Top 4 GST Certification Courses in Varanasi With Placements

This article mentions the names of the best GST certification courses in Varanasi that offer quality learning experiences to learners. Moreover, it will also provide you with detailed explanations that justify their increasing popularity as the most popular GST certification courses along with the course curriculum and the modules.


GST Certification Courses in Varanasi


Best options for GST Certification Courses in Varanasi


1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is the best course provider in today’s world. If you consider the market demand, some selective career upskilling courses are getting more popular day by day. Among them, one is the GST course,


Other courses are as follows:

Financial Modeling Course

Business Accounting And Taxation Course 

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Content Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course


About GST course AT IIM SKILLS

IIM Skills provides the learners with quality learning courses and offers a wide range of professional courses to choose from. While talking about the best GST certification courses in Varanasi, IIM Skills is the one that deserves special mention. Now, let us consider the features offered by IIM Skills in terms of course content, sessions, and certifications that contribute to the increasing popularity of the institute as one of the top GST certification courses in Varanasi.


  • Demo class: Before investing in a project, would you like to have a look at the features offered? Well, to IIM Skills, every learner is unique and so are their requirements. That is why they invite you to join their free demo classes even before you pay to enroll for the courses offered.


  • Live online classes: IIM Skills is unique in its approach and provides you with a quality learning experience. Wondering how they do that? IIM Skills, for the first time, brings you the opportunity to join live online classes so that they can serve two purposes at the same time. Firstly, you do not miss the comfort of your own house and secondly, by joining the live online classes, you get the real classroom experience at the same time.


  • Online lectures: IIM Skills is considered to be the most popular institute that offers online GST courses because of its initiatives that have brought a revolution in today’s world where learn-from-home is the only option available to the learners for continuing education.


The mentors deliver online lectures that help the students learn the concept easily and at the same time, they provide them with a student-centric learning experience instead of a teacher-centric one. In this way, the learners can engage in active communication with the teachers and the students and exchange their views on a subject matter.


  • Practical assignments: Besides offering the best learning experience, IIM Skills also ensures that each student can learn something by enrolling in the courses. To do so, the mentors make the learners work on some practical assignments to evaluate their learning and at the same time, provide them with proper guidance, if required.


  • Real-time learning: The live classes offer the students a unique real-time learning experience where they can communicate with each other and with the mentor. They are provided with the best possible and appropriate classroom environment where their potentials can be reshaped and they can excel in their careers further.


  • Freelancing opportunity: The best thing about joining any courses offered by IIM Skills is that the learners will be imbued with a sense of self-confidence and that will help them to showcase their skills in a particular field and exhibit their talents in front of the world.


  • Placement assistance: It is another important reason to rank IIM Skills as the best among all the GST certification courses in Varanasi. After learning something new, the first thing the students will need is an appropriate platform to showcase their learned skills and at the same time, evaluate their own performance.


For that, placement assistance is a must that every course provider should offer. IIM Skills provides you with several opportunities that you can opt for, after the course competition.



  • Free study material: If you are an avid learner and always in search of proper study materials that will help you to gain some insights about a particular topic, then you can count on IIM Skills. They provide you with free study materials like e-books, e-papers so that you can be prepared beforehand.


  • Free tools: During the learning process and to complete all the assignments provided, you need to access multiple online tools. They are essential for the proper completion of the assignments. IIM Skills will let you know about the best available tools online and also provide you with the necessary information about the usage and the benefits of the tools.


  • Access to software: They will provide you with access to multiple relevant software that will help you to put your skills to use in a better way.


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  • Certification: A proper certification validates your learning experience and your skills. The courses offered by IIM Skills are all certified courses and they are certified by MSME. It means that you can showcase your talent as a certified learner and the certification will prove to be helpful for you even in the job market.



  • Lifetime access to tools provided: IIM Skills prioritizes the learner’s convenience and their individual needs. That is why tools offered by IIM Skills are accessible throughout your lifetime. You do not need to go through any hassle for renewing the services or asking for permission to access them every time.


  • Online support: Whenever you face any difficulty in terms of accessing the tools, software, or course materials, all you need to do is just mail them and you are good to go. They offer online support throughout the day so that you can move forward with your zeal to learn.


  • Experienced trainers: IIM Skills ensures the best possible learning experience of the students and that is why they have appointed highly experienced mentors who are successful in their professional endeavors and are capable of imparting relevant knowledge on a particular subject.


  • Relevant topics covered: The mentors at IIM Skills are knowledgeable of the exact market demands and they know how to cater to the demands. That is why they make sure that they are teaching only the relevant topics so that the learners can get the best out of the courses and that too, in the most efficient manner.


  • Unique teaching methodology: IIM Skills is especially renowned because of its unique teaching methodology that includes research-based methodologies to impart knowledge in a way that the learners will get the detailed knowledge of a particular subject in a short span of time. Also, they ensure to provide the students with an all-encompassing learning experience.


  • Emphasis on theoretical learning: The mentors are aware of the importance of a basic conceptual foundation on a particular subject before aiming to gain advanced knowledge. That is why they ensure that the students learn about the theoretical notions related to GST and the additional components that formulate the structures of GST.


