Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Bristol With Certificates

Creative writing is an excellent field for an individual to excel in both creativity and writing. It is a lucrative and rewarding profession if a person is passionate about writing. Creative writing is all about imagination through which new art can be created in the field of literature. Creative writing includes various services like beta reading, proofreading, and copy editing. If creative writing is zeal then one must go and pursue a career in this field and should explore their imagination. As creative writing courses in Bristol are an ideal choice for writers.


List of best creative writing courses in Bristol


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a type of writing that focuses on character development and the use of literary tropes or various traditions of poetry and poetics. It includes both visuals and non-fictional works that fall under this category, and it includes forms such as novel biographies, short stories, and poems.

Creative writing goes far beyond the boundaries of professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature and is based solely on narrative craft. It is writing that is unique, more modern, and more process-oriented than what has historically been called literature, including its many genres.

Writing and the stage, referred to as screenwriting and playwriting, are often taught in creative writing. Creative writing courses in Bristol not only teach the students to become classic writers but can learn all kinds of writing styles. A person obsessed with creativity and seeing and grasping his voice with different eyes can immediately excel in this field.

Most of the time writers admire their favorite writers, lyricists, and novelists, but then give up because it is not easy to make writing a career. Sheer determination can certainly help one become an excellent and successful writer. So do not give up even if there are difficulties.


Can Creative Writing Be Taught?

Creative writing is any form of writing that serves to entertain, but also to inform or persuade the intended audience. Although creative writing is an innate skill that can be learned, one must learn the technique to develop as a writer. Creative writing courses in Bristol help to improve the skills


  1. What kind of creative writing the student is interested in basically, what is the area of expertise? If someone likes the genre of fiction, science fiction, then he or she’ll learn how to write in that genre. Experience in a particular genre is important and the first requirement to become a writer.
  2. If students can do that, definitely take a creative writing course. Various institutes around the world offer online and offline workshops where writers can easily learn creative writing.
  3. Reading can make a good creative writer excel in this field very easily because books teach the basics of creative writing. Some books also tell how to structure writing time. And the creative writing courses in Bristol provide students with different pdf and novels, and they can gain a lot of knowledge about the styles from the books.
  4. Try to follow writing blogs and podcasts, because many writers share their opinion about writing in the form of a weblog or podcast.
  5. Practice whenever there is a time because practice makes perfect and improves writing skills.


Why Chose Bristol for Creative Writing Courses? Why Creative Writing Courses in Bristol Are Finest?

Bristol’s creative writing courses are designed for publishing the work. Can also take part in various workshops to improve their writing, as well as lectures and seminars that will enhance their understanding of the industrial and critical contexts of contemporary literature.

Bristol’s creative writing courses are designed to be primarily industry-based. Because the content comes from experienced, published writers, they are designed for beginning-to-experienced writers. To provide courses with up-to-date knowledge and expertise, there are several local competitions and study groups in the city of Bristol.

In the city, distance universities are usually student-centered, and students are encouraged to read widely, and the book is suggested to the student by the faculty.

Creative writing courses at Bristol help students create or build a writing portfolio that will allow them to enter a profession even without initial knowledge of a related subject or even without an undergraduate degree. Different universities have different criteria for selection depending on the college.


Top Courses in Bristol



IIM SKILLS provides a top-notch Content Writing Course that takes four weeks to complete. Lectures for 16 hours, hands-on assignments for 60 hours, and 35,000 worth of tools are included. Furthermore, the internship section includes 10+ hours of lectures and 3 months of hands-on practice. Also, lifelong technical support and portfolio development for job seekers and freelancers are available, and this course is certified.


Course Introduction

  1. IIM SKILLS is a widely respected content creation agency operating in numerous Indian cities, having achieved international recognition through the training of more than 4,300 professionals across 33 countries. It has had an indelible impact on the progression of careers, for both professionals and students alike.
  2. After thorough research, they have crafted their course modules with a focus on topics ranging from fundamental to advanced levels. By dedicating 4 weeks to our curriculum, their students can acquire the skills to become proficient creative writers.
  3. At IIM SKILLS, the premier online creative writing courses in Bristol consist of 16 hours of lectures, making up only 20% of the course duration. In contrast to traditional learning models which rely heavily on theory, we emphasize providing students with practical learning tools to make the learning process enjoyable.


