Top 8 Content Writing Courses in The UK With Placements

We are going to cover the top content writing courses in the UK in this article. But before, that let’s look at why content writing has become such a pertinent aspect of the marketing strategy for a business. With time, almost every country has turned digital to make life as hassle-free and simple as possible. From buying electronics appliances online to clothing as well as groceries are now available to buy online without visiting the store.



Content Writing Courses in The UK



For running this online business, one would require an advertisement, and in this era, we follow the modern approach of advertisement i.e. through social media engagement and not through the traditional method of billboards.


Here comes the classic move! The content!


The content is something that we see on any media platform. TV shows, OTT shows, videos on any social media platform are a form of content. Making content is a very tricky part and we have content writers who are professional experts in this kind of field and help in creating aid that serves as a business booster.


There are numerous content writing institutions but the reason behind listing the top 8 content writing courses in the UK  is to make students aware of their decision before joining any institute.


The demand for content writers is growing tremendously due to the digital era. Almost every other organization requires a content writer who can socially engage with the audience through means of Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, helping to expand the business, reaching out to a larger audience, etc.


Qualities Of A Good Content Writer:-


  1. The first and the foremost quality of a content writer is the ability to research well. Content writers need to dive deep into research to get the information to create creative content.
  2. You need to have a clear mind and an ability to write it down in a creative manner so that it should attract the audience.


Content writers should possess a piece of knowledge about content management systems (CMS). CMS like WordPress, will help you track your content activities and the steps required to further enhance them.


Here is the list of the top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills has been recognized as one of the finest and leading institutes providing content writing courses all over the globe. With the best teaching techniques and great faculties, the course seems like a piece of cake. Even a layman can master it in a very minimal time.


Led by Vaibhav Kakkar, one of the finest and the best content writers in the world, you seem to get a very great knowledge of the course from the experts. The institute provides courses at a very minimal cost that one couldn’t lay behind in learning the best in-skill demand.


It is an online training institute i.e. accessible anywhere from the globe with industry experts with more than 10+years of experience who teach the best in-demand skills.


Course Name:- Content Writing Course


Highlights of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course 


It is an extensive program that includes 16+ hours of lecture and 60+ hours of practical assignments to work with proper guidance. The course duration is 1 month. They also provide 3 months non-paid virtual internship which will help in developing your skill for the real world. The internship hours can be flexible and is optional. It is a win-win situation for you since you can gain the required experience of how the content industry works and can work at your convenient time without any hassles. 


They also have a learning management system (LMS) for lifetime support which will help you whenever required. It just acts as a part of a body. This institute will help with consulting as well as technical support for a lifetime. They also provide tools worth Rs 35000/- free of cost which includes WordPress themes, keyword tools, SEO, etc.


This course will let you write and publish your first ebook on amazon kindle, google book, and various platforms. They will even provide you with the opportunity to write your first blog for the Times of India.


After completion of this course, you will receive the certifications from IIM Skills and Hubspot Academy, which will be adding the required weight to your CV, resulting in getting more job opportunities. They will also provide Freelancing opportunities.


Their facilities and their guidance have led this institute to fall under the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


Course Curriculum:-


  • Web development
  • UI & UX interface
  • Introduction to Content writing
  • Keyword research tools
  • Content writing tools
  • Duplicacy detector
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Quora marketing
  • Web analytics etc.
  • The course duration is 1 month, followed by a 3 months internship.


Course Fee – 154.86 British Pound + taxes


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IIM Skills Brand Partners 


IIM SKILLS has collaborations with several very eminent corporate organizations for placement assistance in coveted content writing profiles and designations. Some of them are mentioned below:



Reviews and Testimonials


testimonials from students are the greatest strength of any organization, especially, the institutes offering professional courses. IIM SKILLS has been hailed by the previous batch of students for their impeccable standard of education and mentorship. Their lifetime assistance for no extra cost is one of their best features. They support desk is also active and approachable and resolves all doubts and queries with as much alacrity as possible.



For more details


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Find out more details about the Content Writing course with the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review


2. London Marketing Academy


London Marketing Academy (LMA) is a reputed institution in the UK that provides various trendy courses for all beneficiaries. Their way of teaching will help you to grab the knowledge faster and clearer, which will result in more growth among the learners. Hence, it is regarded as one of the top content writing courses in the UK. 


