issue of misinterpretations.

Structured: Every type of writing has a defined, specific structure, which is why it is not that difficult for readers to get along well with the context.


Career Opportunities

Career opportunities after pursuing technical writing courses in Ghana.

  • Information designers
  • Policy writers
  • Information developers
  • Manual writers
  • Content developer
  • Content writers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Technical communication specialists
  • Technical communicators
  • Technical illustrators
  • Web writes
  • Technical trainers


 Responsibilities of Technical Writers

  • Comprehending the needs of users regarding technical documentation
  • Collaborate with technical employees to make goods easier to use, resulting in fewer instructions.
  • Making sure standard documentation methods are followed.
  • Create and arrange product-supporting content.
  • Edit, standardize, or modify content created by other authors or institution staff.
  • Use visual aids to help people grasp the information, such as pictures, illustrations, charts, and animation.
  • Choose the right medium for the message or the target audience, such as manuals or internet videos.
  • Standardise content across all media and platforms.
  • For content updates and improvements, collect user feedback.
  • Update the material when new problems appear.
  • Offering guidance on how to write complex technical documentation


Technical Writing Courses in Ghana

There are many technical courses in Ghana that are popular and absolutely worth to study from them.



IIM SKILLS is among the best technical writing courses in Ghana and is an ed-tech online platform that helps students in gaining trending skills. It was founded in 2015, and its headquarters are in New Delhi. It has a presence in many parts of the Middle East and India. It does have 1000+ global recruiters to provide students with full-time, WFH, and part-time jobs.

Here, students not only learn theoretically but also get practical knowledge. You will be provided with a guaranteed internship and software tools. They help you publish your first white paper, book chapter, or scholarly article and build your portfolio (for a job or freelancing).

In this technical writing course, you will learn how to write technical reports, journals, white papers, DDLC, versioning, XML-based API documentation, manuals, databases, and many other lessons.


Why Opt for IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course?

  • Guaranteed internship
  • Support for life (technical and consulting)
  • Portfolio development for freelance work
  • Publishing the first white paper
  • Publish the scholarly article or book chapter.
  • Publish your first technical blog with TOI.
  • Software tools
  • Practical assignments


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Technical Writing Master’s Course

  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Producing your content.
  • Technical reports
  • Journals or white papers
  • Conversant writing
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Examining and publishing
  • XML-based API documentation
  • Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes are all available.
  • Efficient writing
  • Writing for the medical field
  • Case study application from Texas.


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2. Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a non-profit organization that was established in 1999 by Michael J. Saylor in Washington. Students need to create an account, add a course, and then sign in. They can study at their own pace. After the course is completed, they get a course completion certificate.

The courses offered by Saylor Academy have been entirely free of charge since 2008. Among prominent technical writing courses in Ghana, this one course gives students comprehensive knowledge on how to write effectively about technology.

The Saylor Academy technical writing course includes 86 hours of lectures, assignments, quizzes, and exams to practice writing proposals, processing documentation, and much more. This course will help you polish your skills and achieve your goals.


Practises, students will have

  • Lecture videos
  • Effective language
  • Structuring content
  • Assignments, quizzes, and exams
  • Avoiding plagiarism


Course highlights 

  • 86 hours of lectures
  • Audience analysis
  • Writing proposals
  • Communicating on the Internet
  • Process documentation
  • Writing memos and emails

List of best technical writing courses in Ghana

3. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is an online education provider. It was founded in 1995 as by Lynda Weinman, then its name was changed to LinkedIn Learning after it was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. It is now a subsidiary of LinkedIn. Courses on this site are categorized into four categories: business, creative, technology, and certifications.

Headquarters are in Carpentaria, California, in the United States. This technical writing course also issues a globally recognized certificate when the course is completed. The technical course here on LinkedIn is great for professionals, experts, or students. They learn meticulously and clearly.

Not to forget they also give unlimited access, the comfort to study anytime, anywhere, practical files, and assignments to make you better at what you are doing. The teachers here are industry experts. They can share their experience and knowledge as well. Perfect opportunity to go ahead with this course.


Why opt for linked learning?

  • Learn from industry experts.
  • Unlimited access
  • Use any device, whether mobile or laptop.
  • On your schedule
  • The first month is free; after that, you need to subscribe.
  • Cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  • Practical files and quizzes to practice


What does this course provide?

