Top 5 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu

Do you want to be an entrepreneur and enter the business industry?  The business industry has evolved from prehistoric times to the present digital era. The accounting of those exchanges has become more advanced over the centuries. At present, technology has played its part to contribute to the chaos of numbers, since business has the potential to cover one global market. To counter that, there are many professional business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu, which help the students to take a practical approach in their accounting and taxation field. 


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu


The expansion of global business has made the numbers book more effective as well as more complex. Accounting for these business transactions and analyzing these numbers are important aspects of the field of business. In India, there is an in-demand area for accounting professionals and expertise. But the demand and supply have not been met in the accounting field.


Business Accounting

The simplest way to define business accounting is a process of gathering, interpreting, and analyzing business transactions, and information to frame financial statements, to help decision-makers to make better strategies. The accounting industry has seen a boom in recent years.

Since the business is expanded to the global market, it is obvious that experts are required to keep business accounting in check. Business accounting is important for any business organization irrespective of its size because accountants help you to check the assets and liabilities, and keep on profit and loss for securing your finances and to make sharp decisions.

The basic accounting one must understand before starting a business are accounts payable, accounts receivable, accrual basis accounting, assets, balance sheets, cash-based accounting, double entry bookkeeping, liabilities, and profit loss statement. It is also mandatory to assign weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks to analyze and tab the numbers for your business growth. 


Business Taxation

Every business operation is obliged to pay its taxes. Different kinds of business organizations are supposed to pay taxes according to their distinct tax consequences because their contribution to the government makes an economic impact. There are different types of taxes in India, Service tax, Property tax, Sales tax, Corporate tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and of course goods and service tax (GST).

It is important to understand the process for a company because it is mandatory to file income tax returns at the end of every financial year. Corporate tax is a separate legal entity. According to the Income Tax Act of India, domestic and foreign companies are obliged to pay corporate taxes for their earned amounts annually.  


Jobs After Business Accounting and Taxation Course

You are offered various roles if you are proficient in the accounting and taxation discipline. You could select any roles that you are interested in to build your career. Here are a few roles you could get into once you completed your program. 


Auditing Assistant:

  • The primary job level of any auditing assistant is to work with the client’s accounting team. The fresher’s in the accounting field can choose this role, since it is easy to adapt at the initial phase of their careers. 
  • The auditing assistant verifies companies’ financial reports. Sometimes auditing assistants analyze financial records, do a SWOT analysis, and financial analysis for the company. 
  • They need to develop monitoring tools and metrics to analyze the potential of their clients as well as issues and frauds related to the client’s financial statements.
  • Auditing assistants help their seniors with meeting the client and gathering their financial reports and also understand how their financial team works, if required they need to manage their team for a specific period. The data collected are presented to the seniors weekly or monthly basis. 
  • The auditing assistant is also asked to work on the reviewing payroll process, to identify where the inconsistency is, and to report it to the management for better efficiency for the company. 
  • Keeping tabs on accounting books and records of the company and checking whether they are in accordance with the company policies. The audit assistant must ensure general auditing standards and compliance with regulatory guidelines.


Accounting Assistant:

  • Yet another suitable job for fresher to work with their numbers. They would be working in spreadsheets, ledgers, and journals of the company. They feed the transactions and reports to spreadsheets, ledgers, and journals. Accounting assistants also check accuracies in their spreadsheets. 
  • Accounting Assistants help to frame budgets and expense reports. Also working with accounting managers to maintain the balance sheets, cash flow statements, statements of retained earnings, and statements of income. 
  • Besides that, they also work on financial reports, invoices processing, and filing. Before sending the invoices to the customer, they fact-check those invoices.  
  • Accounting assistants are communicators who within the office run their errands of handling the mail from the clients, preparing documents, reports, etc. Since accounting assistants are handling invoices, they are often in communication with the client or the customers regarding their invoices or queries related to accounting.
  • Cooperation with the team members and accounting managers is required to help them in submitting the closings of the month and the financial year. 
  • They carry out monthly reconciliations with the bank, to fact-check the stocks available and report it to the accounting managers. 
  • With an accumulation of experience and based on your ability to handle the numbers, accounting assistants are promoted to accounting managers.  


Taxation Assistant:

  • A taxation assistant deals with the income tax works of the organization. 
  • A taxation assistant monitors the tax reports, and fillings and feeds the data to the excel worksheet. 
  • They help in preparing Tax returns for the organization or sometimes individuals. They must study their client’s financial reports to frame better strategies for the growth of the organization. This is done by calculating their income statements and tax histories to prepare the organization’s tax returns. Also helps them frame a financial model for a better future in tax planning.   
  • To understand the tax laws, tax assistants always need to be updated with IRS regulations. The company entrusts the tax assistants to pay the tax within the deadlines. 
  • They also handle bookkeeping duties like recording purchases, tracking sales, and payments, and putting the financial record to clear books without any illegal activities. 


