Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Trichy With Placements

Writing content is more than just plain writing; it involves informing, motivating, educating, pursuing, and entertaining a community of readers. Content writing is about using your word power to solve problems. Different type of content writing involves different styles, approaches, techniques, and tools. So enrolling in a content writing course helps you to get in-depth knowledge about this subject. In my present article, I’ve listed the top 7 content writing courses in Trichy.


List of best content writing courses in Trichy


These days the term “content writing” is used over and over in different contexts. The content writing industry is an emerging industry with tremendous potential for growth. Trichy, in addition to its temples, monuments, and rich cultural legacy, provides some excellent content-writing courses.

You might believe that writing content does not require any formal training. Anyone with adequate creativity can pursue this career without enrolling in any formal courses. Before moving on to the list, let’s discuss some fundamentals of content writing.


Content Writing: Formal Definition and Some Common Misconceptions.

The activity of researching, planning, creating, editing, and publishing information for the web or offline platforms is known as content writing. Anything that is published online or offline qualifies as content, including a blog post, a website, a press release, a business listing, a brochure, a flyer or a video script, and many more.


 Let me clarify some misconceptions about Content writing  :

  1. Content writing is not just plain writing like school essays and articles for college magazines. There is a marketing strategy in it.
  2. You don’t need to possess a university degree in English literature to become a content writer.
  3. Content writers do not require to have extensive vocabulary when they start their careers. There are many writing tools to help them out.
  4. Creativity is no doubt preferred but not an essential element in content writing. Extensive research skill is more important to produce unique content.
  5. Content Writing is not about writing text only, it may be audio content, video script, image content, infographics, etc.


Organizations That Hire Content Writers

Some people might believe that a content writing course won’t provide you with many job prospects. But they are mistaken. You can pursue self-employment as a writer after receiving training in content writing or by working as a staff or a freelancer for others.


Here is a list of companies that work with writers.

  • Publication companies
  • Businesses that provide legal or technical writing services
  • Advertising and marketing businesses
  • Public relations companies
  • Ed-tech companies -as an academic writer or subject matter specialist
  • Media outlets, including social media businesses.
  • General enterprises, in a position of administration or public relations.


Job Titles for an Entry-level Content Writer


If you are a fresher and seeking writing employment, ghostwriting is the right job for you. The process goes like this: An author hires you to help him write his material. It can be because the author is unable to keep up with the huge demand for his work due to a lack of time.

Fiction writers occasionally use ghostwriters to help them with their follow-up books. You must finish the assignment by the deadline. The work is published under other people’s names. The ghostwriter can begin by writing short pieces for websites, blogs, and other online publications.


Editorial Assistant

Editorial assistants in a publishing house handle a variety of administrative and editing tasks. The entire editorial process, from manuscript to publishing will require your involvement. Your responsibilities include collecting information from authors, distributing it to production teams, recording minutes, generating invoices, keeping track of diaries, and doing several other tasks. Creative writing, efficient communication, multitasking, and teamwork are all required. You must be familiar with the publishing procedure.



A news report or article’s final round of editing is completed by a proofreader. You must ensure the content is error-free before submitting it for publication.


Junior Columnist

Writing- Columns can be found in blogs, journals, newspapers, and other magazines. General-interest columnists have the freedom to write about whatever is on their minds. As a junior columnist, you must help your senior with a series of articles for publication usually with analysis and comments.


Junior copywriter

A junior copywriter in the marketing and advertising industry reports directly to a senior copywriter or copywriter. Writing blog posts, headlines, scripts, articles, taglines, and other short- and long-form ad copy are all required for this entry-level role.


Assistant social media specialist

The task of developing and managing content for all social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, falls to social media specialists. You must supervise creative development, respond to reader comments, and monitor site statistics as a junior social media specialist. You aim to boost consumer interaction and audience engagement.



The primary responsibility of a blogger is to produce blog content. Giving readers relevant, useful information is the goal of blog entries. Gaining readers’ trust is the first step to turning them into future customers. A blogger’s revenue is primarily derived from advertising.


Content marketer

You will be a member of the content marketing team as an entry-level content marketer. To increase site traffic and improve brand visibility, your role involves creating promotional content, releasing it on the appropriate channels, and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Assistant screenwriter / Assistant scriptwriter

Screenwriters write scripts for motion pictures and television shows. As a screenplay writer assistant, you assist a lead writer or be a part of a writing crew.  You’ll be in charge of reviewing scripts, editing materials, generating documents, and providing other administrative support.


1. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the top training institutes which has been offering services since 2015. It has the vision to create a talent pool in the field of Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Taxation, and Financial Modeling industries.


