Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik With Placements

Digital marketing courses in Nashik have stepped up to impart new-age digital marketing skills. So, aspiring digital marketers out there will be surprised by these top courses for online marketing. Be it organic or paid digital marketing strategies/techniques, these courses cover everything from SEO, Analytics, Content, and Branding to SMM, SEM, and Display. Dedicated candidate support, live sessions, tools and platforms, and placement assistance are some of the top features of these courses.


List of best digital marketing courses in Nashik


Nashik is one of the popular cities in Maharashtra leading in grape export. However, the lesser-known fact about Nashik is its budding development as a hub for delivering IT, IT-enabled, and marketing services. Digital marketing is one of the predominant techniques helping digital marketers succeed.

The internet helps marketers secure their position in the digital space. This is precisely where the digital marketing courses in Nashik can help aspiring online marketers go out there and make a difference – both for their employers and themselves.

As the digital era is advancing at an astonishing pace, marketing through digital channels has also reached newer horizons by breaking geographical barriers. Today, audiences across the globe long for quality goods and exceptional services. They are ready to explore sellers and service providers based in countries other than theirs.

This is exactly why the demand for skilled digital marketers is increasing. These professionals bridge the gap by helping businesses pitch their offerings to the right target audience. Surprisingly, most of these customers are global.


What Do Digital Marketing Courses Entail, Broadly?

Simply put, it involves all the tactics needed to drive organic traffic (mostly). However, when it comes to the digital realm, not exploring paid tactics often proves to be a costly mistake. So, this is why online marketing courses include a well-thought-out mix of organic and paid online marketing strategies. These include:

  1. Campaign management
  2. Emerging technologies
  3. Customer engagement
  4. Page optimization techniques
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Lead generation
  7. Lead capturing
  8. Lead nurturing


Besides these, social media marketing and email marketing are two other integral components of digital marketing that enhance the success rate of marketing campaigns. So, most of the training programs also include an introduction to these techniques, which do not require the candidates to be tech-savvy.


Top 13 Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik

Now that the scope and demand for this field are elaborated, the next big question is “What’s the best way to break into this field”. This brings us to the bigger challenge than making up your mind to pursue digital marketing, which is to check the right course for your aspirations. Listed below are the top 13 courses with all the noteworthy details.


1. Digital Marketing Master Course by IIM SKILLS

About the Institute

IIM SKILLS Institute is a popular establishment with a reputation for offering industry-leading courses to global candidates. Their online Digital Marketing Course is assisting aspirants worldwide in breaking into and sustaining the field of digital marketing. Packed with practical projects and assignments, the course makes all the participants job-ready.


Digital Marketing Course Details – Packed with all the necessary skills and knowledge that help candidates pursue a dynamic digital marketing career, this course is one of the tops in Nashik. This online course is divided into multiple modules:


Core Module:

·       Content Writing and Blogging ·       Email Marketing
·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Web Analytics
·       Social Media Marketing ·       Inbound Marketing
·       Search Engine Marketing


Special Module:

·       WordPress Web Development ·       Affiliate Marketing
·       Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy ·       Video Marketing
·       Online Reputation Management ·       Marketing Automation
·       Content Writing And Blogging ·       Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
·       Media Buying


Duration – 3 Months followed by 2 months of paid internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 29,900 with 18% GST.

Google Ratings – 4.9/5


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2. Masters in Digital Marketing Program by Staenz Academy

About the Institute – Known for 100% placement assistance, Staenz Academy provides educational as well as corporate training programs. They are an ISO 900:2015 certified institute that strives to impart exceptional skills to its trainees. However, what sets them apart is their relentless placement assistance team that does not rest until each candidate is placed adequately.

Course Details – This certification covers over 32 digital marketing models and covers all the crucial components of online marketing. They offer over 10 certification courses in one training program, which include:


·       Google My Business ·       HubSpot Content Marketing
·       Hubspot Inbound ·       Google Digital Unlocked
·       Adwords Fundamental ·       Display Advertising
·       Mobile Advertising ·       Media Advertising
·       Content Marketing ·       LinkedIn
·       YouTube Video Marketing ·       Google Analytics Advanced


The Curriculum Entails the Following:

·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Twitter Marketing
·       Search Engine Marketing ·       Self-Hosted WordPress Setup
·       Website Designing ·       WordPress Plugins and Themes
·       Blog Setup for Professionals ·       Website Designing
·       Google Display Ads ·       Content Building
·       Facebook Advertising ·       Instagram Marketing
·       YouTube Video SEO ·       Content Marketing
·       Affiliate Marketing ·       Copy-writing
·       Email Marketing


Duration – 11 Months followed by 6 months internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 75,000

Google Reviews – 330+

Google Ratings – 4.7/5


Other best courses in Nashik:


3. Advanced Digital Marketing Program by Madz Media

About the Institute – This distinguished institute in Nashik offers multiple classroom digital marketing courses. They offer practical assignments that make their training program completely task driven. This ensures that the candidates who enroll for this course receive 100% hands-on experience. Their faculty has Masters in Marketing and Business Administration and the trainers have worked for top brands.

Course Details – The course is designed to help trainees understand important digital marketing strategies and branding tactics. The curriculum includes the following:

·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Blog Creation
·       List Building Techniques ·       Landing Page Techniques
·       Webinar Marketing ·       Affiliate Marketing
·       Mobile Marketing & Mobile Promotions ·       Viral Marketing
·       Email Marketing ·       Google AdWords
·       E-commerce Business Marketing And Promotion ·       Lead Generation tactics
·       Google Analytics ·       Google Webmaster Tools
·       Media Buying And Selling ·       Online Reputation Management
·       Content Marketing ·       Social Media Marketing
·       Brand Building ·       Infographics
·       Live Streaming ·       Conversion Rate Optimization


Duration – 2 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 12,499

Google Reviews – 70+

Google Ratings – 5/5

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4. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by DigiGuru

About the Institute – Advanced certification courses are crucial to cut through the competition, as these courses are often a thoughtful mix of all the necessary skill sets. This is exactly what DigiGuru offers. They provide free resources and corporate training for the students. They ensure all the students get an extensive understanding of all the components of various online marketing systems.


Course Details – The institute covers up to 20 digital marketing modules and provides advanced training that even a fresher can take up. Their curriculum includes:

·       Introduction to Digital Marketing ·       Affiliate Marketing
·       Marketing and Optimization for Social Media ·       Website Analytics
·       Mobile Marketing ·       Internet Marketing QnA Sessions
·       Keyword Research ·       Email Marketing
·       Blogging ·       Automation in Digital Marketing
·       Search Engine Marketing ·       Search Engine Optimization
·       Remarketing and Retargeting ·       Lead Generation for Business
·       Content Creation and Content Marketing ·       Video Marketing
·       Freelance Techniques ·       Online Reputation Management
·       SEO Tools and Strategies ·       Domain and Hosting


Duration – 3 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 30,000

Google Reviews – 55+

Google Ratings – 4.9/5


5. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by IST Internet Swaggers

About the Institute – Digital marketing courses offered by IST Internet Swaggers are designed to teach individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the digital marketing industry. They cover a range of topics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and analytics.

Course Details – The course provides hands-on experience and opportunities to work on real-world projects. Their comprehensive training program includes:

·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Social Media Marketing and Optimization
·       Growth Hacking ·       Off-page in Pages
·       Email Marketing ·       Search Engine Marketing
·       The Understanding of Market Sales and Brand ·       Your Local Listing
·       Mobile Marketing ·       Google Analytics


Duration – 3 Months, followed by 2 months internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 34,000

Google Reviews – 35+

Google Ratings – 5/5


6. Digital Marketing Program by YSL Digitech

About the Institute – As a leading provider of digital marketing courses in Nashik, this institute offers programs that also include software training. They provide a multitude of digital marketing courses that cover Search Engine Optimization, Static Website Designing and Development, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Course Details – their Google Certified trainers cover all the trending topics in online marketing including:

·       Overview of Digital Marketing ·       Using Online Tools to Implement Digital Campaigns
·       Search Engine Marketing ·       Social Media Marketing
·       Social Media Optimization ·       Search Engine Optimization
·       Conversion Tracking ·       Organic Content
·       Email Marketing ·       Mobile Marketing
·       Paid Postings ·       Online Reputation Management
·       Off-page SEO On-page SEO ·       Display Ads and Video Ads
·       Facebook Instagram and Google Marketing ·       Application Ads and Shopping Ads
·       YouTube Basic and Advanced Strategies for Digital Marketing ·       Lead Generation
·       Facebook Mastery ·       Google Business
·       Integration of Digital Marketing Planning ·       Learning to Make Images


Duration – 2.5 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 34,000

Google Reviews – 67,000+

Google Ratings – 4.9/5


7. Online Marketing Training Program by EKA Institute

About the Institute – The institute delivers high-quality training and education for various sectors including digital marketing. Their faculty has 5+ years of experience and the comprehensive course covers all the essentials of digital marketing. All the internship programs are followed by job placement and extended assistance.