  • Prioritizes practical experience: Along with imparting theoretical knowledge, IIM Skills prioritizes the proper utilization of the learned skills. That is why the mentors provide the learners with multiple opportunities like hands-on assignments, practical projects, and live projects during the online classes so that they can get the scope to evaluate their eligibility to build a career as a GST practitioner and get to know about their shortcomings and take initiatives to overcome them.


  • Live doubt-clearing sessions: During the live classes, the students also get the opportunity to open up about their points of view, analysis, opinions, and new perspectives that can help the learners to get a new direction in their learning process.


Also, they can ask questions to the mentors if they are facing any difficulty understanding a new topic. The live doubt clearing sessions provide the learners with a student-centric classroom experience that motivates them further to exchange their views with each other and build a healthy relationship and classroom ambiance.


At the end of each live class, a question and answer session is conducted by the mentors where the learners can clarify their doubts and gain new insights on a topic already covered in the course period.


  • Accessible from anywhere: Since IIM Skills conducts live online classes, if you have a laptop, mobile, or any other electronic device, you can access the course from anywhere. Students belonging to different cities, states, and countries can join the course and get benefited.


  • Multiple batches: IIM Skills organizes multiple batches parallelly so that even if you fail to enroll in a course due to unlikely circumstances, you can join the next batch.


  • Encourages healthy competition: The reasons to initiate the online classes and assignments are to ensure a better learning experience and inspire the career-oriented students to put in their effort. The live projects and weekly assignments evoke a sense of responsibility in the minds of the learners and they engage in healthy competition with each other that further enable them to learn something new at every step.


  • Lifetime validity of the certification: The course competition certificate provided by IIM Skills is valid for a lifetime. It means once you are certified, you can apply for any job at any time irrespective of your age.


  • Advanced LMS: IIM Skills provides the students with an advanced LMS or Learning Management System that will make the process of accessing the course material and class recordings easier for the students.


Apart from this, LMS will let you know about your pending assignments, the course yet to be covered in the next class, and provide you with the necessary information about examinations and the rules to register for them.


  • Class recordings: You will be provided with the entire class recording at the end of each session for future reference. If you can not attend a particular class, the recording will help you to get an idea of the topic covered on that particular day.


  • Proper evaluation: At the end of the course, the students have to appear for examinations and the mentors will evaluate their performance justly. Only after they qualify for the examinations, will they be awarded the course completion certificate.


It helps in two ways. Firstly, the students will get an idea of their efficiencies to build their careers as successful GST practitioners, and secondly, it boosts their self-confidence as they have to clear the tests in order to get awarded with the certificate.


  • Affordable: IIM Skills offers the courses at a very reasonable price so that every learner can afford their courses who are passionate about learning. The fee you have to pay for pursuing the GST certification course at IIM Skills is just Rs. 2900.

Considering the exposure and job opportunities you will get after pursuing the course, the fee that you have to pay is quite reasonable. Also, you do not need to pay any additional charges to appear for the examinations and course completion certificate.


  • Money-back guarantee: IIM Skills promises to give all your hard-earned money back in case you do not like the services offered. It is quite evident that the team members at IIM Skills are quite confident about the quality of the services they offer.


Now, let us have a look at the course modules and the topics they will cover.




The GST certification course at IIM Skills covers all the relevant topics in nine modules. They are mentioned below.


  1. The detailed concept of GST
  2. Structure of GST
  3. Registration process
  4. Invoicing process
  5. Return filing process
  6. Composition scheme
  7. Reverse Charge Mechanism
  8. E-way billing process
  9. Input Tax Credit and payment process


You can enroll in their course right now by visiting their website

Also, if you want technical support, just mail them at


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Course Fee – INR 9900 + GST


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2.CAclub India


CAclubindia is ranked as one of the most popular online course providers offering GST certification courses in Varanasi. Let us know about the features offered by them.


  • Beginner’s level course provided: CAclubindia offers two types of GST certification courses considering the requirement of individual learners. They offer the beginner’s level course for those who want to get insights about GST and the other elements related to GST in a nutshell.


  • Advanced learning: They offer an advanced learning course for those aspiring GST practitioners who need to have an all-encompassing knowledge of the subject.


  •  Hours of classes: They offer 61 hours of online classes to provide the students with a detailed knowledge of the subject.


  • Video lectures: CAclubindia is considered one of the top GST certification courses in Varanasi because of its distinctive approach to impart knowledge. They offer video classes and lectures that provide them with an audio-visual learning experience to ensure better learning and understanding of the topics covered.


  • E-books provided: They also provide the students with required study materials in the form of e-books.


  • Certification: After the course completion, you will be awarded an authentic certificate that will validate your learning experience so far.


Let us have a look at the course modules at a glance. Their GST certification course comprises 14 modules and they cover all the relevant topics in short video sessions.




