Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Nashik With Placements

Very high-grade Content writing courses in Nashik have come up over the past few years owing to the rising demand for competent content writers. Good content is the driving force for any brand to thrive successfully in today’s technologically driven world. As per Hubspot’s Annual State of Marketing Reports, around 70% of the marketers were found to be actively investing in content marketing. The industry was projected to witness further growth with 24% of marketers planning to invest further.


Content Writing Courses in Nashik


Nashik, which boasts a whopping 89.9% literacy rate and is the fourth largest city in the state of Maharashtra, is slowly seeing a rise in demand for content writers. For mastering the best one, it is crucial to first create a list of top content writing courses in Nashik.



Why Content Writing


In 2019 a study was conducted by the online visibility management SEMrush, and SaaS, the content marketing platform, to showcase digital marketing jobs in several countries. The study found that in India the majority share of 73.87% was acquired by content writer jobs, with a monthly/daily search volume of 26309.


High-quality content helps in building confidence and trust in your existing, and potential customers. A study has found that 80% of their time, customers spend on finding information about their brands, whereas just 20% on just reading something on the internet. This makes the content very opportune to lure new customers or retain the previous ones by providing them with what they are looking for.


Career Opportunities as A Content Writer


According to a SEMrush 2019 study, a team comprising of one to three content specialists was found in around 78% of companies. Content writing jobs are high in demand. These jobs can be very rewarding as it gives you the leverage to use your own creativity and imagination and earn out of it.  Following are a few of the many genres of content writing, which you can choose as your career path.


  1. Website Content. Any company, whether big or starting up, needs a website. And for the website they need content. Here is where you can grab the opportunity. As a web content writer, you will be required to create personalized content for a website catering to a specific target audience. A content writer who is also equipped with the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is highly in demand and is paid handsomely.
  2. Marketing content. This will include writing appealing content for flyers, brochures, pamphlets, banners, etc. The content for this type of project needs to be catchy and intends to mostly sell a product or service. Besides being very lucrative, you will find this kind of job to be quite creative and exciting.
  3. Social Media content. This can be part of the marketing content or solely handling pages on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media is robust and a very essential part of the content marketing strategy for any brand trying to build relationships with its customers.
  4. Corporate PR. Many corporations now prefer hiring their in-house content writers, rather than hiring an agency. You will be required to work on press releases, Emailers, announcements, circulars, and many such corporate communications stuff.
  5. Other genres. There could be various other sectors such as academics, IT, health, lifestyle, legal, pharmaceuticals, and many more, which have huge content writing requirements and are actively looking to hire professionals.


The scope is vast. To know more about content writing jobs read 15 Career Opportunities For Content Writers.



Elements of Content Writing:


A course, which not only bolsters your writing style but also equips you with all the other technical skills crucial to becoming a competent content writer includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Website Creation and Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Keyword Research
  • Email Marketing
  • Various Tools for writing exclusive content
  • Blog writing and much more


Now the next step would be to just find the right course.


Top Five Content Writing Courses In Nashik


1. IIM Skills:

Among the top institutions providing content writing courses in Nashik, IIM Skills is well placed. Located in the national capital city, Delhi, this institute boasts of training over 15,000 students across 35 plus countries. They are not just one of the best content writing courses in India but are committed to providing high-grade education in digital marketing, technical writing, SEO, and CAT Coaching. 


Top educational blogs have ranked IIM Skills number one for providing excellent content writing and digital marketing course. Established just 5 years ago, the institute has already delivered more than 2500 training.


Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • Globally recognized master certification and tie-ups with other global certifications.
  • Trainers with over 12 years of expertise, who prepare you as a friend and guide, for various dimensions of the course, adhering to every detail that is required to compete in this robust industry.
  • Four weeks of live virtual training with 60 plus hours of practical assignments.
  • Online classrooms give you the flexibility to attend classes from any corner of the world.
  • The course experience is reviewed to be extremely engaging and interactive by the students.
  • Lifetime access to learning material, including resources, class recordings, presentations, worth more than INR 35,000.
  • Post-course support is provided in building resumes, job placements, and interview preparation as well. Three months of internship is also guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed Internship of 3 months with flexible hours and full support to hone and polish Your content writing skills further.
  • Happy students have been placed in companies like IBM, Genpact, BMW, Amazon, and many more.


Course Curriculum :

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Interface (Blog)
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate content detector
  • Emailers
  • Setting up Google local pages
  • Social Media Content
  • Freelance Content Writing


With small batches and focused attention to its trainees, IIM Skills has pioneered in the content writing industry in India. Therefore, if your search for the best content writing courses in Nashik ends in choosing this institute, you are certainly not going to regret your decision. They have consistently been one of the top content writing courses in Mumbai, and other cities of India. 


