Top 9 Content Writing Courses in Nagpur With Placements

Content writing is an umbrella term that engulfs many fields and disciplines. The fields like education, travel, technical and medical, etc. come under it. A whole variety of creative content is being produced and showcased for the user. With a keen interest in writing content, the writer needs to be equipped with the needed skills to create a nice piece of work. Here we will discuss the options available for content writing courses in Nagpur.


List of best content writing courses in Nagpur


The various ideas and instructions are written and produced creatively to make the content more user-centric. On one hand, the user gets hands-on and easy access to the information he wants to know, and the writer is provided with a whole sphere to write on things where the sky is the limit.


Need for Content Writing

Content availability is the best way, through this any business establishment can be evenly connected with the target customer. Creating user-centric content helps to improve audience involvement and is captivating for the consumer. This helps to build up a relationship with the audience thus making them interested in the ongoing and future schemes.

This ensures a regular customer-brand relationship. In turn, it makes the customer come back for future endeavors too. Once the trust relationship is built, the customer always looks forward to creating content.


Importance of Content Writing

The greatness of any content lies in its definition of the target audience. This makes the content user-centric and user accessible. Writers have to be informed about whom they are writing. An awareness of what the reader is expecting is a must. If you are nice with words and aware of the reader’s needs, you can divert traffic toward what you are writing, and in turn, help the business grows.


Basics of Content Writing

The content should be effective and creative enough for engaging the audience and retaining their interest in the present and upcoming content. The headline of the content should be head-turning because it can make or destroy your content. The engrossing quality of the content determines how far the reader is going to read the content.

The writer should create a hook to grab the attention of the reader. Content should be well-researched. There should be thorough research. The writer should never divulge his topic.

A unique voice should be used. The content should be optimized digitally. Work should be finally edited. The writer should proofread the content before the final submission.


Who Can Become a Content Writer

Anybody interested in writing with a good knowledge of the English language and a grasp of grammar can become a content writer. There are various courses available to groom one’s skills. Students, freshers, or people already working in the same field can go for a wide variety of available courses.

Once the learner learns the required skill set, he can create captivating content. Creative writing has opened a broad sphere for jobs for beginners and experts. Day by day, the content industry is growing. People are getting more and more job and career opportunities. People can write for websites also. Blogging can also be done. Opportunities like ghostwriting or article writing can be availed.


Scope of Content Writing

With the need for content creation, the scope for writing content has increased much fold. People are opting for courses to get skilled. A content writer could write product descriptions, blogs, websites, articles, etc. Content is also developed for various social media platforms.

News channels also hire content writers. Media houses also provide opportunities for such jobs. There is a lot of a whole lot of opportunities available. If the writer can exploit his interest in writing, there is so much scope in this field.


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The Demand for Content Writing

Creative content is needed by various business houses and companies. The writer researches and outlines the content which is needed to be created. Creativity gets an opening through various social media channels. The writer has to plan and improvise his ideas and then put forth those created pieces.

This created content has a very high possibility of drawing customers and consumers towards the things the business houses are showcasing. Once the writer gets skilled in drawing customers’ attention to the company, he lands better job options. He can easily get equipped with the ongoing trends and the competition.

Through these contents, the writer can make good customer public relations with the company. He draws new customers and helps to retain old ones. The technical writers for IT companies produce content for blogs and websites and give up-to-date information about the company and the products it is showcasing.

With the growing need for content in the business, people are interested in learning new and creative ideas to create captivating and user-centric content. For that some sort of guidance is needed so, people are looking for various courses.


Skills Needed for Content Writers

  • Adaptability– A great content writer understands that different clients have different needs. The content should be user-centric.
  • Time Management- The writer should be able to divide time evenly according to the availability of time.
  • Problem Solving- He should be skilled enough to solve problems whenever problems arise.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary- The writer should be apt to grammar and vocabulary. The crafted use of both is needed.
  • Research Skills The writer should be able to do in-depth research for the desired content.
  • SEO and Content Strategy- It should be used to make digitally optimized content.
  • Creative Writing- The writer should have the creative skills to create content.
  • Editing– He should be thorough with the editing.


Here in This Article, We Are Going to Discuss Various Options Available for Content Writing Courses in Nagpur:




IIM SKILLS does not need an introduction when we talk about content writing. They offer properly planned and well-executed courses to cater to the learner’s needs. Every learner is given proper attention. The instructors provide 24*7 assistance. You can reach them whenever you have any doubts, the problems will be solved in no time.

