Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Europe With Placements

Creativity is a form of expression. It is a way of thinking out of the box, maybe turning the box upside down, even turning the box into a circle, if it solves the purpose. Creativity is one of the few skills that the mighty AI has not been able to fully deliver since creativity is something very personal and unique to an individual and it can’t be wholly created through codes and algorithms. Before we look into different creative writing courses in Europe, let’s look into why you should go for creative writing.


List of best creative writing courses in Europe


You might have heard the cliché ‘Machines will be Machines’. But if even machines can’t do can it really be taught, on this question, there are two schools of thought, the proponents of the first school believe that creativity is natural and can’t be taught while the others believe that it can be taught with right techniques and procedures however the truth as we understand it, lies somewhere in the middle, while some part of creativity comes naturally and thus is unteachable, while most of it can be learned with the help of a right choice of content which can be applied practically.


Why Creative Writing?

Creative writing involves writing your matter in an interesting manner in a non-monotonous and non-robotic. It might involve the use of vivid descriptions, analogies, puns, satire, or even humor in some cases. Traditionally, Creative writing has been used in the literary field, but Nowadays, Creative writing has become even more important in every area since there is a load of information out there and it is important to stand apart from the competitors while providing information or pitching your product/service to a prospective client/ customer.

A well-entertained person has a higher likelihood of buying as opposed to a bored one. Let’s look at the different types of creative writing. It is estimated that the European book market is around 36 to 38 billion Euros and it is constantly growing. Europe with its beautiful landscape, magnificent architecture, and diverse culture has a history of producing great writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austin, and Gorge Orwell. It is the perfect place to let your creative genius out.


Creative Writing Types

Creative writing can be broadly classified into two types: –

Fiction– It makes use of imagination for creating characters and building the plot. It can be in the form of stories, novels, poetry, and plays. Fiction covers a whole range of genres extending from Horror to Humor.

Non-Fiction-It makes use of creative writing for describing real-life events and stories in an interesting manner. It can include Biographies, Self -help books, Travel writing, journals, and Memoirs.


Creative Writing Genres

Fantasy-It often uses mythical, magical, and supernatural characters such as unicorns and sorcerers to build a plot. This genre is particularly popular among young audiences. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling is a popular fiction novel.

Science fiction (Sci-Fi)-It uses a combination of science and imagination to come up with the story. The narrative display of futuristic science tech. The character derives its abilities from technology.

Mystery – The Mystery style of writing is illustrated by keeping the audience guessing about the characters. It involves building up tension and a big reveal at the end. Agatha Cristae and Dan Brown are known for mystery writing.

Romance -It is about love and the emotional journey associated with love. It explores love relationships in depth. The likes of Jane Austin are popular in Romance.

Historical fiction-It is a mix of history and imagination. Real Historical events with some fictional plot and characters.

Horror-Its main purpose is to make people afraid and create fear. It uses supernatural creatures and ghosts to build the story. Stephen King is known for horror novels.

Humor-Humor makes use of satire and wit to make the Audience laugh. David Sedaris is one of the most popular humor novelists.

Biography-it talks about the life of a famous person or a celebrity, his struggles, and his achievements.

As we have already explained about the types and genres of creative writing. Let’s look at creative writing courses in Europe.


Creative Writing Courses in Europe


1. Content Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS 

It is a four-month course with a two-month paid internship which makes it the most sought-after course in creative writing. It combines creative writing along with content and copywriting as the subject area in most cases is overlapping. Out of all the available creative writing courses in Europe, this course has the most versatile syllabus as it the course also touches upon other interconnected disciplines such as SEO and affiliate marketing.

The course also guides the students in writing as well as publishing an E-book. It also introduces the students to a set of tools that are required to save time and effort. It is one of the few courses that boasts of providing a paid internship to students, thus giving them the necessary platform to launch their careers. The course is taught by a team of learned and dedicated industry professionals thus making the course a comprehensive and attractive package for the students.


Content Writing Course Benefits

·        2 Weeks of Live Classroom Online Content Writing Courses

·        2 Months Guaranteed Paid Internship (Flexible Hours)

·        30 Hours of Live Training + 120 Hours of Practical Assignments

·        Free Tools Worth 35k

·         Freelance Opportunities

·         Dedicated Placement Cell

·       Certification From IIM SKILLS & Preparation for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) & (TOLES) Test of Legal English Centre Cambridge (United Kingdom)


Course Modules

Module 1-Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2-Word Press Development

Module 3-Digital Content

Module 4-Copywriting.

Module 5-Marketing Collaterals

Module 6- E-Mail Writing.

Module 7- Social Media Writing.

