Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne

In today’s business environment, knowing the fundamentals of financial Modeling is quintessential to making appropriate decisions regarding various aspects of the business. In addition to this, having proper knowledge of different aspects of financial Modeling helps in the financial analysis of a particular organization in an efficient manner, which would, in turn, help in the better performance of the business in the future. This article would highlight some of the best Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne that one can pursue to develop a better understanding of what financial Modeling is, and how it helps a business to flourish.


List of best financial modeling courses in Melbourne


What is Financial Modeling?


Before delving deep into the details of the best Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne, it becomes very necessary to understand what financial Modeling is. In simple words, a financial model is a statement that shows a business’s overall operations-its expenditures and revenues in a spreadsheet.


This statement is studied carefully by the financial analysts of the organization before making any decisions in the near future. It is through the study of the financial model, that the executives and the financial analysts of the organization examine and predict how a particular decision will affect the stocks.


One might question that, is proper knowledge of financial Modeling very necessary for the growth of a business organization. The simple answer to this is Yes. The reasons for having proper knowledge of financial Modeling are mentioned below. 


Firstly, having proper knowledge of the business helps in assessing the overall value of the business. Secondly, it is through the proper financial model, that the business can formulate appropriate plans concerning assessing the cost involved for future projects.


Thirdly, the financial models help in formulating future course of actions and strategies for the business organization. In addition to this, it is via the financial models of the business that a particular business is compared with its peers in the business world.


Keeping the financial model in mind, the executives or the financial analysts decide on future projects, allocating adequate capital resources for a particular project and narrowing down the budgets. 


Future Prospects After Completing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne


It should be known that those who join a particular financial modeling course, desire to enter the job market. The institutes offering financial Modeling courses usually design their curriculum in such a manner that it makes the person ready with the skills such as tabulating models and properly maintaining sheets. 


As more and more people are getting to know the fundamentals of financial Modeling, they are becoming aware of the opportunities that come along their way. The course also provides the learners with soft-skills training, which in today’s competitive world is an important factor when one appears for job interviews.


Pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne would enhance a person’s knowledge in using all the tools and software necessary when it comes to decision-making in a business. The modules provided in such courses mold a person’s ability to understand the current position of the business as well as its prospects.


Career Opportunities After Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne


After completing a proper course in financial Modeling in Melbourne, a person would have several career opportunities to pursue. Some of the job positions are-

  • Financial Managers or Analysts,
  • Investment Banking Associate,
  • Investment Banking Analyst,
  • Equity Research Expert,
  • Credit Analyst,
  • Stock Market Analyst,
  • Risk-Management Expert,
  • Advisor in Financial Marketing,
  • Executive in Clearance Services.


To name a few, these were the few career choices for a person who completes a Financial Modeling course. Once a person gains expertise in financial Modeling tools, the gateway to success opens up. 


Why Melbourne?


Melbourne is often regarded as one of the most amiable and student-friendly cities in Australia, according to the QS Best Student Ranking for 2023. Various reasons make Melbourne rank in the QS list which is discussed below. When a person thinks of Melbourne, a picture of a vibrant city, rich in culture comes to mind.


As for students, Melbourne offers quality-class education, a diverse range of services, and a plethora of career enhancement options. When it comes to considering the cost of living and daily expenses, Melbourne is quite an affordable city for students. Melbourne is considered one of the safest cities providing learners with ample educational programs and research opportunities.


Apart from providing amazing educational and learning opportunities, Melbourne has ample recreational activities to offer the students. One can enjoy the Australian Tennis Championship, musical events, literary festivals as well as racing carnivals. Thus, a person can consider pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne and experience the cultural aspects and academic options which the city has in its basket.


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Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne


After understanding what financial Modeling course essentially is, let us see the various institutes that offer Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne.


1. IIM Skills


Often considered as one of the prominent online educational institutions, well-known for offering skill enhancement for professional workers, students, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs to actualize their true career potential. The programs offered at IIM Skills are initiated by qualified experts having over more than 12 years of experience.