Students are filled with confidence in writing as regular practice assignments are given to them. The curriculum is designed accordingly. Learners are taken from simple to complex. And when going through all this, they are groomed and skilled. The learner never feels left back or alone.

The instructors are always at your side to help you.  The learners can revisit the recorded LMS to brush up on their knowledge whenever needed. The institute offers online classes with added internships and access to various tools. This is one of the best options available for content writing courses in Nagpur. Regular assignments are given to learners to make them practice more and more.


The Content Writing Course Includes:

  • Online classes- 16+ hours duration
  • Instructors – Best from the industry with proven expertise
  • Practical work- Assignments are given regularly
  • Curriculum- SEO, web creation, blogging, word press, etc are taught
  • Case Study-Real life situations are posed to the learners
  • Placements- The best job opportunities are offered to IIM SKILLS students


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This course can open many opportunities for learners. They are blessed with new horizons. This institute is one of the best options available. It enjoys very high rankings online on the web.

Course Price: 14900+GST


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2. Coursera


Coursera is providing another online option for content writing courses in Nagpur. They are providing degrees from various universities. The website offers various courses. The courses are affiliated with various universities. Although Coursera does not offer a complete single course, learners can opt for smaller courses to fulfill their needs.


Some of the Content Writing Courses Offered by Coursera Are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization

Content writing is about attracting the reader. This course teaches the process of creating optimized content that helps your secure search engine rankings.

  •  WordPress Tutorial incorporates building a website

This course teaches the steps involved in creating a website. Google Ads tutorial for Beginners is also taught. The Strategy of Content Marketing is also taught. It teaches you to plan and execute researched data in a user-centric way.

These options help learners to specialize in creating optimum content.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Udemy 


Udemy is another good option for online educational training. It can be considered as another option for content writing courses in Nagpur. It offers hundreds of courses. The courses are designed according to the needs of the learners. There are few courses related to content writing.

There are specific and general topics. Course videos are created based on the topics. They are providing a 3-in-1 content writing course. It is a three-module course consisting of Content Writing, Blog Writing, and SEO Content Writing. This course includes of introduction, an explanation of the basics, and a little brush-up on SEO techniques.

Websites writing is also taught, and the duration of the course is 4.5 hours. The techniques to create a website and get rankings with marketing are taught. This course addresses the topic of ranking. Learners can get hands-on with content writing after going with this course.


Some Features of the Course Are:

– 3.5 hours of video

– Articles related to the lesson videos

– Downloadable resources and assignments

– Certificate is provided on completion


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4. HubSpot: 


HubSpot is offering a certification course for new learners. The course is designed to provide insight to beginners. The course can be beneficial for those who want to make a career in content writing. This course could be an asset to ones writing skills.

This can be a helpful course for marketing professionals, inbound professionals, and content producers. The main thing with which the learner gets equipped is the basics of creating creative content. The learner can learn to create search engines pleasing content.

The consumers are also captivated by their writing skills and are driven toward the desired content. This is a free-of-cost course. A Certification is also provided at the end of the course. This is one of the options available for content writing courses in Nagpur.


5. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is providing an online content writing course. It is a live online classroom course. The training duration is for 4 weeks. This course includes 16 hours of classes with 70+ hours of practical assignments. A 3 months internship is also provided.

Practical work helps to polish and groom one’s skills. Lifetime support is provided to the students. A writing Certification is also provided. Placement support is also provided. Skills Upgrader also helps students to develop portfolios.

The course helps you to turn words into creative content that captivates the readers, learner learns to write for national and international clients. It offers a lifetime membership. The course Fee is 8258.82. Learners looking for content writing courses in Nagpur can opt for this course.


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6. Omega Training Institute


Omega Training Institute offers content writing courses that can be very helpful for aspiring content writers. They offer 100% Job Placements. Live projects are given to students. This institute started in 2014. It offers various courses to cater to learners’ needs.

The learner can choose the course as per needs. The courses are designed in a way to upgrade and groom the skills of the learner. The course is designed to keep the doubts and concerns of the students in mind and is a perfect choice if you want information at a steady, digestible pace. This is one of the options available for content writing courses in Nagpur.


Contact for Details –



7. Technosys Academy


Technosys Academy is another option available for content writing courses in Nagpur, although it is located in Kolkata but is accessible online and provide content writing course that provides learners with the learning of website writing, SEO techniques, blogging, article writing, etc.

