Top 5 Institutes To Learn Tally Online in India

Tracking business activities; regarding the number of sales, purchasing frequencies, and the count of products in inventories can be done by using Tally. Inventory management and business accounting are the basics of managing business activities that involve Tally. In modern days, Tally refers to a computer application that is used by both small and medium businesses for accounting and making required decisions. The latest version of Tally software is ERP9 (Enterprise Resource Planning). Excel formulas are associated with Tally which executes all the calculations accurately and more easily. The article includes the Top 5 Courses to learn Tally online in India along with information on career scopes and the basics of Tally.


List of best institutes to learn tally online


Students from any academic background can apply for the Tally courses although aspirants from Commerce backgrounds will find it easier to learn relevant tactics. Processing of business activities is done through the software of Tally which ensures accuracy in calculation. There are ample online courses on Tally, including both the paid and free versions to learn the required knowledge and tools to use Tally.


Why is Tally Important?

Tally plays an important role in businesses to calculate monetary transactions like GST and Tax followed by all commercial deals. Integrated financial statements can be generated by using Tally to meet organizational demands. There are numerous software available to execute the calculations of Tally. Significant tasks like inventory management and keeping track of sales along with the supply of products are generally undertaken by Tally.

Making invoices and MIS reports are undertaken on the basis of monetary calculations by Tally. This eventually facilitates the overall process of decision-making by business organizations. In addition to this, the basic financial calculations to generate the statements of profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheets are associated with Tally.

In a nutshell, all the financial decisions are taken by proper execution of Tally. Accuracy and reliability are essential factors considered by businesses in terms of calculation.

The entire process of decision-making is dependent on the accuracy of calculations regarding profit and loss. Here lies the importance of Tally in businesses which constitutes the backbone of calculations. A strong career path needs to be developed to survive the competition regarding career development. Demands for reliable courses to learn Tally online are constantly rising.


Different Versions of Tally

Procedures of tallying is done by using various types of software that accurately stores important data regarding transactions and simplifies the calculation. The advanced software of Tally is quite time-saving for calculating financial transactions. Formulas in Excel are generally used in Tally software. Constant modifications to improve the process of Tally can be observed through the improvement of Tally software. Following are the different types of Tally software:

  • Tally 3.0: In 1990, the first version of Tally, 3.0 was invented to perform basic financial and accounting activities by small businesses. This version was only supported in Microsoft DOS and external commands were required to perform necessary operations.
  • Tally 3.12 (ERP9): Tally 3.12, invented in 1991 came with a few modifications of Excel features to simplify the calculation process.
  • Tally 4: This was the next updated form of Tally, invented in 1992. Like the previous two versions, Tally 4 also was compatible only with Microsoft DOS.
  • Tally 4.5: In 1994, this DOS-supported form of Tally came into the market with some more advancements regarding fast calculations.
  • Tally 5: Tally 5 came into the market in 1996 with the features of multitasking. Operating systems of Windows (WOS) were supported by this version.  
  • Tally 5.4: In the same year, further modifications were released through Tally 5.4 consisting of a graphic interface. This version gained much more popularity than previous versions regarding fast as well as accurate calculation.
  • Tally 6.3: In 2001, Tally 6.3 was released by focusing on the aspect of security regarding data. This version supported WOS and newly added features like VAT and printing were supported.
  • Tally 7.2: New features in terms of calculation were included in Tally 7.2, invented in 2005. Statutory complaints, multiple VAT values, and the fastest calculation were significant modifications associated with Tally 7.2.
  • Tally 8.1: Payroll features and POS were included in Tally 8.1 along with fast calculation features in 2006. Although this version was not quite successful in gaining acceptability among users.
  • Tally 9: In 2006, Tally 9 came into operation with new advanced characteristics like excise, facilities of e-TDS filing, payroll, TDS, and FBT. Along with these, measures of inventory management as well as accounting have been included in this version of Tally.
  • Tally ERP9: This is the latest version of Tally which emerged in the market in 2009 and this version included significant benefits regarding GST calculations, remote access, fast transactions, multi-logins, payroll, and invoice procedures.
  • Tally 18: Tally 18 came into the market with specific feature upgradations are of Tally.
  • TallyPrime: Small and medium businesses are most likely to use TallyPrime which is an advanced version of Tally. This version is used by businesses to manage inventories, taxation, banking, accounting, and payroll.


