Top 11 Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai with Placements

Setting your sights on doing financial modeling courses? Want to switch careers or hope to get a promotion? To help you discover the course that’s ideal for you, we researched 11 of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai based on their duration, modules, affordability, and the credibility of the institute. Go through this article to narrow down your choice of selecting the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai to get started.


List of best financial modeling courses in Mumbai


Mumbai is the financial, commercial, and entertainment hub of India. In terms of international investment, it is among the top 10 commercial centers in the world. The city is home to significant financial institutions as well as the corporate headquarters of several Indian and international businesses. It is the world’s third-most costly office market and was listed as one of the nation’s top cities for business startups in 2009.


With a cluster of companies and businesses emerging and growing at a regular pace, there comes the demand for financial modeling. It is the major element used while making significant corporate decisions. It should come as no surprise that competence in financial modeling is one of the fundamental abilities needed by finance professionals today.


So, before diving right into the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai, let’s first learn a little bit about financial modeling.


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling is the process of creating a summary of a company’s expenses and earnings in the form of a spreadsheet which is usually built in MS Excel that forecasts a business’s financial performance in the future. It takes into account all relevant factors, growth, and risk assumptions, and interprets their impact.


Importance of Financial Modeling:


  • Enhanced and thorough understanding of a business
  • Analyze the fund requirement and strategy
  • Obtain an accurate valuation
  • Precise financial forecasts and budgets
  • Minimize risk


Types of Financial Models:


  • Three Statement Model
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
  • Merger Model (M&A)
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model
  • Sum of the Parts Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Option Pricing Model


Top 11 Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai:


1. Certificate in Financial Modeling Master Course (FMMC) by IIM SKILLS


IIM Skills is one of the finest names when it comes to financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is one of the top-ranking providers of virtual education services worldwide. It offers highly sought professional courses on Financial Modeling, Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, GST Practitioner, Business Accounting & Taxation, etc.


This course helps the candidates to become efficient at developing organized, robust, and versatile financial models to conduct financial analysis and reach sound decisions. It enables them to undertake business valuations and create valuation reports effectively.


The courses are delivered by finance experts with more than 12 years of expertise who prioritize providing practical learning experiences. Assistance is also provided in case of mock interview preparation. This makes it one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai.


Duration: 3 months of training (50+ hours of lectures) + 2 months of an assured internship program


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Individuals from any background and skill levels
  • Commerce or finance students or graduates
  • People who know basic computer skills
  • Basic Excel skills would be a plus point


Mode of Learning: Online


Financial Modeling Course Module:

  • Basic & Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts & Financial Statements
  • Ratio or Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Modelling
  • Types of Financial Models
  • Business Valuation


Fee: INR 39,900 + 18% GST (approx.)

Contact: +91 991 183 9503 /


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2. Certification in Online Financial Modeling by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), Mumbai, Maharashtra


National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) can be a great choice when it comes to financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is the most important stock exchange in India. It is owned by many prominent banks, insurance firms, and financial institutions. This course is created with the goal of providing real exposure to people who support the idea of long-term investment and wealth generation.


This course covers the basic theories and methods of value analysis, strategy analysis, prospective analysis, DCF modeling, trading comparables, and transaction comparables. Modeling with the help of Excel will provide individuals with the self-assurance they need to build their financial models from the scratch.


Duration: 59 videos + 10+ hours of content


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Students of Commerce, CFA, CA, and MBA Finance.
  • Candidates seeking to become Equity Research Analysts.
  • Professionals who want to enhance their employment chances in the field of equity research.


Mode of Learning: Online


Course Module:

  • Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial Statement
  • Building a Financial Model
  • Basic Case Study: Building Financial Model
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Financial Modeling Case Study


Fee: INR 9,000 (approx.)

Contact: 022 68646464 /


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3. Certification in Online Financial Modeling Course by EduPristine


Adding to the list of financial modeling courses in Mumbai, EduPristine is an authorized training provider for Accounting (ACCA, CPA, CMA, Business Accounting & Taxation), Finance (CFA, FRM, Financial Modeling), and Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Masters Program).


It has about six centers throughout India which are in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. This course is developed in partnership with the BSE Institute Ltd. It prepares the individuals to develop financial models that the organization uses for a wide range of purposes, including monitoring business performance, budgeting and forecasting, risk analysis, and assessment.


