Top 8 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh

Business accounting and taxation course is usually taken up by commerce graduates or essentially those who have the basic knowledge of accounting concepts, payroll policies, taxation, integral disciplines of economics, etc. BAT course will give you the in-depth knowledge and skills required to manage a company that works across various levels and departments of sales, accounting, and taxation. Worried that you don’t know where to find business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out!  


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh


So, What is a BAT Course?


Business accounting and taxation courses are short-term, usually, 6 months certified educational courses. The aspects of business accounting and taxation are most important in this course. The process of keeping track of all your business operations, including evaluation, documentation, and interpretation of financial documents, is known as Business Accounting.


Taxation will be more of the familiar term out of the two, as most people are aware of the tax they pay, and is a process followed by governments all over the world. Taxation is the process of collecting tax amounts from individuals, companies, or organizations to generate revenue that is normally used for developmental projects in the country. This course is also known as PG Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT).


Is This Course Worth it?


It’s normal to ask this question when you’re thinking of doing any course, whether it’s worth our time and money, how will we benefit from this, job opportunities after this, etc. No matter which area of specialization of commerce you’re interested in, accounting, finance, or taxation, the BAT courses in Chandigarh will provide a foundation for the three core concepts of Commerce – Business, Accounting, and Taxation. Some of the note-worthy points are:


  • There is an increased demand for accountants in India, thus this is a useful course for mentors as well as students.
  • As more and more companies and start-ups are emerging, there is an increased demand for people with knowledge of business accounting activities like financial modeling, forecasting, budgeting, and estimates. These skills help companies in analyzing growth opportunities and decision-making.
  • The knowledge of technical aspects of accounting like SAP (System Application Product), will train you on an equal level of certified MBAs and Chartered Accountants.
  • Understanding auditing and financial reporting gained from this course bring in more field openings and job opportunities in Commerce.
  • This is a short-term course that can be completed online as well.


Tax Accountant v/s Chartered Accountant – What’s The Difference?


A tax accountant is someone who is specialized in accounting and tax. Their job is to make sure that the accounting transactions are done in a safe manner and direct or indirect taxes are following their respective guidelines as stated by the Federal Laws of the country. A chartered accountant is someone with in-depth knowledge in most aspects of Commerce, not limited to business, accounting, or taxation.


They are essentially all-rounders who can work in different sectors of the company – managing finances, giving adequate financial advice, and taking care of money management. They can do this for an organization, an individual, or a government.


Some Reasons to Hire a Tax Accountant Include:


  • Time-saving – Hiring a tax accountant makes it easier to make financial decisions which can include budget planning for the financial year or for a project, taking care of tax filing and returns, etc.
  • They Provide Invaluable Advice – The BAT course takes you through real-life complex tax problems, so you can provide better advice for the business owner to make them pay less.
  • Helps The Business Owner To Avoid Mistakes – A businessman can make errors during ITR filing, submitting the wrong income amount, etc. A Tax accountant takes care of this, submitting the right information at the right time.
  • Tax Exemptions – A person with this explicit knowledge can easily spot where the exemptions can be added.
  • New Tax Laws – For an individual, it is difficult to keep track of the new tax laws. One may completely disregard the new law, and file tax returns oblivious to the rules. Tax accountants keep up with the latest policies and file IT returns and other tax jobs accordingly.
  • Reliable Beyond Taxes – A tax accountant can easily provide advice on asset management, business advice, retirement plans, etc. They can help in making an informed business decision.


Who Can Apply For The BAT Courses in Chandigarh?


To apply for a BAT course, it is mandatory to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, as this will ensure that most of the fundamentals are known to the student.


What is The Duration Of The Course?


On a regular basis, the course will take 3 months to complete, but if it is a weekend course, then it will take up to 6 months for course completion.


Course Curriculum of BAT Courses in Chandigarh


1. Goods and Service Tax (GST) – This topic covers the general applicability, valuation, and registrations of GST. Students gain practical knowledge on how to make payments, file returns, and refunds, and record all transactions made using Tally.