The courses provided by IIM Skills are designed after thorough study to cater to the present-day needs of the students and aspiring job seekers to enhance their skills and be ready for the job market. To pursue Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne, IIM Skills has proven to be a preferred option for the learners. Let us look into the details of the financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills.


Name of the Course- Online Financial Modeling Course

Duration– 3 Months. 

Cost of the Course- 723.46 Australian Dollar + Taxes


Features of the Course:

  • This 3-month long course offers more than 50 Hours of Online Lectures and 100+ Practical Assignments to get the experience of the theoretical knowledge learned. 
  • In addition to this, those enrolled in the course would get the opportunity to work on 5+ of the case studies, and 4 live projects.
  • The course on financial Modeling offered by IIM Skills offers them a guaranteed internship for 2 months as well as them prepares them for job interviews as well.
  • Another important factor that makes this course the desired one is the Certificate from IIM Skills which is recognized by the MSME Government of India. This certificate adds to the resume of the candidate.
  • IIM Skills provides the enrolled students life-long access to their respective LMS which provides them access to the recorded lessons anytime, anywhere.
  • The students get free access to the tools used in financial Modeling which helps them to gain expertise in using them in real-life scenarios.
  • The enrolled students for the financial Modeling course would get a hands-on learning experience in MS Excel as well as PowerPoint. 
  • In case of doubts, the student can contact their mentors who assist them as per their needs.
  • The students get 24*7 technical assistance which avoids any hindrance in their learning process.


The curriculum of the Financial Modeling Course at IIM Skills

  • Comprehensive understanding of Financial Statement and Financial Modeling.
  • Understanding and creating different types of financial models and analyzing them, for proper decision making. 
  • Detailed understanding of a particular business situation to select a proper financial model.
  • Understanding different ways to evaluate diverse financial parameters.
  • Learning to use inferential models to predict beneficial results for issues in the real corporate world.
  • Learning essential Excel formulae for financial analysis.


Who Can Enrol?

  •  B. Com, BBA, or MBA Graduates
  • CA/CFA
  • Financial Experts.


To know more details about the Online Financial Modeling Course offered by IIM Skills, one can

Contact: +91 9911839503 or 



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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Plum Solutions


Another educational institution that can be considered when thinking of pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne is Plum Solutions. This is one of the reliable institutes offering rigorous training in financial budgeting, financial analysis, and business decision-making.


Name of the Course- Online Financial Modeling Bundle

Duration– 12 months 

Cost of the Course- 525 AUS Dollars


Features of the Course

  • This course on financial Modeling offers three different types of courses to cater to the needs of the students. The courses which they offer are-
  1. Financial Modeling for Non-Financial Modellers
  2. Financial Modeling in Excel (Intermediate)
  3. Advance Financial Modeling (Advance)
  • The students enrolled would receive all these three courses with books and one-to-one guidance provided by the financial expert Danielle Stein Fairhurst. 
  • Those enrolled would receive hands-on experience working with MS Excel. 
  • Those enrolled would get a proper experience in a classroom. Enrolled students would watch the lessons and then answer the quiz to ensure a proper understanding of the theoretical knowledge. 
  • The students would gain practical knowledge by building their respective financial models based on a case study. The experts would provide them with detailed feedback on the same.
  • The students get a certificate at the end which adds to the resume and gives the candidates an upper hand when applying for a job.


The curriculum of the Financial Modeling Course at Plum Solutions

  • In-depth understanding of the components of Financial Modeling and Financial Statements.
  • Learning to use various tools essential for financial analysis.
  • Getting a good grasp of formulas is essential for understanding business statements.
  • Getting used to the tools essential for financial Modeling.
  • Understanding real-life scenarios to make appropriate decisions as the need arises.
  • Proper learning of MS Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Timely guidance by the experts.