  1. Levy under GST
  2. Registration process
  3. Time and value of supply
  4. Input Tax Credit
  5. Place of supply
  6. Refund process
  7. Invoicing process
  8. GST return system
  9. Clause filing (annual)
  10. Clause filing (audit)
  11. Inspection process
  12. Advanced ruling
  13. Penalty
  14. Q & A session


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite Varanasi

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3. V skills:


It has secured a place on the list containing the names of the best GST certification courses in Varanasi. If you are wondering about the reasons that justify the statement, let me tell you one by one.


  • Real e-learning experience: In this digitalized world, every course provider aims to offer the best e-learning experience and V skills course provider is successful in their endeavors to impart knowledge and offer true e-learning experience.


  • Lifelong access to course material: The course materials they offer are accessible forever. The students do not need to ask for permission for accessing them. Due to lifelong access to the materials, the process of learning becomes convenient for them.


  • Proper evaluation: They organize examinations to evaluate the individual performance and learning experience of the students.


  • Free practice tests: Before you appear for the examinations, you can also prepare beforehand by taking up the free practice tests offered by Vskills. The learners’ satisfaction is one of the primary reasons for its popularity as one of the best GST certification courses in Varanasi and the learners are satisfied with the multiple options offered to them for better preparation.


  • Certification: If you qualify for the examination with satisfactory scores, you will get a certificate.


  • Verified by the government: The course completion certificate is verified by the Indian government and it adds a new dimension to the authentication of the certificate.


Also, there are two websites known as and where the certified learners will get tagged as Vskills certified learners.


  • Lifetime validity: All the course materials, e-books, and certificates provided are valid for a lifetime.


  • Proper exposure: After the completion of the GST certification course at V skills, the learners will get the appropriate exposure that is highly required for establishing a strong presence on the internet as GST certified practitioners.


  • Study materials provided: To provide the students with the opportunity to gain basic knowledge of the topics yet to be covered in the next classes, Vskills offers free study materials that will help them to understand the subject matter in a better way in the next class.


They provide the students with detailed knowledge about GST, its structures, penalties associated with the violation of the laws and return filing, registration process, payment process, etc. Let me provide you with the detailed course content.


Course Content:


  1. Basic understanding of GST
  2. Administration process
  3. GSTN in detail
  4. Registration process
  5. Payment process
  6. Accounting process
  7. Knowledge about GST law
  8. IGST
  9. GST in other countries


4. TaxGuru:


TaxGuru is another very popular online institute that offers GST certification courses in Varanasi. The specialties of their GST certification courses are mentioned below.


  • Self-learning experience: The GST certification courses are designed in a way that encourages self-learning so that the learners can move forward in their learning endeavors with a self-sufficient approach.


  • Recorded classes: Like IIM Skills, TaxGuru also provides the students with recorded classes.


  • Latest update: Providing the learners with the necessary knowledge of the most relevant subject matters is very important. The better they will remain updated about the market demands, the better it will be for them to start a new journey as GST practitioners. TaxGuru is one of the top GST certification courses in Varanasi because of its up-to-date course curriculum.


  • Real e-learning experience: They offer the students a real e-learning experience with the help of recorded classes and live sessions.


  • Live query session: During the live classes, the students can clarify their doubts on a particular topic.


  • E-course material: They provide the learners with free e-study materials.


  • Multiple course options provided: They offer the learners multiple course options to choose from. They offer a single course, a combo of two courses, a combo of three courses along crash courses. The learners can choose any of them depending on their requirements.


  • Detailed knowledge: The course structure is designed to impart detailed knowledge to the students about a particular topic.


  • Certification: At the end of the course, the students will get a certificate.


  • Online examination: The students need to qualify for online examinations before getting the certificate.


  • Affordable: They offer their courses for Rs. 8000/-.


Course Content:


  1. The basic concept of GST
  2. Concept of CST
  3. Concept of the amendment act
  4. Return filing process
  5. Knowledge of GST supply
  6. Registration process
  7. Input Tax Credit
  8. Invoicing process
  9. Reverse Charge Mechanism
  10. Zero-rated supply
  11. Refund process
  12. Finance bill amendment
  13. Supply to SEZ
  14. Inverted duty structure
  15. Self-invoicing
  16. Audit and annual return
  17. Transitional errors
  18. Penalty
  19. Levy under GST
  20. Valuation process
  21. Composition scheme

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite Varanasi


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What are the best GST certification courses in Varanasi?


If you are looking for a quality learning experience and placement assistance, enroll in the GST certification courses offered by IIM Skills.


  1. What are the benefits of joining GST certification courses?


Pursuing courses like GST certification or practitioner courses will provide you with multiple job opportunities and career options to choose from like building your career as a GST practitioner, GST consultant, etc.


  1. Can online GST courses provide the students with a real learning experience?


It depends on the courses you are opting for. IIM Skills is the best among all the GST certification courses in Varanasi because of its unique approach.


Conclusion on top GST Certification Courses in Varanasi:


All the above-mentioned courses are ranked as the most popular GST certification courses in Varanasi that will provide you with the necessary guidance and assistance so that you can excel in your career as a GST practitioner, consultant, or analyst.



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