Top 8 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Nagpur

Every company, in every sector, relies on accounting, an area of high growth. Due to the lack of in-depth accounting coursework in traditional graduation programs and the high level of competition, employers look for applicants who are familiar with industry practices and key accounting tools. These criteria were taken into consideration in the creation of the many business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur and the students are taught skills unique to the industry, preparing them for employment.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur


A certification course in business accounting and taxation aids the student in multi-level skill development and deepens their grasp of accounting and taxation. This course addresses subjects that are pertinent to the industry, such as direct taxes, indirect taxes, financial reporting, etc.

The course’s focus is not only beneficial professionally or includes workings; it also has importance in daily life on a personal level. Business Accounting And Taxation courses in Nagpur and other cities offer comprehensive recognized courses for students and working professionals at the graduation and post-graduate levels to develop their careers.


What is Business Accounting?

Business Accounting is a way by which firms understand their finances. Companies cannot manage their cash flow, make wise financial decisions, or assure tax compliance without proper accounting. The timely and well-maintained records, make it possible to compare and contrast the most recent financial data with earlier data, which helps the business run more successfully and grow. 

India is a diverse nation, and as a result, our nation has several experts in several sectors. The key to your success would be choosing the right Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Nagpur & other cities in India.


Types of Business Accounting

Depending on their use, accounting branches differ. It can be utilized by a business for either internal or external uses. Internal use includes procedures for reporting to regulatory bodies. However, everyone involved in a firm benefits from public consumption.


  • Managerial Accounting

The operations of a corporation are the focus of managerial or management accounting. It gathers information on the business operations and gives it to the manager. The management can make judgments about the growth of the company with the use of this data.

Cost analysis, forecasting, budgeting, financial analysis, etc. are some of these accounting types. Additionally, it aids in evaluating prior company selections to choose for exact decision-making.


  • Financial Accounting

One of the essential categories of accounting that aid a business in making wise financial decisions is financial accounting.


  • Tax Accounting

 A business can calculate the amount of owed income tax and other taxes through tax accounting. They can also legally lower their owing taxes with the use of tax accounting. Additionally, tax accounting makes sure that every business complies with the guidelines of the Indian Revenue System. (IRS)


What is Taxation & Its Role in Accountancy?

The process through which a government or taxing authority imposes or levies a tax on its people and corporate organizations is known as taxation. Taxation is used at all levels, from income taxes to the goods and services tax (GST). A set of accounting procedures known as tax accounting emphasizes taxes rather than the public disclosure of financial information.

In a nutshell, tax accounting is the process of accounting for taxes. The Internal Revenue Code, which establishes particular guidelines that businesses and individuals must follow to complete their tax returns, regulates tax accounting. 

Everyone is subject to tax accounting, including people, businesses, corporations, and other types of entities. Even those who are exempt from paying taxes must engage in tax accounting. The ability to trace money associated with individuals and corporations is the aim of tax accounting.


Key Role:

  • Processing tax payments and tax returns fall under the purview of the accounting discipline known as tax accounting.
  • Tax accounting applies to individuals, businesses, corporations, and other entities.
  • Income, allowable deductions, charitable contributions, and any gains or losses on assets all affect how much tax a person owes.
  • Tax accounting is more difficult for businesses because there is more scrutiny of how money is spent and what is or isn’t taxed.


Financial Accounting vs Tax Accounting 

Accounting examines how a business generally operates concerning its financial situation and results. On the other hand, taxation entails developing structures and protocols to guarantee accurate tax return submission. Individuals must also pay and file taxes according to the financial year.


Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Nagpur 

A certification course in business accounting and taxation aids the student in multi-level skill development and deepens their grasp of accounting and taxation. Industry-relevant issues including direct taxes, indirect taxes, financial reporting, etc. are covered in this course.

These fields offer a wealth of employment prospects. With a degree in this area, you can apply for jobs in the public and private sectors. You might choose teaching positions in colleges and universities on a professional level.


