Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Placements

Writing is a very dynamic domain and technical writing is one of its parts that deals with scientific and technical-related writing. There are numerous domains and subjects which need some expertise to get hold of it or to understand their essence. If you want to get into this field, here is a list of the top-ranked technical writing courses in Varanasi. Must check.


List of best technical writing courses in Varanasi


Importance of Technical Writer:

Technical writing is related to making your task easy to understand and comprehend the subject in its most simple and decoded version with simple and easy words so that the reader could get most of it in their use. Therefore the subject which makes the complex subject understandable by the reader in its clearest and most effective manner is considered the job of a technical writer.

Technical writers have a good grasp of the subject with good communication and can make complex subjects be described in their simplest form with better choice of words in their writing. Have you ever noticed the prescribed menu of any electronic device you purchase, you get a manual to read and understand before proceeding further? 

Have you ever found difficulty in understanding? The words chosen are so simple, elaborative, and lucid that one can use the device to read the do’s and don’ts right.


The Genesis of Technical Writing:

The origin of technical writing as a profession is not that old as its recognition comes into play during the industrial revolution and as early as world war 2. The Renaissance in Europe and the boost to the industrial revolution make the domain more dynamic as the revolution proceed as the technical things get diversified. 

By the 20th century, the profession skyrocketed and the advent of the personal computer makes it more writers contribute to this domain of technical writing and the profession got a further boost. Further Technological advancement will need more writers to make the complex technology to decode and make the readers understandable with simple and accurate words.


Fields of Technical Writing:

Technical writing touches every domain of our life from engineering subjects like software technology, mechanical, electrical, aeronautics, robotics, and other objects like health, medical science, electronics, biotechnology, defense, finance, economics, anthropology, polity, geography, and many other things which need some expertise to understand the subject concerned. 

Technical writing has many genres to write. A few of them are instructions and procedures, user manuals, proposals, email letters, descriptions of any devices, resumes and job applications, technical reports, case studies, white papers with solutions forwarded to experts, website applications, help desks, and the list is so long and wide to discuss.


Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi


1. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With IIM SKILLS

The institute is known in the field of writing and delivering educational content whether it is content writing in general to technical writing, in particular. The institute plays a distinct role in training and placing the student in the global market of the writing industry.  

The program they are providing is of 20 hours of lectures with more than 60 plus practical assignments with the tools required to become a technical writer of your choice. The course is in alignment with Google and top MNCs. The Technical Writing Course module contains comprehensive coverage of all the key domains as far as Technical writing is concerned.


Module 1 of the course will make you familiar with the concept of writing and types of documents with a complete overview of the subjects.

Module 2 makes you learn about writing and research along with tools to make you understand how to write.

Module 3 is about content creation with infographics, mindmaps, and graphs and presenting your content in a more simplistic form. It includes block diagrams, Ms word references, Indexing, plagiarism, editing, and reviewing the content with tools like Scihub, Science direct, and many other tools. It will take around 5 hours of class for the content creation.

Preparing reports and their types make Module 4 with its importance in the domain of different sector such as software, manufacturing, services, etc.

Module 5 talks about purpose, styling, and elements of  White paper writing and graphs, tables, and drawing to make them more presentable in Technical Journals which consist of journals like Medical and electrical journals.

Further modules about the versioning and life cycle of a document, reviewing and publishing a document, API documentation using XML, datasheets, user manuals, factsheets, technical proposals,s and Patent writing. Medical writing will be a separate module of the course. Case study-based learning will make you more practically experienced of the subject.


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Why Join IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi?

  • One month guaranteed internship 
  • Mentorship for your first Technical Blog with the Times of India and white papers.
  • Portfolio Development with placement support 
  • Lifetime support once you become part of the IIM SKILLS family.
  • 100% tools-driven Master course in technical writing 
  • Reasonable cost at 14900 INR including GST 
  • Cover Specific and demanding subjects like Technical Reports, White Papers/Journals, Scientific Research, Conversational Writing, API Documentation, and Medical Writing.
  • Relevant and standard tools covered such as MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, MS Visio, Canva, Powerpoint, etc.
  • 100% Money guarantee policy within one week of joining the course.
  • Interactive sessions with learning material and faculty of experts will guide you to achieve a Master’s course in Technical Writing.
  • Global Presence of the institute with experience of training 1500 plus individuals since its inception in 2015 onwards.
  • An up-to-date curriculum with regular course updates
  • Full support and access to learning resources via the LMS
  • Tips on crafting a good resume
  • A roadmap for freelancing
  • A small batch of students to maintain quality and provide individual attention to all the trainees.


Other best courses in Varanasi:


2. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Udemy


Professional Technical Writing: Advance Your Writing Skills by Ugur Akinci

The Course is available at 7900 INR with 6 hours of duration. It contains 107 lectures, Fiction writers, Web content writers, Engineers & Scientists, Developers & code writers, Project and product managers, Journalists, Librarians, Teachers, College Students, Military, personnel, Government workers, and Office workers.

