Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Belfast With Placements

Nowadays, creative writing is one of the most widely used forms of writing, and more and more individuals are choosing to enroll in specialized courses. Your choice of words and how you employ them will make a huge difference in this type of writing. Enrolling in creative writing courses in Belfast will help you develop the art of word combination, which is necessary to attract the reader’s interest.


List of best creative writing courses in Belfast


The writing sector has only lately expanded to become a sizable global industry, and as a result, it has been included in the list of reputable professions. A creative writing course will go over how to start a freelance writing career and make money from either full or part-time employment.

Some courses will emphasize writing improvement. But most classes will show you how to write in various genres, including poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Be extremely picky when selecting your Creative Writing courses because doing so might occasionally ruin your experience.


What is Creative Writing?

Any writing that exhibits originality and deviates from the standards of academic, professional, journalistic, or technical literature is referred to as creative writing. This style of writing tells a story with creativity and imagination. It can include poetry, screenplays, fiction, and essays.

You can master creative writing with the help of professional writing classes. Your creative writing abilities will increase with continued study and practice. A creative writing course online can assist freelance writers to refine their craft and shift more toward fiction writing. Poets and writers who narrate stories are needed by many brands.


Why Enroll in a Creative Writing Course?

When you enroll in a creative writing course, you’ll receive several learning advantages. As a freelance content writer, the following are the main advantages of enrolling in an online English writing course:

  • Discover your distinct writing style.
  • You will gain a hands-on learning opportunity that helps you develop the necessary skills.
  • Learn various writing skills and styles.
  • Write excellent fiction style.
  • Recognize and use the fundamentals of creative writing when producing stories and poems.
  • Become an expert in English-language literary classics. You’ll comprehend how this affects the process of writing a book or a novel.
  • To hook readers, and create more compelling and believable stories.
  • Increasing your vocabulary will help you communicate better.
  • Develop your writing skills and increase your creativity.


Creative Writing Vs Content Writing

There are notable differences between creative writing and content writing based on several different factors.


●      Tone

Creative writing can have a range of tones, depending on the writing style and the author’s mood. The author can select the tone that best suits their piece. It can be joyful, emotional, frightful, painful, consoling, hopeful, despondent, and other things. The tone used by the artist is not limited to what is “acceptable.”

Writers of content must adhere to a set brand tone, whether they are independent contractors or employed by a website content writing agency. There are frequently few choices. The tone of content writing is typically objective, serious, positive, and educational.


●      Purpose

Another significant distinction between creative writing and content writing is this. Expression, entertainment, and involvement are typically sought for outcomes of creative writing. Sometimes writers will just ramble on about whatever comes to mind. Writing content is done with a certain objective in mind. It could involve selling, distributing information, or pursuing other business goals.


●      Artistic freedom

When it comes to creative freedom, creative writing, and content writing are very different. In contrast to content writers, creative writers have far more artistic latitude. The composition’s duration, tone, style, format, and objective are all under their control.

Also, they are given the artistic leeway to exaggerate, use imagery, and use figurative language whatever they like. Content writers must follow SEO and writing standards despite their creativity. In the latter, it’s critical to increase the intended audience’s visibility and ability to read the content.


●      Style

Creative writers use a vivid, fantastical, and inventive tone that may be based on reality or fantasy. The writing style of content writers, on the other hand, is meticulous, elegant, factual, and instructional.


●      Platforms

Creative writing can be utilized for blogs, magazines, newspapers, and even handbooks, depending on the audience it is intended for. Writing content is also used by digital platforms that wish to leverage SEO to bring in organic visitors.


Advantages of Creative Writing Course


  • Imagination

Your imagination is exercised when you make up fresh settings, situations, and characters for your work.

  • Improved Thinking Clarity

Creating structures for your creative writing enables you to rationally and emotionally organize your thoughts. You’ll be able to outline clear solutions to challenges in the future by having a clear perspective on events in the job and the rest of your life.


  • Broader Vocabulary

Your vocabulary will grow as you experiment with new forms of expression via creative writing. As your writing abilities develop over time, your language use and vocabulary will also increase, which will be beneficial in all social and professional settings.


  • Critical Review

You will learn how to critically analyze others’ writing as well as have your work critiqued as part of your creative writing course. Being able to listen to feedback and implement constructive criticism is an important skill that will benefit you in whatever career path you choose.