IIM Skills Brand Partners


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Fee- INR 14,900 + taxes


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Don’t forget to read the detailed report on IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review



Other courses at IIM SKILLS that you can check out are as follows:

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

GST Course

SEO Course



2. Udemy


Offering more than 183000 courses and catering to over 44 million learners, Udemy is undoubtedly the most widespread platform for providing learning worldwide. Headquartered in America, the company has several branches across nations, including Gurgaon in India as well.


The massive open online course provider collaborates with various experts and universities to offer a range of courses through its platform. Udemy’s content writing course is a highly rated online course provided by Shani Raja, a former editor for The Wall Street Journal. This course focuses on enhancing your writing skills for blogs, books, essays, etc. It offers one of the most renowned content writing courses in Nashik.



  • Writing spellbinding content
  • Ninja writing certificate of completion
  • Learn about lesser-known tips and tricks of journalists from top publications
  • Learn from an ex-Wall Street journal editor
  • Just 4.5 hours of video along with lifetime access to downloadable resources


Course Curriculum:


The course has been divided into four levels of mastery which include:

  1. The narrative level
  2. The Paragraph level
  3. The sentence level
  4. The word level


Fee – $99.99 which is equivalent to around INR 7400 at the current exchange rate.


So, whether you are someone looking for content writing courses in Nashik or residing in America, this course is a perfect choice for you.


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3. Skills Upgrader


The company calls itself a research and consultancy firm for career development and so it is. It has been training professionals to enhance or equip freshens/students with the right set of skills to begin a flourishing career. Skills Upgrader’s content writing course is one of the best content writing courses in Nashik.



  • 4 weeks of live online training
  • 70 hours of assignment, besides 16 plus hours of lectures
  • Three-month internship and job offers
  • Lifetime support and access to resources and tools worth over INR40, 000.


Course Curriculum:

The course is spread over 15 modules focusing on writing, which majorly include:

  • Content writing introduction
  • Web Hosting
  • Linking UI/UX to Marketing
  • Website creation
  • Understanding Writing
  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Freelance Writing
  • Social media writing
  • Call to action
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing


Fee- offering a discounted price of INR6,999 + taxes.


4. Education and Career Times (ECT)


If you are still confused about which content writing course in Nashik to choose, ECT might be a good choice. The advantage of being the only training institution to be certified by the government of India puts it ahead of the game. ECT has been up and running for over a decade and garnered over 55,000 subscribers. It deserves a special mention as one of the most popular content writing courses in Nashik.



  • Three-month course
  • 32 hrs of Live Training and 50 hrs of resources and training material, with lifetime support
  • 7 Assignments and five Live Projects and 10 Quizzes
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Remote Job Opportunities


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Building vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Polish non-fiction writing skills
  • Learn storytelling
  • Learn Business writing, academic writing, and technical writing
  • Content marketing
  • Monetizing writing skills
  • Publishing a book


Fee– INR15,000.


This course is most appropriate for people who want to polish their writing skills with a special focus on learning grammar and vocabulary. For those of you seeking content writing purses in Nashik, this course is an ideal one.



5. Henry Harvin


Recognized by the American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK Cert, UKAF & MSME, Henry Harvin is a well-established name in the corporate training arena. With offices in Sri Lanka and the USA, other than India, the institute pioneers by offering more than 100 courses.


To find options on content writing courses in Nashik, Henry Harvin’s writing courses definitely deserve to be in the top five list because it offers one of the best content writing courses in Nashik.



  • Unlimited Batches with Multiple Trainers during the membership period
  • Over 30 types of content learning
  • One year of Gold membership – this includes access to course materials
  • Training and live projects
  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Bootcamps for the one year
  • Award-Winning trainers


Course Curriculum:

  • Language and Internet Skills
  • Business & Marketing Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical & Research Writing, Academic Writing, Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email Writing
  • Earn Online & Get International Projects
  • Simulated Content Writing Projects

This course also provides a complementary module on soft skills development and resume writing.

Fee- INR 15, 000.


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Skills Required as a Content Writer:


It’s totally understandable if you are confused about which one to choose, after going through the best content writing courses in Nashik. For that, it is important to better understand the skills required to become an efficient writer.


Content is the face of any brand. How we communicate with the audience will hugely impact the overall sales of the service or product offering. Be it the website, marketing communication, social media, or blogs, good quality content is required everywhere.


Therefore, the below-mentioned points intend to walk you through the skill set that is most adequate in finding the right content writing course for you in Nashik.


  • Excellent Research Skills. Research is an extremely crucial part of content writing. Thorough research will not only help you dig in more quality content to include in your write-up, but will also give you a better understanding of your topic as well as your audience. Strong research skills add both credibility and value to your content.


  • Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most fundamental thing to learn for a content writer. It is the basis on which all the content writing concepts will be placed. A comprehensive content marketing strategy will only show results if the writer has an adept knowledge of SEO. Various keyword research tools will help you to write high-ranking content.


  • Adapting to The Style. As a content writer one can get various topics to write on. They can be diverse and dynamic. You might have multiple projects at one time, all on different topics. Adaptability means delivering and adapting to what the content demands and accordingly set your tone. Academic writing can be totally different from marketing content. Only if you have an understanding of the different types of content writing, will you be able to deliver accordingly.


  • Original Content. This might be a very common term to hear while writing content, but surprisingly not a very common practice. Search engines are getting quite vigilant to detect any sort of plagiarism. Copied or duplicate content is bad quality content. You have to be creative and unique to produce high-quality content. There are several tools that also help you in the process. Tools also exist to rephrase and check for plagiarism, which will make your life quite easier. A good content course in Nashik will acquaint you with all such useful tools.


  • Know Your Audience. This is a no-brainer. Unless you know your audience, how will you write anything to catch their attention? You might be an amazing writer, and produce high-quality content, but if you are not focused on what your audience is expecting to know, any kind of content will not fetch traffic. It is also essential to know what kind of audience expects which kind of content. A good content writing course in Nashik will help you better understand and then segregate your target audience.


  • Meeting Deadlines. Content writing projects can be quite strenuous at times, owing to the tight deadline and long hours of typing and researching. Therefore, time management becomes crucial. The ranking and the overall performance of web content highly depend on how active it is. Therefore, keeping a systematic plan on how often the content needs to be updated is going to be very helpful. A perfect course will train you on these details as well.


  • Communicating with Your Audience. Your content is the only medium for you to communicate with your audience. If you are not doing that, you might start to lose them. As a content writer, in some way or another, whether it is a blog, a social media post, or an email, you have to be in touch. A clear and concise message regularly related to your audience ensures the successful implementation of marketing strategies.


  • Knowledge of Social Media. Social media is the most effective platform in today’s date to connect to your audience. The upsurge of numerous social tools is enabling companies to convey their message in a more captivating way. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ are now not limited to meeting people.


Many brands are spending a significant amount of money on promoting their brands on these sites and therefore require appropriate content for the same. Thorough knowledge of efficiently using social media will be advantageous for your career ahead.


  • Editing Skills. Grammar, eye for detail, spelling, vocabulary, and a lot of patience are a few aspects that will make you a great editor. These skills are not difficult to learn, but, efficiently using them while writing and then editing or proofreading, will prove to be extremely constructive. Content that is not properly edited or has grammatical mistakes will leave readers with a bad taste in their mouths.


  • Added Skills. You can be a good content writer if you possess fine writing skills and a fair knowledge of SEO and social media. But you will be a great content writer, if, from the list of content writing courses in Nashik, you pick the one that takes you a leap ahead. A training program that also equips you with skills in web development, website creation or lets you have a hang of having a career by providing internships must be preferred.


To understand the above-mentioned points in detail, you can read  8 Skills You Need To Master To Become a Successful Content Writer


After you pick a course from the list of in content writing courses Nashik, do ensure that your institute has included all or majority of the points discussed in its curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Which degree is best for content writing?

A degree in English or journalism will be advantageous for starting a writing career, though it’s not a mandate. You can easily learn the skills required to become an adept content writing course.


2. How can I learn content writing skills?

You can either pick a course that adheres to your requirements or build up your own skills by doing thorough research on how to brush up your writing skills. Mostly just keep writing and reading as much as you can.


3. What course is required to become a content writer in Nashik?

Though there are various content writing courses in Nashik, IIM Skills is highly ranked. Their comprehensive course curriculum will equip you with all the necessary skills required to become a professional content writer.


4. How can I learn content writing at home?

Most courses are now online and let you earn a certificate of completion, sitting at home. All you need to do is find the right course, enroll and attend live classes.


5. Is content writing a good career in Nashik?

Content writer is an ideal career choice for individuals who have a flair for writing creative content, have excellent research skills, and have a fair knowledge of internet marketing.




“Content is king”, as mentioned by Bill Gates around 25 years back, cannot be more true in today’s time. As the dependability of companies grows more and more on content, the competition also becomes intense. However, the booming industry also values a skilled, technically equipped, and good quality content writer over others.


To become an online content marketer, you need to learn skills beyond writing. Witnessing a huge demand for content writers in India, you have certainly made the right choice to explore options around the best content writing courses in Nashik. There is no doubt in the fact that the competition in this arena is immense, but if you do your diligence and pick the right course, a bright shining future will be at your doorstep in no time.


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