The course will provide information about the basics of Technical writing and pitfalls to avoid. It makes you learn about editing techniques, document templates, Components of a technical document, Documentation Plans, flowcharts, indexes, variables, and future trends in technical writing. The course has been rated 4.5 rating and reviews are good to start Technical writing at a low cost.


Technical Writing: How to Write Software Documentation 

The course will teach about software documentation with basics of structure writing, and graphics and make you learn how to write documentation in GitHub Wiki using Markdown. It is 9.5 hours of on-demand course with a cost of 3499 INR along with certification of completion.


Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi Overview:

The course starts with the software documentation which contains an introduction to technical writing, common types of documentation, functional documentation, and strategy for functional documentation followed by Github practical learning experience, markup language, creating mail links, youtube links, completeness of documentation, project coordination, efficiency, DITA XML Standard. 

The further module contains the Graphics in Software documentation and tools for creating graphics. Information Architecture Basics deals with the User experience and information Architecture in Technical writing, content modeling, Research, and card sorting 


12 Technical and Business Writing Power Techniques by Ugur Ackinci 

The course costs you 2200 INR with a 4.4 rating to enhance your writing skills in Technical Writing.

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

3. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Cherryleaf 

The Cherryleaf Institute provides the course in the name of Technical Author/Technical Writer/technical writing training course at an affordable and reasonable price. After completing the basic course, one can move ahead to join their advanced course in the queue Intermediate/Advanced Technical Communication training course bundle.


Course Module Contains:

The purpose of technical documentation, the different models for technical documentation, about Technical Writer, Adopting a user-centered design approach, Overview of the writing process, Planning your content, Researching the product and audience Information Design stage, Software tools, Writing the topics – Overview, Writing the topics – How to write and present different types of information, Writing the topics – Using images and videos, Writing the topics – Index, Search and Metadata, Hyperlinking, Reviewing and editing.


Course Module of Intermediate and Advanced Courses Contain:

  • Creating API documentation and developer portals, Markdown
  • DITA fundamentals
  • Managing Software Documentation Projects
  • Revising and Editing Content
  • Structured Writing Fundamentals
  • Technical Copywriting
  • UI/UX Writing
  • Review of technical writing fundamentals
  • Single sourcing and content reuse
  • Creating screenshots and images for user guides


Why Join Cherryleaf Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi?

  • The complete course needs you to join two courses one is basic and the other is advanced.
  • The course contains 15 modules in total each course 
  • The cost of a single course is around 18,544 INR.
  • The combined course will cost you 29,577.29 INR.
  • The support system is good and easy to apply.
  • Global Recognition 
  • Experienced Faculty and interaction with domain experts.
  • Highly thought-provoking Technical writing course.


Must Check:


4. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Skillshare 

Thousands of courses are available on the Skillshare platform for learning different writing skills. The Technica writing course has been provided by Katharine Grimm in one of the courses. The course is for all types of professionals who want to enhance their Technical Writing.

The course module contains the basics of technical writing, a common misconception, writing processes, and what makes a good technical writer. The author is well educated in writing and educates the new technical writers to further enhance their skills to make the writing more simplistic.


Why Join Skillshare

  • Original skillshare classes with live teachings.
  • Each class has short videos and hands-on projects 
  • It is a  Comprehensive course about Technical Writing you can read the transcript at the website to know more details about the course.


5. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Coursera

Coursera provides a bunch of courses on Technical writing with separate subjects specific to the requirement. Even it provides some free courses. Courses such as Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders, Writing and Editing: Word Choice and Word Order. Different Engineering genres and their writing process making it more structured, clear, and concise is the objective of the course.


Why Join Coursera Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi:

  • Much comprehensive information has been provided as far as technical writing is concerned.
  • The mixture of subjects is viewed.
  • 100% online course with 17 hours of class

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

6. Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Henrye Harvin

The course is of 36 hours with a writing assignment of 6 hours. In the writing domain, it has also been recognized for teaching writing skills and it can also be your top choice if you want to take the mentorship of Henry Harvin in the Technical Writing course. 

The course contains 9 in one course as per their claim with a two-way live interactive session. The all-in-one course of Henry Harvin contains training, projects related to different subjects, internship assistance, certification with placement, e-learning, master class, and hackathons. 

The course module contains the introductory part where one will learn about what is technical writing, business writing, goal, and the role of a technical writer. The introductory session will be followed by a Documentation Process that makes you learn about understanding, collecting, drafting, and producing content.

The technical writing process as one of the modules will contain document development and planning, estimating, selection, information architecture, audience profiling, task analysis and content development, elements of style and technical review, document conversion, and content publishing.

To make the content more error-free, the institute will make you learn about English Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics MS Style Guides & Proofreading. Tools they are providing along with the course are:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Ms. Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop


Moving forward with the module, the course will offer you components of Technical documents, and techniques such as Eliminate Variance, Active Voice, Active vs. Passive Voice, Eliminate Anthropomorphism, Dangling Participles, Bracketing, Punctuation, Eliminate Noun Trains. 