The institute has a strong faculty with more than 250 trained members who have experience in teaching both theoretical ideas and how those concepts apply in the workplace.


Duration: 14 days (70 hours)


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • No prerequisites are necessary to pursue this course but due to the complex nature of this course, it is relatively easy for students with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, and economics to grasp the concepts.
  • Professionals include Charter holders, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Financial Risk Managers, and graduates of Commerce, MBA, and B.Tech.


Mode of Learning: Online / Self-study Training


Course Module:

  • Financial Modeling Principles I & II
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) I & II
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Macros I & II
  • Valuation Principles I & II
  • Charting Technique
  • Advanced Functions & Tools
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Project Finance
  • Case Studies: FMGC & Accenture



  • Live Virtual Classroom: INR 47,618 (approx.)
  • Self-study Packages: INR 23,610 (approx.)


Contact: 1800 200 5835 /


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


4. Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuations by The WallStreet School (TWSS)


The WallStreet School (TWSS) is an excellent platform when looking for the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is one of the best-known and reputable training institutes in the financial industry. Additionally, it offers guidance in the areas of investment banking, financial modeling, business valuations, Microsoft Excel, CFA, FRM, ACCA, CIMA, CPA, CMA, and stock markets.


It has about three centers throughout India which are in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai. The objective of this course is to provide participants with a thorough understanding of equities research, capital markets, and investment banking methodologies. It is led by faculties who have experience in working with top investment companies such as Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs.


Duration: 1.5 months fulltime (180+ hours) / 2.5 months weekend (120 hours)


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • The candidates are chosen for the 1.5 months full-time program only after an eligibility interview. It’s not mandatory to have the prior financial knowledge to enroll in this course.
  • The 2.5 months weekend training program is available to everyone interested in a career in investment banking.
  • CAs, engineers, B.Com, BBA, and MBA Finance students.


Mode of Learning: Online / Offline


Course Module:

  • Basic to Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
  • Basic Finance Concepts
  • Feasibility Study/Business Modelling
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Merger Model
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Mock Interviews and Resume Edits


Fee: INR 50,000 + 18% GST (approx.)

Contact: +91 995 372 9651 /


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5. Certification in Financial Modeling by IMS Proschool


Another obvious choice for doing financial modeling courses in Mumbai is IMS Proschool. It was launched by IMS learning Resources Pvt. Ltd., an organization dedicated to providing graduates and young professionals with current and relevant skills through standards-based and rigorously validated certification programs, to assist them to excel in a wide range of business scenarios.


It provides training for CFA, ACCA, CIMA, IFRS, Financial Modelling, Project Finance, Equity Research, Mergers & Acquisition, Investment Banking, and Business Analytics in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.


In this course, students learn the skill of examining historical financial data of a corporation to make conclusions about its valuation, credibility, and stock prices. Each faculty member has expertise in the field of finance and related education.


Duration: 3 months Classroom Program (weekends) / Live Online Training (55 hours) / Distance Learning (self-study)


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • This course can be pursued without having a certain educational background or degree in finance or commerce.
  • This course can be taken by working professionals as an addition to their existing credentials.


Mode of Learning: Classroom / Online / Distance Learning


Course Module:

  • Basic Excel for Financial Modelling
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Ratios
  • Financial Management & Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Equity Research Modellings



  • Classroom: INR 40,000 (approx.)
  • Online: INR 32,000 (approx.)
  • Distance Learning: INR 20,000 (approx.)


Contact: +91 771 004 4425 /


6. Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation by Ernst & Young (EY) Learning Solutions


EY is a world leader in terms of assurance, tax, transaction, and consulting services. EY Learning Solutions offers business-specific training resolutions to customers and business enterprises throughout India, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. This course exposes trainees to building effective, reliable, and adaptable financial models.


Additionally, this course integrates financial accounts and discusses valuation methods. It employs a diversified staff of trainers to impart technical expertise and a global perspective. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and has first-hand experience in the field. So, if you are looking for some best financial modeling courses in Mumbai, Ernst & Young (EY) Learning Solutions can be a good choice.


