Top 5 Online Free Tally Courses With Certification

In this ever-evolving accounting & finance industry, Tally software has completely changed the landscape of accounting through its simplicity, scalability, and effectiveness in maintaining not just complex accounting transactions but also inventory management, and reporting tools for businesses of all sizes. Tally is an ERP software developed by the industry leader ‘Tally Solutions’ and it stands for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Yard. It has negated human error in accounting and works in complete harmony with international accounting conventions and principles. Continue reading to know how taking free Tally courses will open up immense career opportunities ahead.


List of best free tally courses


Career Opportunities After Doing Free Tally Courses

Inventory Manager

Inventory is one of the most important aspects of a business, especially for online retail and e-commerce businesses. Optimized inventory management facilitates timely and accurate delivery. Also, better inventory management helps small businesses like SMEs in better cash flow as it alerts on over and under-stocking. An inventory manager ensures better visibility and transparency of inventory.

He analyses past trends and does forecasting accordingly to ensure better inventory visualization. An inventory manager also looks into fast-moving and highly profitable inventories to ensure adequate stocking of that product. Further, he also looks into overstocking and understocking challenges and always tries to do cost optimization at all levels of inventories.


Book Keeper

Unlike an accountant who provides financial insights post interpretation, classification, analyzing, reporting, etc., a bookkeeper has the relatively limited role of recording and categorizing financial transactions, posting debit and credits, producing, sending invoices,  and completing payrolls.

Tally helps the bookkeeper in recording and bookkeeping, invoicing and billing, creation of charts by mapping various ledgers, Accounts receivables and payables management, Payroll management, and multi-currency support.


Accounts Executive

The Accounts executive is responsible for preparing adjusting entries, preparing financial statements, completing income tax returns, financial analysis and strategy, tax strategy, and tax planning and forecasting. Tally’s financial management system helps provide secure and complete access to financial data as delayed data responses decrease competitiveness in today’s business system.

It also helps accounts executives in providing clients pinpointed insights which is beyond mere recording in account books, like demands, opportunities, and various market factors impacting business.


Billing Executive

They primarily deal with accounts payable including e-invoices. They track payments on a regular basis and ensure that customers are charged appropriately, hence an important role in securing the company’s revenues. So the skill of providing clear and precise billing is required. Tally assists billing executives in providing customized billing formats to their clients as per the requirement


Data Entry Operator 

A data entry operator inputs the data and updates the data in a spreadsheet, document, digital document, or database. In the process he compiles and sorts the data, then he reviews such sorted data to check for inconsistencies with information, if any. This review also includes the deletion of duplicate data. Further, he also needs to ensure customer data confidentiality and customer data preservation by performing regular backups.


Accounts Assistant

He is primarily responsible for providing admin support to the accountants, Undertaking clerical tasks like making phone calls, handling mail, bookkeeping at the basic level, and typing. He ensures calculations for payments are correct, records are correct, and also does petty cash transactions.



A candidate who wants to get associated with various organizations and increase exposure can surely look for freelancing after doing the free tally course. Unlike fixed compensation by a single employer, a freelancer can earn multiple incomes and much faster career growth. Their services could be of contractual or consulting nature to medium-sized to larger organizations. Generally, they provide bookkeeping, accounting services, GST reports, TDS payments, Bank reconciliation statements, etc.


Tally Tutor

Teaching tally could be another lucrative career for candidates having an interest in teaching. Online free tally course provides tremendous career opportunity given the growth of digital education in leaps and bounds.


Who Should Take Free Tally Courses?

12th Graduate:

If the world of accounting fascinates you then after 12th you can learn tally. It will not only make you financially independent but also give you the advantage in terms of accounting experience vis-a-vis the candidates who chose to enter the accounting field post their graduation.  And then in the future one can always look for doing BCom or CA, etc depending upon career goals.


Accounting, Finance, and Business Management Professionals:

A certificate of skill like Tally will certainly help in promotions and salary hikes.


Startups and small business owners:

Such individuals will be able to manage accounting for their businesses, thereby reducing the cost of hiring accountants or CAs.


Salary After Doing the Free Tally Course

The salary component here is a combination of base pay and additional cash compensation. Base pay ranges between INR 15,000 to INR 21,000 per month. Whereas additional cash compensation ranges between INR 2,200 and INR 50,000. Factoring both components average salary comes out to be INR 27,000.


