Top 5 Business Accounting & Taxation Courses in Kolhapur

Looking for the best business accounting & taxation courses in Kolhapur? Don’t worry! We are here to guide you with the best. But before knowing about the best courses, let’s first know about the BAT course in little detail. The business accounting & taxation course is a certified course designed to help the candidates gain a deep knowledge of business accounting & Taxation. It entails two important terms, let’s understand the meaning of these two important terms below.


List of best business accounting & taxation courses in Kolhapur


Business Accounting


Business Accounting is the systematic recording, analyzing, interpreting & presentation of financial information. Accounting is the only & the best way to keep records of all the transactions related to business & personal life. Accounting information helps the owner to make rational decisions for the betterment of their business.


Accounting is Primarily Classified Into 4 Types:-


  • Financial Accounting – It is a type of accounting that involves a process of recording, summarising & reporting transactions of a business over a period of time. In simple words, Financial Accounting is the practice of accounting for all money going in & out transactions of an enterprise.


  • Managerial Accounting – This type of accounting is also known as Management Accounting. It is a method of accounting that creates different types of statements, reports & documents that help the management to take rational decisions concerned with the performance of the business.


  • Cost Accounting – It is also another type of accounting that is defined as the systematic set of procedures for recording & reporting measurements related to the cost of manufacturing goods & performing services.


  • Tax Accounting – It is also another type of accounting that is a structure of different accounting methods focused on taxes rather than the appearance of public financial statements.


Now, we are well versed with the term Business Accounting & its different categories, & so now we will learn about the second term which is Taxation:-




Taxation is the imposition of mandatory levies or financial obligations on Individuals or business entities by the Government. Tax is revenue for the Government to fund their expenditure & to further invest in the economic growth & social welfare of the country.


Taxation Can Also Be Broadly Classified Into 2 Categories:-


  • Direct Tax – It is a type of tax that a person or an organization pays directly to the entity that imposed it. It is an unavoidable tax that is which one cannot avoid at any cost. Examples of Direct Taxes are income tax, property tax, house tax, etc.


  • Indirect Tax – It is a type of tax that is levied on goods & services & not on individual payers, & it is collected by the retailer or the manufacturer. It is an avoidable tax which implies the burden on Indirect tax could be shifted to another person. Examples of Indirect Tax are sales & value-added tax (VATs), goods & service tax (GST), etc.


So, the concept of Business Accounting & Taxation terms is clear, & now let’s explore a little more about the BAT courses in Kolhapur.


Career Prospectus After Business Accounting & Taxation Courses in Kolhapur


There are many Job opportunities in this sector & the scope is not just limited to an extent but it has a wider scope. After having a degree or a certification in this sector, you can make a career in the either government or private sectors. After finishing this intense course, you can pursue your career as a tax consultant, company law assistant, corporate legal assistant, account executive, financial manager, etc.


Average Salary for Business Accounting & Taxation Course Professionals


As per the research, the average salary after a Business Accounting & Taxation course falls between 2 to 8 lakhs. However, the salary package differs for various organizations and on other various factors as well. These include the years of experience, job skills, job type, job level, location, etc.


Business Accounting & Taxation Course Program is An Excellent Fit For:-


The intense business accounting & taxation course is mainly fit for the commerce background students as they have a better knowledge about the accounting & taxation concepts better than the other stream students. Hence, the course is best for the following criterion students:-


  • Commerce graduates
  • Tax Experts
  • Finance experts or professionals
  • Solopreneurs/Entrepreneurs
  • MBA aspirants or the professionals
  • CA/CS or anyone doing a such professional course
  • Startups


Skill Development


  • Develop in-depth knowledge of advanced accounting standards.
  • Grasp the working knowledge of accounting
  • Acquire a complete understanding & knowledge of the GST taxation system
  • Know all about Payroll and its policies
  • Knowledge about financial auditing & reporting
  • Understanding & knowledge of income tax using tally
  • Brush up your accounting skills


Delve into the post to know about the top-ranked Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in India


Objectives Of the Business Accounting & Taxation Course


The business accounting & taxation course aims to the following objectives:-

  • To attain the full understanding & knowledge of accounting & taxation concepts.
  • To witness the whole practical understanding of the accounting industry.
  • To learn the art of doing bookkeeping & accounting keeping.


