Toop 7 Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh With Placements

Creative Writing is different from technical writing, which allows one to express one’s feelings in a way free from strict writing patterns. A freedom of expressing inner feelings with the strength of words can be felt by creative writing and an art form of writing can be experienced through this. Consistent practice can improve writing and help break the ice of writer’s block. A sense of satisfaction is attached to creative writing as this involves expressing one’s feelings and emotions artistically. If you are willing to write creatively but lack the knowledge of tricks and tips, this article is tailored for you. Information about the top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh is presented in this article.


List of best creative writing courses in Edinburgh


You will get a clear insight into the factors associated with choosing the most suitable Course that will provide you with the required training in creative writing. You can lead your readers to perceive specific scenarios or events in the way you want them to conceptualize. This is one of the strongest attractions of writing creative content. The words and the patterns of writing will represent you among your readers.


Professional Fields where Creative Writing is Required

In the contemporary world, creative writing has myriad career opportunities in different fields. You just have to brush up on the tactics to write engaging content to grab tempting career opportunities in the fields of media, advertisements, entertainment, news, and blogging.

Besides these, you can earn a handsome salary as a freelancer or by ghost-writing. Content marketing is a booming field across the globe that needs creative writing. All companies, to some extent, need creative writers to make their products and services familiar to global customers. Following are the contents written creatively to promote advertisements among customers:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Social-media posts
  • Informative videos
  • Infographics
  • Emails
  • Podcasts
  • Social-media Campaigns


Creative writing is required to grab the attention of online users which is one of the main concerns of brands. Apart from this, writing blogs or articles reflects the utmost creativity regarding the use of words that are essential to building a positive brand identity among global customers.

Blogs are written to publish information about products and services through websites to establish brand value among customers. Thus, the power of words is admired by ample professional fields which brings forth the opportunity for creative writers to build a successful career.


Types of Creative Writing

Creativity with suitable words in the appropriate place is one of the essential requirements of brands to attract customers. Multiple types of creative content can be written by pursuing Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh.

  • Copywriting: As a copywriter, you can get jobs in the advertising field where you will be writing captivating content on behalf of brands to attract audiences. Converting online users into potential customers through innovative writing is the primary responsibility of copywriters.
  • Blog Writing: The primary responsibility of writing blogs is to share information about products and services among global audiences through websites. While writing articles and blogs, you need to use words in a creative way that convinces online users to make purchases from concerned brands.
  • Social-media Writing: This type of writing is tailored to ensure the social presence of brands and products. Millions of people throughout the world are social-media users and you will be presenting specific brands among these global audiences through creative writing. You can also execute campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube in which creative writing will help inform people about the concerned campaigns.
  • Emailers: Sending emails, consisting of information about product promotion, discounts, and market launching is an essential part of digital marketing that needs creative writing. Indirect communication can be ensured through sending emails and skills of writing creative content help achieve the purpose of grabbing customers’ attention.
  • Scriptwriting: Writing the contents of movies, plays, and videos is referred to as scriptwriting which is all about creative writing. Expressing the main story through words used creatively is the main purpose of writing scripts.
  • News Writing: Describing specific events is known as writing news which is a crucial part of running media channels. Reading information and influencing audiences to hear or read news from specific media channels depends on the style and authenticity of the written content.
  • Memoirs: Memoirs are written to express one’s life odyssey which includes creative writing. Memoirs shed light on one’s life experiences which helps gain an insight into life’s events. The strength of words is the most essential requirement to write memoirs that guide one to make future decisions in life.
  • Poetry/ Novels/ Short stories: Writing books of short stories, poetries or novels can be a good career for people who require the skill of writing creatively. Although, in today’s world, extensive competition and career uncertainty might stand in the way of developing a career as a writer, excellent writing skills can be the resource to turn this dream into reality.


Why Learn Creative Writing

Creative writing opens up the opportunity to increase your vocabulary through which you can explore new ways to express your thoughts. Writing is an intense form of interaction with others that reflects your feelings and the way you perceive the society around you. Creative writing has a close connection with a sense of satisfaction that boosts your confidence.

You can gain a comprehensive insight into your inner feelings and emotions by penning down your self-expression. Creative writing courses will guide you to excel in different genres of writing such as writing blogs, articles, stories, poetries, novels, advertisement copies, memoirs, movie scripts, personal essays, fiction, short stories, and so forth.