Who can Enrol?

  • BCom/ BBA/MBA Graduates
  • Business Analysts.
  • Engineers, CA/CFA


For knowing more details one can reach out to Plum Solutions at

Contact Number- +61283006646



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3. JPA Financial Modeling


JPA is well-known to provide exceptional understanding as well as analysis of the different major business models with a proper understanding of art and science. JPA has been training aspiring students in financial analysis and auditing aspects for more than 10 years.


Owing to their quality services provided to the clients as well as students, JPA Financial Modeling institute proves to be another good option when one thinks of pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne.


Name of the Course- Introduction to Financial Modeling 

Duration- 2 Days


Features of the Course

  • At present, the Financial Modeling course by JPA offers the enrolled students quality in-house training to enhance their financial Modeling and business analysis capabilities.
  • The course also provides a detailed study of all the concepts related to financial Modeling. 
  • The enrolled students get hands-on experience in positioning the financial statements keeping in mind the components of financial accounting. 
  • The students getting enrolled in this particular course get the opportunity to enhance their skills in using MS Excel. 
  • The students learn to develop practical 3-way financial models to suit the needs of the different business types.
  • The students receive one-to-one guidance from experts who are in the field of financial Modeling for more than a period of 10 years. 


The curriculum of the Financial Modeling Course at JPA Financial Modeling

  • Learning various methodologies of valuation.
  • In-depth understanding of Excel sheets as well as PowerPoint.
  • Learning through actual business scenarios, analyzing them to make the right decisions.
  • Understanding of flags and dates.
  • Learning escalation.
  • Detailed introduction to debts.
  • Introduction to working capital.
  • Introduction to concepts such as depreciation and capital expenditure.
  • Learning about distributions and equity.
  • Learning about Revenue as well as operating expenditure factors.
  • Introduction to corporate tax.


Who can Enrol?

  • Anyone interested to enhance their skills in financial Modeling or interested in pursuing a career option in the corporate world.
  • BCOM/BBA/MBA Graduates
  • CA/CFA


To know more details about the financial Modeling course at JPA Financial Modeling, one can 

Contact- +6138582635



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4. Nexacu


Since its initiation in the year 2013, Nexacu has been creating a diverse range of learning opportunities for learners. Nexacu has been providing Avante grade training in different applications of Microsoft to users over New Zealand, Australia, as well as different countries in South East Asia. 


Nexacu has turned out to be one of the trusted organizations by the majority of small as well as large-scale businesses thereby making it one of the trusted institutes for pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne.


Name of the course- Excel Financial Modeling Course for Beginners.

Duration– 1 day

Cost of the course- 440 AUS Dollars


Benefits of the Course

  • The course on financial Modeling by Nexacu is led by well-trained, authorized, and adept trainers to cater to the needs and objectives of the enrolled students.
  • Regularly revised training materials to revise the learned concept thoroughly and as many times as needed.
  • The course implements new teaching methodologies and enhances the capabilities of the students.
  • The course teaches the students to create their smart models and devise real solutions to business problems.
  • A thorough analysis of actual case studies to understand different business solutions and implement the same when the need arises.  


The Curriculum of the Excel Financial Modeling Course for Beginners

  • Learning different Modeling strategies.
  • Learning the process to validate data.
  • Introduction to formula referencing.
  • Understanding the difference between absolute and reverse referencing.
  • Learning diverse financial functions.
  • Hands-on experience on how to use MS Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Understanding difficult formulas related to math and finances. 


Who can Enrol

  • Anyone willing to learn the basics of financial Modeling can enroll.
  • BCOM/BBA/MBA Graduates
  • CA/CFA


To know more details about the financial Modeling course at Nexacu, one can 

Contact- +61730361350


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5. Swinburne University of Technology


Another educational institution that can be considered when thinking of pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne is the Swinburne University of Technology. What makes Swinburne University of Technology the desired option is the fact that it is an Internationally recognized university offering a diverse range of courses to choose from.