Duration: 36 hours


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • People with beginner to advanced proficiency levels in MS Excel.
  • Financial specialists engaged in equity research and investment banking.
  • Finance managers and independent financial experts.
  • Professionals in corporate finance, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Candidates for the CA, FRM, MBA Finance, and CFA Programs
  • Graduates


Mode of Learning: Online


Course Module:

  • Best practices
  • Structuring and designing models
  • Sector-specific working of revenue and expense
  • Understanding the numerous methods that may be used to calculate the various line items that make up financial statements
  • Tax calculation
  • Combining financial statements to get a unified outcome
  • Building macros
  • Different valuation methodologies and when to employ them
  • Presentation of results in an attractive and instructive way


Fee: INR 10,000 + 18% GST (approx.)

Contact: +91 981 163 8456 /


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7. Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Education


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) Education provides one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is a professional and reliable organization that offers specialized financial training to organizations, companies, and individuals. It offers very practical course training in areas like investment banking, financial modeling, and the CFA Prep program with help finding employment. It conducts live online sessions across India in addition to classroom sessions in Delhi and Gurugram.


This course assists in learning about finance, forecasts, presentations, strategy, MS Excel, accounting, and other topics. The faculties are industry specialists with a lot of expertise in prestigious financial institutions.


Duration: 2.5 months


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • An MBA, CA, ACCA, CPA, or other equivalent degrees in finance or economics
  • Graduates or engineers who want to work in the financial industry
  • Finance professionals in the stock market, research companies, banks, IB, consulting, and analytics


Mode of Learning: Online / Classroom


Course Module:

  • MS Excel – Basic to Advance
  • MS PowerPoint Skills
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • DCF Valuation
  • Comparable Company & Transaction Analysis
  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • Company Profile and Pitchbook
  • Capstone Project
  • Soft Skills Training and CV Building


Fee: INR 35,000 + 18% GST (approx.)

Contact: +91 935 426 6554 /


8. Financial Modelling & Equity Research (FM&ER) by FinXL


FinXL is a renowned corporate finance organization that offers financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is a worldwide learning center for core finance training. Their training curriculum includes Financial Modeling, Equity Research, Investment Banking, Credit Research, Financial Analyst, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Financial Planning, Budgeting, Financing Reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), etc.


This course has been carefully created so that trainee gets the most real-world, hands-on experience in developing financial models for any selected international company. Using real-time company filings, the trainee creates financial models in real time for active, publicly traded, private, and startup businesses. The faculty is highly skilled and motivating.


Duration: 4 months


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Any graduates (pursuing/completed), B.Com, M.Com, MBAs, CFAs, FRMs, CAs, CPAs, ICWA, CSs, Operations/Back office professionals, Engineers(BE/ B.Tech), Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Bankers, Financial Controllers, Corporate Treasury Managers, CFOs, CEOs, Fund Managers, PE Fund Managers.


Mode of Learning: Online


Course Module:

  • MS Excel Expert
  • Data Collection & Modeling
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Equity Research
  • Financial Modeling & Valuations



  • Real-Time Online Training: INR 30,000 (approx.)
  • Online Recorded Training: INR 20, 000 (approx.)


Contact Details: +91 915 888 2688/


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9. Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certification Program by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), Canada, United States


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) has one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. It is one of the biggest and best-known platforms in the world for financial training, certification, and skill development. It offers online training in a broad range of subjects, including data science, business intelligence, financial modeling, valuation, lending, securities, cryptocurrencies, capital markets, and more.


This course aids in developing your financial modeling abilities, streamlining the forecasting and budgeting process, or raising your proficiency levels in all areas of accounting and finance. The unique module structure makes it one of the highly sought-after financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Industry specialists with a combined experience of over ten years or more make up the faculty.


Duration: 4 – 6 months


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Students and professionals from a range of backgrounds and experience levels are eligible to enroll in the course.


Mode of Learning: Online / Self-study


Course Module:

  • Core Course Topics
  • Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  • Accounting Principles and Standards
  • Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
  • Business Valuation Modelling Part I & II
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
  • Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel
  • Dashboards & Data Visualization
  • PowerPoint & Pitch books
  • Professional Ethics
  • Elective Course Topics (You can pick no fewer than 3 electives)
  • Operational Modeling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modelling
  • Startup / e-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation
  • Mining Financial Model & Valuation
  • Real Estate Financial Modelling
  • The Amazon Case Study (New Edition)
  • Leveraged Buyout LBO Modelling
  • Renewable Energy – Solar Financial Modelling
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Presentation of Financial Information
  • Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
  • Excel VBA for Finance
  • Power BI, Pivot & Query Fundamentals
  • Case Study – Financial Statements in Power BI
  • Modeling Risk with Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Regression Analysis – Fundamentals & Practical Applications
  • ESG Integration & Financial Analysis



  • Online: USD 847 / INR 67,463 (approx.)
  • Self-study: USD 497 / INR 39,586 (approx.)


