Chennai is one of the most developed cities in the country which has great performance in almost every field. The health sector is great, known as the banking capital, wonderful tourism industry, and is often addressed as the cultural capital of India. The city’s development and progress makes it a prime location for the establishment of companies and startups. Along with the IT industry, the city supports hundreds of skill-based training institutes and courses which offer various training on technical skills, soft skills, etc. One such skill is content writing and lately, there is a growing demand for this skill and more people want to have this on their resume.






Let’s begin with the reason for such growing demand. Content right now is the biggest asset any organization can have. A business, an organization, a community, a product or even a service, has to develop content in order to make money.


Everything has turned online and now that customers refer to the website or the app instead of physically visiting a store or meeting the provider, therefore the only form of communication that happens between a business and a customer is through content.


There are studies, experiments, and analysis done on a number of online organizations to study the relation between growing sales and content. It turns out the number of leads an organization generates is very much proportional to the volume of content they put up online on a regular basis.


So, for the next decade, whether it is a travel company, hospitality service, pharma company, merchandise seller, sneakers, jordans, etc, every single industry will have to put content ahead of everything else thus making opportunities for millions of people to become a professional content writer.




An outlet in any given locality is known to 5000-20000 people, but the same outlet when has a website that ranks higher on google search results could be viewed by an audience which is 10-100 times larger, and this is very much practical because everyone has got a smartphone, and everyone browses through Google the moment they have any kind of query or a search to make.


So, it is very obvious why content translates into more sales than any other strategy. Also, one needs to understand that it’s not that simple to make any piece of content rank and get engagement. 


There must be dozens of other businesses in the same genre trying to make there place in google search results and therefore, the most relevant and optimized piece of content will make it to the Google rankings.


There are certain practices and procedures followed by professional content writers and therefore we see a growing demand for content writers across the globe.


If you want to become a content writing professional, the industry has got a lot of scopes and it is very much possible for one to earn handsome salaries through professional content writing.


The only requirement being, you need to have the necessary skills. In case you don’t the skills could still be learned very easily.







If you ever looked for recommendations for content writing courses either on the internet or from a professional or an expert, you must have heard of IIM SKILLS. 


This institute has been offering content writing courses for a while now, and though it’s a unique format of coaching and the course structure developed in a way that it becomes easy for any beginner to learn professional content writing, it makes the course among the most favorite of students and professionals.


There are couple of specifications and features of this course which are primarily the reason for such popularity. Some of them are:






There are some really talented people behind all the achievements this institution has got, they are none other than the course instructors. Highly qualified people who have been in the industry for over 10 years with working experience in some of the biggest firms makes them very much suitable for the students to learn from.


These people have witnessed some very interesting changes in the industry and how the terms of content writing changed with the revolution of the internet. 


So, they know the tactics of dealing with sudden and continuous changes in the industry. After working for a good 10 years, they’re now dedicated to providing training to the students and the kind of training they provide reflects through the achievements of their students.






Just like I mentioned, that there is a good demand for content writers in the industry, there is an increased chance for trained people to find jobs. This content writing course is job oriented and therefore students and look for jobs right after completion of the course.


IIM SKILLS provides 100% placement assistance which means that the students might get direct interviews offered by companies approaching the institution for its recruitment purposes. Also, the students will be learning a lot about the professional aspects of content writing such as getting projects, clients, delivering work and much more.






Just as I mentioned, a lot of students join the course for jobs it is important to train them with skills most appropriate to get them jobs. The trends of the industry keep changing and companies look forward to candidates with knowledge about the latest practices and procedures used in content writing.


The course content is very much industry-validated which means that the students will be learning the trending, most effective, and efficient practices so that the students will have a greater possibility of finding jobs.






This institute has always operated on the principle of practical training and they believe it is a way better format of training students that just reading out the theory for them.


The students get to have their hands on each and every module, enabling them to perform a lot of the necessary practices by themselves which leads to an in-depth understanding of the concept and also the possible mistakes they could do.


All the unnecessary theory has been eliminated from the course and rest is a very practical course which is what a lot of the students also like about the course.






Certifications play a very important role when it comes to interviewing or even freelancing also. It actually depends upon the kind of certification you hold and it is also proof that the candidate has been through formal training.