Module 8-Creative Writing

Module 9- SOP & Business Listing

Module 10- Legal Writing

Module 11- Technical Writing

Module 12-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13- Content Writing

Module 14- Affiliate Marketing & Adsense.

Module 15-Freelance Content Writing.

Module 16-Resume Writing.


Course Duration-4 Months

Course Fees-$356

Contact Details



IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz), H B Twin Tower, 8th Floor, Max Hospital Building,
Netaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura, New Delhi, Delhi-110034


Phone- +91-9580740740



2. MA Creative Writing Prose Fiction by University of East Angelia, Norwich, England

Considered one of the oldest and most exhaustive creative writing courses in Europe, it is a one- year long course that specializes in fiction writing and hence becomes a good choice for fiction writers. The course not only teaches students the theoretical aspects but also makes them develop behavioral characteristics much needed for a fiction writer such as experimentation, play, and risk-taking.

The course is holistic in the sense that students will learn how to deal with technical and emotional issues dealt by fiction writers. The course will provide the students with the chance of interacting with popular writers as many of them are part of the guest faculty. Alumni of the course include Nobel laureates and winners of the Bailey women prize thus making the course one of the top choices for fiction writers.


Key Benefits

  • Taught by an experienced and dedicated team of faculty members.
  • Detailed and exhaustive course content which covers all aspects of Fictional Writing.
  • Wide range of elective courses to choose from as per requirement.


Course Modules:

  • Creative Writing Workshop: Prose 2
  • Creative Writing Research Methodology Conference
  • Creative Writing (Prose) Dissertation


Option A Module

  • The Art of Short Fiction
  • The Art of The Novel
  • Living Modernism
  • Fiction ‘After’ Modernism: Re-reading the 20th Century
  • The Transformation of the Book 1500-1700
  • Japanese Literature


Option B Modules.

  • Adaptation And Interpretation
  • Crime, Mystery, and The Novel
  • Theory And Practice of Fiction
  • The Non-Fiction Novel
  • The Poetics of Place
  • Creative Encounters
  • East Anglian Literature
  • Creative-critical Writing
  • Ludic Literature
  • The Northern Renaissance, 1500-1620


Course Duration– One year.

Course Fees:

  • Course Fees- UK Students: £10,500 (full-time)
  • International Students: £21,000 (full-time)


Contact Details.


University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, UK

Phone-+44 (0) 1603 456161


3. Creative Non-Fiction with Celainn Hogan by Irish Writers Club-

It is a 6-week course that delves into various aspects of non-fiction writing. It covers a wide range of topics such as autobiography, reports, essay writing, and oral history. The course guides aspiring writers to develop their own voice and style. It will also teach them how to pitch and publish their work to the publications thus the course helps in developing the fundamental and core skills and qualities that should be present in a non-fiction writer.

The course is a viable option for those budding non-fiction writers who are in the initial phase of their writing career. The course is taught by the celebrated author and journalist Celanin Hogan, the writer of the award-winning book ‘The Republic of Shame’. It is suitable for those who are looking for short-term and non-fiction creative writing courses in Europe.


Course Benefits

  • Taught by esteemed and professional journalist Celanin Hogan, winner of the next-generation award by the arts council.
  • Various aspects of non-fiction writing are covered in detail, thus providing the much-needed understanding required to become a good shoe leather journalist.
  • Weekly writing exercises and guidance towards building a long piece of non-fiction.


Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Creative Non-Fiction
  • Module 2: Finding Your Voice
  • Module 3: Crafting Vivid and Engaging Narratives
  • Module 4: Using Dialogue and Scene Setting
  • Module 5: Using Description
  • Module 6: Using Humor and Irony
  • Module 7: Using Figurative Language
  • Module 8: Editing and Revising
  • Module 9: Submitting Your Work.
  • Module 10: Workshop


Course Duration-6 Weeks.

Course Fees$179


Contact Details


Irish Writers Centre,
19 Parnell Square,
Dublin 1, D01 E102.

Phone-(+353) 1 872 1302


4. Masters of Fine Arts, Creative Writing by City University of London-

It is a two-year full-time degree program for those who are looking to consolidate their knowledge and make a complete manuscript. It teaches art as well as the business of creative writing. It also gives students the opportunity to develop creative writing skills in the preferred genre, be it fiction, non-fiction, or a specific type of fiction genre.

The course trains the students to use their imagination as a key tool in the writing process. The course also develops a sense of critical thinking among the students by teaching them different critical approaches to writing along with the intensive study of theory.

The course is taught by an expert team of experienced authors and journalists such as the famous crime writer, Joseph Thomas. Besides, studying in London will provide students with the unique opportunity to experience life in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world thus broadening their perspective.