Benefits of Learning Tally

Managing financial transactions securely and accurately is of foremost importance for organizations to acquire a global competitive advantage. An appropriate course is to be selected by aspirants to learn Tally online, which would pave the way for acquiring prestigious jobs in reputed companies with an attractive salary structure.

Through learning the industry-recognized tools and technologies of Tally, students would get opportunities to be appointed in companies. Keeping track of the company’s transactions and presenting the calculations regarding profit and loss would be the basic responsibilities there. In addition to this, streamlined bookkeeping, compliance management, and taxation are the fields where accountants with the knowledge of Tally can secure jobs.

Demand for Accountants, who have skills to use updated software and technology is constantly rising. The need for managing finance will never wind up and the process of modifying the finance-management software is endless. Tally ERP9 is the current version of Tally and relevant knowledge as well as information can be acquired through opting for a suitable course to learn Tally online. The following are the benefits, associated with learning Tally;

  • Managing financial transactions in a reliable and secure way
  • Information entered in tally software is constantly being updated and the users can access it from anywhere
  • Small, medium, and large businesses can have a check on their financial transactions through Tally which thereby accelerates the decision-making process regarding future actions
  • Mandatory financial tasks like GST filing can be done smoothly by updated Tally software like ERP9
  • Both online and offline Tally courses are available in India that can be pursued by students and working professionals
  • Job prospects, after completing the Tally courses, are high in India as well as in foreign countries
  • Students, coming from any academic background can learn Tally although the knowledge of Accountancy and Commerce facilitates the process of learning
  • ERP9 is a user-friendly software and people can learn to use it in less time
  • Bright career scopes along with high salaries and chances of settling abroad can be accomplished after completing Tally courses.


Career Scopes of Learning Tally in India

ERP9 is the most used software of Tally and learning the tactics to use this software can bring forth ample opportunities for securing a bright career. Through ERP9, tasks of Payroll, Accounting, Taxation, Billing, and Analysis of profit and sales along with tracking the financial transaction can be done securely. Segments of Taxation including TDS, TCS, VAT, and GST can be calculated by ERP9.

The average salary of Junior Tally Accountants in India ranges between ₹15,000  to ₹30,000 approximately. High-salary jobs in India are available that can be achieved after completing certificate courses on Tally. In a nutshell, the salary of Tally-Executives in India amounts to nearly ₹9,26,000 per year. Choosing the best suitable course and completing it, leads to achieving prestigious job roles in India. Following are the job roles that aspirants can acquire;

  • Inventory Manager
  • Accountant Executive
  • Bookkeeper
  • Tally Freelancers
  • Billing Executive
  • Data-entry Operator
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Tally Operator
  • Sales Analyst
  • Accounts Officer


Eligibility Criteria For Joining Tally Courses

Students from any academic background, after completing secondary education, can pursue Tally courses although knowledge of Accountancy helps them learn Tally more easily. Completion of Secondary education (10+2) and having a basic knowledge of Accountancy as well as Business Management are considered formal eligibility to learn Tally online.

However, the Commerce stream is preferred for acquiring knowledge of basic calculations and ERP9. Students after completing their Graduation can apply for Tally courses as there are no age limitations. There are ample online courses that can be done by working professionals in India. Some Private Colleges in India do not need specific eligibility criteria. Students after completing their 10th can pursue Tally courses with basic knowledge and skills of computers.


Top 5 Courses to Learn Tally Online



Tally Master Course” offered by IIM SKILLS is one of the top-ranked in our list to learn Tally online. A certificate, recognized by the Indian Government will be offered by IIM SKILLS, after completing this course. This online course can be accessed from anywhere and anytime which can be a great reason to pursue this course. Practical Learning and acquisition of skills are the basic aims of this course.

Along with a comprehensive theoretical knowledge about Tally, other significant skills, such as; competency in accounting, analytical skills, communication, numerical ability, and computing skills, can be developed through this course. After completing this course, students will be able to apply for job roles, like, CA professionals, Tax Experts, GST practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Finance Professionals.


Course Name: Master Tally Course


Course Benefits

  • Master Certificate after completion of the course
  • Opportunities for self-study at your own convenience
  • Practical learning
  • User-friendly site to access class recordings along with study materials
  • Driven by advanced technology
  • Experienced and skilled faculties
  • Lifetime access to class recordings and resource materials


Course Module

  • Module 1- Business Accounting
  • Module 2- Advanced Tally “ERP9” and Tally-Prime
  • Module 3- Advanced version of Tally in Accounting


Duration and Fee: 20 hours (self-learning), 20 hours (lectures), and 60 hours (Practical Assignments); ₹ 2900 + 18% GST


2. “National Institute of Electronics and Information – Technology” (NIELIT)

Certificate Course in Tally” is the next course in our list of the Top Courses to Learn Tally Online which is provided by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT). A comprehensive knowledge of Tally software, ERP9 is provided by NIELIT through this online certificate course.