There are many reasons that give hints to enroll in the course. You should undergo proper guidance to understand the nuances of the subject and the industry in which you are planning your career. The specialized course takes you through the ins and outs of the updated needs and demands of the field.


Enrolling in a course gives you a sense of satisfaction and a lot of skills and confidence to make you gain the right knowledge to bring a spark to your professionalism. You can find a plethora of courses related to any subject you aspire toward, but what matters is how dedicated and motivated you are to learn and adapt the skills.


The expert trainers of the course keep motivating you to keep you on track so that you can reach your end goal with ease. Learning never ends, but the foremost step is to move ahead toward learning. Once you enroll in the course, the series of lectures and assignments keep you engaged in order to make you skilled and confident. The only decision you have to make is to enroll in the best course.


Now, that you have a better understanding of the Business Accounting & Taxation course, let’s look forward to the 5 best Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur that will definitely help you to add an engaging skill to your resume:-




IIM SKILLS is a top most and renowned organization that has been delivering many professional courses to transform your skills into a source of income. The mission of IIM SKILLS is to provide quality education to everyone who desires a world-class education that too at affordable prices through their live online and self-paced learning programs.


The experienced professional faculty of IIM SKILLS helps the learners to learn and gain an in-depth knowledge of each and every topic. IIM SKILLS provides a lot of courses to their learners and Business Accounting & Taxation course is definitely one among those. This course is an ideal package for the one who is seeking to master a broad area of accounting & taxation.


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Kolhapur

  • Accounting and accounting in Tally
  • GST and GST in Tally
  • TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Payroll and Payroll in Tally
  • Income tax with Tally
  • Advanced Excel and MIS Reporting


Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the course is 120+ Hours of Lectures and 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments. And the fee of the concerned course is Rs. 9,900 + 18% GST.


Course Highlights

  • Lifetime Support
  • 100% Interview Guarantee
  • Tool-based Practical Learning
  • Mentorship by Top level CAs
  • Community access by the Alumni
  • Lifetime Access to the Live Classes & Recording
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement cell
  • Master Certification


Eligibility Criterion

  • A bachelor’s degree in commerce or in its related field from a recognized and reputed university.
  • Basic understanding & practical working knowledge of computers.
  • Communication & Fundamental written skills



  • The foremost reason you should choose IIM SKILLS is that there will be no one-way communication but it will always be two-way communication.
  • After every class, a task will be given to the learners; this will definitely make the program fun-loving and engaging for the learners.
  • IIM SKILLS do its best to justify the expectation of each and every learner without being biased or unfair to anyone.
  • And, last but not least, the expert faculty of the institute is always there for you and care for you.


Contact Details:-

Phone: – +91 9911839503

Email: –

Website: –


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2. Edupristine


EduPristine is a renowned institute that provides one of the best business accounting & taxation courses in Kolhapur. Having 10+ years of expertise; they have refined their training methodology to create a powerful impact on aspiring minds and to lead the career of their learners to succeed. EduPristine offers training in many certification courses like CPA, CMA, ACCA, etc., and definitely, business accounting and Taxation course is one among them.


The Business Accounting & Taxation course of EduPristine is an experiential and practical learning course, designed to help students to become industry-ready accounting professionals. The modules of this course are structured by industry experts having many years of experience in the domains of accounting & taxation.


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Kolhapur

  • Basics of Accounting & its Tally
  • Basics of GST & its Tally
  • Basics of Income Tax & its Tally
  • Payroll & its Components
  • Excel for Accounting & MIS
  • Finalization of Financial Statements
  • Busy Practical
  • SAP
  • Soft Skills


Course Duration & Fees

The total duration of the course is of 192 Hours which includes 72 Hours of Online Training and 120 Hours of Classroom Training. The overall fee of the concerned course is Rs. 1,18,000 after the discount it will cost Rs. 94,400.