IIM SKILLS content writing course comes with 2 very important certifications that are globally accepted and could be very useful to find jobs.


The certification offered by IIM SKILLS are:



  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certificate


  • IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course Certificate




Even if one goes with freelancing, these certifications are still going to be important for improving profile strength and getting clients to trust you.






The duration of the course is 4 weeks and in this short period of time, the students will be taken through a training phase that involves topics ranging from very fundamentals to proper in-depth concepts


This course has only necessary elements that are required for professional content writing, and the rest of the useless theory has been removed which makes the course a very compact yet super effective one.


This takes us to the next point that is, the course is suitable for everyone.






Yes, that is true. Anyone having an interest in building a career in content writing as a professional content writer can join this course irrespective of how much qualified, talented, skilled or experienced the person is.


The course is designed in such a way that, it goes from pure basics to core skills and therefore even pure beginners can join this. Very interestingly, the batches have a very diverse variety of students. 


Some are retired professionals, college students, dropouts, even entrepreneurs also and it is great to see people who had no idea about content writing become capable of earning as professional content writers in just 1 month.


There is no set restriction or eligibility criteria to join this course, in fact anyone can join the course and turn into a certified professional within a month. The people who are most likely to join this course and receive benefits are:


  • Students 
  • Working Professionals
  • College Dropouts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Retired Professionals
  • Single Mothers
  • Housewives
  • Bloggers
  • Amateurs and Aspiring Content Writers


This is just a broad classification of people suitable for the course but anyone with relevant interests can join the course.



  • TOOLS 



The tools are a very important part of content writing as they are required for every initial procedure to measure the performance of a content post publishing. Anyone with the slightest knowledge about content writing must know the importance of these tools.


A lot of these tools are free but the free versions provide limited data while the paid versions are expensive and affording all the premium tools is difficult and therefore IIM SKILLS provides free access to more than 30 tools world of INR 59,000.





One of the most interesting features of this content writing course is that the students post successful completion of the course get free lifetime access to all the course content, study materials, lecture recording and all other resources for the rest of their lives.


This means at any given point in the career of these students if they find the need to refer back to the course or just look over any module or topic, they are absolutely welcomed to do so.






IIM SKILLS has received wonderful responses from across the globe as it has trained students and professionals across 30+ countries. 6000 students and professionals in more than 1000 training programs and many of them being placed in companies like Amazon, American Express, Barclays, Flipkart, Accenture, PHILIPS, KPMG, etc.


The reviews of IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course are nice and many of their students have started their blogs, start-ups, some are freelancing and others have got jobs. So, it is quite a reliable and trusted institution in which one can look ahead to learn professional content writing.


IIM SKILLS makes it to the top in the list of best 5 content writing courses in Chennai for very practical reasons, considering the reviews and the features also.




Digital Academy 360 is among the well-known institutes in India which offer content writing course. Along with that, there are several other courses offered by this institution.


The other courses include Digital Marketing and Graphic Designing. This institute operates in multiple cities in the country including Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mysore.


In Chennai alone, Digital Academy 360 has 3 centers specifically in the mentioned cities:


  • Velachery
  • AnnaNagar
  • Adyar


It is a google partnered institute that has trained above 15000 students so far and is also partnered with Jain University.


There are some really interesting features of this course, listed below are a few of them:






The course instructors include industry experts who are very skilled and well versed with the industry requirements and therefore they train students accordingly to help them become capable of getting jobs or working as professional content writers.


These trainers have helped thousands of such students, many of them have managed to become successful bloggers, freelancers and a lot of them are now placed in some very reputed companies.






Digital Academy 360 also offers 100% placement assistance to the students where the trainees get guided about jobs, interviews and all the career possibilities that they can go for post completion of the course.


In addition to that, the institute has tie-ups with more than 250+ companies as their placement partners which definitely improves the chances of students getting hired after completing the course.






What makes this course famous among students and professionals is the format of training. This includes 54 hours of classroom training, more than 2 live assignments and case studies.


The course also includes Doubt clearing sessions, revision, and back up classes. These are all to facilitate the students with a better understanding of the concepts.



The course comes with a “Hubspot Content Marketing Certification” and certification of course completion. Being a very reputed and renowned institute, the certification offered by Digital Academy 360 could definitely be used to find jobs or start a professional freelance content writing profile.