●      Exposure To Language

It gives pupils the chance to experiment with various word kinds, phrase patterns, and forms. By exposing kids to more than simply reading a tale about what they did that day or explaining who they are as a person, it broadens their perspective on the world.


Types Of Creative Writing Courses

These are a few typical categories of creative classes that might aid in your writing development:


●      Short story writing

These programs instruct students on how to tell engaging tales in fewer words. Also, these programs teach students how to incorporate only the most crucial elements of a scene to keep the tale brief.


●      Fiction writing

Writing fiction entails making up events and characters, and these workshops assist authors in creating fully realized non-realistic stories. They can assist the pupils in expanding their imaginations and using appropriate language to arouse the readers’ emotions. A fiction writing course may teach you how to structure a tale effectively to entertain readers, which is the main goal of fiction.


●      Non-fiction

These writing classes aid students in producing fact-filled non-fictional writings like memoirs and blogs. Students learn different non-fiction writing styles, how to organize their work, and how to check sources to make sure the material is true and reliable in creative non-fiction workshops.


●      Copy editing

Copy editing is the process of editing and verifying text for accuracy and consistency. Copy editing courses teach students how to polish and edit their work. Also, these courses assist authors in learning a variety of editing techniques, including drafting, spelling, and proofreading.


●      Screenplay writing

Students can master writing techniques and styles that are appropriate for TV scripts and films. For instance, students are taught how to style character speech, select the appropriate typefaces, and make screen headers in screenplay writing classes. Also, some screenwriting schools offer a variety of exercises that aid authors in character development and scene transitions.


●      Novel writing

Students learn how to write lengthy, imaginative stories in novel writing classes. In a novel-writing class, students learn to keep their creativity alive while organizing the storyline and keeping a consistent voice throughout the book. You may devote time to make the required preparations for writing a novel with the aid of these courses.


●      Poetry writing

Students can learn the skills needed to write several kinds of poems, including sonnets, free verses, and blank verses, in a poetry writing class. Students can learn about and practice composing many kinds of poetry in these workshops. To learn and build their writing styles, students also research the writing styles of well-known poets.


Career Opportunities for a Creative Writer

We’ll look into writing positions to help identify one that matches your qualifications and career objectives.


●      Content Writer/ Author

Even though it might be the most obvious profession, many individuals still have the desire of becoming writers. Keep in mind that as a creative writer, you must be familiar with all the techniques for harnessing your imagination and conveying it through writing.

Yet, the title “writer” is a catch-all for a variety of professions since writing isn’t limited to novels; other forms of writing include poetry, prose, theatre, short stories, and so on. Make sure to pursue your dream to the end because real passion is one of the most crucial factors in achieving achievement.


●      Copywriter

Copywriting is perhaps the finest approach to launching your writing career because it pays very well. Writing for marketing and other types of advertising is referred to as copywriting. A sort of written material called “copy” aims to raise brand recognition and compel potential consumers to act. There are numerous types of copywriting and numerous businesses that utilize it, thus there are numerous work opportunities available.


●      Journalist

Sometimes it requires a lot of creativity to be a journalist, so you have to be able to relate to every bit of information you get. Journalism also covers more than just the news, unlike politics. You can work as a journalist for the sports, movie, or fashion industries.

But be careful, the competition in this profession is fierce and initially not very lucrative, so go in this direction if you’re honest and you think you can change or better the journalism industry.


●      Travel Blogger

Travel writing is the ideal profession if writing and traveling are your two greatest loves. It’s also important to note that you’ll need to travel the world and write incredible articles about your incredible adventures.

The best part is that a publisher is not required to work as a travel writer; all you need to do is grab your bag, create a blog about your incredible trip, and from there, you’ll have even more opportunities for cooperation and possibly job titles.


●      Social Media Specialist

Today, every reputable business takes advantage of at least one social network’s advantages because it’s where the majority of clients hang out and you can easily target them there. Yet, it takes well-written, original language to persuade a potential consumer to act and purchase their goods. As a creative writing graduate, you can write such a text.

It will be practically hard to not get work in this industry because there are constantly hundreds of job offers from different sorts of companies.


●      Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialists’ only goal is to sell you their products by providing you with some fresh knowledge and making you feel like a part of the community. The more customers you persuade to make purchases and the faster you advance in your career, the better paid this profession often is because you can affect their bottom line.