Key Benefits

  • Read and think like a writer with the help of regular workshops and a bespoke reading list.
  • Plan, research, and complete a full-length manuscript for publication.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the writing business involving different forms of print and electronic publication.
  • Develop a professional approach to editing, revising, and critiquing professional work.


Course Modules

  • Reading as a Writer
  • Working as a Writer
  • Creative Writing Workshop 1
  • Creative Writing Workshop 2
  • Teaching Creative Writing


Core elective modules

  • Special Study: Short Fiction
  • Special Study: The Contemporary Essay
  • Special Study: The Novel
  • Special Study: The Genre Novel
  • Special Study: The Non-Fiction Book


Elective modules

  • Constituting Identity
  • Imagined Communities
  • Literary Cartographies
  • Genre in Context
  • Theorizing Women’s Writing
  • Text and Image
  • Digital Publishing
  • Creating & Developing Content in Print
  • Strategic Management of Content: Print & Digital
  • Digital Product Innovation
  • Creative Writing Dissertation and Reflective Essay
  • Major Project and Reflective Essay


 Course Duration-2 years full-time/4 years part-time.

Course Fees-$11,207



City, University of London
Northampton Square
London EC1V 0HB
United Kingdom

Phone- +44 (0)207 040 5060


Recommended Reads:


5. University of Warwick BA in creative writing and English Literature-

This is one of the most unique creative writing courses in Europe that explores past and present literature and teaches you the ways by which you can become a great writer. The course gives the students an in-depth understanding of not just literary history and literary theory but also of the past and future of publishing.

The course is taught by a team of award-winning writers who will train you to use academic knowledge to become more creative. The course will provide the students with an opportunity to meet with industry professionals, including publishers, editors, literary agents, poets, and authors on a regular basis and will be given real-world tasks during the course. The course is rated number one in Uk by the Times’s good university guide, 2023.


Course Benefits

Develop a broad understanding of past and present English literature.

Learn a range of skills required which will propel your career in a whole range of areas.

Regular interaction with authors, YouTubers, and alumni to widen the perspective of students.


Course Modules

Module 1- Modes of Writing.

Module 2- The Written World

Module 3-Epic into Novel.

Module 4-Medivial to Renaissance English Literature.

Module 5-Composition and Creative Writing.

Module 6-The Practice of Poetry.

Module 7- Screenwriting.

Module 8-Advanced Screenwriting.

Module 9-Game Theory.

Module 10-The Practice of Fiction.


Course Duration– 3 Years.

Course Fees-$25166 per year


Contact Details:


TheUniversity of Warwick
Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK
Phone: +44 (0)24 7652 3523


6. MSc in Creative Writing by the University of Edinberg, UK-

It is a one-year full-time course that teaches you the depths of fiction and poetry. The program is designed to develop creativity in the students with the help of workshops and discussions. Frequent visits from guest writers help students to get a practical idea about life as a writer. It is one of the few creative writing courses in Europe that you can pursue in the Unesco-designated City of Literature.

The academic team consists of award-winning writers and poets such as Ryan Van Winkle. The University also holds the prestigious James Tait Black Awards, the oldest literary prize in Britain. The city is home to the national library of Scotland and the Scottish poetry library in addition to a number of publishing outlets such as Polygon and Canongate.


Course Benefits:

  • Practical and industry-centered curriculum according to the Morden day needs of the market.
  • Regular workshops, seminars, and peer-to-peer discussions to broaden the student’s understanding.
  • Get a chance to study creative writing in the city of literature itself.
  • Top-rated faculty includes successful authors and poets.


Course Modules

  • Contemporary American Fiction:
  • Shakespeare’s Sister:
  • The Long Summer: Edwardian Texts and Contexts, 1900-1910:
  • Critical Theory:
  • The Reign of Terror: Fear and Loathing in Romantic Literature
  • Sex, Seduction, and Sedition in Restoration Literature:
  • Black American Fiction:
  • Digital Humanities for Literary Studies:
  • Writing Contemporary Femininities: Experiments in Waywardness (PG Version):
  • Decolonization and the Novel (PG Version)
  • Global Modernisms: Inter/National Responses to Modernity (PG Version)


Course Duration-1 Year Full time.

Course Fees-$24639


Contact Details:


Old College
South Bridge, Edinburgh

Phone: +44 (0)131 650 1000


7. Writing a Novel by Faber Academy-

It is a six-month course for budding writers. It is one of the few creative writing courses in Europe that cater to the niche of novel writing. The course will teach and guide them through the process from drafting the content to publishing the content. Out of all the creative writing courses in Europe mentioned in this article, this course is specially designed for novel writers.