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fees: INR 14900+ 18%Taxes

Course Duration: Four  weeks  theory course + Three Months guaranteed  Internship

Mode of Learning: Instructor-led Live Online classes


Content Writing Courses in Trichy Curriculum

  • Module 4 Copywriting.
  • Module 5 Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6 Email writing.
  • Module 7 Social Media Writing and composing video scripts.
  • Module 8 Creative writing.
  • Module 9 SOP and Business listing.
  • Module 10 Legal writing.
  • Module 11 Technical writing.
  • Module 12 Search engine optimization.
  • Module 13 Content Marketing
  • Module 14 Affiliate marketing & Adsense.
  • Module 15 Freelance content writing.
  • Module 16 Resume writing.


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Course Highlights

  • 30 hours of Training. 16 hours of Lectures and 14 hours of Internship sessions cover the course.
  • 60 hours of home -assignments provided.
  • A 3-month internship is guaranteed if you clear the test after completing 16 hours of lectures.
  • After completing the internship, you will be provided with a letter of recommendation and an internship certificate.
  • You get one-to-one support from your coach.
  • You will be trained to write a post in the Times of India Readers’ blog.
  • You will be trained in publishing your first e-book on Google books or Kindle.
  • You will be provided training in publishing your first press release on an online news portal.
  • You get Lifetime access to LMS i.e Learning Management System. Class recordings, class presentations, free tools, and study materials are available in LMS for future use.
  • You will be assisted in preparing for HubSpot content marketing certification.


Tools covered in Digital Marketing Master Course

  • Mailchimp
  • Google Trends.
  • Grammarly
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Analytics.
  • Canva


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 9580 740 740



IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

2. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader provides technical & in-demand job-oriented courses, promoting career growth. Their goal is to increase the productivity of the students and professionals by offering them high-demand, professional courses and helping them to establish a solid career foundation.


Course Name:   Content Writing Course

Course Fees: INR 12999 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 4 weeks + 3 months guaranteed internship

Mode of Learning:   Instructor-led Live Online classes


Content Writing Courses in Trichy Curriculum

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Web hosting
  • Content Marketing and UI/UX connections
  • Website Creation
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Freelance content marketing
  • Writing SEO-optimized content
  • Content creation
  • Content Marketing in social media
  • Call to Action
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Lead generation by using content marketing
  • Content marketing by using Email Marketing


Course Highlights:

  • 16 hours of classes. All class recordings are provided.
  • 70+ hours of practical assignments.
  • Globally valued master certification.
  • Lifetime support to course participants.
  • Rs 40K worth of tools were provided for free.
  • Portfolio Development
  • Dedicated placement support.
  • Freelance writing opportunities provided.
  • Assisted to prepare for Hubspot Marketing Academy certification.


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 9034229196



3. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: Digital Academy 360

In the fields of content writing training and digital marketing, Digital Academy 360 is a well-known brand. In five years, the top award-winning institute has amassed enormous popularity. They are in Bangalore, and their goal is to spread over all of India.


Course Name: Skill Diploma In Content Writing

Course Fees: INR 39000

Course Duration: 4 Months + 3 months guaranteed internship

Mode of Learning:   Instructor-led Live Online classes


  • Module 1 How to write, publish, and share your content: Content writing introduction.
  • Module 2  Content writers writing cycle. Pre writing process to publishing
  • Module  3 Search engine optimization concepts.
  • Module 4 Building a website using WordPress.
  • Module 5 Essentials of creative writing.
  • Module 6 Professional article writing.
  • Module 7 Research writing strategies.
  • Module 8 Scientific writing.
  • Module 9 All about blogging.
  • Module 10  AD Copywriting.
  • Module 11 Content writing for social media.
  • Module 12 Writing marketing email.
  • Module 13 Writing for business establishments.
  • Module 14 White paper writing.
  • Module 15 Press release writing
  • module 16 Technical writing
  • module 17 Steps to Self-Publishing
  • module 18 A killer content marketing strategy
  • Module 19 Case studies


Course Highlights:

  • Five industry-recognized Certifications from Digital Academy 360
  • Partnership with More than a thousand hiring partners.
  • It Covers 160 hours of learning.
  • Twenty-plus projects, Ten plus tools, and Ten plus case studies included
  • 19 advanced content writing modules with one specialization module.
  • Guest lectures and live sessions from industry experts and mentors.
  • Gain expertise in tools like Yoast, CoSchedule, Copyscape, Grammarly, and Similarweb.