Other best courses in Nagpur:


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Nagpur

There are many Institutes that offer Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Nagpur and India. 


Rank #1. BAT Courses in Nagpur


IIM SKILLS courseware is skillfully crafted by business professionals with years of expertise in the fields of accounting and taxation. IIM SKILLS BAT Course is one of the best Best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Nagpur & India because it is planned and calibrated with an eye toward industry norms, preparing students for the real-world market. 


Course Fees: 9900 +tax 


Its module consists of below 

  • Accounting & Accounting in Tally 
  • GST and its application in Tally 
  • TDS & its application in Tally 
  • Payroll 
  • Income Tax
  • MIS Reporting with Excel and other tools 


IIM SKILLS focuses on training for the below Skills 

  • Learn advanced accounting concepts in detail.
  • To develop a practical understanding of accounting, use cutting-edge software like Tally.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the GST taxation system and its attendant complications. 
  • Learn the fundamentals of MIS reporting with Advanced Excel. 
  • Thorough understanding of payroll policies
  • Learn more about reporting and financial auditing.
  • Determine a significant understanding of income tax using Tally.
  • Improve your knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Get familiar with how actual businesses operate.


Advantages of BAT Course from IIM SKILLS 

  1. Interactive sessions 
  2. Flexible scheduling 
  3. Experienced Faculty 
  4. 24/7 access to resources and study materials 
  5. Certification after completion of the course 
  6. Online Access 


Rank #2. BAT Courses in Nagpur

2. A.A.A.T. (Alcon Academy of Accounts & Taxation)

Started in 2005, it operates in Maharashtra under the M.C.T.E.B. (Maharashtra Computer & Technical Education Board) offering better accounting and taxation education. It is one of the most preferred institutes for Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Nagpur 


The Module it covers is 

  • Industrial Accounting Finance & Taxation course 
  • GST 
  • Service tax and Income Tax 
  • Software tools – Payroll software 
  • CA-IPCC Course 
  • Auditing course 


It has a hybrid method of training i.e. both online and offline.


Rank #3. BAT Courses in Nagpur

3. NIFM: National Institute of Financial Markets

The National Insititute of Financial Markets was established in 1956 and is one of the top Institutes in the Financial market. It runs both Online and Offline classes in its branch office where it is one of the top preferred institutes for Business Accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur. They have branches throughout India offering specialized training in the below subjects 


  1. Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation
  2. Diploma in Financial Accounting & Business Taxation 
  3. Certified Accounts Professional 


The above courses cover all aspects of Business Accounting and Taxation and aim to equip students with all the skills to grow in their careers.


Key features of NIFM 

NIFM is a leader in offering high-quality training in the fields of stock market training, financial market training, share market training, commodity market training, forex market training in India or abroad, accounting classes training, and a new emerging career path for aspirants of the new generation. 

Numerous institutions are developing their broking firms. All across the nation, additional non-banking financial companies are establishing franchises.

This leads to a significant increase in the need for trained and experienced workers, which in turn provides a significant opportunity for students to enter the financial world. Additionally, the SEBI has made it mandatory to hire NISM-qualified individuals for certain roles in brokerage firms, research firms, and mutual funds.


The fee structure ranges from Rs.45000 to Rs.75000.00 for Online as well as live classes.


Rank #4. BAT Courses in Nagpur

4. Alcon Academy of Accounts & Taxation India

One of the best colleges for business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur, Alcon is part of the Maharashtra Computer & Technical Education Board. They promise that their training facility offers top-notch education programs and courses that ensure employment. Their instruction receives generally positive reviews in their testimonials. They teach Accounting and Taxation under Industrial Accounting Finance & Taxation.


In this course, they train accountancy and taxation in  6 modules:

  • Computerized/Manual Accounting
  • Finance & E-Banking
  • Payroll
  • Export and Import
  • R.O.C
  • Audit
  • ERP Tally


Rank #5. BAT Courses in Nagpur

5. EduPristine

EduPristine is one of the oldest and largest providers of Business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur and India with their 24/7 courses available online with online placement assistance. The Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT) is a practical, hands-on educational curriculum designed to prepare pupils to work as accounting professionals in the business world.