The course is dedicated to novel writing and can be considered a more relevant option than a creative writing MA for aspiring novel writers. The unique feature of the course is that in addition to the faculty, the students of the course will also give feedback on each other’s work thus sharpening their understanding as well as broadening their perspective.


Course Benefits

  • Niche course content for Novel writers provides an alternative to other general courses
  • Weekly workshops to guide you through various aspects of novel writing.
  • One on One Feeback from the course faculty


Course Modules

·        Introductory Session: Creating Ideas & Planning

Character, Part One

Character, Part Two

·        Dialogue and Guest Tutor

·        Setting

  • Narrative Structure and Guest Tutor

·        Point Of View

·        Voice

·        The Passage of Time

·        Openings and Guest Tutor

  • The Role of the Narrator
  • Endings

·        Sustaining momentum

  • Revising and Editing and Guest Tutor
  • Research and Exposition

·        Naming Characters and Finding Titles

·        An Outline of Writing Genres and a Guest Tutor

·        Life Writing

·        Preparing your Manuscript and Writing Cover Letters

·        Synopses and Pitches and Guest Tutor

  • Conclusion & Next Steps
  • Structured Writing Time


Course Duration– 6 months.

Course Fees-$4680


Contact Details:


Bloomsbury House, 74-77 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DA


Careers in Creative Writing.

They say that the Pen is mightier than the sword the reason behind the saying is probably because the pen gives you a much wider spectrum of career options as compared to the sword. (It has just come down to fencing for the sword). Careers in creative writing can range from a book author to a journalist. If you happen to complete one of the above-mentioned creative writing courses in Europe, the following career options will be available to you: –


Author– Author is the most age-old profession for a creative writer. The Author is someone who writes some kind of literature like prose, poetry, or a novel. They can either self-publish or can get published in an existing publication.   Platforms such as Medium and Amazon provide opportunities for new authors to publish their work.


Journalist-Journalists usually write for Newspapers and magazines on current events and topics of common interest. Nowadays investigative journalism is also becoming popular in which a journalist investigates the topic by talking to people and visiting places.


Copywriter-A Copywriter writes advertising and marketing materials for different brands and products. They come up with interesting taglines, slogans, and descriptive content that might appeal to potential customers.


Technical writers-Technical writers are essentially copywriters who write on technical topics such as Finance, fintech, engineering, and artificial intelligence. The content is meant for a specific audience rather than a general audience.


SEO writer-The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) writer makes sure that the content is indexed by search engines and is ranked higher in search engine page results. SEO also helps in bringing organic traffic to websites.


Social media content creators– Research shows that an average person spends more than two hours on social media every day which makes it a great marketing and advertising platform however the style of presenting the content is more interesting and different compared to traditional advertising platforms hence Creative writers are the obvious candidates for the job.


Content Strategist– Content Strategists carry out market research and decide on the kind of content to be distributed. The process involves identifying the target audience and making content according to their preferences.


In addition to the above-mentioned career options, new avenues for creative writing are emerging every day. Creative writing is one area in which has not been adversely impacted by recent developments in AI moreover A career in creative writing will give you a distinct advantage of flexibility which is not there with most other careers. You can either work as an employee in a company or you can work as a freelancer depending upon your requirement and choose the course that tailors to your needs however you should do due diligence and research while choosing any of the creative writing courses in Europe





I am not that creative; can I develop creativity if I enroll in one of the above-mentioned creative writing courses in Europe mentioned in the article?

It is true that some individuals have a natural flair for creative writing and it will give them a definite advantage however creativity can also be developed with the help of the right content and pedagogy. You just need to have an open mind and should be willing to experiment.


What about the perks and allowances for an entry-level creative writer who doesn’t have any prior writing experience and what is career progression like?

The perks and salaries vary with the company/client you are working for and the country in which you are working but the salary for entry-level creative writers roughly ranges from £18000 to £30000 per annum. Besides salary, some employers may give other variable benefits. The career progression generally starts from the post of entry-level writer and can go up to a senior writer in some organizations. Freelance writers can earn from different sources such as affiliate marketing and brand endorsement, but it requires networking and basic knowledge of SEO.


You have mentioned a number of creative writing courses in Europe. How do I know which is the right one for me?

Choosing the right course can be a cumbersome process. You should know what exactly you want from the course, do you need a general course on creative writing, or do you want a specialized course on one of the areas of creative writing, whether you want an in-person course or an online course? You should also consider the kind of job placement or support the course provides.



We hope that the article ‘creative writing courses in Europe’ was helpful to you. We have tried to mention all of the relevant and popular creative writing courses in Europe however it is not possible to provide every detail related to different courses in just one article so we advise you to do your research if you need further details about any particular course.

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