Educational Qualification Required to Do Free Tally Course

The minimum qualification required is an intermediate level (12th), preferably in the commerce stream as a basic understanding of business management and accounting does help and hence is preferred. However, candidates from other streams can also apply and one can find many noncommerce intermediates succeeding in the field.


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Institutes Providing Free Tally Courses


1. Apna Course

They became the pioneers of MOOC in India in 2013 and for launching the first-ever community-driven edtech platform in 2023. It’s a community-based learning platform where experts host public and private communities. Each community is involved in particular skill learning in the form of videos, audio, presentations, documents, quizzes, etc.

Interestingly they tell such learnings as stories. These communities are of two types, one is ‘Public Communities’ and the other one ‘Private Communities’. Public communities are globally accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

The fee to access such public learning communities depends on the popularity of the community, the more popular a community, the higher the fee. On the other hand, private communities are accessible only by invitation by the educator to their students. After understanding their model of education, let’s come specifically to their tally course.

They provide community-based absolutely free Tally ERP 9 for beginners One such community is Tally ERP 9 for beginners. The duration of the course is one month.


The content of their free tally courses course is as follows:

  • Company Creation
  • Company Info
  • Features of Tally
  • Configuration- Part 1
  • Configuration- Part 2
  • Configuration- Part 3
  • Gateway of Tally- Part 1
  • Gateway of Tally- Part 2
  • Gateway of Tally- Part 3




2. Learn Vern

This institute provides education in the user’s native language as they strongly believe that a learner will have a much better learning outcome if taught in his native language along with the use of images, examples, and practical insights. Post-completion of the course, a student can earn a Skill India Certificate.

They also provide placement support to students. The institute provides two courses in Tally, one is ‘Tally Prime with complete Accounting’ and ‘Tally with Accounting and GST’. The content of their free tally courses is as follows:


Tally Prime with complete Accounting:

  • Introduction to Tally Prime7m 7s
  • Tally Prime Installation & Data Migration
  • Company Creation
  • Tally Prime Screen Interface
  • Tally Prime Basic Accounting Transaction
  • Tally Prime Business Transaction
  • Tally Prime Basic Reports
  • Tally Prime Introduction of Inventory
  • GST Introduction
  • Adjustment Of ITC Liable Payment
  • GST Transaction
  • GST Report From Transaction
  • E-Way Bill
  • Banking
  • Cost Centre
  • Interest Calculation
  • Procurement Process
  • Sales Process
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Item Cost Tracking & Batch Detail
  • Price List
  • Multi-Currency
  • Scheme Discount, Actual Bill & Operating Ex
  • Mix Supply & Detailed GST Report
  • Payroll
  • TDS
  • MIS report
  • Versions of Tally
  • Course Summary
  • Interview Question
  • Career Guidance


Tally with Accounting and GST:

  • Introduction to Tally14m 29s
  • Getting familiar with Gateway of Tally28m 55s
  • Accounting Transaction
  • Business Transaction & Reports
  • Introduction of inventory
  • Introduction of GST
  • ITC Liability Payment
  • GST Transaction Report & Payment
  • Eway Bill
  • Banking Transactions
  • Budget & Operating Expense
  • Cost Centers
  • Voucher Type & Interest Calculation
  • Procurement Process
  • Sales Process
  • POS – Point of Sale
  • Godown & Bill Quantity Discount
  • Stock category and price list
  • Multi-Currency
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Item Cost Tracking & Batch Detail
  • MIS Reports
  • Mix Supply
  • GST Detail Report
  • Payroll
  • Additional Function of Tally
  • Introduction to Tally Prime
  • Course Summary
  • Career Guidance


Contact:  Whatsapp 8849004643


3. Tally Training

This institute provides a Tally ERP 9 Expert course to meet the accounting requirement of the industry and the course is approved by CA and business experts. They help accountants, companies, teachers, and students to learn efficiently on Tally software.

A candidate will have two options, either to access video tutorials in Hindi language or eBook course material in English They provide the first ten and twelfth modules of the course fee, however, one needs to pay INR 1800 to get access to the rest of the modules. Student gets a certificate after passing the MCQ-based exam.