You will get complete guidance on how to start writing creatively, ways to increase vocabulary, and tricks to write engaging content to ensure readers’ satisfaction.

Benefits associated with learning creative writing:

  • A creative way to express yourself
  • Grabbing lucrative job opportunities in the writing field
  • Developing the skill of critical thinking
  • Opportunity to improve communication skills


Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh


1. IIM SKILLS – Content Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS is a trusted Ed-Tech company that provides Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh to develop your writing skills. You will be provided with essential writing tools regarding Websites, SEO Management, and Page Creation free of cost. Through gaining knowledge about tactics of Creative Writing and tools regarding this, you will become confident enough to write articles, blogs, ad copy, e-books, academic writing, business listings, product descriptions, video scripts, press releases, and web pages.


Duration: 140+ Hours, 1 Month (main course) + Internship of 3 months (optional), E-mails, social-media posts, Brochure, and infographics

Eligibility: Students coming from any academic background can apply for this course

Fees: 144.86 Pound sterling


Content Writing Course Advantages

  • Global Accreditation of certificate
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Practical Learning
  • Flexible hours of learning and online classes
  • Opportunities for freelancing
  • Access to 35+ writing tools included in course fees
  • Industry-recognised and trusted certificates
  • Placement Support
  • Internship facilities


Course Module

  • Fundamentals of Creative Writing
  • Web Development and WordPress
  • Writing Articles, web pages, and Blogs
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Writing Emails
  • Writing Video-Scripts and Social-Media
  • SEO
  • Creative Writing
  • Business Listing and SOP
  • Technical Writing
  • AdSense and Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Writing Resume
  • Writing Freelance Contents


Contact: +91-9580740740,


2. University of Edinburgh- Postgraduate Course in Creative Writing

The University of Edinburgh provides a full-time Master’s course in Creative Writing where you will be provided with the opportunities to attend workshops, be a part of peer discussions, and get the feedback of skilled writers. Prize-winning and well-published writers will be guiding you in improving your writing patterns.

A certificate for completing the post-graduation will be provided to you. This will make the path for grabbing job opportunities in the fields of publishing, marketing, editing audiobooks, writing scripts, and ghostwriting. They offer degrees like MSc, Masters, and PhD in Creative Writing.

After completing the post-graduation course in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, you will become confident enough to excel in fields like Publishing, Arts Administration, Marketing, Editing of Audio Books, Writing, Narrative Design of Gaming, Script Writing, and Ghostwriting.


Duration: 1 year

Eligibility: Honours degree in the discipline, specific marks in IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, C1 Advanced, ISE and PTE



  • Opportunity for workshops
  • Industry professionals and guest writes as faculties
  • Chances to implement practical applications rather than gathering only theoretical considerations
  • Feedback from classmates as well as teachers can be acquired
  • Seminars for motivating you to practice writing
  • Opportunities to pursue a Ph.D. in creative writing


Course Module

  • Writing Poetry
  • Writing Fiction
  • Writing Drama


Contact: +44 (0)131 650 4086


3. Wesleyan University- Creative Writing

Wesleyan University offers Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh as a significant part of the English Honours degree. The journey evolved from a few introductory and basic courses to a comprehensive program. You will be provided with the utmost knowledge, skill, and tools for creative writing to cope with the intensely competitive market in contemporary days.

This course has been considered a separate pathway by Wesleyan University that develops an integration among culture, literature, and history. The course brings forth the opportunity to ensure intensive specialization in writing creatively. An integration between discipline and creativity in the context of writing is the base of this course.



  • Opportunities for courses regarding special topics
  • Workshops for creative writing
  • Comprehensive knowledge of writing including the history of literature
  • Opportunity to write Theses
  • Weekly meetings to clear doubts about course modules
  • Evaluation of performance by experienced and skilled faculties


Course Module

  • Introduction of creative writing
  • Writing poetries
  • Writing Novels
  • Writing essays
  • History of English literature and culture
  • Ideologies and genres of literary expression
  • Literary History
  • Literary Geography
  • Theories
  • Creative Writing


4. Edinburgh Napier University- Postgraduate Creative Writing Course

Both Graduate and Postgraduate degrees in Creative writing are provided by Edinburgh Napier University. You will be provided with the required expertise along with the ideas and talent you already have. An integration between literary experiments and commercial genre can be developed by pursuing this course from Edinburgh Napier University which offers Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh.