The program’s modules are organized, created, and curated by professionals with years of expertise in the accounting and taxation fields. The students will receive support from  Career Services staff in developing the necessary soft skills and preparing for job interviews.

Any candidate with a background in commerce is qualified for the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation, and the course is particularly helpful for new students.


It’s divided into 9 modules for over 200 hrs of training

Module – 1

 Accounting Fundamentals & Accounting in TallyPrime’s Licensed Version


Module – 2 

GST Fundamentals & GST in TallyPrime’s Licensed Version


Module – 3 

Fundamentals of Income Tax


Module – 4 

Payroll along with its elements


Module – 5 

MS Excel & MIS reporting in Accounts 


Module – 6 

Preparation and finalization of financial statements


Module – 7 

Hands-on Practical classes on Software usage and extraction of GST report 


Module – 8 

SAP and its application for BAT 


Module – 9

Exposure to soft skills like Business Communication & Interpersonal communication 


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Rank #6. BAT Courses in Nagpur

6. Udemy

Udemy is an online EduTech platform that offers many courses online for a very economical fee. They also offer Business Accounting and Taxation courses that are comprehensive and designed in such a way that gives a comprehensive view of the principles of finance, accounting, and assessment.

Each of the above topics is covered in depth in 3 separate modules. Using some actual business transactions, they will demonstrate to you how financial statements are produced in accounting. Students will learn how to evaluate and compare a company’s financial success in Financial Analysis. 

They will also demonstrate four distinct methods to evaluate any company’s valuation in valuation. At the end of the course, the candidates will feel very comfortable with the various business finance concepts you need to know by the conclusion of the course.

The course is concise but thorough. That is what distinguishes the course. The topics don’t require hours and days of study. It is possible to rapidly get up to speed in just two hours. Additionally, the instructor‘s style of instruction makes learning enjoyable, interesting, and highly focused.

Not to mention, it is thorough enough to include all the information they require. Hence it is one of the most preferred online platforms for Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Nagpur and India.


Rank #7. BAT Courses in Nagpur

7. APG Learning

Beginning in 2020, APG Learning has been training working professionals, students, and job seekers by offering various courses that are relevant to the industry in the areas of technology, business, finance, entrepreneurship, soft skills, and lifestyle. Since its founding in 2018, the organization has trained more than 12,000 pupils.

In addition to offering training, APsional corporations carry out their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals to uphold their commitments to quicken socioeconomic development. As part of the employability & skills development across India, APG Learning has provided technical and soft skill training to more than 6,000 engineering students.

The content for Business Accounting and Taxation course is contributed by Industry experts who review the training materials. They offer the newest tools for the industry at students’ disposal. Case studies and applications related to popular subjects.

They give frequent assignments and conduct classes by industry experts. he students gain in-depth knowledge about accounting GST, IT, and also on usage of Excel and MIS. The course is for 3 months and is offered in offline and online modes. The course fee is Rs.34000.00


Brief description of their course 

  • Accounting for Industry and Direct Taxes

Background & Introduction

Fundamentals & Importance

Basic Accounting Concepts

Account Types & Double Entry Accounting Process (Old & New) – Transaction Flow

Accounting closing and different statements (Overview)

Accounts Chart

Accounting standards list

Formats & Examples


  • GST (goods and services tax)

The Income Tax Act of 1961’s Introduction to ITRs and Income Heads

Demo Example & Format for TDS & Returns (Tax Deducted at Source)


  • Payroll along with its elements

Basic Payroll Concepts: Format & Example


  • MIS business application software and Excel

Excel Overview and Shortcuts

Demonstration of MIS Concept and MIS Reporting in Excel


Header and footer mail merge for pivot tables and pivot charts using MS Office, lookup, drafting, and formatting

The above course is an Online course that will be for 3 months and will cost approximately Rs. 36000.00. It is one of the most preferred economic Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Nagpur and India. thanks to its hybrid mode of teaching. 


