Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Indore With Placements

Nowadays, practically every business needs financial modeling experts to comprehend the performance of financial assets and make investment decisions. You must learn about financial modeling if you want to see changes in your company and organically expand the business. There are numerous institutions where financial modeling courses in Indore can be taken.


List of best financial modeling courses in Indore


In today’s commercial environment where data science is used to build valuation models, financial models are used to predict a company’s financial future. As oxygen is necessary for a human body to run, income is necessary to run our economy, similarly, to handle financial concerns, we need expertise.

The financial sector is renowned for providing high wages, and financial modeling profiles are no exception. The pay, however, differs according to the candidate’s background, the organization to which they apply, and their geographic location.

The most popular choice for candidates seeking a financial education is typically financial modeling courses in Indore. The ability to apply financial modeling in practically all significant finance positions would require a candidate to have a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. But before we begin, let’s clarify what is financial modelling and how it features.


What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is the process of using numbers to describe the operations of a business in the past, current, and anticipated tomorrow. The purpose of these models is to serve as instruments for making important decisions.

Executives of the company may use them to project the expenses and revenues of a planned model project. To accurately predict a company’s future financial performance is the basic objective of financial modeling. 


Various Forms of Financial Modeling

Based on the reason and requirement for performing it, you should be aware of the most basic sorts of financial models. You may model your company’s financial demands and make plans by combining these models with a fundamental understanding of corporate finance and excellent layouts. 


Three (3) Statement ModelThese financial models are the building blocks for more intricate ones like discounted cash flow (DCF) models, merger models, leveraged buyout (LBO) models, and many others. The simplest model is this one, which simply contains three financial statements (Statement of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement).

The model includes several operational assumptions, including the profitability margin, cash flow from operations, and earnings rate of GDP growth.

Discounted Cash Flow Model: A particular kind of financial model used to determine a business’s value is the DCF model. A projection of a company’s un-levered free cash flow discounted back to today’s value, also known as the Net Present Value, is made using a DCF model (NPV).

Another well-known model type is the DCF model, which is created by investment bankers, management consultants, private equity, or venture capitalists to undertake company valuation using cash flows.

Merger Model(M&A):  This kind of advanced financial modeling is used to evaluate financial results and financial performance of both Target and the Acquirer businesses. It is most frequently employed in investment banking and/or business development, while the degree of sophistication can vary greatly.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model: According to these financial models, a firm’s analysis is equivalent to an estimate of the price that investors would be ready to pay for the potential target company. An IPO discount is factored into the pricing of an IPO model to guarantee that the stock trades favorably in the subsequent finance sector.

Option Pricing Model: The Pricing model category of financial models includes this model, as its name suggests. The two primary models used to price options are the binomial tree and the black-sholes model, both of which are incorporated into Excel. These models are based only on mathematical financial modeling rather than specific standards. 

Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO): A transaction in which debt is used as the primary form of consideration is known as a leveraged buyout (LBO). An LBO’s financial model is typically one of the most complex and challenging of all sorts of financial models because of the various levels of financing that demand working capital and result in circular connections.

A key feature of a leveraged buyout strategy is that it exclusively takes into account debt or non-equity sources as a source of external capital to maximize return on investment because debt is currently the cheapest source available in the market.


A Financial Model’s Advantages

  • An enhanced and thorough understanding of business
  • Constant Performance Review
  • Decide on your sources of funding and a plan and approach
  • Company valuation
  • Lowering risk
  • Financial models produce immediate results
  • Very accurate financial projections and estimates
  • Encourages Business Development and Growth


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Here is a Ranking of the Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Indore


Rank# 1. Financial Modeling Courses in Indore


Background: One of the top providers of online education programs is IIM SKILLS. Their mission is to help professionals by offering a top-notch education at a fair price through their live online and self-paced learning programs.

To help students advance their professional abilities in the next few months, they are actively looking for a variety of in-demand skill development courses. After the launch of a well-liked instructional blog that attracted one million views, IIM SKILLS was created.

They decided to start their first comprehensive training program and provide assistance with digital jobs. Industry experts with extensive expertise in the banking industry have designed their comprehensive rich financial modeling course curriculum.

The program is specifically tailored to guide students to market-level professions and is in line with the norms of the financial industry, earning the distinction of being the best among financial Modeling courses. 


