Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia With Certificates

Creative writing is unique in its own way. That is the only reason for us to be captivated by it. Through creative writing, one can distinctively express own thoughts and can make others mesmerized. Having a skill in creative writing will not only just open doors to all kinds of writing fields, but you can also have a lucrative work life. If you are passionate about writing, acquiring creative writing skills is the right option for you. If you want to study creative writing skills abroad, creative writing courses in Malaysia would be one of the best options for you.


List of best creative writing courses in Malaysia


Why Malaysia? Where in Malaysia? Do not worry. This article will give you all the information you need along with the details of the top esteemed creative writing courses in Malaysia.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is narrative writing which has content that is non-academic and technical. It includes story books (fictional), novels, essays, playwriting, prose, poetry, journalism, blogs, and more. Fiction essays or stories are the best and most common creative writing examples. Both reader and writer get engaged with this kind of writing in a way that they are living that life, although both parties know it is fictional.

Yet both of them end up reading and writing it. In other words, we all feel captivated somehow by creative writing because of the writing style, which doesn’t follow any specific rules and uses a wide variety of techniques, thus, making it modern, innovative, and unique.

Sometimes we need clarification about the difference between creative writing and content writing because content is everywhere, whether the writing is for marketing, education, leisure, or any other means. So, let’s know the difference between creative writing and content writing.


Difference Between Creative Writing and Content Writing:

  • Creative writing is someone’s unique creativity which can be fictional, non-fictional, or lyrical. On the other hand, content writing is fact-based writing based on research and intended for a specific audience.
  • Creative writing is a pleasurable and entertaining item that can make us captivated, whereas, content writing is more informative, and persuasive and work as a communicative tool between a company and a specific audience.
  • Creative writing is expressive and original and is mainly used for leisure. On the contrary, content writing is very meticulous and definite and is used for work purposes only.
  • Creative writing is for the general audience but content writing is for the targeted audience.
  • Creative writing can be freestyle, whereas, content writing must follow specific business guidelines.


What Will You Learn in Creative Writing Courses?

If writing is your passion or you need to hone your writing skills for your work then taking a creative writing course is the right choice without any doubt. Let’s see what you should expect from any creative writing course.

  • Determining your Writing goals
  • Ascertain your strengths and weaknesses in your Writing
  • Get knowledge through interacting with other writers
  • Enhance your Writing skill
  • Grow and expand your Writing ideas


Simply put, a creative writing course will help you in many ways, both personally and professionally. Building excellent communication skills, self-expression, self-confidence, time management, forming good writing habits, and more.


What are the Benefits of Creative Writing Skills:

Creative writing skill is the most powerful tool in the writing industry to do any kind of writing work whether for business, education, blogging, or any other means. Besides the importance of creative writing skills in writing, there are other significant benefits one can have through exercising creative writing skills. Let’s look into that:


  1. Help in Building Strong Vocabulary

Exercising creative writing skills need loads of writing practice and reading books, journals, blogs, and more. That being said, you need to write on any topic whichever you find interesting, and read as much as possible. In this way, you will build a strong vocab of yourself.


  1. Boost Confidence Level:

When you are exercising creative writing skills, you are practically expressing your own thoughts in the process without any boundaries or consequential limitations. And while you are on it, you are allowing yourself to develop your thought process. You expand your research, explore everything and anything you want, and then you express it in your own voice in your writing. You feel comfortable and more confident doing it. In short, exercising creative writing skills will help you gradually to expand your imagination, and express your voice more confidently. Eventually, you will feel more confident both in your professional and personal life.


  1. Enhance Thought Process:

Practicing creative writing skills will enhance your imagination and clarify your thought process. As a creative writer, you will have to write on a variety of topics for different audiences. Writing for different audiences and on different topics will help you to expand your imagination and to clarify your thoughts on how you will present the topics, and how you should proceed with words to reach the audience. It doesn’t matter what you are writing for, it can be for marketing, education, blogging, etc, imagination with a clear thought process is a significant component in the writing industry. Simply put, creative writing skills will surely help you in stretching your imagination with a simplified thought process which will also have a great effect on your personal life.