In addition to this, this institute provides a dynamic teaching-learning environment that enhances the overall learning experience of the students. With the growing changes in the corporate world, decision-making becomes a vital aspect for a particular business to flourish.


To make appropriate financial decisions, certain variables have to be understood and analyzed. This course on Financial Modeling offered by the Swinburne University of Technology offers the students a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting financial decisions, different business models, and aspects of accounting and finance. 


Duration– One Semester


Features of the Course

  • The course will allow the students to study some of the business models with the help of MS Excel and understand the different factors influencing the working of the business. 
  • The enrolled students would get the opportunity to formulate different business models as per the situation demands to make appropriate decisions for smooth business operations
  • the Swinburne University of Technology offers the students paid internships along with guaranteed placements.
  • As per the suitability of the student, he/she can opt for the online or offline course as well. In addition, this institute offers two terms – summer and winter.
  • The course on financial Modeling offers the student quality teaching and learning of different tools, thereby making the students ready for the job market.  


The Curriculum of the Financial Modeling Course at Swinburne University of Technology

  • Learning to examine the different types of financial models and understand their different features.
  • Learning to use MS Excel as well as PowerPoint in an efficient manner. 
  • Learning to construct different financial models as per the situations.
  • Learning to distinguish between a good and a bad business model.
  • Analyzing different case studies in detail to make efficient decisions when the need arises. 


Who can Enrol

  • COM/BBA/MBA graduates.
  • CA/CFA


To know more about the financial Modeling course at Swinburne Institute of Technology



IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


6. WallStreetPrep


Ever since its foundation in the year 2004, the financial Modeling course offered by the financial experts of WallStreetPrep tries to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and the practical implication of financial models. The experts equip the enrolled students with the practical skill which are essential for analyzing a particular business and facilitating appropriate decision-making capabilities. 


Name of the Course- Financial and Valuation Modeling 

Duration– 46 hours

Cost of the Course- 499 AUS Dollars


Features of the Financial and Valuation Modeling Course

  • The course trains the enrolled students with the concepts of financial statement Modeling and financial analysis.
  • The students are provided with knowledge about the different financial models from experienced specialists from top financial organizations as well as investment banks.
  • A rigorous study of different case studies is offered by the course to enhance their understanding of the operations of the corporate world. 
  • Understanding and creating their business models using MS Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Those enrolled for the course would get a month’s access to PitchBook.


The Curriculum of the Financial and Valuation Modeling Course

  • The course offered by WallStreetPrep offers a comprehensive understanding of Financial Statement Modeling.
  • The course also offers a detailed study of DCF Modeling. 
  • The course also introduces the students to M&A Modeling.
  • Understanding the features of Transaction Comps Modeling is also offered by the course.


Who can Enrol

  • BCom/ BBA/MBA Graduates
  • Business Analysts.
  • Engineers, CA/CFA

WallStreetPrep is one of the preferred choices when it comes to choosing Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne. To know more about WallStreetPrep one can






Q1. Is Financial Modeling Course extremely necessary when looking for a job?

Doing a financial Modeling course is not compulsory to get a job. But in the corporate world, the certificate, as well as the knowledge of the financial models, gives a candidate an upper hand over the other candidates.


Q2. How long does it take to complete Financial Modeling Courses?

It entirely depends upon the institute you are doing the course from. Some institutes have a month-long course while few institutes complete the course in a few days.


Q3. Are financial modeling and good career?

Yes, definitely financial modeling is one of the most rewarding careers.




Thus, so far, we have seen how important knowing the basics of financial Modeling is important for proper decision-making and choosing a particular future course of action for a business. A person who has a basic understanding of financial Modeling tends to have an upper hand when it comes to seeking a job. In the above article, we have discussed the Top 6 institutes offering Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne. So, why delay enriching your knowledge? Get yourself enrolled in the course and start learning.

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