About the Financial Modeling Course:

IIM SKILLS created this excellent course on financial modeling to inform you of the complexities of financial modeling and prohibit you from making any blunders. You will be thoroughly prepared for the market by taking this career-focused course, which will help you function at your peak level. They offer a thorough course on financial modeling that teaches both the theory and practice of financial modeling.


Key Takeaways/Hands-on Skills:

  • Analytical and judgmental abilities
  • Aptitude for solving issues
  • Knowledge of how to communicate and present
  • Vigilance in the details
  • Substantial knowledge of accounting and finance
  • Ability to define premium strategies
  • Necessary techniques and skills for valuation
  • Ability to integrate financial statements, create effective financial models, and use structured valuation methods
  • To provide applicants with the knowledge and abilities needed to develop innovative, robust, and structured financial models for conducting financial evaluation and making decisions
  • To equip you with the abilities and knowledge required for success in the worldwide standardized capital markets and financial system.
  • To instill in you the confidence necessary for you to start from the beginning and finish building a financial model
  • To efficiently carry out a business valuation and provide valuation reports


Projects Involved:

  • Excel basics and advanced
  • Accounting principles and financial reports
  • Ratio and KPI Analysis
  • The fundamentals of financial modeling
  • Various financial model kinds
  • Business valuation


Course Key Features:

  • Three Months in Live Online Mode
  • 70+ Lecture Hours; 50+ Training Hours; and 20+ Doubt-Solving Sessions
  • Practical Assignments for 100+ Hours, 4 Live Projects, and 5+ Case Studies
  • Internship with a 2-Month Guarantee, Mock Interview Training, and Complete Job Support


Who May Apply to the Program:

  • This course on financial modeling and valuation has essentially no restrictions or preconditions. Individuals of various backgrounds and levels of skill are welcome to enroll in and participate in this financial modeling and valuation course.
  • Graduate student
  • CA Inter/Final or Qualified CA
  • MBA/FRM/CFA (pursuing or professional)
  • Specialists in the finance department
  • or Engineers


Course Duration: 3 Month Program + 2 Months Internship

Course Fees: INR 39,900+18% GST

Contact Details: +91 9580 740 740



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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Rank# 2. Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

2. Certification Program in Financial Modeling & Equity Research, FINXL

Background: FINXL is a well-known global source of valuation as well as financial modeling training, including classes in Indore. Their Financial Modeling certification program is carefully constructed so that Lerner receives the maximum amount of real-world practical experience in Financial Model creation.

Learners create their models. Its skill set is very wide, and with a high success rate, it is regarded as a top training institute for offering financial modeling courses in Indore.


About The Financial Modeling Course:

The FINXL financial modeling online course is set up such that students receive live training online along with unlimited access to recorded sessions that contain 10 Financial Models & Research reports, content, spreadsheets, etc.

Live placement aid, Naukri portal updates, resume writing, call scheduling, and mock interviews are just a few of the services available in the online financial modeling course. Live meetings lasting up to 5 hours for one-on-one question/doubt resolution.

Their financial modeling program also includes formula creation, scheduling, and the acquisition of historical data on multinational corporations.


Key Takeaways/Hands-on Skills:

  • MS Excel Expert 
  • Conceptual understanding of finance and accounts
  • Data collection and modeling
  • Financial modeling and valuations
  • Equity Research
  • Sector analysis
  • Industrial analysis
  • Research reports


Projects Involved:

  • The student creates real-time financial models using real-time company filings for actual, publicly traded, private, and startup companies
  • The forecasting of the profit and loss account, the income statement, the statement of operations, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, the schedules for fixed assets, loans, debt revolvers, and equity, the revenue and cost drivers, the sector and industry analysis and forecast, the values such as DCF and Relative valuation, etc. are all covered in detail


Course Key Features:

  • Licensed financial modeling training with 100% Job Support
  • 3/6-month internship with a firm that conducts equity research
  • Investment bankers’ on-the-spot technical interview preparation
  • Discover industry-standard best practices for financial modeling
  • Create 5 financial models from scratch for the listed company of your choice
  • 100+ question questionnaire with suggested responses
  • Join their extensive alumni network for equity research and investment banking
  • Measurement of personal learning progress and ongoing evaluation