Tax Accountant:

  • Tax accountants are the professionals with the most prowess with numbers. They are responsible for the financial and income statements of the clients or the companies or any individual. 
  • The role is multi-dimensional, as they are responsible for maintaining the accounts, and with the data collected, they need to frame better strategies for the optimization of tax returns. 
  • Filing of Tax, timely bank payments, handling the closings monthly, quarterly, and annual, and submitting financial statements on time. 
  • They also calculate the profit loss amounts and manage balance sheets. The budget forecast is done by them with the data collected with the help of tax assistants. 
  • Communication of tax accountants with their members of the business organizations is vital for making the best decisions for the growth of the company.


Finance Accounting Executive:

  • The Financial accounting executive’s role is to manage the finance and accounting of the organization.  
  • They monitor the weekly expenditure and finances to control its flow and cut off unnecessary transactions. Keep track of that money and report it to the accounting managers. 
  • They also contribute their part in scheduling the report of quarterly, monthly and annual. Work on audits and check for any glitches or errors. 
  • Assets, Liabilities, and capital accounts reports are made with the help of analyzing and compiling account data. 
  • The finance accounting executive is responsible for sales tax invoices that are handled by the customers. 


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Institution for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

If you are looking for Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu, you can enroll yourself in one of the top institutions that provides the best modules and training. To meet the in-demand business accountant roles, business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu are available at both postgraduate programs and certificate levels.

To be frank, the conventional way of learning a basic undergraduate program isn’t enough to meet the scale of learning and methodology that are currently required in the accounting and taxation field. It is vital to understand and work with accounting tools to have a cutting edge over the other competitors.

The add-on course also makes you learn precise skills that are required in the industry, to make them job-ready when they complete the course with market knowledge. It is an interdisciplinary course that has a wider scope for opportunities to choose as a career. Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu train learners to fill the void of requirements in the accounting and taxation fields. 


Rank# 1. BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu



IIM SKILLS is an institution with a global reputation. If you want to enroll in Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu, this institute offers the pedagogy of learner-centric and proven techniques. The objectives of their BAT Course are to provide a wholesome experience of the accounting industry, to cover the elements of business management, and to familiarize the learners with the concept of accounting, taxation, payroll process, and fields of economics.

IIM SKILLS’ Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu span over 4 months, with 120 plus hours of lectures and 60 plus hours of practical assignments. The faculties are well equipped in the field of accounting and taxation with a syllabus covering all the important aspects of the industry’s best practices that are framed in a six-module structure.

The learning resources are available for the learners to access for the rest of their life. For the maximum potential of learning and working in the field, they cover tools like quick books, advanced excel, Tally, and BUSY. Along with the tools, they offer super interactive sessions, flexible scheduling, certification, and constant support from mentors even after the course.

Internship opportunities are provided by the institution once the course is completed. 100 percent money back is on the table for you to take if you feel double-minded after joining their course.  


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Rank# 2. BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu

2. EduPristine


One of the oldest training schools of accounts and finance, EduPristine offers a post-graduate program in business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. With their conceptual and practical training method, EduPristine provides a real-life experience of the industry by making the learners take a more applied approach to the course.

The old school and online learnings are available for the learners to choose from. Online sessions give conceptual exposure to the learners with two-way communication with the mentors. The lab-based classroom training allows the learners to experience the live projects, do case studies and get exposure in a highly interactive learning space.

The syllabus for the business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu are 9 modules that are covered in the entire program. Their approach is divided into experimental and practical training along with soft skills, which makes you job-ready when you complete the course.

The learning is further distributed as topics, basics of accounting, GST, Payroll and its components, Excel for accounting, Accounting in Tally, GST in Tally, BUSY software, and SAP. The training is given by experts in the industry and the learners are given access to live projects, to undertake case studies and discussion forums. The placement cell guides the learners to make a resume and provides the opportunity to place in the top companies. 


Rank# 3. BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu

3. APG Learning


APG Learning has proven excellence in the education industry with CAMP; their industry-centric training formula has served well for many learners. The institute offers business accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu for a duration of 3 months covering 7 modules: Industrial accounting, Tally, Direct Taxation, Goods and Service tax, payroll and its components, excel and MIS, and Business computer application.