  1. Improve Communication Skills:

Through exercising creative writing skills you will write on a variety of topics, situations, and even on different characters. While creating characters with different possibilities, you will develop a better understanding and empathy toward others. In the process, you will be able to build communication easily with others which will affect your personal and professional life altogether.


  1. Strengthen Mental & Physical Health:

The study showed that exercising creative writing skills is an excellent aid both for mental and physical health. While you are working as a creative writer, you are imagining, and expressing your thoughts, which makes you empathetic and a better communicator. The whole process, starting from imagination to executing your thought process as writing makes you more comfortable and confident which makes you feel better both physically and mentally.

Simply put, exercising creative writing skills not only makes you healthy inside but also gives you the confidence to continue to achieve more.


Why Study Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia:

Malaysia, situated in the middle of Thailand and Singapore, is an eccentric country endowed with scenic beauty and multicultural background. In addition, Malaysia is a tranquil place as well as an asylum for International students. So, you don’t need to worry while exploring natural treasures, relaxing, and soaking in the surroundings in your free time.

Furthermore, according to UNESCO, in recent years, Malaysia has been the 11th most popular country for pursuing higher education. With the absence of language barriers and the availability of a variety of English-taught programs, English has become the distinguished language in Malaysia.

There are several distinct creative writing courses available in Malaysia with affordable tuition fees along with the cost of living expenses, such as meals, rent, and transportation are ideal for all international students. Additionally, Malaysia has a tropical climate with pleasant weather throughout the year with diverse nationalities and cultures, where you can get abundant food.


What are the Possibilities/Opportunities for a Career in Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia:

In Malaysia, Pursuing creative writing courses has quite a few work opportunities. Students with creative writing skills can use it to do different projects where creative writing is an important component. Let’s discuss the possibilities:

  • Author
  • Novelist
  • Article Writer
  • Content Writer
  • Writing Coach
  • Journalist
  • Blogger
  • Script Writer
  • Podcast Writer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Advertising Expert
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Proof Reader
  • Publishers


Creative writing skills are an undeniably important tool for entering the digital marketing world. Thus, studying it will give you the most productive outcome in this digital era.


Other best courses in Malaysia:


The Top 5 Esteemed Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia are:



Course: Master Content Writing Course

IIM SKILLS is one of the top-notch educational institutes that offer a variety of online courses around the world. IIM SKILLS is a well-renowned E-learning platform for creative writing courses in Malaysia, providing the best curriculum in writing courses with extensive expertise.

They provide training through live classes on a practical basis by industry experts. Students will learn different types of writing during the course and after completion of the course, they will get a certificate that has great value in the content writing industry. IIM SKILLS also provide internship which will help you to build your resume as well as placement assistance.

Additionally, IIM SKILLS has an excellent expertise team who help every step of the way starting from learning creative writing to building a resume along with getting placements.


Content Writing Course Modules: 

  • Module 1.- Introduction to content writing
  • Module 2.- WordPress development
  • Module 3.- Digital content (articles, blogging, webpages)
  • Module 4.- Copywriting
  • Module 5.- Marketing collaterals
  • Module 6.- Email writing
  • Module 7.- Video scripts and social media writing
  • Module 8.- Creative writing
  • Module 9.- SOP and business listing
  • Module 10.- Legal writing
  • Module 11.- Technical writing
  • Module 12.- SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Module 13.- Content marketing
  • Module 14.- Affiliate Marketing and Adsense
  • Module 15.- Freelance content writing
  • Module 16.- Resume writing


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Key Highlights of the Course

