Top 6 Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses With Placement Assistance

Tally is a computerized form of keeping track of money and accounts. Tally ERP 9 is a direct and easy-to-use computer program, making it perfect for business owners and accountants with diverse levels of specialized information. This computer program is made to have one database that can control distinctive money-related assignments for a company. Tally ERP 9 is trusted by individuals in India as well as in other nations for overseeing their accounts and the smooth running of business. In present times, Tally is the foremost popular software since it offers arrangements for all financial needs. You can effortlessly learn this program by taking Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses. This will assist you to improve your own business or your work for other businesses. It can spare you from having to do a lot of manual and monotonous work, as well as avoid human errors.


List of best tally erp 9 certificate courses


What is Tally ERP 9?

Tally ERP 9 is a widely used program developed by Tally Solutions. Typically, it is used to manage business finances. Enterprise resource planning is the full form of ERP. Tally ERP 9 is a popular and current software for handling the financial accounting of any business or firm. It was created in 2009.

Tally ERP 9 assists the firm with a variety of tasks, including handling finances, inventories, sales, product purchases, paying employees’ salaries, and dealing with taxes like TDS, TCS, and GST. This software is used a lot by small and medium-sized enterprises to streamline their administrative and financial procedures. Tally ERP 9 is an excellent business management and GST software solution.


Features of Tally ERP 9

  • Numerous Accounts

The software allows you to keep multiple accounts at the same time and helps to create 99,999 firms.

  • Inventory and Sales Management

The software aids in the creation and management of stock orders, invoices, cost quotations, sales data, and other sales-related records for organizations.

  • GST

Tax calculations and reporting for various taxes, such as VAT, GST (Goods and Services Tax), TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), and others, are supported by Tally. It assists companies in creating tax liability reports and managing compliance.

·       Salary of employees

Tally ERP 9 software helps the company keep records of employee salaries, PF management, deductions, leave information, and generating employee payslips.

  • Accounting

Tally ERP 9 software helps the business in making financial decisions by keeping accurate and complete records of ledger, cash flow statements, profit & loss accounts, balance sheets, and vouchers. These statements help in the analysis of the business and keeping track of the finances.

·       Banking Information

Tally ERP 9 helps to keep track of bank transactions, helps to perform bank reconciliations, and helps to generate bank-related reports.

  • Multi-Lingual Software

Tally supports transactions and reporting in multiple languages. It supports 9 different Indian languages. Accounts may be kept in one language and the reports can be seen in many other languages.

·       Data Security

Tally ERP 9 helps the users to have control over sensitive and important data. Tally ensures guarantee that only authorized users can access and modify these data.

·        Personalized Software

Users can customize the software based on their specific business needs by creating custom reports, vouchers, and fields.


Job Opportunities After Learning Tally ERP 9

·       Tally Operator

After completing the Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course you can work as a Tally Operator. The course will help you learn about basic accounting, how to maintain financial statements, how to operate with taxes, and many other financial things that are required to work as a tally operator.

·       Data entry operator

Though data entry seems to be an easy and simple job, it requires precision and basic knowledge of accounting and computers. The data entry officer has to fill various financial data entries into the computer.

·       Accounts Executive

The accounts executive deals with the everyday finances of the business. The accountant has to look after the company’s regular sales, inventory, finances, advertising, publicity, and marketing. The accounts executive has to maintain regular accounting statements catering to all the data.

·       Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant works under senior accountants of the company. They generally report to them. The role of the account assistant is to make important calls, file documents, type various documents, answer emails, and do basic bookkeeping. They also go to meet various clients in the absence of their seniors.

·       Junior Accountant

Junior Accountant generally works under the senior accountants for an accounting firm or office. One has to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a Tally ERP 9 Certificate before applying as a Junior Accountant. The main job of a Junior Accountant is to look into the details of accounting and report the same to their senior accountants.

·       Tally Trainer

After learning Tally, you can work as an instructor or guide. The Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course will help you in your core understanding of the subject. If you are keenly interested in this field with practice and research you can become a Tally Trainer and start your own company.


Salaries Based on Job Profiles

Job Profile Estimated Average Annual Salary
Tally Operator INR 1.5 Lakhs
Data Entry Operator INR 1.8 Lakhs
Accounts Executive INR 3.3 Lakhs
Accounts Assistant INR 2.2 Lakhs
Junior Accountant INR 2 Lakhs
Tally Trainer INR 1.8 Lakhs


Criteria for Learning Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

  • Basic accounting knowledge is required
  • 10+2 Higher Secondary Education is required before applying to these courses
  • One should know about business management and basic computer skills
  • Graduates, undergraduates, working professionals, job-seekers, business owners, entrepreneurs, or home-makers anybody willing to learn can apply for Tally ERP 9 Courses.


Top 6 Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses Offered in India


1.    IIM SKILLS- Tally Master Course

Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course at IIM SKILLS provides practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts. The course will help you master all the elements of Accounting along with Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime. IIM SKILLS helps you to develop Accounting Competency, Communication Skills, Numerical Ability, Analytical Skills, and Computer Skills that will boost your career opportunities.