  • Title of the guide
  • Copyright information
  • Disclaimer terms and conditions
  • Preface warranty and service
  • Table of contents
  • Illustrations for visual aids


4. Alison Institute

Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online (ALISON) Institute is an Irish company that offers one of the best technical writing courses in Ghana. An online education platform that was established in 2007 in Gazlay, Ireland. It is a place for higher education. This is available in many languages: Spanish, Hindi, French, Arabic, Russian, and more.

Courses at the Alison Institute are affordable. Some of them are free as well. A technical course from Alison will help you gain the entire knowledge of technical writing, from the introduction to how to develop technical descriptions and manual instructions to the structures that need to be followed for every type of document.


Why opt for the Allison Institute?

  • Affordable courses
  • Flexible way to learn
  • Certificates and degrees
  • Free of charge


Course Curriculum 

  • Technical writing introduction
  • The use of rhetoric appeals professionally.
  • Identification of documents used in technical communications
  • Define terms relevant to research.
  • Recognition of appropriate format, content, and structure as required by the professional document
  • Apprehend the main conventions and characteristics.
  • Understanding how to effectively integrate headings, lists, figures, and tables
  • Explain how to assess the dependability, authority, and usefulness of research sources in a professional setting.
  • Explain how to develop technical descriptions and instruction manuals.


5. Udemy

Udemy an online platform for learning and teaching started in 2010 in San Fransico, California, United States with one aim to offer the best online courses that will assist students, professionals, or any person interested to gain new skills and sharpen their skills.

They allow instructors to launch their courses. They have 62million+ users, over 210000 courses, and 70000+ instructors as of now. These technical writing courses on Udemy are not only reasonably priced but also allow you to learn in the convenience of your own home, thanks to the recorded lectures, lifetime access, and 30-day return policy.

You may also study anywhere at your own speed. You will learn all the necessary information in these courses to be able to work in this industry. Techniques for technical writing, editing, variables, graphs, tables, graphics, and flowcharts, among other things, are a few examples.


Why opt for udemy?

  • On your schedule
  • Recorded videos lectures
  • Affordable
  • Packed with information
  • Choose your language
  • Courses are paid and free as well.
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Lifetime access
  • Certification at completion


Professional technical writing- advance your skills

  • Introduction
  • Components of technical documents
  • Technical writing techniques
  • Technical writing editing techniques
  • Creation of a technical document template
  • Creating an index
  • Variables in technical writing
  • Graphs and charts in technical writing
  • Tables, images, and flowcharts in technical writing
  • Conclusion
  • Bonus content


Other technical writing courses are also available on their site. I am listing some of them.

  • Technical writing: how to write using DITA XML
  • Tech writer’s master’s class
  • Technical writing Master your writing career
  • Technical writing: how to write API software documentation


6. ECT

The only training facility with its headquarters in Delhi that has been approved by the Indian government as a start-up is ECT. This has already trained many students that are working in companies like HCL, Tech Mahindra, OYO, Samsung, KPMG, Accenture, etc., which helps polish the skills of the participants.

Participants are from any background and from all age groups. They also provide the facility to take a demo class before enrolling. The students who want to enroll in technical writing courses in Ghana should definitely attend these demo classes and as this course meets your requirements then go ahead.


Why opt for ECT? 

  • Internship opportunity
  • Personalized attention and feedback
  • Live and interactive sessions
  • Demo-class option



Technical writing course

Amount: Rs. 16949 + GST (18%)

Duration: 3 months


Technical writing course + HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Amount: Rs. 33948+ GST (18%)

Duration: 3 months


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7. Coursera

Coursera is an online course-based US company that was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in California, US. It offers certification, degrees, and diplomas as well. Coursera is in collaboration with more than 200 top universities and has ties with top organizations.

It does offer a free technical writing course. The classes will cover several sorts of publications, pitch preparation, writing research papers, proposals, dissertations, and a thesis, writing a series of articles, writing a business plan, and writing a technical handbook.

As far as online courses go, Coursera courses are pretty well-liked. The technical Coursera course operates in a similar manner to this course, they cover everything from the introduction to the necessary tools. Containing an explanation of how to write a report, what techniques to utilize for styles and language, research methods, and similar information.


Why opt for Coursera? 

  • A Primer on Technical Writing
  • Language and style use techniques
  • How to Write a Report?
  • Techniques for doing research
  • An overview of the many forms of technical reports


8. Technical writer HQ

Technical writer HQ has been featured in Forbes for the best courses in technical writing. This institute has thousands of members from all over the world and 500+ companies from around the world. This provides the best technical writing courses in Ghana.