  • 4 weeks of live online classes for content creation
  • 3 months guaranteed internship for building a resume with flexible hours
  • 16 hours of lectures and 14 hours of internship sessions make in a total of 30 hours of practical training
  • Free tools worth 35K
  • IIM SKILLS Certification, training for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) & Test of Legal English (TOLES) at Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Lifelong Support both in Consulting & Technical
  • Guidance in Building Resume during Internship
  • Portfolio Development for Job/Freelance
  • Freelance Opportunity
  • Placement Assistance


Mode: Live Online Classes

Duration: 4 weeks + 3-month Internship (optional)

Fees: 853.08 Malaysian Ringgit + 18% GST

Contact: +919580740740,

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

2. The University of Nottingham


English with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

English with Creative Writing MA


The University of Nottingham is the top university in teaching creative writing courses in Malaysia. It is well known for its in-depth teaching in English creative writing courses along with the best teaching expertise. This year, the University of Nottingham ranked 114th in the UK and 18th in the QS World University Rankings. In Malaysia, it is rated 5 – stars based on its teaching quality and students’ feedback.


 English with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Core Modules:

1st YEAR

Academic Community

Beginning Creative Writing

Introduction to Linguistics

Studying Literature

The Influence of English

The Survey of English Literature & Drama


2nd YEAR

Discourse and Society

Literary Linguistics

Modern and Contemporary Literature

Writing for Performance

Prose and Poetry Writing

Victorian and Fin de Siecle Literature

World Literatures in English


3rd YEAR

Advanced Writing Practice

Creative Writing Dissertation

Modern British Fiction Since 1950

Patterns, Functions, and the Description of English

Shakespeare and His Contemporaries on the Stage



Typical Optional Modules

Malaysian English

Malaysian Literature in English


Course mode: On Campus

Duration: 3 yrs Full Time (Part-time not available)

Fees: RM 29,700 per year (Malaysian student)

Fees: RM 35,500 per year (International student)


English with Creative Writing MA

Typical Core Modules

Fiction: Form and Context

Poetry: Form and Context

Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Conventions and Techniques

What is Literature?

English: Dissertation in Creative Writing


Typical Optional Modules (choose only one)

Grammar and Discourse

Literature and Modernity


Key Highlights of the Course

  • Get Master’s Degree Certification after completing the course
  • Students will develop significant knowledge for research and practices in the ample field of English


Course mode: On Campus

Duration: 1 yr Full Time

Duration: 2 yrs Part Time

Fees: RM 39,000 Per Program (Malaysian student)

Fees: RM 46,900 Per Program (International student)


3. COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – The Full Course

Among other E-learning platforms, Udemy is one of the most well-known for its creative writing courses in Malaysia. Udemy offers a creative writing course made of fun and practical things to grow your excitement about creating your own world of artistry. They provide guidance on fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction – all four types of creative writing.

They also help with writing techniques, literary devices, and building specialized skills to develop your personal writer’s voice. In addition, here, students can evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of their work as well as obtain confidence through sharing their work with other public outlets.


Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Creative a Digital Portfolio


The Course Includes

  • 43 Video Lessons on –


  1. A quick writing assignment ensured with the day’s keynotes
  2. A lesson summing up an area of course content
  3. A practical application project


  • Online 37 Review Quizzes on Major Concepts
  • Outside Resources like, Graphics, Notes, Assignment sheets are provided
  • Video Lessons for over 12 hours


Key Highlights of the Course

  • Self-paced Learning system
  • Practical-based writing assignment
  • Interactive self-evaluation via quizzes
  • Obtain feedback from experienced people


Course Mode: Online

Course Duration: 6 Sections, 162 Lectures, 12 hrs 7m total length

Course Fees: INR 3199


Recommended Reads:


4. Skillshare

If you want to learn creative writing courses in Malaysia or from anywhere in the world at your own pace, Skillshare is the right platform for you. You can learn different topics of creative writing courses from individual experts with predefined time duration. In short, you can access all the sessions regarding creative writing courses from individual experts on specific topics at any time you prefer by subscribing to their membership for just Rs 164.