Course Details – Following are some of the top modules covered in their course:

·       Search Engine Marketing ·       Social Media Optimization
·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Web Analytics
·       PPC ·       Google Ads
·       Affiliate Marketing ·       Mobile Marketing
·       Email Marketing ·       Online Reputation Management
·       Freelancing Prospects ·       How to get internships


Duration – 3 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 38,000

Google Reviews – 60,000+

Google Ratings – 4.9/5


8. Advanced Digital Marketing Course by Digital Marketing Studio

About the Institute – As a top institute in Nashik offering Digital Marketing Courses, they give practice knowledge and emphasize imparting new techniques that assure successful digital marketing. They curate the courses to fit the career objectives of the students and help them meet their career aspirations.

They deliver career-oriented, job-driven courses with 100% placement assistance. Their industry experts are Google Certified and teach top trending topics to candidates. This assures exceptional learning.


Course Details – With a limited number of batches that pay equal attention to every student equally, their curriculum entails the following:

·       Market Research and Analysis ·       Influencer Marketing
·       Affiliate Marketing ·       WordPress
·       Website Building and Creation ·       Landing Page Optimization
·       Competitor Analysis ·       Website Analysis
·       Pay Per Click ·       Display Ads
·       Content Marketing ·       Lead Generation Strategy
·       Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest Marketing ·       Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals, and Advanced
·       Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy ·       Google Search Console
·       Email Marketing Tools and Templates ·       Google Webmaster
·       Brand Page Building ·       Introduction to Social Media
·       Campaign Building ·       Google Analytics


Duration – 4 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 28,000

Google Reviews – 80+

Google Ratings – 4.6/5


Also, Check:


9. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by Technokraft Training and Solution Pvt. Ltd.

About the Institute – This is one of the top 5 institutes in Nashik that offers courses in Cisco, RedHat, Software courses, and digital marketing. Their flexible training programs, Google-certified trainers, real-time labs, and limited batch size set them apart from the rest.

Candidates with fundamental computer skills can enroll in this course. Post-placement support and 100% placement assistance are the prime features that attract candidates all across Nashik.

Course Details – They have a comprehensive curriculum that entails:

·       Introduction to Digital Marketing ·       Overview of Digital Marketing
·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Online Reputation Management
·       Video Ads ·       Principles of Digital Marketing
·       Display Ads ·       Search Engine Marketing
·       Social Media Optimization ·       Affiliate Marketing
·       Search Console ·       Google Analytics In-depth
·       Email Marketing ·       Google Adsense


Duration – 3.5 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 36,000

Google Reviews – 90+

Google Ratings – 4.8/5


10. Digital Marketing Course by Itech Systems Nashik

About the Institute – This is a popular institute that offers online marketing courses in Nashik. Apart from this they also offer technology workshops, project guidance, software training, consulting, and more.

With 15+ years of experience, they deliver practical knowledge to all their students. Professional grade training delivered by certified faculty is what makes them one of the preferred institutes. Their digital marketing courses in Nashik are designed to help local students make an international mark in this dynamic sector.

Course Details – They make the candidates work on multiple projects simultaneously and have a detailed curriculum that entails:

·       Opportunities in Digital Marketing Modules ·       Google Adwords
·       Social Media Marketing ·       PPC
·       Display Marketing ·       Affiliate Marketing Strategy and Planning
·       Digital Marketing Fundamentals ·       Search Engine Optimization
·       Website and Blog ·       Facebook App
·       Google Analytics ·       Email Marketing


Duration – 2.5 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 40,000

Google Reviews – 70+

Google Ratings – 4.7/5

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11.  Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by Digital Scholar

About the Institute –

This is one of the best institutes that offer courses in Nashik. Their courses are online and can be accessed from the comfort of the home. Such remote access to flexible classes ensures even busy candidates can benefit from them. Run by the industry’s leading digital marketers, this institute strives to deliver the best results.