Contact: +1 800 817 7539 /


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


10. Certification in Financial Modeling by The New York University School of Professional Studies, New York, United States


The course offered by NYU is known as one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. The NYU School of Professional Studies is a pioneer and architect in education that is closely related to professional development and the workforce in NYC, the rest of the country, and the world.


It has molded the very field of professionally oriented education via undergraduate and graduates degrees, career progression courses, certificate courses, and diploma courses that cover a wide range of industry-related subject matters. This course equips learners with the skills needed to comprehend and develop models that support decision-making across all industries.


It also helps to decode the links between the financial statements. It is led by faculties who have experience in working with top investment companies such as Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs.


Duration: 2 months


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Students who are familiar with MS Excel and have a basic understanding of accounting and finance.
  • Finance specialists who want to become more proficient in MS Excel.


Mode of Learning: Online


Course Module:

  • Advanced Excel for Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling
  • Basic Valuation Techniques
  • Valuation
  • Special Valuation Issues
  • Desk Ready Skills Knowledge Check


Fee: USD 1,440 / INR 1,14,974 (approx.)


Contact: +1 212 998 7200 /


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11. Diploma in Financial Modeling and Valuation (DFM) by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI)


The ICAI is a statutory organization established by a law passed by the Parliament. It is the biggest Cost & Management Accounting institution in Asia and the second-largest in the world. It is run by four regional councils located in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, as well as 113 Chapters located in significant national cities and 11 Overseas Centers, headquartered in Kolkata.


Their course is counted among the top financial modeling courses. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a broad understanding of current concepts in financial modeling and its applications through a combination of theoretical talks, case studies, and hands-on training.


The faculty is trained, experienced, and skilled. They are incredibly helpful and cooperative. The availability of the diploma courses makes it one of the choicest financial modeling courses.


Duration: Live Online Sessions of 80 hours and Recorded Sessions of 20 hours


Eligibility / Requirements:

  • Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA) members
  • Qualified Cost & Management Accountants (CMAs)
  • Final Cost & Management Accountancy (CMA) students


Mode of Learning: Online


Course Module:

  • Introduction to MS Excel
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Project Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisition and Valuation
  • Investment Banking
  • Equity Valuation & Research



  • Members / Qualified CMAs: INR 15,000 + 18% GST
  • Final CMA Students: INR 12,000 + 18% GST


Contact: +91 987 453 2127 / +91 22 2204 3416 /


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is financial modeling a rewarding career?

Ans: Yes. Given the highly competitive job market in the finance sector today, it is one of the greatest career choices. You can opt for any of the following career prospects:

  • Investment Banking
  • Equity Research Analysis
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Credit Analysis
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Development
  • Real Estate
  • Venture Capital
  • Consultancy Firms


2. How difficult is financial modeling?

Ans: Financial modeling often requires advanced MS Excel expertise, an understanding of accounting and business, and the ability to build simple models. If you are attempting to figure out financial modeling on your own, it can be challenging. However, with the help of a professional training course, the modeling process can become much easier.


3. How long does it take to learn financial modeling?

Ans: The duration of learning depends upon the type of courses you are opting for. Generally,

  • a certificate can take from 15 days to 6 months.
  • a diploma can also take up to 6 months.
  • it is learned as a subject while pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in commerce or finance.


4. What kind of skills does financial modeling require?

Ans: You require the following skills to ace yourself in this field:

  • Advanced MS Excel skills
  • A solid understanding of accounting
  • Ability to link three financial statements
  • Knowing how to build a forecast
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Knowing how to build and give presentations
  • Detail orientation
  • The sense of one’s aesthetic and design
  • Being able to process massive amounts of data and present them in a very distilled format
  • Ability to think about high-level strategies




Today’s finance industry needs financial modeling more than ever. Like other specialized qualifications, it requires skilled training and supervision. This makes it necessary to master financial modeling through certain reliable courses. Now that you have an exhaustive list of the available financial modeling courses in Mumbai, go ahead and opt for the one that suits your needs the best. The process of becoming an expert in this profession of financial modeling takes years. To begin, nevertheless, is the need. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts or need additional information. Happy Learning to you!

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