You can pursue this course on a part-time basis which provides opportunities for working professionals to accomplish academic degrees. Skills to write stories and narratives will be polished through this course and professional development regarding writing and excelling in the writing field.


Duration: 1 year


  • Honours degree in any discipline and relevant experience in writing
  • IELTS with a score of 7.0

Fees: £17,090 (overseas and EU), £6,930 (Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Ireland)



  • Access to the private workspace where you can practice your writing skills
  • Access to exclusive libraries accommodating more than 2,000 books
  • Skilled guest speakers’ guidance
  • Comprehensive knowledge to market your skills


Course Module

  • Cross-disciplinary aspects of writing creatively
  • Writing graphic fiction
  • Narrative of Creative Writing along with required tools- Concepts, techniques, and skills of writing narratives
  • Use of interactive media
  • Writing stories including the niches like horror, crime, science, and fantasy


Recommended Reads:


5. Scottish Universities International Summer School (SUISS)- Creative Writing

A comprehensive course in creative writing is offered by SUISS which is affiliated with 7 prestigious Universities in the UK. Inclusive classrooms and constant guidance from industry-recognized faculties are the main advantages associated with this course.

SUISS provides beneficial Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh that develop the skills to write poetries, non-fiction, dramas, and fiction. You will be provided with the support through which you can sharpen the skill of critical analysis.

Through this course, you can join the Editorial groups where you will be obtaining the reviews and feedback of your peers on your writing skills. This opens up the opportunity to join in an interactive session where the free flow of information is ensured. Collaborative knowledge regarding English, Scottish, and Irish will be provided through this course which will present an overall image of English literature.


Duration: 4 weeks

Eligibility: Students from any academic background can pursue this course. Specific pieces of literature, mentioned by the University, are to be read by students before joining this course.



  • Opportunities to contact established writers
  • Facilities of master classes led by authors
  • Group seminars of 3 hours
  • Sessions for individual mentoring
  • Opportunity to publish your writing in a biennial publication


Course Module

  • Modernism in terms of creative writing
  • Contemporary Literature of Creative Writing
  • Writing poetries
  • Writing Non-fiction
  • Writing Fictions
  • Writing drama scripts


6. Coursera- Creative Writing Specialization

Coursera provides creative writing courses that can be done on your own schedule. The industry-recognized certificate will be provided by Coursera, which will help you find lucrative jobs in the field of creative writing. You can add this certificate to your resume as well as your LinkedIn account which would increase the chances of being hired by reputed companies who need content writers.

A total of five distinct modules will be taught which include writing plots and writing story scripts. These Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh are provided by Coursera which develops your skill as a subject-matter expert. Online classes with flexible timings are the fundamental advantage of this course. Working professionals also can join this course along with students. Coursera offers multiple creative writing courses regarding different aspects;

  • Personal Essay and Memoirs – 4 months duration
  • Understanding creativity in writing- 21 months duration
  • Using words- 4 months duration
  • Editing and writing- 18 hours duration
  • Writing Novels- 127 hours duration


Duration: 3 to 6 months

Eligibility: No specific eligibility criteria are mentioned by Coursera and students coming from colleges constitute the main target audience of this course.



  • Flexible schedule
  • Efficient authors and teachers as faculties
  • No in-person classroom presence is required
  • Online classes and access to learning materials


Course Module

  • Writing short stories
  • Fiction writing
  • Copy-writing
  • Creative writing

Coursera offers Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh through collaboration with;

  • Wesleyan University
  • Calarts
  • Colorado Boulder University
  • Michigan University
  • Commonwealth Education-Trust


7. Gotham Writers- Creative Writing Course

Gotham Writers, a New York-based institution provides Creative Writing courses that can be pursued from any country. This institution has a vast network of professional writers and you will get the opportunity to interact with them on a face-to-face basis. Facilities of private classes for 6 to 10 weeks are included in this course that help communicate directly with your Mentors. Both online and in-person classes are provided by Gotham Writers regarding Creative Writing courses.