●      Editor

The writing process also entails editing and revising the initial draught until it is flawless and prepared for submission. Being an editor entails more than just fixing spelling and punctuation mistakes. It also implies improving upon what was originally written; for example, taking a concept and rewriting it in more elegant and better-sounding terms. Thus, you can always work as an editor.


●      Columnist

The publication of their column in a prestigious publication like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, or Forbs is a goal of many writers. Even though there is fierce competition in this field, competent and confident individuals have nothing to be concerned about. Depending on the topics you write about, having a column in a magazine may be a well-paid, enjoyable profession that also allows you to travel and interact with fascinating people.


●      Ghostwriter

If you’re not yet ready to make your name known to the world, ghostwriting is one of the best ways to launch your writing career. The world of freelancing is full of these opportunities. You can write whatever you want, including books of various genres, articles, blog entries, and much more.

You can create articles on any subject you like, and then sell them to a business that requires them. Nevertheless, if you’d prefer something more reliable, numerous businesses are seeking for ghostwriters to produce their articles using the names of made-up authors who don’t exist.


Top Creative Writing Courses in Belfast


Rank #1. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast


IIM SKILLS is ranked one of the best creative writing courses in Belfast. IIM SKILLS offers industry-recognized master certification under excellent faculty with immense experience in the domain. IIM SKILLS is committed to offering top-notch services at affordable prices without sacrificing student success or course quality.

Along with 30 hours of self-learning online Content Writing Course, 16 hours of lectures, and practical assignments, IIM SKILLS also provides 14 hours of internship session opportunities and freelance opportunities where you can learn to develop your skills and promote yourself in a real-world scenario that will help you to create a better portfolio for a successful future in creative writing.


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Course Module


Content Writing

WordPress Web Development

Digital Content such as Articles, blogging, and webpages


Email writing

Social media writing and video scripts

Creative writing

SOP and business listing

Legal writing

Technical writing 101

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content Marketing

Affiliate marketing and AdSense

Freelance content writing

Resume writing


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Rank #2. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast

2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the biggest global destinations for learning and teaching across the globe. It provides self-paced learning where students can learn within their time frame. Udemy provides one of the best creative writing courses in Belfast.

Udemy’s creative writing courses may help you develop your writing talents whether you’re working on the first draught of a novel, trying to write your memoirs, or just want to polish them. Start a creative writing course on Udemy to master the fundamentals of poetry and story structure from acclaimed authors.





Course Available


Complete Creative Writing

Book Writing

Writing Novel Outline from Scratch

Narrative Design Master Class

Copywriting and SEO for Beginners

Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Writing Poetry

Creating Characters and many more


Rank #3. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast

3. Coursera

Coursera provides only online courses which anyone can opt for from anywhere in the world. They provide creative writing courses in Belfast at pocket-friendly prices. They work with universities to offer online courses to students. Their courses are for four to twelve weeks with one or two hours of videos than contain lectures. Once purchased students can learn in their own time.

Coursera provides online courses such as creative writing, editing, novel writing, Poetry workshop, Fiction, and Non-fiction writing, etc from worldwide universities like Wesleyan University, Michigan State University, University of Michigan, etc.

The Coursera learning schedule is mostly customizable and self-paced. Even professionals who are currently employed can still learn when it suits them. When the course is finished, a shareable certificate is awarded. Making a writer’s profile where the certificate may be shared to recognize the talents is made easier by doing this.


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Rank #4. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast

4. Queens University Belfast

Queens University in Belfast is one of the top creative writing courses in Belfast where you can build your professional skills as an author and engage with the vibrant creative community of the Seamus Heaney Centre.

The curriculum encourages you to experiment with all these writing styles before selecting a specialization. It comprises prose writing and script writing. You will be required to read widely, entertain novel ideas, engage in adventurous reading, and react to the work of your fellow writers rigorously and generously.

Building on your grasp of the literary market and the business sides of literary creation, you will practice becoming an autonomous writer and a self-reflective lifelong learner.

You will learn from seasoned novelists, playwrights, and screenwriters, participate in workshops with visiting authors, publishers, editors, and agents, and add to Queen’s University of Belfast’s great legacy of creative innovation.