It is an on-campus course with direct interactions with experts in the industry. They make sure that the learners are equipped with the latest tools that are proven and practiced in accounting and taxation. The learners gain an in-depth understanding of the industry, and practical knowledge with the tools, to work on GST, payroll, and IT.

The live sessions help the learners to work on live projects. The concept of throwing the learners into the problem and helping them to swim out has provided the best experience in the industry and made them ready. Learners will end up in roles like, Manager of GST, accounts, finance, accounts executive, and tax analyst. The placement desk will make sure the learners once completed the course will be provided with a job.


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Rank# 4. BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu

4. Synergy School of Business Skills


Synergy School of Business Skills is a training institute with the largest network across India. Synergy has a strong holding in all the metropolitan cities of India and also many cities over the world. The institute’s key objectives of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu are to understand the concept of Practical Accounting, payroll management, GST, and Income tax along with advanced excel.

The course runs for 2 months teaching the industry’s expert content with hands-on training experience. The industry experts provide stimulation training that enables the learners for better knowledge of the industry. The curriculum is industry endorsed with practical classes, lab facilities, and exclusive discussion forums. The institute offers career services and promises a 100 percent placement assurance after completion of the course. 


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Rank# 5. BAT Courses in Tamil Nadu

5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is yet another institution that provides opportunities for learners across the globe. The digital medium of Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Tamil Nadu is a post-graduation course with a duration of 172 hours of training. The integrated curriculum provides the learners with in-depth learning of the industry.

There are 6 modules with two complementary modules that are covered in the course. Subjects covered are GST, Income tax, financial statement analysis, Advance Tally ERP 9, and HR payroll management and in the complementary modules, they will guide the learners in soft skills and resume writing for their placements.

The faculties are experts in the field of accounting and taxation with a learned experience from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Henry Harvin offers 100 percent practical training and hands-on experience through industry-graded projects. Henry Harwin focuses on the skills like, litigation management, analyzing balance sheets, excel functions, comparative analysis, payroll processing, and payroll management.

Tools like e-way bill, advanced excel, SAP, and Tally are trained and given access to the learners for a lifetime. Opportunities are provided for the learners to undertake projects in HR payroll, GST, and advanced excel. Assistance for internships is also provided for the learners to get them up and running when they complete the course. Henry Harvin’s certification is recognized by the government of India which adds more value to the learner’s career.  




Q1. Who can join business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu?

Candidates who have a commerce or accounting degree like BCOM, MCOM, or MBA Finance have the eligibility to pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Tamil Nadu. Fresher from these educational backgrounds are advised to enroll themselves in BAT courses because of the additional skill set they would be having in their CV. 


Q2. Are there only Post-graduate BAT courses in Tamil Nadu?

Postgraduate or certificate courses are the same. The minimum requirement for joining a business accounting and taxation course the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in any one of the accounting and financing disciplines. Hence those candidates who have the required background education can enroll in a business accounting and taxation course. 


Q3. What is the duration of the PG – BAT courses?

The duration of the PG courses depends on the institutions. There are short duration courses to 2 years courses. Many institutions offer around 2 – 3 months with different learning hours. Some institutions approach practical-centered coaching and provide internships or job opportunities for their learners. 


Q4. What is the average salary after completing business accounting and taxation courses?

Accounting and taxation professionals are in demand due to the bloom of the business industry in India. On average a professional can earn from 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs in India. With experience and better performance, the graph can be rising till the end.  


Q5. How to enroll in BAT courses?

Enrollment in BAT courses can never be easier. The digital medium is accessible for every course available. Browse for the best institutions, visit their websites and contact them or if you provide the details their admin support team will reach you. Brochures are also provided by many institutions for learners. Some institutions may ask you to come to their office for the enrollment process.

But the majority of the institutions provide online portals for payments and other details. Since you are looking for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu many certification courses are available throughout India and even online, which teach the learners in the comfort of their homes.



Business accounting and taxation courses are sought out in both the public and private sectors in India. Business organizations are looking for experts for their companies to handle their books and financial statements. The practical knowledge of the tools in accounting and taxation helps the candidate to work with complex numbers and finish it unscathed. There are a lot of roles for the candidate to pursue after completion of the BAT course.

Roles like finance manager, tax consultant, account executive, legal assistant, tax analyst, and company law assistant. For those who are a part of accounting or finance, the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Tamil Nadu are like a step ahead in their career. As discussed, the BAT course provides a wide range of scope for all learners. Better late than never, so enroll yourself in one of the top 5 BAT courses and start the career you hope to see! 

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