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 73535 15515



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4. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is another reputable and experienced name on the list of India’s finest content-writing training centers. They operate in three countries -India, the United States, and Canada. They provide a wide range of courses which include content creation, Digital Marketing, Python, Blockchain course AWS courses, etc.

They provide four courses for content writing and three courses for creative writing as well.  You can decide on whatever meets your needs.


Course Name:

  • Introduction To Content Writing
  • Content Writing 101
  • Content Writing Foundation Course
  • Content Writing Advanced Course


Course Fees :

  • Introduction to Content Writing INR 799
  • Content Writing 101 INR 1999
  • Content Writing Foundation Course INR 7999
  • Content Writing Advanced Course   INR 19999


Course Duration :

  • Introduction To Content Writing         6 hours
  • Content Writing 101         10 hours
  • Content Writing Foundation Course 20 hours
  • Content Writing Advanced Course     130 hours


Mode of Learning:   Instructor-led Live Online classes


Course Details: 

  1. Introduction To Content Writing

Course Module:

  • Module 1 Introduction to content writing.
  • Module 2  Role of content writers.
  • Module 3 Understanding the psychology of readers on the web.
  • Module 4 Fundamentals of writing for the web.
  • Module 5 Inverted pyramid theory.
  • Module 6 Presentation slides and handouts.
  • Module 7 Quiz.
  • Module 8 Final projects.


  1. Content Writing 101

Course Module:

  • Module 1 Introduction to content writing
  • Module 2  Role of a content writer.
  • Module 3 Traditional writing and web writing.
  • Module 4 The psychology of readers on Web
  • Module 5 Fundamental rules: writing on Web
  • Module 6 The inverted pyramid Theory
  • Module 7 Important tools for writers
  • Module 8 The anatomy of blog posts.
  • Module 9 How to read a blog: as a writer and as a reader.
  • Module 10 Introduction to digital marketing
  • Module 11Introduction to SEO search engine optimization
  • Module 12 Creating SEO-friendly ContentModule 13 Keyword research
  • Module 14 Ethics and content writing
  • Module 15 Plagiarism, paraphrasing, and spinning.
  • Module 16 Proofreading and editing.


  • 10 Hours of Live Interactive Classes
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Fifteen-plus Additional resources are provided for Enhanced Learning
  • 6 Activities and Assignments are included
  • 5 Topic Quizzes are included to Test Your Knowledge
  • Unlimited Access to Live Sessions for six months.
  • Regular Live Question &Answer Sessions
  • Module-Wise Notes are provided
  • The final Project with guidance and trainer feedback is furnished.


  1. Content Writing Foundation Course

Course Modules:

  • Module 1 Blogging.
  • Module 2 Research.
  • Module 3. Supporting text with engaging visuals.
  • Module 4. Assignment guidelines.
  • Module 5 Writing website content
  • Module 6 Writing and grammar.
  • Module 7 How to write viral content
  • Module 8 Online reputation management
  • Module 9 Fundamentals of writing for social media.
  • Module 1. Becoming a freelance content writer
  • Module 11 Additional resources.


  • 20 Hours of Live Interactive Classes
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Ten plus Additional Resources are provided for Enhanced Learning
  • 12 Activities and Assignments are included
  • 10 Topic Quizzes are included to Test Your Knowledge
  • Unlimited Access to Live Sessions for 1year
  • Regular Live Question &Answer Sessions
  • Module-Wise Notes are provided
  • Publishing blogs on Institute Websites


  1. Content Writing Advanced Course

Course Modules:

  • Module 1 web copywriting
  • Module 2 Writing for social media.
  • Module 3 Psychology of web users.
  • Module 4 influential marketing.
  • Module 5 Affiliate marketing
  • Module 6 Guest blogging
  • Module 7 Traditional marketing
  • Module 8 Audience research.
  • Module 9 social media marketing
  • Module 10 travel writing.
  • Module 11Food writing.
  • Module 12 Freelance content writer
  • Module 13 content planning and content calendars.


  • 120 Hours of Live Interactive Classes
  • Recordings of all Live Sessions
  • Twenty plus Additional Resources are provided for Enhanced Learning
  • 50 + Activities and Assignments are included
  • 20 Topic Quizzes are included to Test Your Knowledge
  • Unlimited Access to Live Sessions for 2 years
  • Regular Live Question &Answer Sessions
  • Module-Wise Notes are provided
  • Website Hosting
  • Final project


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 82099 58642



5. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: Education and Career Times (ECT)

Education and career times is a Delhi-based training institute that is recognized by the government of India. Apart from online training, they provide classroom coaching for content writing in Delhi, Noida, and Pune.