Who May Apply to the Program:

  • Any graduates (pursuing or having obtained an MBA)
  • Chartered financial analyst
  • Financial risk manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • CPAs
  • ICWA
  • CSs
  • Back office/operations professionals
  • BE/B.Tech
  • Financial analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Bankers
  • Financial controller
  • Corporate treasury managers
  • CFOs
  • CEOs
  • Fund managers
  • PE Fund managers


Course Duration:  

Weekend Batch Timing

  • Option 1 Saturday & Sunday (2 classes per weekend, 4 hours each) 3.5 Months (14 weeks), Intensive 110 hours
  • Option 2 Sunday (1 class per weekend, 7 hours each) 4 Months (16 weeks), Intensive 110 hours


Weekday-regular Batch Timing

  • 2.5 Months (12 Weeks), Intensive 110 Hours


Course Fees:

 INR 40,000 (Classroom training)

 INR 30,000(Real-time online training) 

 INR 20,000(Online recorded training)


Contact Details: +91 9158882688 / +91 9654223403



Rank# 3. Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

3. Financial Modeling Using Excel 2019, Talent Mark Academy

Background: The Talent Mark Academy Team is dedicated to giving you the best possible education and training. The meticulous selection of faculty members, which Talent Mark Academy has not compromised, is what makes the instruction excellent.

To provide you with broad experience and a clear vision, they have created courses based on actual case studies with the assistance of seasoned professionals.

Theory, application, and intuition are the three skill sets that Talent Mark Academy combines into a streamlined, updated curriculum that gives students an advantage in their professional careers. On the list of the best Financial Modeling courses in Indore, Talent Mark Academy is also mentioned.


About Financial Modeling Course:

A career in equity research, investment banking, corporate finance, project finance, credit rating, etc. can be started or advanced, thanks to the Financial Modeling Certification course. Financial modeling is a crucial ability with applications across the banking and financial sector as well as in big businesses.

Financial KPOs that support investment bankers and stock research firms, financial advice firms, project finance, and performance tracking and MIS for businesses themselves are all possible careers for people with talents in financial modeling.


Key Takeaways/Hands-on Skills:

  • Your entry point into a career in business analysis, project finance, credit research, and equity research
  • For forecasting analysis & company valuation, become proficient in excel modeling
  • Creating financial research pictures and assessing various areas


Projects Involved:


Course Key Features: To properly complete Financial Modeling Training, it requires close to 500 hours.

Who May Apply to the Program:

Financial Modeling Programs are available to anyone who is interested in a career in Core Finance and wants to obtain some real-world experience before entering the field. Eligibility Requirement: 12th Pass 


Course Duration: Close to 500 hours 

Course Fees:  Not Mentioned

Contact Details: 91-700-051-5517



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Rank# 4. Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

4. Business and Financial Modeling Specialization, Coursera

Background: The world’s top academic institutions in higher education offer their courses through Coursera, an open online learning platform. The majority of courses require students to read, talk with one another, attend lecture videos and presentations, and complete assignments and examinations as part of their participation.

For flexible, affordable, career-relevant online learning for people and organizations worldwide, Coursera collaborates with more than 275 top universities and businesses. From practical projects and classes to degree and certificate programs that prepare students for employment, they provide a variety of learning possibilities. It offers one of the best financial modeling courses in Indore.


About the Financial Modeling courses in Indore:

Your ability to make wise financial and business decisions will be aided by Wharton’s Business and Financial Modeling Specialization. You will learn about popular applications for investment research, company valuation, forecasting, and other topics in these basic courses, which will also expose you to spreadsheet models and modeling methodologies.

After finishing the specialization, you’ll be equipped to utilize your data to describe situations, create scenarios, and forecast outcomes. 