Rank #8. BAT Courses in Nagpur

8. SLA Consultants

In the past ten years, SLA (Structured-Learning-Assistance) Consultants India Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, has grown quickly as a household name in the field of professional IT and non-IT training and development. The thorough and business-focused up-skilling programs are targeted at jobs in the industry.

In a variety of employment categories, including accounting, taxation, GST, data analytics, MIS & advanced Excel, business analytics, data science, human resource-HR, software testing, advanced PHP, digital marketing, SAP, Tally, etc., upgrading one’s skills is necessary for both freshmen and professionals.

Their knowledgeable instructors provide hands-on, project-based instruction, and their placement department aids in finding the appropriate employment for your new skill set. Learn from IIT, NIT, and IIM alumni who are Chartered Accountants and MNC working professionals. 

The SLA, Structured Learning Assistance, E-Accounting, and E-Taxation (E-GST and E-Income Tax) program are created following the requirements for the most recent jobs in businesses. It is split into 7 modules where students learn:

  • Introduction and advanced training in GST  
  • Income tax calculation and assessment including TDS rates and practical application and calculation 
  • Preparation and finalization of the balance sheet, MIS reporting, and preparing and checking financial statements also an introduction to  Business Finance and Banking 
  • Customs and export/import regulations
  • Introduction to general features, Usage of Tally Prime and ERP software with relation to GST  
  • Introduction to various financial tools to prepare MIS reports 
  • SAP FICO certification 


All the programs and modules are carefully designed by certified Industrial CAs. Their experienced faculty gives Expert CA/FCA, with over ten years of experience, offer real-time online e-filing, and useful compliance training. They offer certificates upon completion of the course. They offer placements also for the same.

The course lasts for about 3 months and it will cost approximately Rs. 35000. The course includes both offline and online modes.




1. Is a Business Accounting and Taxation course practical?

Business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur and the rest of India offer candidates with up-to-date skill sets which are required in every business, including manufacturing, investment banking, automobile, IT, and FMCG. Employees must continually enhance their skill sets to compete in the real world of finance and e-accounts. A trained candidate in BAT will have many opportunities for career growth.


2. Are BAT online courses just as effective as BAT offline courses?

Absolutely. The benefit of online learning is that it can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The interactive learning experience is enhanced by how web apps are made. Additionally, online courses offer practical instruction.


3. What qualifications do I need to succeed in the accounting field? 

Strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, analytical and research skills, leadership, motivation, a responsibility to achieve clear, timely, and measurable results, and being current on emerging technologies like e-commerce, image processing, and workflow technologies are all necessary for success in this field.


4. What are the career opportunities in BAT?

After accounting and taxation, there are many different career options. A few of the positions have to do with taxes and accounting. Additionally, there are roles related to the expansion of the firm. Accountants, financial managers, tax managers, and auditors are among the positions crucial to the company’s expansion. Now there is a huge demand for Financial Analysts from various companies where candidates can pursue and with experience can also work as a freelancer or as Associate or Senior managers in a financial firm.



The Business Accounting and Taxation Course is an incredibly well-regarded career option for candidates with a finance background. It opens our eyes to the stability and advancement of employers. There are numerous positions available, including those for interns, clerks, fee accountants, currency specialists, regulatory agencies, and account managers. In any event, proper training in an accredited institution’s accounting and tax preparation courses is a must to accept any of these components.

So now with a  better understanding of the top business accounting and taxation courses in Nagpur, you need to find the one you can trust, one that teaches quality accounting and tax preparation, and one that is accredited for its courses in accounting and tax collection. Modern technology’s rapid development necessitates accountants’ proactive involvement in the success of the company.

Consequently, proper business accounting and taxation training is required. Your future will be paved with the proper direction you take. Effective decisions require quick action. This article aims to provide effective details concerning Business Accounting and taxation courses which will help candidates to make the correct decision towards their career. 

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