The template making with Ms word and formats of technical writing like user manual, release notes, Application Programming Interface, Software Development Kit, Market Requirement Document, and User Requirement Document. Advance Technical writing tools will also be provided at advanced levels such as DITA Tool. The course module will end with the complimentary classes – Soft Skills and Resume writing.


Tools Covered Under the Course:

Authoring Tools: MS word.Notepad++, Google Docs

Screen Capture Tools: Snipping tool, Techsmith Snagit, FireShot, Greenshot, Lightshot

Image Editing Tools: Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit

Spell Check Tools:Grammarly,

Technical Writing Software Tools: Microsoft Word, Macromedia RoboHelp, Adobe FrameMaker, Snag IT, Ms. Visio, PowerPoint, Photoshop, DITA Tool, API Documentation, XML


Why Join the Henry Harvin Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi:

  • Simplification of the course contains complex technical details
  • Providing access to premium placement drives exclusively for Technical writers.
  • Gold membership will be provided with some added benefits 
  • 210 plus  Recruiting Partners and  130 plus  College Partners as per their claim 
  • Faculty are of 15 plus years of experience.
  • Benefits of having Gold Membership 
    • E-learning access to recorded videos, games, projects, etc
    • Access to 52 plus master class sessions
    • The guaranteed internship will be provided
    • Weekly 10 plus job opportunities will be provided 
    • Access to experienced industry projects 
  • Affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO certified 


FAQs About Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi:


  • Is technical writing a good career or hard?

A technical writer needs some of the pre-requisite skills otherwise the person will suffer from too much hardworking without getting desired results. Therefore attention to detail is required, ability to work in a team makes you extract relevant words and get help when needed during hours of work. Some technological knowledge and understanding of new concepts will make your path easier. Ability to work under pressure as the deadline to complete the work will be given.

The profession will definitely grow with lots of opportunities and better salary options with the diversification of work. Job Stability and career growth with more than a 10 percent growth rate in the upcoming year will make Technical writing a booming industry to place you in a better place. Work-life balance will be assured as the industry is not that makes you work very hard but paying hourly will make your day to choose whether to work or to take a break as per your choice and need.


  • What is the scope of technical writing in India?

The job of technical writing will increase as long as the complexity of life and dimensions are there in life whether it is medical science, astronomy, physics, chemistry, newer software, innovation in technology, and innumerable dimensions and subjects one can think of as a technical writer. These subjects need to be simplified so that the information can be in usable form by every human being who can read and understand. The Technology and IT revolution and the emergence of outsourcing, and e-commerce make Technical writing more lucrative.

Different domains such as engineering, Researcher, and other fields need Technica writes. Other such as hardware Technical writer, Software Technical writer, Medical Technical writer, banking and finance need writer, Aviation industry, Telecom industry, government, and corporate in the technical domain need technical writers and such is the requirement that demand will further increase particularly in India as India is one of the fast-moving emerging economies with more than 6 percent of growth rate on average where the world GDP is lingering at below 3 percent.


  • How long does it take to become a technical writer?

Every field needs time and with time experience and skill sets will develop with practice. Technical writing needs specific skills and expressions to make the reader more engaged with the content with reason and practical experiments and specific data which need high research and minute details otherwise the whole subject will be interpreted wrong and question the subject itself.

It needs expertise and hard work with smart work to present your content in a more accurate and comprehensive form. The time to complete the course depends on your speed to acquire the concepts and how well you are applying them. For different people it will vary on average, it will take around 2 months to complete the course and practical experience will develop with time and practice. 


  • Do technical writers need certificates?

Entry into the industry of Technical writing needs at least a professional certificate as there is no education degree or qualification provided in college. The recruiter needs to know how much you know about the subject domain. If you are from IIT or IIM then you can enter as the degree will help to get credibility to some extent but it is better to have one professional degree and the rest depend on your writing and research skills and the practical experience which comes with writing only. If you are a professor or have a specialized degree in the subject then one has the chance of getting hired based on his/her past academic and professional skills acquired.


  • Can technical writers work from home?

It all depends on the agency or industry in which you will be working as the technical domain need some research, books, traveling, and other things. There are many technical writing jobs that can be done remotely. Technical writing as a profession provides both offline and online hiring as the flexibility to work from home as well as from the office is preferred.



At the last of this discussion of finding the best technical writing courses in Varanasi, we have discussed a few institutions that are providing professional courses. There are many such institutions in the market and here the discussed ones are reputed ones that have credibility and presence in the market. One can learn technical writing from anywhere if one has the right information.

Do some research before joining any institute, look for the students already enrolled in the institution and do check their availability on a different platform, talk to people and discuss their experience. Hope this discussion adds value to your research about the technical writing course. Thank you and best of luck with a career in Technical writing. 

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