2. Direct Taxation – This topic explains Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and its accounting and filing TDS returns, Income Tax Returns, and how to file them.


3. Payroll and its Components – This topic gives an understanding of Payroll components, their registration and returns, and about Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). This also gives practical knowledge on accounting payrolls using Tally.


4. Financial Reporting Using ERP Software – Tally This covers general concepts like types of accounts, accepted accounting principles, the flow of transactions, double entry accounting system, expense and purchase process, etc. With the help of business case studies, students gain practical knowledge on how to use Tally for basic business accounting.


5. Financial Statements Finalizing – This includes the preparation of different types of financial statements with notes, preparation of Trail balance, understanding and computing of various Financial ratios, the best practices in auditing, etc.


6. Excel and MIS Reporting This module covers the usage of Excel – how to use Excel for accounting with functions such as Match, Index Match, Transpose, Pivot functions, Lookup functions including VLookup and HLookup, Logical functions, etc. It also explains MIS and the advantages of MIS, and MIS reporting using Excel.


7. SAP Module (Simulation-based) – This module teaches the basic setup of the Purchase and Sales process, Customer and Vendor management, Credit and Cash Management, Delivery and Invoice management, Liquidity, etc.


8. BUSY – BUSY is simple but powerful accounting software for business. In this module, you’ll be introduced to BUSY, how it can be used for Transaction Posting, creation of Ledgers, extracting GST Reports, and trial balance.


9. Soft Skills This includes basic business communication, interview techniques, presentation skills, etc.


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Career and Future After BAT Courses in Chandigarh


Having a specialized degree in three major concepts of Commerce, Business, Accounting, and Taxation open the door to a wide variety of job opportunities and career options. Those who pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh can opt for a career like –

  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Supervisor
  • Accounting Manager
  • Auditing Assistant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Tax Assistant
  • Tax Manager, etc.


Salary on average will be between 2L-8L per annum.


Top Institutes that offer Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


Rank# 1. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best educational institutes in India. They offer a comprehensive certificate BAT course that is prepared by experts who have years of experience in the business accounting and taxes field. This course is spread into 6 modules with complete knowledge of Advanced MS Excel, ERP Tally, GST, TDS, MIS reporting, Balance Sheet, Payroll, etc. This is a 4 months self-study online course that has over 120+ hours of lectures from industry experts and 60+ hours of practical assignments and hands-on training.


The BAT Course Curriculum is Spread As:

  • Module 1: Accounting and Accounting in Tally (25 hours): This includes business accounting, basics of accounts, accounting standards, types of accounts, basics of Tally, creating accounting masters in Tally, debit and credit notes, etc.


  • Module 2: GST and GST in Tally (22 hours): This module covers an introduction to goods & services tax (GST), the structure of GST, reverse charge mechanism (RCM), composition scheme under GST, point of sales (POS), invoicing in GST, basics of GST in Tally, recording of GST entry in Tally, input and output tax reconciliation, filing of GSTR-1, filing of GSTR-3B, etc.


  • Module 3: TDS and TDS in Tally (20 hours): This module covers an introduction to TDS, the process of TDS, transactions involving TDS, TDS on Sales commission, enabling TDS in Tally, reversal of excess TDS deducted, payment to other than Salary Return 26Q, tax collection at Sources, interest, and penalty, etc.


  • Module 4: Basics Payroll (8 hours): This covers payroll accounting and compliance, payment of ESI, payroll statement, pay sheet, configuring payroll in Tally, etc.


  • Module 5: Income Tax with Tally (23 hours): This includes the basics of income tax with Tally, configuring income tax in Tally, income tax e-filing, etc.


  • Module 6: Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting (18 hours): This covers an introduction to excel, entering, editing, and formatting data, pivot tables, macros, MIS Reporting, and financials.


Some Other Key Highlights Are:

  • 24*7 full-time online support
  • Course completion Master certificate
  • Access to tools like MS Excel, Tally, Quickbooks, GST, etc.
  • Placement interview opportunities
  • This course is recognized by Govt. of India.
  • Internship opportunity
  • Practical hands-on training


The course costs INR 9,900 + 18% GST.