They have up-to-date strategies and syllabus for every course provided and with 1-1 guidance and support, their prime motto is to get the students to excel in the real world.


Content writing course from LMA will teach you the way of conveying your knowledge or information through writing which will grab the reader’s attention and will help them in taking quick actions. All the articles are effectively optimized using SEO best practices.


Course Content:-


  1. Maximizing the potential of business blogs.
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Web analytics
  5. Article writing and its role
  6. Generation of blog ideas
  7. Keyword analysis
  8. Advertising campaigns etc.


This course is ideally meant for everyone centrally located in London. This course lasts for about 8 hours or 4 hours per day. They also provide graduation certificates on the completion of this course.


Located centrally in London, and with good experience has also led this institute to make it into the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


Reach out to their web portals for more information.


IIM SKILLS CW Course Demo Invite

 If you want to bolster your content writing career with digital marketing, here is a compilation of the top Digital Marketing Courses in the UK for you. 


3. John Academy



John Academy is a well-known institution offering various courses in different sectors which are trending in the world creating more job opportunities. They provide accredited online courses that are available for anyone to join and step up a ladder of success.


All courses are accredited by known awarding bodies to keep their quality of work at the top. The course is taken well by the industry experts who will help you in understanding the concepts and will help you to land a good career.


After the completion of this course, you’ll be provided with a certificate of completion which will help you in your future careers.


Course Curriculum:-


  • Content writing basics
  • Skills for content writing
  • Web writing
  • Tricks of Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Technical writing
  • Public relation writing
  • Newsletter writing
  • Freelancing opportunities etc.


As they provide high quality, affordable, and access to e-learning study materials, the students will get a very good amount of knowledge on various topics.

Their high-quality teaching skills have led this institute to make it into the top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


4. Hubspot Academy


Hubspot Academy is a very well-known top-rated institution across the globe. Their advanced career courses will help you to cope up with the latest trends in digital marketing, sales trends, etc. They provide various courses at no cost worldwide so everyone can learn and no one is left behind.


Hubspot has very well-trained industry experts who will teach you in a way that even a layman with zero knowledge in the field would get established in a particular field.


After the successful completion of this course, you’ll be accredited by the Hubspot certificate which you can showcase in your Linkedin profile to make your profile stand out from the crowd.


Course Name- Content Marketing Course.

Course Curriculum:-


  • The power of storytelling
  • Building a content creation framework
  • Generating content ideas
  • Creating a successful and quality blog
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating a video marketing strategy
  • Effectively promoting the content
  • Measuring the analytics
  • Building a social media strategy etc.


The duration of this course is 7 hours consisting of 12 lessons and 56 videos with 11 quizzes to go. For the learning ones, this academy is a god’s gift, with a thousand courses which are fully free and accessible anywhere from the globe, everyone can learn something new every day.


Hubspot academy has made it into the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK  due to their status and their teaching faculties which consider teaching as an art.


IIM SKILLS CW Course Demo Invite


5. Udemy


Udemy has been one of the finest institutions providing numerous courses, which are easily accessible online and can feed you a hefty amount of knowledge in minimal time. The courses are designed in a way that can be easily grabbed by anyone willing to adapt.


They commit to changing the future of learning methods for the betterment of the industry. They also provide world-class faculty who hold experience of at least 8+ years in the education industry, making the teaching method easy.


They provide access to their study materials for a lifetime through which the students can learn at any point in time and can be very useful in tough times.


They also have some easy-to-use ready worksheets, templates, and some exercises which will help you to get practical knowledge with simple exercises.


Course Name– Complete content writing course.

Course Content:-


  • Basics of content writing. Copywriting and content marketing.
  • How to generate leads and traffic from your work
  •  Identify the audience
  • Establishing a connection with the audience
  • Writing effective SEO blogs
  • Market techniques and principles for better results
  • Writing a sales copy
  • Using effective CTA (Call-to-action)
  • Optimizing the content
  • Promotion of your content worldwide etc.


The course duration is 3.5hours of online lessons, consisting of 8 articles, 12 downloadable resources, and worksheets provided by Udemy. After the completion of this course, you’ll be accredited with the certificate which is very beneficial to stand out from the crowd.


Udemy has also made it into the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK , due to the status and dignity of their institute.


6. Skill Success


Skill Success is a leading institution in providing digital certifications and a bunch of courses at a very reasonable rate. With having a great reputation and an in-house experienced faculty, the course seems to be very interesting and easy.