They divide candidates into multiple groups to pay attention to all the individuals. This assures all the candidates are trained adequately before they complete the course. Placement assistance, Q&A sessions, and training by industry experts are some of the unique features of this training program.

Course Details – Entailing live and interactive sessions, the course has multiple modules, which include:


Primary Modules

·       Social Media Management ·       Landing Page
·       Website Building ·       Content Writing
·       Search Engine Optimization ·       Digital Leader Mindset
·       Search Engine Marketing ·       Digital Design Mastery
·       Automation ·       Social Media Management
·       FaceBook and Instagram Ads ·       LinkedIn Marketing


Advanced Modules

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • International Freelancing
  • Task-based Internship

Pre-recorded Modules

  • SMS Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting Mastery

Duration – 4 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 75,000

Google Reviews – 2300+

Google Ratings – 4.8/5


12. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by Premium School of Digital Marketing

About the Institute –

This is one of the most reasonable institutes that offer training programs at affordable rates. Founded in 2011, they offer powerful and exceptional digital marketing courses with internships. They introduce recent advancements in their training sessions and this makes them one of the unique training providers. Individual mentorship and professional backing from master resources are also a part of their offerings.


Course Details – This elaborate course includes the following:

·       SEO ·       Google Tag Manager
·       Google Search Console ·       Media Buying
·       Acquisition and Conversion of Data ·       Content Marketing
·       Social Media Marketing ·       Google AdSense
·       Conversion tracking tools ·       Google Analytics
·       Search and display ads ·       Web structuring


Duration – 2 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 15,000

Google Reviews – 530+

Google Ratings – 4.7/5


13. Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik by Victorrious Digital

About the Institute – Established in 2014, the sole purpose of this institute was to prepare students and transform them into seasoned experts who can deliver in the constantly advancing field of digital marketing. They regularly investigate the center of online marketing and present candidates with the best improvement and preparation techniques.

Course Details – Packed with student feedback sessions, practical training, and training by industry experts, their curriculum includes:

·       Video marketing ·       Online display ads
·       Google Webmaster ·       Social Media Optimization
·       Local SEO ·       Keyword research
·       Search engine basics ·       Google Analytics
·       Google AdWords · Off-page and On page


Duration – 3.5 Months, followed by internship.

Mode of Training – Online

Fees – INR 25,000

Google Reviews – 130+

Google Ratings – 4.8/5


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the top FAQs that most students ask.


What is the scope of digital marketing?

Whether it is a reputed marketing firm or small-time players who want to start their business, online marketing is crucial to stay afloat. So, the scope is enormous for this field.


How important is training in digital marketing?

Completing training programs empowers you with all the necessary skill sets, gives you exposure to the latest tools, and enhances market knowledge. Also, industry leaders seek trained candidates. So, it is crucial to get trained and certified.


Which certificate courses are the best to pursue a career in this field?

Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and WordPress are some of the top certificate courses that add value to a candidate’s resume. Completing trainings like these helps students gain skills, knowledge, and analytical abilities.


Are there any free digital marketing courses?

There are numerous digital marketing training programs that are free and available online. These serve as a source of primary knowledge as well as refresher training for those who are experienced. However, getting trained by certified partners helps students land a job.


What is the duration of digital marketing courses?

The duration of digital marketing courses varies based on the institute, modules covered, and the specific objectives of the training programs. However, typically, the training duration ranges somewhere between 2 and 6 months followed by an internship. This internship period also varies from one institute to another and can range from 3 months to 8 months with nominal to no allowance.


What kind of support do candidates get after completing the course?

The post-training support is usually robust and all the candidates are continuously monitored and assisted until they get placed. This includes providing them with the necessary feedback and other assistance, which enables them to land on a project or a job.


Wrapping Up

These top 13 digital marketing courses in Nashik offer the most detailed training programs that help candidates in and around this region. Many candidates from outside are also being roped in due to the level of skills these trainings impart. These programs help people create campaigns, strategize and increase their profits, and minimize the cost associated with pulling in customers. Although this is what most institutes strive to deliver, it depends on which institute the candidates choose.

So, a careful evaluation of individual goals and what each institute offers is the key to choosing the training program that fits individual needs. The best part of these training programs is that there is no need for prior training. Candidates can just get their hands-on training, practical sessions, and live projects to start their journey in digital marketing.

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