Key Takeaways/Hands-on Skills:

  • Financial Modeling
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Simulation
  • Linear Programming
  • Modeling
  • Linear regression
  • Probabilistic Model
  • Regression analysis
  • Monte Carlo method
  • Solver
  • Risk
  • Cash flow
  • Construct your quantitative models
  • Utilize spreadsheets’ mapping and prediction capabilities
  • Recognize risk measurement and management
  • Organize your choices for the best outcomes
  • Quantitative Modeling Principles
  • Getting Started with Spreadsheets and Models
  • Risk and reality modeling
  • Making Decisions and Scenarios
  • Wharton Business and Financial Modeling Capstone


Course Key Features:

  • Receive a Certificate after finishing
  • Completely online courses
  • Adaptable Timetable
  • No prior knowledge is necessary
  • The time needed to finish is about six months


Who May Apply to the Program: There is no prerequisite for this Specialization, making it perfect for workers, business owners, managers, consultants, and anyone else looking to improve their spreadsheet and modeling abilities. It is advised that you have a working knowledge of pre-calculus and high school math.

Course Duration:  6 months


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Rank# 5. Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

5. Financial Modeling & Valuation, CFI Education

Background: The team of dedicated educators at Corporate Finance Institute brings real-world business issues into the classroom. Their experience in the field exceeds ten years.

The organization CFI, which has its headquarters in India, provides very practical programs in areas including financial modeling, investment banking, and the CFA Prep program to help find employment. It is also considered one of the best in providing financial modeling courses in Indore.


About Financial Modeling Courses in Indore :

Finance professionals with years of expertise at top financial companies have conducted extensive research to develop your training packages. Their instructors can give the audience a comprehensive overview of the subject thanks to a strong blend of on-the-job and academic training expertise.


Key Takeaways/Hands-on Skills:

  • Basics MS Excel 
  • Intermediate MS Excel
  • Intermediate to advanced MS Excel
  • Macros/Dashboards/Excel Charts/VBA
  • Ration and Financial statement analysis
  • Business and financial modeling
  • DCF Valuation
  • Company analysis
  • M&A transaction value analysis
  • Project finance modeling
  • Pitchbook introduction and PowerPoint training
  • CV building and soft skills training


Projects Involved:

  • Live instructor-led instruction
  • A reasonable description of each topic
  • Assignments for every subject
  • Capstone projects
  • Analysis test
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Complete building & placement support


Course Key Features:

  • Live Training for 80+ Hours
  • Project-based Learning for 30 Hours
  • Building Soft Skills and a CV
  • Interview preparation and job placement support
  • Complete Study Guides with Video Lectures (Self-Paced)
  • Dedicated Teachers
  • Support for doubt clearing is available 24/7
  • Prepare for FMI Canada’s AFM Certification


Who May Apply to the Program: 

  • MBA, CA, ACCA, CPA, or equivalent degrees in finance, economics, and business
  • Graduates and engineers who want to work in the finance sector
  • Finance experts in banks, research firms, the stock market, analytics, and consulting


Course Duration:  2.5 months (weekend program); Sat and Sun – 4 to 5 hrs each day

Course Fees: INR 35,000 (Excl. taxes)

Contact Details: 91-935-426-6554



Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are courses in financial modeling worthwhile?

Financial modeling credentials are certainly worthwhile because they provide excellent career opportunities. These include project financing, stock research, credit analysis, investment banking, and other financial services.


Q2. Is Financial Modeling challenging?

Understanding how multiple financial factors relate to one another and ultimately result in financial statements is challenging. Even in the financial industry, financial modeling is thought to be one of the most difficult undertakings


Q3. How much does financial modeling pay?

The average yearly income for a financial modeling and conversion associate in India is approx. 5.5 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 4-8 lakhs approximately.


Q4. What are talents in financial modeling?

The capacity to develop hypothetical scenarios for prospective financial decisions using accounting data and financial documentation is known as financial modeling. Understanding terms like revenue, cash flow, capital allocation, and amortization may be necessary for this.


Q5. Are financial modeling and financial analysis the same thing?

To do financial analysis, pertinent data from financial statements and other reports are often analyzed utilizing ratio and trend methods. While creating a model that accurately depicts a real-world financial scenario is the main objective of financial modeling, on the other hand.



To manage complicated occurrences and transactions, a great financial model must be straightforward yet in-depth. A financial model is created by certain guidelines. It should be coherently organized, with an easily understandable layout. It is necessary to be explicit about the report’s motivations.

Generally speaking, it’s always preferable to the precise opposite of the truth. So precision is crucial. A precise computation must be used throughout. The field of financial modeling is very broad. You can begin a career in this field if you’re interested in doing so. It is hoped that this article on financial modeling courses in Indore was useful and helped you understand it.

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