  • 10-weeks (Writing Fiction)
  • 10-weeks (Screenwriting)
  • 10-weeks (Writing Articles)
  • 6-weeks (Creative Writing)
  • 4-weeks (Writing Short-Nonfiction)



  • Online classes that can be pursued from any part of the world
  • Limited class size and equal attention are given to all students
  • Guidance of skilled mentors while undertaking project works
  • Professional feedback from skilled writers
  • Private sessions of 3 hours to clear doubts
  • Opportunity to be a part of the Writing Community


Course Module

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Writing songs, poetries, and comedies
  • Scriptwriting
  • Launching of Blogs
  • Proofreading
  • Writing Memoirs





Q1. What are the career scopes of Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh?

Developing skills in creative writing opens up opportunities to grab lucrative job offers in today’s competitive market. Creative content is an essential requirement of brands to attract customers, reach a global audience, establish brand value, and increase the number of sales. You will be provided with a comprehensive knowledge of writing creative content, using appropriate words, and meeting the purpose of writing.

Professional fields of freelancing, blogging, social media writing, creating advertisement copies, writing short stories or novels, developing content marketing pieces, writing movie scripts, and ghostwriting can be explored through creative writing. Apart from writing for others, you can also execute content marketing if you want to start new businesses to be a successful entrepreneur. Required skills and capabilities of writing creative content and expressing your feelings through words can be mastered by choosing a Creative Writing course in Edinburgh.


Q2. What Skills are required to become a successful Creative Writer?

Specific skills and capabilities are required to excel in any professional field that involves dealing with other people. Storytelling, communication, critical thinking, time management, editing, and researching are the basic skills to be a successful creative writer. Along with this, the capability to use appropriate words at suitable places and utilize the aesthetic of constructing sentences are essential skills associated with creative writing.

Through storytelling and communication skills you will be able to express your feelings through words among readers. Critical thinking and research skills will help you conceptualize the demands of readers or the requirements of audiences so that you can write to meet the purpose. You need to produce content within a given time frame where the skill of time management will play an important role. Besides this, editing skills will assist you in creating accurate pieces of content.


Q3. What are the benefits of pursuing Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh?

Creative writing provides you with the opportunity to express yourself in a better way. After completing a course in creative writing, you will get a clear insight into the aesthetic of words and you will be able to develop extensive communication with your readers through the power of words. The power of imagination, the feeling of empathy towards others, the ability to clarify your thoughts about something, and increased vocabulary are the fundamental benefits associated with creative writing.

Creative writing courses in Edinburgh provide you with the skills of writing as per the demands of your readers’ requirements and help you produce content to attract the target audience towards the factor you are writing about. This will enhance the chances of developing a good career in the professional field of writing. Along with this, you will get the chance to attend workshops where you can develop connections with eminent leaders in the content writing field who will be providing you with feedback regarding your quality of writing. This will make way for improvements in terms of your writing pattern.


Q4. How should we choose the best Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh?

First, you need to be clear about your target and career goal which will help you decide the requirements to pursue the Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh. There are ample genres in the context of writing in the contemporary market. If you are keen to learn creative writing skills and consider writing as the most satisfactory way to express yourself, you can think of pursuing a creative writing course.

Several factors you need to assess to select the most suitable creative writing course including the degree you will be getting, industry relevance of the certificate, opportunities of workshops, duration of the course, and course modules. These will help you gain a basic idea about what you are going to learn through that course. Along with this, the opportunity to clear your doubts regarding the course modules, communication with faculties, and placement assurance are essential aspects to consider. After considering all these factors, the process of selecting a course will be much easier for you.



This article includes detailed information about the top 7 institutes offering Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh. A basic idea about the purpose of Creative Writing, the application of this skill to build a successful career, factors associated with creative writing, and career opportunities can be obtained from this Article. You will be provided with significant information about course advantages, study modules, course duration, and placement assistance. This piece of the article includes institutions such as IIM SKILS, Edinburgh University, Wesleyan University, Edinburgh Napier University, Scottish Universities International Summer School (SUISS), Coursera, and Gotham Writers which provide comprehensive Creative Writing courses in Edinburgh. Hope it will help you choose the most suitable creative writing course that will make the way to improve your writing skills.

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