The reviews are great. The testimonials by students clearly reflect the quality of training here and a lot of the students are now working in companies like HCL, Accenture, etc. Overall the institute is really good in terms of the quality of training.


Mentioned above were the specifications of Digital Academy 360 which are the reasons this institute makes it to the list of best 5 content writing institutes in Chennai.






It is among the very few institutes in Chennai which offer quality content writing course. The course is mainly structured for beginners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs but it is available to a whole lot of other people interested in having a career in content writing.


So, the people who are suitable for the course are:


  • Content Writing Professionals
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Aspiring Content Writers
  • Mid Career Professionals


There are also no set restrictions on who can or cannot join the course.






The course consists of 5 modules, specifically:



  • Fundamentals of Writing


  • Writing it Right


  • Writing Process
  • After Writing
  • Publishing





These are the modules based on which the students are going to learn professional content writing. The modules involve topics that are really necessary for one to become a content writing professional.






This content writing course has trainers who are industry professionals who have been in the industry for a while and are now dedicated to offering training to students. They have spent good amount of time working for companies and understanding the industry and are there for the best for students to learn from.





The reviews of this course are great. Duration, of course, is 1 month and the students are given the choice of choosing between weekday classes or weekend classes. Overall the specifications of the institute are good enough to find a place among the best 5 content writing courses in Chennai.



  • FITA



Focused IT Academy or FITA is among the well-known institutes in Chennai which offer content writing course. Apart from just content writing, the institute offers dozens of other courses including software, and coding related courses.


Some of the other courses which FITA offers are:


  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Software Testing
  • RPA
  • CRM 
  • Web Development
  • Cloud
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Networking


These were only some of the courses and the list actually goes on including another 8-9 types of courses. Anyways, about the content writing course, FITA has a very well constructed course.


The highlights of the content writing course by FITA are:



  • Highly Qualified Trainers with around 10 years of experience as content writers


  • Operates in 3 very convenient locations of Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai


  • Smart Classrooms with High-Tech facilities
  • Affordable Content Writing Course
  • Practical format of training
  • Supports One-on-One student-instructor communication





The highlights of the course are pretty appealing and convincing as well. 


The course emphasizes more towards some professional categories of content writing such as:



  • Blog Writing


  • Copy Writing


  • Ad Copies 
  • SEO Content Writing





Though there is no set eligibility criteria for who can join this course, the bachelors or those who have completed their bachelor’s in journalism or literature will be preferred suitable for the content writing course.






The reviews are great and this institute is quite well rated by the students who graduated from this institute. The mentioned specifications are the clear reason for this institute making it to the list of best 5 content writing courses in Chennai.






Payilagam is also a renowned institute focused on providing content writing courses in Chennai. The course comprises 7 chapters that involve some very professional aspects of content writing which can be useful for someone looking ahead to have a career in the industry.


The chapters are:


  • Expressional Basics
  • Content Writing Essentials
  • Advanced Expression
  • Effective Web Content Writing Techniques
  • Different Types of Writing
  • The Writing Process
  • Ethical Norms in Content Writing


The institute has expert trainers who are very good in their respective genres and hold good level of expertise as professionals. They have worked for several companies and are well experienced.






The institute claims to be among the very in-demand courses and the reviews also suggest that students genuinely like this institute and find the course worth its price.


These were the Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Chennai and the list is entirely based on analysis of student reviews, placement status, and few other factors. Based on a very detailed judgment on multiple parameters, IIM SKILLS stands out as the best content writing course in Chennai.


  1. Hi sir. Previously I wasn’t sure if I should take this course or not. But this article was of great help. It really inspired and motivated me. The language was rich but easy to understand. Great article. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to such articles in the future.

  2. Hi. Can I attend a lecture or perhaps a short class before enrolling in this course? I am not quite sure which institute to choose from. Do all these institutes or most of them offer such classes? It would be helpful if I could attend a few classes before choosing an institute.

  3. Thank you for adding a nice list of institutes. I really appreciate you for writing this article on content writing courses in Chennai. The article was easy to understand. It explained the important points clearly. The review section was truly helpful. I have graduated from travel and hospitality management, do you think I am capable of signing for this course? Which institute do you think would be best? And is content writing and copywriting the same?

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