After completing this course, an industry-recognized E-certificate will be provided through NIELIT, Haridwar.  At the end of sessions, quiz contents are executed by this institution to judge the students’ knowledge regarding Tally and a 50% mark is mandatory to achieve the certificate.

Both students and working professionals can pursue this course as this course can be done online. Important job opportunities like Accountant Manager, Chartered Accountant, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, and Financial Planner can be acquired after gaining pertinent knowledge about Tally and relevant software through this online course.


Course Name: Certificate Course in Tally

Course Benefits

  • Online courses that can be done from anywhere
  • Digital India is associated with this adds value to the certificate provided
  • Opportunities to learn from practical assignments
  • Course contents are delivered by virtual classrooms and working professionals can also pursue this course to sharpen their skill
  • Skilled and experienced working professionals as faculty
  • Quiz, presentations, shared Links and E-content facilitate the opportunities for learning


Course Module

  • Fundamentals of Tally, ERP9
  • Inventory- Maintenance and Introduction
  • TRL balance, Cashbook, Balance sheet, Account of Profit and Loss, BRS
  • Concepts, Introduction, and Implementation of TDS in Tally
  • Financial Accounting
  • Creation of Companies and Maintenance
  • Backup/ Deleting/ Restore/ Securing companies
  • Creating vouchers, ledger, and entries in Vouchers
  • Concepts, Introduction, and Implementation of GST in Tally


Duration and Fee: 4 Weeks, 2360 INR

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of computers is required to pursue this course and there are no such criteria to do this course.


3. “TEPL, Tally Solutions”

Tallyprime With GST” is the next course in our list of top 5 courses to learn Tally online that is provided by TEPL, and Tally Solutions and created by Vedanta Soft Solutions. Comprehensive knowledge of GST and associated calculations will be provided by this online course at a reasonable fee compared to other online courses.

This course has been tailored for professionals working in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Data Analysis, MIS, Business Management, and Tax. This course will provide reskilling opportunities for working professionals, coming from the fields of business management and accounting.


Course Name: Tallyprime With GST

Course Benefits

  • Course contents can be accessed from any device
  • 1-year access to course contents and lifetime access to Tally recruitment portals
  • Real-life business case-studies
  • Screenshots, observations, charts, and illustrations on the application of TallyPrime software
  • Blended and flexible learning format to learn the contents at one’s convenience
  • Supervision and guidance of market experts
  • Industry-recognised certificates of Tally will be provided after course completion


Course Module

  • Module 1 – Start-up and TallyPrime
  • Module 2 – TallyPrime with GST
  • Module 3 – Printing Configurations of Tally Prime
  • Module 4 – Concepts of GST filling
  • Module 5 – Developing E-invoicing


Duration and Fee: 5 hours 30 minutes, 1500 INR


Other best Tally courses:


4. “Tally Training. In”

Tally ERP 9 Expert Course with GST” is the fourth Tally course in our list of top 5 courses to learn Tally online. This course has been approved by Market Experts and Chartered Accountants which increases the authenticity. After completing the course, the opportunity to sit for the exam is provided by this online Tally course.

Students are required to secure at least 60% to acquire the certificate. The entire course will be available for 1 year in their portal. Proficient faculties, with industry experience, provide the required knowledge and tools to utilize ERP9.

This course is focused on self-learning concepts and students can watch the videos regarding lectures at any given time as per their convenience. The industry-recognized certificate will be provided by this course.


Course Name: Tally ERP 9 Expert Course with GST

Course Benefits

  • Course contents are explained in a detailed and step-by-step process
  • Online classes and flexibility of attending classes as per own time and convenience
  • Opportunities for exams to assess the progress
  • Self-learning technique to facilitate flexibility in learning
  • Both students and working professionals can pursue this course
  • Comprehensive and detailed aspects of Tally ERP9 are included in the study module


Course Module

  • Company Management and User Interface
  • Masters in groups, ledgers, and credit ledgers as well as debtors
  • Developing vouchers for payment
  • Journal and Contract Voucher
  • Tally ERP and cheque printing
  • Inventory management
  • Detail about GST functions and implementing GST strategies.
  • Stock transfer, Data Synchronisation
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing and share market


Duration and Fee:  30 to 45 days, INR 1800


5. “Henry Harvin”

Advance Tally Prime Course” is the last course in our list of the top 5 courses to learn Tally online in India. Government of India recognized certification regarding Tally Accountant will be provided by Henry Harvin, after completing the course.