Other Courses

GST Certification Course

Financial Modeling Course


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Rank# 2. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


2. Chandigarh University –


One of the largest on-campus student populations, Chandigarh University has received NAAC A+ accreditation. They provide the best financial faculties, seminars, and live projects. Students earn conceptual knowledge and analytic skills that are required at different levels of work. Some of the advantages of studying here:


  • Placement interview opportunities at Amazon, Mindtree, etc.
  • Industry-based hands-on training
  • Merit-based Scholarships for the academic session
  • Sports based scholarships
  • Scholarship scheme for wards of defense personnel armed forces educational welfare scheme (AFEWS)
  • Exchange program available.
  • Options to Study Abroad
  • Financial Aid available


This is a 3 years classroom program, costing around INR 45.8k-3.66L


Rank# 3. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


3. Amity University –


One of the leading private educational institutes in India, Amity University is well known for its Multi-Disciplinary courses like Telecom, Hospitality, etc. with UG, PG, and doctoral programs with research opportunities that are in collaboration with universities across the world. This gives the students additional exposure to real-world challenges.


Their Course Highlights Are:

  • Provide job opportunities
  • Flexible – can juggle between a full-time job and a coveted degree
  • Scholarship schemes
  • A relationship manager will be available all the time to help you out with any queries regarding the course
  • Course duration is 2 years


The course fee is INR 2L


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Rank# 4. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


4. University School of Management Studies –


Established in 2006, the University School of Management Studies (USMS) provides programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs include courses in computer application, management, and commerce. Some highlights of the course are:


  • Studies are mostly project-based learnings
  • Case studies are used extensively
  • Faculty support is available 24*7
  • The program provides clear in-depth concepts of accounting and taxation
  • Placement assistance is given.
  • Course duration is 2-3 years


The course fee is INR 1L.


Rank# 5. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


5. City Commerce Academy –


City Commerce Academy is one of the best institutes in India for Accounting and Taxation training institutes. The program highlights are:

  • Practical training provided for business accounting, reconciliations, inventory accounting, Tally, taxation like GST, income tax, TDS, EPF, Payrolls, etc.
  • It combines three concepts – business accounting, accounts experts, and tax experts.
  • Online training program with flexible class timings
  • They also have project-based hands-on learning
  • Placement assistance is given.
  • Course completion certificate from the City Commerce Academy
  • Course duration – it is self-paced


There Are Four Short Courses and One All-in-one Course:-

–          Course 1 – Business Accounting – This is a basic course that teaches you useful practical accounting work knowledge in the Trading, Manufacturing, and Service industries. It is free of cost.

–          Course 2 – Accounts Expert – This is completely a practical course based on actual real-life business transactions. This course costs INR 6,200.

–          Course 3 – Tax Expert – In this course, you will learn complete Indian Taxation from the very basics to filing online returns, direct and indirect tax including GST. This is also a complete practical work course through project work. This course costs INR 6,800.

–          Course 4 – Accounts and Tax Expert (All-in-one) – This course is a combination of all the previous courses and includes all their contents and it costs INR 10,800.


The course fee is INR 10,800.


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Rank# 6. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


6. EduPristine –


Started by some of the top multinational companies, EduPristine offers BAT courses in Chandigarh which are designed to make you industry ready with their hands-on practical training. This is one of the top institutes for financial courses in India that also follows the CFA Institute preparation providers across the world.


Course Modules

The course is spread into 9 major modules

–          Module 1 – Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally

–          Module 2 – Basics of GST and GST in Tally

–          Module 3 – Basics of Income Tax and Income Tax in Tally

–          Module 4 – Payroll and its components

–          Module 5 – Excel for Accounting and MIS

–          Module 6 – Finalisation of Financial Statements

–          Module 7 – BUSY Practicals

–          Module 8 – SAP

–          Module 9 – Soft skills


Some of the Course Highlights Are:

  • 5-month online course
  • Lifetime access to all online learning materials including videos, tools, and techniques.
  • Access to interpersonal and virtual communication.
  • Case study discussions.
  • Project-based training.
  • Globally recognized course completion certificate from EduPristine.
  • They provide knowledge tests, interview questions, 7 homework projects included in the relevant modules, and other boot camps.