Course Highlights

  • Resume Building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Placement Assistance
  • Knowledge Test
  • Two Way Interaction process between the faculty and learners
  • Coverage of Industry relevant accounting concepts
  • Case studies and Project based training
  • Industry faculty-led Live sessions
  • Homework Assignments & Projects
  • 4 Validated Certifications


Whom It is Meant For?

  • Students who have completed their graduation and are eager to learn the skills of business accounting & taxation.
  • Individuals having 0-2 years of experience who want to upskill and further shift to an office-based high profile job.
  • An individual who wants to become a master of business accounting & taxation tools.


Why EduPristine?

  • The foremost reason to enroll in EduPristine is that the institute provides training to its learners by the most qualified professionals.
  • EduPristine provides its learners with 24*7 dedicated discussion forums.
  • The institute also provides its learners with after-course engagement.


Contact Details:-

Phone: – 18002005835

Whatsapp: – +91 8828322444

Email: –


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3. APG Learning


APG Learning is known to be a renowned institute providing one of the best Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur which is offering industry-relevant programs in the areas of Technology, Business, Finance, Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle to working professionals, career seekers, and students. The institute has trained more than 12,000 students since 2018.


In 2020, APG Learning has started online learning. The institute has also delivered training to the IIM students as well as a few more prestigious institutes. Apart from the online training of the institute, APG Learning has a best-in-class infrastructure for high-end training in Pune and Navi Mumbai.


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Kolhapur

  • Industrial Accounting
  • Tally
  • Direct Taxation
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  • Payroll & its Components
  • Excel & MIS
  • Business Computer Application


Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the course is of 3 Months and the course is available in both Online & Offline modes. The fee of the concerned course is Rs. 33,900 + GST.


Course Highlights

  • In-depth knowledge of Accounting & Taxation.
  • Get an understanding of Payroll, GST & IT.
  • Practical Knowledge of Excel & MIS.
  • Job opportunities as Manager: GST, Manager Accounts, Finance Manager, Tax Analyst, Accounts Executive.


Eligibility Criterion

  • A B.COM/M.COM/MBA Finance student can enroll themselves.
  • A student has non-commerce background but has an actual work experience of at least 1 year.
  • A student pursuing CA/CS/ICWA/CFA courses or any other similar course.


Why APG Learning?

  • Industry Knowledge from the subject Experts of APG Learning.
  • Designed by the Professionals.
  • Caters the fresher and working professional.
  • Practical knowledge & understanding of Accounting & Tax.
  • Fully two-way interactive sessions to make learning more engaging.


Contact Details:-

Phone: – +91 7350001603/+91 7350001602

Email: –

Website: –


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4. City Commerce Academy


City Commerce Academy is known to be one of the best Accounting training institutes in India and has the experience and expertise to successfully trained thousands of students. The institute was established in the year 1999, and since then the institute has been providing quality education to its learners.


Their different courses such as Accounting, Tally, GST, Taxation, TDS, Income Tax, and Payrolls courses are based on unique techniques, which are developed by the institute after research of 20 years. Likewise, the institute also provides a course on Accounts & Tax Expert. Now, let’s see what the curriculum of the concerned course is:-


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Kolhapur

  • Accounting
  • Tally
  • Reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet
  • Reports & MIS
  • Taxation
  • Payrolls


Course Fees

The fee of the concerned course was Rs. 17,500 but now after the discount, the last price of the course is Rs. 10,800.


Why City Commerce Academy?

  • The online classes of the course provide 100% flexibility to their learners which they can 24*7 at their convenience.
  • The high quality of the Study Material they provide to their enrolled students.
  • A student’s report on a regular basis is analyzed by the experts to check the performance of the students.


Contact Details:-

Student’s Helpline: – 7009257199

Course Enquiry: – 9256992278

Email: –

Website: –


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5. National Institute of Financial Markets


National Institute of Financial Markets is known to be one of the best Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur. NIFM is indeed one of the top institutes in the financial market, stock market & accounting taxation sector. NIFM has completely analyzed the needs and requirements of the industry through research and had designed the courses accordingly.