The content of their free tally courses is as follows:

  • Module 01: Tally UI & Company Management
  • Module 02: Creating Tally Masters – Ledger
  • Module 03: Creating Accounting Groups In Tally ERP9
  • Module 04: Bill Wise Debtors And Creditors
  • Module 05: Payment Entries In Tally ERP 9
  • Module 06: Day Book In Tally ERP 9
  • Module 07: Pre-Allocation Of Bills In Tally ERP
  • Module 08: Receipt Voucher In Tally ERP
  • Module 09: Contra And Journal In Tally ERP 9
  • Module 10: Cheque Printing In Tally ERP 9
  • Module 11: Masters- Inventory
  • Module 12: GST DEMO
  • Module 13: Purchase Voucher with GST
  • Module 14: Sales Voucher with GST
  • Module 15: GST Reports and Returns
  • Module 16: Billing Features
  • Module 17: Purchase Order Processing
  • Module 18: Sales Order Processing
  • Module 19: Debit and Credit Notes
  • Module 20: Bank Reconciliation
  • Module 21: Price List
  • Module 22: Credit Limit
  • Module 23: Stock Transfers
  • Module 24: Manufacturing Vouchers
  • Module 25: Batch Wise Details
  • Module 26: Re-Order Level
  • Module 27: Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
  • Module 28: Voucher Types and Class
  • Module 29: Point of Sales
  • Module 30: Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
  • Module 31: Budgets and Controls
  • Module 32: Cost Centres and Cost Categories
  • Module 33: Party Ledger Analysis
  • Module 34: Purchase and Sales Reporting
  • Module 35: Stock Analysis and Reports
  • Module 36: Cash and Bank Reports
  • Module 37: Search, Filter, and Sorting
  • Module 38: Financial Reports
  • Module 39: Multi-Language
  • Module 40: Export, Import, Backup and Restore
  • Module 41: Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
  • Module 42: Payroll Accounting
  • Module 43: Finalization Entries
  • Module 44: Data Security
  • Module 45: Tally Audit
  • Module 46: Tally Synchronization
  • Module 47: Multi-Currency
  • Module 48: Printing Reports
  • Module 49: Miscellaneous
  • Module 50: Shortcut Keys


Contact: +91 9081211174


4. Happy Learny 

It’s a very renowned YouTube channel providing tally courses. They provide various Tally course packages like Tally Prime, Tally course with GST, and Tally ERP 9 shortcuts along with other peripheral videos on journal entries, TDS, Balance sheet, GST, etc.


The Content of their free tally courses is as follows:

  • What is Tally ERP 9 and how to use Tally
  • What is Accounting in Tally ERP9
  • How to download and install Tally ERP
  • What is the financial year
  • What is GST
  • Difference between composition and regular firms
  • How to create a company in Tally
  • Introduction of gateway Tally
  • How to activate the GST feature in the tally
  • What is a Voucher and what Types of vouchers in the tally
  • What is ledger and group in Tally
  • Types of Purchases in Tally
  • What is accounts only and Accounts with Inventory
  • Purchase entry of exempted items in the tally
  • Purchase entry with GST items in the tally
  • Purchase entry with IGST items in the tally
  • Purchase entry of interstate-exempted items
  • How to check purchase report in Tally ERP 9
  • How to edit, and delete ledger, company, items, etc
  • Types of sales in tally
  • Sales entry of exempted items, GST items, IGST items, Interstate exempted items,
  • How to check sales report in tally
  • Balance sheet and profit & loss in tally
  • Receipt entry, Payment entry, and contra entry
  • Debit and credit note
  • Purchase and sales return entry
  • Group in tally, bank account group
  • Bank OD account group
  • Cash in hand group
  • Deposit asset group
  • Duties & taxes group
  • Fixed assets group
  • Investment Group
  • Loan and advanced assets group, unsecured & Secured loan group, Loan liabilities group
  • Sales and purchase account group
  • Sundry debtors and creditors group
  • Indirect and direct expenses
  • Capital account, Provision, and reserve & surplus group
  • Branch/division group, miscellaneous expenses & assets group
  • Current assets & liabilities group and suspense account group
  • Stock in hand group
  • Understanding the nature of accounting group
  • Modern golden rules of accounting
  • Tally all 28 groups in detail with the theory
  • Purchase entry using decimal in quantity
  • How to create an alternate unit in the tally
  • Why capital is shown on the liabilities side
  • Tally data backup & restore for a lifetime
  • Journal voucher entry
  • Tally keywords shortcut
  • All about GST returns
  • All types of bank accounts in Tally
  • Difference between direct and Indirect expenses and Income
  • Balance sheet, profit & loss, and depreciation
  • All about income tax returns
  • Difference between sales tax and income tax
  • Advance payment entry, how to maintain balance bill by bill, and buy one get one free entry in Tally.
  • How to enter multi-tax purchase invoices in tally
  • Maintain multiple godowns in the tally
  • Columnar report in tally
  • Advance Stock Management Using Stock Category in Tally
  • How to Create Group in Tally – Group and Subgroup Creation in Tally
  • Set Standard Rates for items – Fix Purchase and sales price for any item
  • Use of Cost Centre in Tally – Cost Centre & Cost Category in Tally
  • Free Sample Entry in Tally – item Given as Free Sample entry in Tally
  • Why Purchase Voucher have two Dates to Change – What is the Voucher Date and bill Date
  • Opening Balance Entry in Tally
  • How to Remove Difference in Opening Balance in Tally
  • Fixed Assets Entry with GST in Tally
  • How to Change Data Folder in Tally ERP9
  • Bank Statement Entry in Tally Live Demo
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement in Tally
  • How to Calculate Closing Stock in Accounts only
  • Composition Accounting in Tally ERP9