Its mission is to help every person develop the skills that will be very relevant in the future and could help them succeed in personal as well as professional lives.


The course structure is designed in a very informative and very easy way to help every student learn the course easily and get the most out of it. This course will help you to develop marketing and writing skills and these activities have led this institute to make it to the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


This course includes 3 modules that will cover content marketing, content writing, and copywriting.

Course Name:- The complete content writing course.


Course Curriculum:-

  • Introduction to content writing and its types
  • Difference between content writing and copywriting and content marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Optimizing the SEO
  • Promotion of content online
  • Social media strategy
  • Tips to become a successful writer
  • Writing a good and effective blog
  • Email marketing strategy etc.


They will provide you lifetime access to their portals for their students to get full access to their study materials


7. iStudy


iStudy, an institute located in London, has been performing exceptionally well in providing various courses in different sectors, helping the students to learn and acquire the skills and knowledge for the betterment of their career prospects.


They believe in providing the best knowledge and skills for their opportunities to expand and also provide the support needed to help them achieve milestones. They believe in providing the best learning experience.


Their teaching facilities are extremely good with the experience of more than 5+ years in the industry, making the courses easy to grab.


Their institutes are CPD qualified and IAO accredited, with full tutor support in the working days with an efficient exam system to develop the skills required for a challenging career ahead, making this institute hold the name in the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK.


At the end of the course, you’ll be provided with a certificate that is easily printable and can be used in your CV to make it stand out from the crowd.


Course Name:- Extended diploma in Content writing

Course Content:-


  1. Introduction to content writing
  2. Skills required for content writing
  3. Knowing your audience
  4. Creating connections
  5. Writing web articles
  6. Tricks for email marketing
  7. Proofreading and editing your content
  8. Do’s and Don’ts of writing articles
  9. Mock exams etc.


The duration of the course is 8+ hours with access to their learning management system.


8. Henry Harvin


The Henry Harvin institute has been ranked among the top 5 institutes providing various courses in 2021 by India Today. With Henry Harvin, you will get to learn from South Asia’s best faculties and their teaching techniques will help you to learn with ease.


This institute is recognized by the American EFL Association, Content writing association of India, UK, etc.


Course Name- Content Writing Course


It is an extension-designed program with a training period of 36 hours of online interactive sessions. They provide you with projects to learn skills with hands-on practice on research writing, technical writing, academic writing, and more.


They provide Bootcamp sessions every month which is a great initiative for learners. They also provide access to a learning management system (LMS) for you to clear every doubt we come across.


After the completion of this course, you will receive a CDWC certificate which is globally recognized.  They provide 100% placement assistance. With this course, you’ll be receiving a 1-year gold membership plan from Henry Harvin.


Their designed program has made this institute into the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK .

Course Curriculum:-


  1. Language skills
  2. Internet skills
  3. Business writing
  4. Marketing writing
  5. Content strategy
  6. Technical writing
  7. Academic writing
  8. Creative writing
  9. Email marketing
  10. Social media marketing
  11. Search engine optimization. etc.


Course Fees– 15000/-


Frequently Asked Questions on Content Writing Courses in the UK


  1. How is content writing well as a career?


Content writing is a very fruitful career ahead due to the fast adoption of digital mediums in every sector. With the digitalization era, the content writers will be more important in order to cater to the company’s digital needs and help in digital growth, and help in ranking in the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK .


  1. What are the job roles available after the content writing course?  


There are plenty of job roles available after the completion of this course such as content manager, social media specialist, novel or screenplay writer, etc. You can even dig deep into the world of freelancing and make the best out of freelancing, becoming the best freelance writer.


  1. Why is content writing important?

 Content writing as a career is very important in today’s era because businesses gain most of their earnings through digital means which requires content to be displayed or showcased in order to generate leads.


Final thoughts on the content writing courses in The UK 


With the digital implementation, the content writing industry has experienced rapid growth in terms of career and leads to greater job alerts. After completion of this course, the concerned person can opt for various job profiles such as social media manager, blogger, news writer, SEO writer, copywriter and can even join the freelance community and a lot more.


This course is very good for 21st-century students who are more towards the digital era. The above-given institutions have made it into the list of top 8 content writing courses in the UK  due to their extreme performance in teaching ability and good status.


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