Core Modules


Dissertation Creative Writing (60 credits)





Optional Modules


Professionalizing the MA (20 credits)

Creative Writing Workshops (40 credits)

Scriptwriting: Creative Writing Workshop 1 (20 credits)

Fiction: Creative Writing Workshop 1 (20 credits)

Creative Writing: Craft and Technique (20 credits)


Rank #5. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast

5. Writer’s Digest University

Interested in improving your writing skills? Your blogging skills? Want to become a copywriting expert to support your creative writing while earning a solid side income? You should look into the online courses offered by Writer’s Digest University, which apart from providing top creative writing courses in Belfast are intended to help you develop your writing skills and accomplish your writing objectives.

You’ll get weekly assignments to motivate you to keep your writing on track and you’ll get specific advice from our professional writing instructors, guide you and make sure you’re making strides in becoming a better writer.









Workshops available


Advanced Novel Writing

Breaking Into Copywriting 101

Fundamentals of Fiction

Writing the Personal Essay 101: Fundamentals

Form and Composition

Writing the Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel

Introduction to Copyediting

Copyediting Certificate Program

Form and Composition

Outlining Your Novel

Writing the Young Adult Novel

Marketing Your Magazine Articles

Business Writing

Writing Women’s Fiction


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

Rank #6. Creative Writing Courses in Belfast

6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a leading Ed-tech company that provides creative writing courses in Belfast. By upskilling professionals through programs that emphasize practical application, it gives them essential abilities. These programs are designed to provide effective and easy business training to professionals and students by experts with extensive industry experience.

Get ready to learn the fundamentals of creative writing and become an expert creative writer. Henry Harvin provides a 40-hour duration course and you also get access to 3 months paid internship where the trainers will see you through the creative writing world and make you job ready.

This course entitles you to live video learning, 15 Hours of Lectures, 15 Hours of Assignments, 10 Hours of Hands-on Tools, and many more complimentary modules. With the recent increase in the scope of creative writing in India provides you with tools that make you job-ready and prepare you for a career in creative writing.






Course Module


Language skills

Internet Skills

Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing

Creative Writing


Email Writing

Legal Writing

Earn Online and gets International Projects

Soft Skills Development

Resume Writing


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Is a creative writing course necessary to become a good writer?

Under the direction of seasoned mentors, creative writing classes offer the ideal setting and platform for budding authors to discuss their ideas with like-minded individuals and practice using a variety of writing styles. It offers the crucial encouragement and confidence that many people need to often stifle their gift and creativity.

Without the right sense of creativity and ability to look beyond everyday mundane reality, writers can’t deliver compelling content consistently and keep the audience engaged. Alternatively, you can also start & expand your niche blog, write & publish your book, or collaborate with other authors to create master writing pieces.


Q2. What is the scope for creative writing courses?

Although many students of creative writing desire to become authors, creative writing abilities may also be used to prepare you for a variety of jobs, such as copywriting, screenwriting, and songwriting. Aspiring songwriters, for instance, will benefit from mastering music theory. A copywriter may create effective advertisements with the use of marketing tactics. Film theory and acting training will be useful to screenwriters. Also, creative writing might help you become ready for a job as a public relations expert, communications director, or social media manager.


Q3. What does a creative writing course entail?

Creative writing courses introduce various literary and non-literary writing forms to aspiring writers such as prose, poetry, drama and screen-play writing, songwriting, artistic reviews, etc. In addition to giving students a thorough grasp of the numerous technical aspects of various writing styles, a well-structured creative writing course also enables them to choose the best creative writing format for themselves. These creative writing courses in Belfast comprise fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and drama writing. It also helps to improve the overall quality of writing using idioms, similies, metaphors, dialogues, etc.


Q4. What are the qualifications for enrolling in creative writing courses in Belfast?

Any individual who has a knack for writing can enroll themselves in one of the above creative writing courses in Belfast.


Q5. What career prospects are there after creative writing courses in Belfast?

Building a portfolio of your greatest writing, with a focus on including your published work, is necessary to establish your reputation as a professional writer. By consistently contributing to your school newspaper or magazine, you can keep your writing skills strong. So try to read and write as much as you can.


Q6. Can one do freelance as a creative writer?

Certainly, while there are some scheduling restrictions, many authors prefer freelancing over full-time employment.

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