They teach you to write new content that is genuine and not copied. Their course is designed for the present demand and scenario in the content writing market. If one opts for this course, he will be always apt to new techniques and trends in the content writing industry.

This course is a great choice if you want a detailed, informative look into the industry and to keep yourself updated with the latest trends at the same time.  You can contact them at the India MART website.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

8. ECT


Education and Career Times is providing content writing courses online. It is a government-recognized institute. Over 30 hours of practical classes are provided. Special attention to spelling and grammar is given. An ample chance of improvement is provided.

The course covers non-fiction creative writing, business writing, and technical writing. At the end of the course, the learner can write better, plan content strategies, and excel at business and corporate writing. ECT is holding online classes and is thus one of the options available for content writing courses in Nagpur.


Course Duration:3 months

Live Training-30 hours

E-learning Resources: 50 hours


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9. Henry Harvin


Another good option is available for content writing courses in Nagpur. Henry Harvin is one other well-known name in the industry. They are offering online and offline courses. Students are made equipped with various skills needed for content writing. Learners are given access to various tools needed for creating content.

Post-completion support is also provided to the students. Live online interactive sessions are provided to the learners. Various tools are provided to the students. Access to the masterclass is provided. There will be free Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.

You can get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy for the Certified Digital Content Writing Courses in Nagpur.

  • A nine-module curriculum is provided.
  • Learners get access to the LMS.
  • Recorded videos of all the sessions are provided.
  • Globally recognized CDCW Certification is provided.


The learner learns to write 30+ content types and starts earning with online projects. Gets equipped with the skill to translate thoughts into words that attract readers. Gains experienced professional content writing as per current industry standards.

The learner develops essential language skills to write for international clients. The technical know-how of launching basic websites and personal blogs is taught. Graphic skills are also taught. Gaining advanced research skills to write on any topic is also learned.

Develop skills to identify potential target audience persona for one’s content. Build an effective content strategy to reach and engage the target audience.  Know how to secure freelance projects from India, the US, the UK, etc. Once you opt for the course and groom your skills, you will have ways to go.


The Various Features Followed During the Course Are:

Duration of the Course: 40 hours of online classes +assignments are provided

Types of Content: 30

Certification: CDCW Certification is provided

Internship: To increase students’ experience, an internship is provided.

Placement: Guaranteed


The Learner Can Opt for a Gold Membership Too and Avail of Various Benefits.

  • E-Learning Access: The learner gets access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies.
  • MasterclassAccess to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development.
  • Internship: Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms.
  • Perks of membershipGain exclusive access to the Complimentary Module of Soft Skill Development along with the course curriculum.




1. What are the various opportunities in content writing?

Content writing is a wide field as it covers different fields and is exposed to a variety of opportunities. To name some media, press, corporate events, etc where they can attract readers and grow in their careers. Content writers can work for business houses, corporations, IT companies, or as freelancers. Content writers are also working as entrepreneurs.


2. What is the average salary for a content writer?

The average salary of a content writer is around 2-2.5 lakhs per year. But with time and increased experience, it can range up to 12 lakhs per annum.


3. What’s unique in Content writing?

Content writing is unique as it presents relevant, valuable information to attract readers and move them to act. It works according to the level of creative content one provides. As the writer continues to offer fresh, quality information a trusted relationship is built. The number of followers increases with time. A credible bond is created. Ultimately, your content equips your readers to engage, participate, purchase, give, support, volunteer, become an advocate, or otherwise take action.  Content marketing is a long game. The content industry is growing day by day.


4. What is the key to creating good content?

The key to creating content is that it should be highly creative and user-centric. It should be captivating for the reader. The most attentive part to be taken care of is that whatever you write should be serving the reader. Irrelevant, ineffective content should be avoided fully.


5. Are there many options available for content writing courses in Nagpur?

Yes, there are many online and offline options available for Content writing courses in Nagpur. Learners can opt for the course and the mode they desire for. Once done with the course, the learner has a way to go.



As discussed in the above article, there are various options available for content writing courses in Nagpur. People can opt for these courses according to their needs. Content writing is the need of the hour and a field not much visited. People are experimenting day by day to groom their skills.  For an aspiring writer, these institutes are the best options. They have helped many aspiring writers to get on with their dreams. Their institutes praise the most promising content writers they have created. There are Content Writing courses are the need of the day. The aspirants can go through the various available options to groom and polish their career options and interest. Once the learner chooses a needed course, he can find whole abundant opportunities to work on it.

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