Proficiency in Bookkeeping and Accounting will be ensured by this online Tally course which includes enormous growth opportunities. A clear concept about E-payments, flow of funds and cash as well as cheque management will be developed through this course that will enhance the chances of being recruited by the MNCs.


Course Name: Advance Tally Prime Course

Course Benefits

  • Training and internship facilities
  • Facility to handle real projects
  • 100% Placement assurance
  • Online access to techniques, tools, video content, and assessments
  • Access to #AskHenry Hackathons where feedback can be given
  • Availability of 1-year membership for the Accounts Academy of Henry Harvin
  • Faculties having 20+ years of experience


Course Module

  • Module 1- Introduction of TallyPrime
  • Module 2- Managing inventory and use of ERP9
  • Module 3- MIS reports
  • Module 4- GST
  • Module 5- TDS
  • Module 6- Credit Limit
  • Module 7- Features of Banking
  • Module 8- Cost categories
  • Module 9- Classification and storage management of inventory
  • Module 10- Manufacturing and invoice of materials
  • Module 11- Data Import and Export
  • Module 12- Security Control and E-mailing
  • Module 13- Advanced GST


Duration and Fee: 28 hours, INR 9500




Q1. What are the career opportunities associated with Tally courses in India?

Tally courses will provide you with the required knowledge of Accounting, calculating GST and TDS along with techniques of using advanced Tally software like ERP9 and ERPPrime. Practical experience in financial calculations will enhance your value among small, medium, and large businesses where the chance of being recruited by reputed companies as an Accountant will be higher.


Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for Tally courses?

After completing secondary education, one can apply for Tally courses regardless of academic background and subjects. Students, after completing Graduation, can also apply for Tally courses. However, an academic background in Commerce or accounting is preferable to learning Tally online as these provide comprehensive knowledge of calculations. Having a basic knowledge of accounting and business administration is considered a plus point for choosing Tally courses.

Prestigious job roles, such as Accounting Clerk, Sales Analyst, Business Analyst, Data-entry Operator, Inventory Manager, Accounts Officer, and Accountant Executive can be achieved by the aspirants after completing the Tally courses. Apart from being recruited by private companies, there are opportunities to obtain employment in the Government sector as a Tally Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Accountant, and Chartered Accountant.

The salary structure depends on the job role and experience in the field of Finance Management. The approximate salaries of Tally Accountant, Executive of Business Development, and Accountant Executive are ₹1,70,579, ₹3,24,363, and ₹3,94,339 per annum respectively.


Q3. Are the students from BA backgrounds eligible for Tally courses?

Yes, students from any background can learn Tally online or offline. After completing Secondary education (10+2), students can pursue the courses of Tally. However, the knowledge of Accountancy, Calculation, and Business Management is complementary to pursuing Tally courses as this helps learn the subjects faster. There are ample Private institutions, providing Tally courses that do not require specific eligibility criteria. Completion of class 12 and the basic knowledge of computers is enough to learn Tally and relevant software.


Q4. Online or Offline courses, which is better for Tally courses?

Both are helpful to Learn Tally Online and gain an overall insight into Tally, its use in Accountancy and the use of ERP9 to execute accurate as well as fast calculations. Online classes provide convenience to attain classes from anywhere whereas in the case of offline classes, students are required to be physically present in the classrooms. For working professionals, online classes are more beneficial and students can select offline courses to facilitate face-to-face interaction with faculties to clear their doubts regarding course contents.



Selecting a preferable course to learn Tally online is beneficial for students to gain comprehensive knowledge about the use of Tally to manage business performance along with the utilization of ERP9 and TallyPrime. In this article, a list of top courses to learn Tally online in India is included. Important information like course name, duration, fees, benefits, and course modules have been presented in this article. A basic idea about Tally, its use in managing businesses, modification of Tally software, career scopes of pursuing Tally courses along eligibility criteria to apply for Tally courses are presented for readers’ convenience. Hope, this article will help students select a suitable online Tally course to meet the targets of their career.

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