The includes video lectures, capstone assignments, portfolio construction, easily downloaded templates, and tools. Any student who wants to go further in this area can select this curriculum without a doubt. You will gain information and an advantage over others as a result.


Why opt for Technical Writer HQ? 

  • Videos and courses by experts
  • Interactive learning
  • Study at your pace and in any order.
  • Certificates after the completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to the content
  • A community for future questions


The technical writing certification program

What will you get?

  • Downloadable templates
  • Instructor feedback on the capstone project
  • Understanding how to respond to technical writing interview questions
  • Create a technical writer’s portfolio.


Certified AI technical writer

What will you get? 

  • 25+ video lectures
  • 30+ replicable technical AI writing templates
  • Interviews with professionals
  • Downloadable templates
  • There will be capstone projects.
  • Feedback on your capstone project
  • AI writing examples to showcase your work

List of best technical writing courses in Ghana

9. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an online-based platform that also provides off-site courses accredited by UK Cert, MSME, UKAF, NSDC, and ISO. It is a global ed-tech organization based in India and the US that offers certification, degree, and diploma programs. It has a customer base in more than 97 countries. Global headquarters are established in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Their technical writing course was ranked among the top five by the government of India in 2021. Henry Harvin bestows credentials such as credentials, degrees, and certificates. Your comprehension of everything from an introduction to technical writing to sophisticated technical document tools will be provided through certification courses that are designed in this way.

In contrast, degree programs are broken down into several discrete modules that cover the whole curriculum and include simulated technical writing assignments. With diploma courses, and same. There are five sub-courses in all, as well as electives and some in-depth material.


Why opt for Henry Harvin Technical Writing Courses in Ghana?

  • Experienced faculty
  • Flexible schedule
  • One-to-one training
  • Tailor-made training
  • Certified instructors
  • Ingress into recorded sessions
  • Unmatchable curriculum
  • 24/7 learning support
  • Job assistance


Course Curriculum 

Certification in a technical writing course

  • A Primer on Technical Writing
  • Procedure for documenting
  • Procedure for technical writing
  • Grammar and proofreading
  • Writing software for technical writers
  • Technical document components
  • Techniques of technical writing
  • Construction of a template for a technical document
  • An overview of technical document formats
  • Advanced technical document tools


Amount: Rs. 1944 per month

Total payment fee: Rs. 17500

Learning hours: 36


Technical writing diploma

  • Course 1: Technical Writing
  • Course 2: Content Writing
  • Course 3: Madcap Flare
  • Course 4: Instructional Design
  • Course 5: Simulated technical writing projects
  • Electives: Earn an online course
  • Elective 1: Copywriting
  • Electives 2: Advanced Excel Training
  • Complementary 1: Development of Soft Skills
  • Complementary 2: Resume Writing

Amount: Rs. 4944 per month

Total payment fee: Rs. 44500

Learning hours: 144


Postgraduate program in technical writing

  • Module 1: Technical writing
  • Module 2: Content Writing
  • Module 3: Madcap Flare
  • Module 4: Instructional Design
  • Module 5: Simulated technical writing projects


Amount: Rs. 5500 per month

Total payment fee: Rs. 49500

Learning hours: 144


FAQs: Technical Writing Courses in Ghana


Q1 How do I become a technical writer?

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Technical writing course
  • Choose niche
  • Look for a mentor.
  • Establish a professional network
  • Learn technical skills.
  • Build your portfolio


Q2 What is the future of technical writing?

As more industries transition from analog to digital, the scope of technical writing is anticipated to expand. The need for technical writers will soar due to the continued increase of technical and scientific products and the rise of web-based product assistance. After pursuing technical writing courses in Ghana, your career will be bright.


Q3 What are the career opportunities after completing technical writing courses in Ghana?

These are some career opportunities after completing technical writing courses in Ghana.

  • Documentation specialists
  • Technical communication specialists
  • Technical communicators
  • Technical illustrators
  • Web writes
  • Technical trainers


Q4: What bachelor’s degrees are best for technical writers?

Bachelor’s degree in English, communication, journalism, or a relevant field. This job requires an understanding of engineering, computer science, and information technology.


Q5. What are the best technical writing courses in Ghana?

IIM SKILLS is one of the best technical writing courses in Ghana.

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