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Program Structure

  1. An aptitude for writing and aspiration to demonstrate their capabilities. Further topics of instruction comprise articles, blogs, e-books, business directories, press releases, and additional subjects.
  2. Through this course, they will be given the tools to enhance their writing style, understand the significance of researching thoroughly, and produce high-quality texts that are devoid of mistakes and easily comprehensible.
  3. The price of this course is Rs29,382 (excluding GST). Boasting impressive benefits, this course has become one of the leading creative writing courses in Bristol.


Contact Details: 



Fees Structure: INR 29,382

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

2. University of Bristol:

Bristol has established itself as one of the most desired and successful universities in the UK, ranked 61st in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2023. Bristol is known for its innovative research. It was also the first British university to admit men and women on an equal footing. This is why creative writing courses in Bristol are the best and finest for any writer.


MA Creative Writing


  1. The MA in Creative Writing at Bristol is tailored for aspiring authors. MA in creative writing courses in Bristol is top-notch.
  2. In stimulating, invigorating workshops, students will be guided toward polishing their writing skills, and through lectures and seminars, expand their knowledge of the contemporary literature industry as well as literary criticism.
  3. Experts with years of experience in the publishing industry will teach the concepts and insights on writing for the current market. During a separate module, special guest speakers and experienced authors will give talks on the latest happenings and trends in the world of publication. This course offers up-to-date knowledge to help students stay ahead of the competition.
  4. The University’s prestigious Department of English will provide them with a top-notch educational experience, teaching cutting-edge topics in literature today.



For full-time students, in the first term:

  • The workshops (20 credits)
  • Contemporary literature in detail (20 credits)
  • Creative Dissertations in detail (20 credits)


In the second term:

  • The second workshop (20 credits)
  • Contemporary Publishing and Related Sectors of the Industry (20 credits)
  • Creative Dissertation and its Planning (20 Credits).



+44 (0) 117 394 1649

FEES STRUCTURE: £30,900 per year



Their goal is to ensure that all students are well-prepared for the workforce upon graduation and to do this they integrate work-integrated learning into every program at UWE Bristol. They have created a detailed framework that outlines what their students need to know and be able to do to be successful in their chosen fields.

With this framework as a guide, they develop toolkits for both staff and students that identify requirements and help meet them. Because creative writing courses in Bristol are designed mainly for the budding writers


BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing


  1. The BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing course will refine the writing talents and help to discover the writer’s writing style. Additionally, this degree will cultivate a plethora of skills that are highly sought after by employers, as well as provide access to diverse educational opportunities.
  2. Could become an author or screenwriter, do freelance writing or journalism, or pursue a career in corporate communications and PR.
  3. They have connections with various commercial entities.



As the course progress, the student will have the opportunity to specialize in a specific subject. Depending upon the module choices:

    • BA(Hons) Creative and Professional Writing
    • Fiction
    • Scriptwriting
    • Publishing



+44 (0)117 32 86644


FEES STRUCTURE: The fee structure depends upon the country. There are set of rules for International students available on the official website


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4. British Council:

The British Council is an international organization that originates from the United Kingdom and provides educational and cultural opportunities worldwide. It aims to promote mutual trust between the UK and other countries.

In India, the British Council is renowned for its three libraries and cultural centers, through which they offer a selection of projects specializing in arts, education, the English language, and society, accessible to more than 100,000 members in India and beyond.


Creative Writing for Adults


  1. Through this course, students have the chance to become familiar with multiple methods for augmenting their writing skills and fuelling their creative spark. Discussions range from the four pillars of fiction: plot, characters, dialogue, and setting, to traveling and blogging, understanding the distinction between news reports and feature articles, screenwriting, and autobiographical composition.
  2. Students will delve into the tools of a poet, delving into poetry composition. Furthermore, experimental writing and children’s fiction will be explored. The syllabus is specifically tailored to help with writers’ creativity and utilize their talent to bring their writing aspirations to life.
  3. Through this engaging writing course, their knowledgeable instructors will assist them in discovering their distinctive writing voice.



  1. What is the plot?
  2. Importance of characters and settings
  3. How are writing dialogues written?
  4. Learning Writing short stories
  5. Learning Poetry and poetic tools
  6. How to write travel writing?
  7. Blogging and Screenwriting
  8. Memoirs and Experimental Writing
  9. Publishing the work


CONTACT DETAILS: 0120-4569000 / 6684353,


FEES STRUCTURE: INR 10,000 per participant.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

5. University of Birmingham:

They are the first “Redbrick” university and a member of the esteemed Russell Group. The vibrant student body at their institution makes use of a wide selection of programs as well as first-rate campus and research facilities.