Find here the other best tally courses:


5. Let’s Tute

This Mumbai, India-based institute has a goal to create a meaningful impact on the education segment by making quality education accessible to everyone who wants to apply learning in real life. This institute provides a Tally ERP 9 online course in the Hindi language. After completion of the course, the learner will get a certificate. The duration of their free tally courses is thirty-one days. The content of the course is as follows:

  • Introduction to Tally – Uses, Advantages & Automation, etc.
  • How to Download and Install Tally
  • Company Creation in Tally
  • Understanding Gateway of Tally Screen
  • Create/Alter and Display Groups in Tally
  • Create/Alter and Display Ledgers in Tally
  • Tally MCQ (CSV Format)
  • Recording Sales and Purchase Transactions with Stock


Contact: +91 93214 21265


Scope of Free Tally Courses

Increasing Digitisation of the Economy: Transparency, Cost cutting, interoperability, Advancement in digital infrastructure, Government push, Ease of doing business, and ease of living is what is driving the digitization of the economy.  This will ensure that more and more companies are adopting software like ERP (Tally), CRM, etc. According to Tally Solutions (Developer of Tally software), more than 2 million businesses globally are using Tally software.


Simple and highly efficient software: The user-friendly and easy navigation is the USP of Tally behind its high demand globally. Tally has been tailormade equally for small, medium, and large business houses. Whether it’s basic bookkeeping and billing or large & complex accounting transactions, Tally works like a breeze.


Cost Cutting for businesses: Hiring a CA or adopting software tools like SAP increases the operating cost for businesses, especially small businesses, Partnership firms, and SMEs. Such businesses are increasingly hiring candidates well-versed with Tally.


A Supply-demand gap of skilled accounting professionals: The demand-supply gap is glaring especially in middle and low-middle-income countries. For instance in a country like India with more than 1 Cr GST registration, only 3 lakh CAs are available.


Various Versions of Tally

Before taking paid or free tally courses it will be a good idea to know about the various versions of Tally. The very first version of Tally was Tally 3.0, launched during its foundation in 1990. With time like any other software product, it also went through evolution and updation of features. Consequently, in 2009 it launched Tally ERP 9 with new features like GST calculations, invoice generation, remote access, etc.

In 2020, they came out with the latest version, called Tally Prime 3.0.1 which provides an even better user experience, and navigation. This Tally prime has two versions, one is with ‘Edit Log’ and another is without ‘Edit Log’. The ‘Edit Log’ version allows users to keep an edit log permanently, which MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI) requires and is very useful for internal controls.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Q) Can I learn Tally at home?

A) 100% one can learn Tally at home. Today there are plenty of paid and free tally courses available online. Even to brush up on accounting basics one can fully rely on the internet. All you need is the internet and a computer.


Q) Can I learn Tally in 2 months?

A) Yes you can. There are either certification courses or diploma courses available. The duration of the certificate course for both paid and free tally courses ranges between 1-4 months and for the diploma it’s 1 to 2 years.


Q) Is there any free tally course by the government with a certificate?

A) Yes. NIELIT, Kohima provides two months of free Tally courses.


Q) Is Tally free for a lifetime?

A) Once you buy Tally software you will get lifetime access but you need to take a subscription in case you want additional features that Tally keeps on adding as the taxation system keeps evolving or if you want a remote login feature. However, the subscription fee is quite affordable.


Q) Is the Tally certificate useful?

A) Certainly it is If you are looking to enter into the accounting field or for your own business or Tally teaching or start working on customization of Tally software. Hence taking free tally courses is definitely a smart way to get the certificate.

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