Course Name:  Advanced Content Writing

Course Fees: INR 15000 (including Taxes)

Course Duration :3 Months

Mode of Learning: Instructor-led Live Online classes


Content Writing Courses in Trichy Highlights

  • It comprises 32 Hours of Live Training
  • 50 Hours of e-learning sessions and useful Videos are provided
  • 7 Assignments and 5 Live projects are included
  • 10 Quizzes are included
  • Certification recognized by the Govt. Of India
  • Hundred percent placement assistance is provided
  • Work-from-home/ remote job opportunities provided
  • Lifetime Support for the students


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 78279 16060


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

6. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: IIDE (Indian  Institute of Digital Education)

IIDE is a Mumbai-based training center that is most trusted for its excellent Digital Marketing Courses.


Course Name: Copy Writing Course

Course Fees: INR 3813 + taxes

Course Duration: 5 hours

Mode of Learning: Self-paced video lectures + Instructor-led Live Online classes


Content Writing Courses in Trichy Curriculum

  • Module 1 Basics of copywriting.
  • Module 2 Copywriting and content writing.
  • Module 3 Digital copywriting
  • Module 4 Marketing appeals with copywriting.
  • Module 5 The copywriting process.
  • Module 6 Harmony between art and copy.
  • Module 7 Social media content creation
  • Module 8 Copyrighting tools and copy presentation techniques.


  • 2+ Hours of Live Online Class
  • 3+ Hours of Video Lectures are provided
  • Access to Video Lectures for one month
  • Practice Tests
  • Dedicated Question &Answer Support


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 96199 58615



7. Content Writing Courses in Trichy: Henry Hervin Education

A global ed-tech company with customers in ninety-seven countries, Henry Harvin is a premier institute to learn content writing.


Course Name: Certified Digital Content Writer

Course Fees: INR 17500

Course Duration: 40 hours+ internship

Mode of Learning:   Instructor-led Live Online classes


Content Writing Courses in Trichy Curriculum

  • Module 1 language skills.
  • Module 2 Internet skills.
  • Module 3  Blog writing, business writing, and marketing writing.
  • Module 4 Content Strategy
  • Module 5 Technical and research writing.
  • Module 6 academic writing
  • Module 7 creative writing
  • Module 8 copywriting
  • Module 9  Email Writing
  • Module 10 Legal Writing
  • Module 11 Earn online &  international projects
  • Module 12 Content writing projects.


Course Highlights:

  • 40 hours of live interactive sessions online
  • Guaranteed paid internship opportunities for 3 months
  • Live projects, recorded sessions, monthly brush-up sessions
  • Personalized job notifications for students
  • 100% placement support
  • You will have access to LMS
  • Training on interview skills
  • Gold Membership enables you to attend unlimited batches with different trainers for one year.


Contact Details:

Phone + (91) 9891953953



Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a content writer in Trichy earn?

Depending upon the position, a content writer’s earnings can vary to a great extent. Salary ranges can be considerably impacted by several important parameters, including education, certifications, specialized skills, and experience. Here I’ve listed the average annual salary for various writing jobs.

  • Copywriter INR 23784 Per month
  • Content writer INR 19837 per month
  • Editor INR 22169 per month
  • Content Marketer INR 5,13044 per annum
  • DigitalMarketer INR 20323 per month
  • Proofreader INR 19317 per month
  • Social Media Specialist INR 18759 per month


What is the educational qualification required for content writing courses in Trichy?

It is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a certificate program in content writing. However, if you enter the industry, having a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline—such as English literature, marketing, journalism,  media, communication, etc.—will offer you an advantage over your competitors.


Is working from home possible in content writing jobs?

You can work from home in a majority of content writing positions. Roles like content writers, SEO specialists, social media experts,  proofreaders, and columnists can be performed from home.


What are important skills a content writer must have?

Here are the  skills of successful  content writers

  • Adaptability
  • Research skill
  • Originality of content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Time management
  • Communications skill
  • Editing skill
  • Social media knowledge
  • Use of Technology



The need for content writers has risen significantly as digital marketing gained momentum. In addition to the above-mentioned online training institutions, there are numerous other online platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, etc. that offer both free and paid courses on various subjects related to content creation. If you are a newcomer in this profession, go for a detailed content writing course to obtain an in-depth understanding of this market.

Choose based on what you need, your available time, and your budget. You can choose specialized courses from online platforms following your professional requirements if you are already a content writer, and wish to improve your skills. With effective content marketing, many sectors have improved their branding. So, writing has recently been a sought-after profession. Thus, there is a tremendous need for competent content writers in India.

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