The 10 Nobel laureates that make up their team and alumni have made significant contributions to some of science’s most important breakthroughs, most recently the Higgs Boson and Gravitational Waves. Their research offers ground-breaking answers to the problems which they encounter locally, regionally, and globally.


MA Creative Writing


  1. With designated workshop time and chances to provide and receive feedback, the curriculum will provide the students the opportunity to create their work, their voice, and their ideas. And specifically creative writing courses in Bristol which include master courses are superbly designed for the students.
  2. Additionally, they will gain from the professional perspective of industry professionals like editors and publishers as they receive professional skills training to get them ready for their interactions with the writing industry.
  3. To engage in cross-genre collaboration before specializing in screenwriting, playwriting, prose fiction, or poetry for dissertations, the program brings together students who work in several genres.



  1. The subject introduces the processes and difficulties of the creative writing workshop environment, as well as creative writing approaches and genres through the analysis of other people’s writing and practical application.
  2. It offers a forum for in-depth editorial discussion of the work, as well as methodical instruction in editing and in offering thorough, constructive criticism of the works of other writers.
  3. The simultaneous focus on poetry and fiction in this module allows them to work in both genres rather than choose whether they want to be a “poet” or “prose writer” at this point in their writing career.
  4. This subject enables the students to investigate the idea of intertextuality, which is seen as an essential component of any creative writing and represents a wide spectrum, from brief textual allusions or verbal echoes to lengthy adaptations. ‘Story’ and story-telling will be utilized as a focus to identify general and genre-specific, popular, and literary, narrative strategies and conventions (to include an emphasis on language, character, plot, time, and vision).


CONTACT DETAILS: +44 (0)121 414 3344 

FEES STRUCTURE: £21,960 full-time




1. What do they do in creative writing workshops in Bristol?

Creative writing workshops focus mainly on students’ writing styles. They help students develop content and improve their writing skills if they want to become writers. The workshop allows students to develop the critical thinking skills needed for the writing process. The workshops also help potential candidates develop the interpersonal skills necessary for a love of writing. The workshop provides an inspiring and supportive space that can sharpen the skills of those who love creative writing.


2. What skill levels does the writing course cover?

Often many people wonder if there are certain skills that a person must master in the field of creative writing. And the answer is that certain types are important.

  • Perseverance, determination, and desire: are some of the key concepts that are required to become a successful writer. A person who wants to become a writer must have perseverance in him.
  • Patience: If someone wants to get rich quickly, he or she should change this habit if he or she wants to become a creative writer because it will not work in this field. One must be patient when writing.
  • Criticism ability: people often prefer to hear praise, but when they hear criticism instead, they get all hot and anxious at the same time. Criticism is very good because it teaches the person to be patient and also helps him to constantly adapt to trends and improve their personality
  • Imagination: this is very helpful for a person who wants to become a creative writer, can imagine any scenario and write according to the image he or she has imagined. If a person is a good observer, then imagination surely becomes easy.


3. What is the value of a portfolio in creative writing jobs?

A portfolio is primarily a collection of written words and helps showcase a writer’s talents and skills. Usually, portfolios are creatively designed and highlight the point the writer wants to present. In addition, a portfolio is important to demonstrate one’s writing skills, and creating a portfolio with examples can help writers apply for desired jobs and interviews.

They provide an edge in today’s competitive marketplace by illustrating and marketing brands and showing how best to stand out from the rest. Regardless of career level, strategic communications professionals should have a portfolio to showcase their work in their way. And creative writing courses in Bristol help students in making a top-notch portfolio for their career.


4. What are career opportunities in creative writing?

There are numerous different tasks one can perform as a creative content writer, but the following are some of the most common:

  1. Copywriting: copywriting is a form of content writing in which copywriters are solely responsible for the words, phrases, or sentences that appear in advertisements or banners to appeal to audiences. The main goal of a copywriter is to increase brand awareness through interesting material. Advertising dominates the market. live in and it is easy to discover it in the form of television commercials, billboards, banners, newspaper ads, taglines, and many other forms.
  2. Screenwriter/Sketch Writer: For well-known creatives, writing screenplays and sketches is also a form of writing. Due to the fluctuating nature of employment, the profession of screenwriting and sketch writing can be very prosperous, but also quite unstable.
  3. Blogging: One of the most widely used formats for content production is the blog. Text blogs are as popular today as they were 10 years ago, despite years of Internet development and more sophisticated content delivery methods such as video and audio formats. However, blogs are usually about specialized, selected topics such as technology, humor, entertainment, and news. Blogs are usually long-written content that others can access and read.

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