They have centers currently at Janakpuri (Delhi), Karol Bagh (Delhi), Pitampura (Delhi), Lajpat Nagar (Delhi), and many more. NIFM has a clear mission to bring excellence in lifelong learning and empowerment in the field of education of Financial Markets by providing high-quality and competent learning opportunities to their learners.


National Institute of Financial Markets provides various types of courses to their learners and indeed, Business Accounting & Taxation course is one of them. As per NIFM, Accounting, Finance & Taxation are the fields in which there will never be a recession, this is an ever-growing field to make your career as a profession.


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Kolhapur

  • Accountancy
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  • Tally ERP 9 with GST
  • Income Tax
  • Auditing


Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the concerned course is of 6 Months. The batches will be as follows:-

  • Sunday Batch (Morning/Evening Batch): Every Sun (6 Hours per class)
  • Saturday/Sunday Batch (Morning/Noon/Evening Batch): Every Sat/Sun (3 Hours per class)
  • Weekdays Batch (Morning/Noon/Evening Batch): MWF or TTS (2 Hours per class)


The fee of the concerned course is Rs. 45,000 + GST (one time fee) or Rs. 55,000 + GST (4 Installments). Defense Personnel & Handicap people will get a flat 20% Discount on Fees.


Course Highlights

  • The training is provided by the most qualified professionals
  • Certificate of completion from a reputed institute NIFM.
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Freelance work opportunities
  • Flexibility in the batch schedule as per your convenience
  • Lifetime Support


Eligibility Criterion

Candidate should have a minimum qualification of 10+2 or a graduate degree and be well versed with the understanding of computer, MS Office & Internet.



  • The foremost reason to choose NIFM is the quality education they provide to their students in all types of courses.
  • NIFM provides 100% job assistance to their learners in different fields.
  • NIFM gives equal importance to theoretical and practical concepts.


Contact Details:-

Phone:- +91 9022595581




Hence, these were the 5 best Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur which you can choose and trust blindly as per your convenience and comfort. Business accounting is a must-have skill that a big or small organization looks for to meet their financial goals and keep a track of them. It is a skill that is ingrained during learning and proper practice.


Accounting skills need proper training, and hence we have made a list of the top BAT courses in Kolhapur that are mentioned above. If you are confused about where to begin, which course to choose, or what skills you need, then this post is a perfect guide for you. As you have reached here, you must have learned about the best BAT courses in Kolhapur, but once you enroll in the course, you will experience all the pros mentioned here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Ques 1. Which are the best Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur?

Ans 1 All the above-mentioned courses are the top Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur covering all the latest study material and having experienced professional faculty. You can choose the course at your convenience and comfort.


Ques 2. Can an Individual apply for Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur after12th?

Ans 2 Business Accounting & Taxation course is primarily for graduate students, although graduates in any course can opt for this course. But it is primarily designed for graduates with a commerce background.


Ques 3. Is the business Accounting & Taxation course recognized in India?

Ans 3 The answer to this question is simply yes, absolutely. BAT is a recognized course in India and in other countries.


Ques 4. Are the Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur worth investing in?

Ans 4 A very big loud yes! Business accounting and taxation courses in Kolhapur give you a wide variety of work options in the industry. Once you’ll finish the course program, you’ll be able to work in both the private and public sectors.




Hence, from the above discussion, we can conclude in the end that Business Accounting & Taxation courses in Kolhapur are one of the highest rated popular courses which will definitely make you an expert in Business accounting & taxation tools. After finishing this course, you can pursue your career as a tax consultant, company law assistant, corporate legal assistant, account executive, financial manager, etc. Thus, we can say that this course will end up opening a lot of high-profile career opportunities for you. In this course, basically, you will be learning about all the tools of accounting & taxation. To enroll yourself, you must have a bachelor’s degree, most prominently from a commerce background. In the above-listed article, we have shortlisted the top institutes for BAT courses in Kolhapur, after the research and studies. We assure you the best learning with the above-mentioned institutes and wish you All the Best for your dream career.

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