The best thing about Skillshare is that you get to learn from skilled professionals specialized in specific topics along with your preferable time durations.


5. Henry Harvin

Another online education institute, Henry Harvin is also popular for their creative writing courses in Malaysia. Their pragmatic creative writing course empowers writers to imagine beyond their pre-set thoughts as well as expand their vocabulary.  Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama – the four genres of creative writing are the core content of their course along with how to improve writing techniques by using idioms, phrases, metaphors, dialogues, etc.

They provide such teaching techniques through which students not just get to familiarize themselves with the four genres of creative writing but also gradually grow their creative writing skills and manifest the professional creative writer’s habit.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Course Content

  • Initiating Creative Writing
  • Literary Elements and Techniques
  • Creating Stories
  • Fiction Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Poetry Writing


Key Highlights of the Course

Training: Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions for 24 Hours

Projects: Resource to undertake projects in Creating Stories, Fiction Writing, Script Writing, and more

Internship: Internship Assistance to build up practical experience in learning

E-Learning Access: Video content, assessment, and more with Abundant tools and Techniques

Bootcamps: Regular Bootcamps are available over the next 12 months


Hackathons: Obtain free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions

Membership: Bonus point– get 1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy for the Certified Creative Writing Course

Certification: Receive Certification of Certified Creative Writing Course from Henry Harvin after successful completion of the course

Placements: Guaranteed placement support for 1-year after successful completion of the course


Course Mode: Online

Course Duration: 24 hrs

Course Fees: INR 12,500 




Q 1. Can anyone learn creative writing skills? OR Is it gifted in-born skill?

The answer to this question is both. Someone who has a knack for imagining things and a unique way to describe them, he/she has an inborn gift to be a creative writer. And if someone is passionate about writing then he/she can learn creative writing skills.


Q 2. Is learning creative writing skills hard?

The answer to this question can also go both ways. For someone who doesn’t have a knack for writing or is not passionate about it, then creative writing is not for him/her. On the other hand, for someone who loves to write and has a knack for describing things in an exceptionally different way, then learning creative writing would be enjoyable and much easier for him/her.


Q 3. How much can anyone earn as a creative writer?

Creative writers can have lucrative earnings with experience. As a beginner, one can expect to earn INR 15,000 per month in a salary job. Besides having a salary job, one can do other things like blogging, producing own podcast show, writing a book, and more which would be excluded earnings besides average salary.


Q 4. What are the advantages of studying creative writing courses in Malaysia?

Studying creative writing courses in Malaysia has a handful of advantages.

  • There are well-known educational institutions situated in Malaysia where studying creative writing skills would be a great choice.
  • In the absence of language barriers, English becomes the most esteemed language there.
  • Malaysia is known as one of the best places for studying abroad because it is a low costing place for students, including tuition fees, meals, rent, and transportation.
  • Malaysia is known as a tropical paradise. So, the weather is both enjoyable and suitable for all.


Q 5. What is the future of a creative writer in Malaysia? Is it worth it?

In this digital era, there are many work possibilities to build an attractive career as a creative writer after completing creative writing courses in Malaysia. You can have a salary job in the writing industry along with you can start your own blog site or podcast, or you can be an author as well. With the increasing internet exposure having creative writing skills can be a handy as well as significant skill in the content industry. So, yes, it is worth it.



It is an undeniable fact that creative writing has a great scope in the writing industry. And if you are passionate about writing, nothing can stop you to have a lucrative work life. So, if you are someone who loves to write, you just have to upgrade your skills in creative writing. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live in; if you are looking for creative writing courses to hone your creative writing skills, you should enroll in one of the above-mentioned creative writing courses which we handpicked for you. The above-mentioned top esteemed creative writing courses in Malaysia will guide you to learn and master the art of creative writing styles with placement assistance. These creative writing courses are highly recommended by professionals and students who learned creative writing courses there. So then, stop wasting your time and select a course from the above that fits your criteria and start a journey to be a successful creative writer.

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