Rank# 7. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Chandigarh


7. APG Learning –


APG Learning is one of the best online training institutes in India with 2000+ students transitioned since 2013, they offer one of the best business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh. All courses of APG Learning integrate an Entrepreneurship mindset, financial literacy, Innovative approach, and Humanness. The highlights of the course are:


  • A 3-month course that costs INR 33,900 + GST
  • They teach the most in-demand tools and technologies.
  • Students will be exposed to practical knowledge of accounting and tax; students will also be updated with the latest knowledge of taxation continuously, and be job ready at the end of the course.


Their Course Curriculum is Divided Into 7 Parts:

  1. Industrial Accounting (10 hours) – History and introduction, basic concepts of accounting, etc.
  2. Tally (30 hours) – introduction to tally and its shortcuts, creation of a company, creation of ledger and posting of vouchers or transaction posting, etc.
  3. Direct Taxation (12 hours) – The Income Tax Act of 1961, ITR introduction and types, TDS and returns, etc.
  4. Goods and services tax (GST) (12 hours) – GST concepts, registration of GST, input tax credit mechanism, etc.
  5. Payroll and its components (4 hours) – Basic concepts of payroll and demo example and format.
  6. Excel and MIS (15 hours) – Introduction to Excel and shortcuts, MIS concepts, and MIS reporting using excel and demo example and format.
  7. Business Computer Application – Hardware/software, pivot table/ pivot chart, header and footer, mail merge or MS Office, lookup, drafting, and formatting.


  • AGP Learning focuses on CAMP – Content Assignments Masterclass Projects completely contributed by the industry.

–          Content – the training content is contributed by various industry leaders. You will have access to all relevant latest industry tools, case studies, etc.

–          Assignments – You will have access to various current problems faced by the industry. You will have exposure to the contemporary industry as part of the curriculum.

–           Masterclass – Top-class interactive live classes by eminent industry experts.

–          Projects – The industry always plans for future innovative products and services to stay competitive in the market. Through this course, you will have first-hand experience as an extended resource on some of these forecasted projects.


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8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin’s GST course ranks #1 in India by Tribune India. The features of this course are:

  • This 172-hour certified BAT course covers all critical components of Accounting like Income Tax, TDS, and GST.
  • These courses are 2-way live and interactive online and classroom sessions.
  • You will have projects to undertake to gain practical experience in GST, HR payroll, advanced excel, etc.
  • The course completion certificate is recognized by the Govt of India
  • Placement interview opportunities.
  • Access to all tools and techniques, videos, etc.
  • You get a 1-year Gold membership of the Henry Harvin accounts academy.
  • You get free access to Hackathons and Competitions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is a business accounting and taxation course?

BAT course is usually a 6-month certificate course designed for commerce graduates by industry experts, to pursue a career in accounting and taxation. It is a great course to be pursued as there are a plethora of career opportunities in the finance sector.


2. What are the eligibility criteria for the business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh?

A bachelor’s degree in Commerce is the minimum requirement for applying to BAT courses in Chandigarh.


3. What is the scope of doing the Business accounting and taxation courses in Chandigarh?

The BAT courses in Chandigarh have a lot of scope and opportunities as the growing world has demand for more tax accountants, as more and more companies and start-ups are coming up. Other jobs you can consider are:

–          Tax Assistant

–           Junior Accountant

–          Senior Accountant

–          Associate Accountant

–          Tax Manager




BAT course is made for commerce graduates to provide them with in-depth knowledge and practical training in accounting and taxation that are currently in demand in the industry. This gives exposure to tools like MS Excel and Tally, which is an important accounting tools. BAT courses in Chandigarh are beneficial for both experienced professionals because they will have a wider range of options for jobs and better salary packages, as well as for freshers who are looking for jobs. The above-mentioned institutes are our recommendations for the top 8 institutes that offer Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Chandigarh. Why wait any further? All interested students apply for this course and move towards a bright future.

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