The expert professionals will guide you with the software and tools and help you understand basic to advanced accounting. They conduct an online exam and a certificate is issued based on the exam performance and class attendance.


Tally Course Key Highlights

  • 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical Assignments for learning
  • Get internship opportunities from various companies
  • The certificate of Tally is approved by the Government of India
  • Technology-driven online training through LMS
  • Learn from anywhere with pre-recorded sessions


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Business Accounting

  • Basics of Accounts

Module 2: Tally Prime and Advance Tally ERP 9

  • Basics of Tally
  • Creation/ Setting up of Company in Tally
  • Creating Accounting Masters in Tally
  • Setting Up Accounts Heads
  • Group & Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Debit & Credit Note
  • Creating Inventory Masters in Tally

Module 3: Advanced Accounting in Tally

  • Recording of Transactions
  • Inventory Management
  • Bill Wise Details
  • Cost Entre and Cost Categories
  • Invoice entry using voucher categories
  • Payment vouchers
  • Stock Journal
  • Adjusting Forex Gain/Loss
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest Calculation
  • Creating a group budget
  • Order processing in Tally
  • Sale/Purchase Order Processing
  • Display columnar orders & stock details
  • Reorder levels
  • Tracking numbers
  • Bill of Materials
  • Price levels & price lists
  • Stock valuation
  • Depreciation entries
  • Preparation of trading and profit & loss
  • Preparing balance sheet
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Ratio analysis
  • Columnar report review/ analysis
  • Shortcut Keys


Course Fee: INR 2900+18% GST

Mode of Education: Online

Duration of the course: 20 Hours

Contact Details: Phone- +91-9580740740



2.    Udemy- Tally ERP 9 + Tally Prime+ GST+ Income Tax+ MS Excel Certificate Course

Udemy’s Tally Course along with Tally Prime, GST, Income Tax, and MS Excel is a complete package course for Financial, Accounting, Tax Professionals, Auditors, Data Analysts, and Business Management Sectors. This course will help you to learn all the core areas of accounting. The practical assignments and tasks are completely based on real-life data.


Key Highlights:

  • Full lifetime access to all the materials and videos
  • 2 practice tests and assignments will be given
  • GST practice with real-life data
  • 18 downloadable resources
  • The certificate will be provided after completing the course
  • Quiz for each module


What You’ll Learn

  • Payment Voucher
  • Accounting Concepts
  • How to use Tally Prime?
  • How to Download Tally ERP 9?
  • Employee Creation
  • Basic interface & Dashboard
  • Accounts Info

All about GST

  • Stock Group Creation
  • Ledger Creation
  • How to Install Software?
  • Basics of MS Excel
  • Salary Voucher
  • Billing in Tally ERP 9
  • Company Creation


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • About Tally ERP 9
  • Fundamentals of Tally
  • About Tally Prime
  • GST Portal+ E Invoice Portal+ E Way Bill Portal Concepts
  • Taxation
  • Stock Management
  • Ledger Creation
  • MS Excel
  • Final Assignments


Course Fee: INR 499

Mode of Education: Online

Duration of the course: 49 Hours of on-demand video


3. NIIT- Certificate Programme in Accounting with Tally ERP 9

The Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course at NIIT covers all the major concepts of Tally software. The course starts by introducing the learner to different business processes and the importance of financial systems. It then teaches about the different functions and features of Tally ERP 9, such as how it processes and records transactions and manages inventory for the company. 12,700+ students have taken this course from NIIT till now. After the course is completed, you will be issued a Tally ERP 9 certificate.


What you’ll learn?

  • Learn to create and manage professional documents using MS Word
  • Learn to do financial analysis and presentation of data using MS Excel
  • A clear understanding of accounting concepts
  • How does Tally ERP work?
  • How to set up Tally software?
  • Processing and recording of transactions using Tally ERP 9
  • Basic features and components of Tally ERP 9


Key Highlights:

  • Learn from expert faculties with great knowledge in this domain
  • Study material developed by Tally and NIIT is provided
  • Separate learning hours for practical learning through MS Office tools
  • Hands-on practice with real-time data sets


Course Curriculum:

  • Creating and Managing Documents Using MS Word
  • Presenting and Handling Data Effectively Using MS Excel
  • Accounting with Tally ERP 9


Course Fee: N/A

Mode of Education: Offline

Duration of the course: 36 Hours

Contact Details: Phone- +180030006448



4. CAclubindia- Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course

Caclubindia provides a Tally ERP 9 course along with GST and accounting. This course is for beginner-level study of Tally ERP 9. The course provides you with an in-depth study of the fundamentals of accounting, Tally ERP 9, GST, and other taxes. Non-commerce students can also apply for the course as it teaches the basics of accounting.

Two practical assessments are provided for practical exposure of students. E-Certificate is issued at the end of the course. Accountants, commerce students, business owners, job-seekers, non-commerce students, and anybody who wants to learn Tally can opt for this course.


Terms and Conditions of the Course:

  • Video Length will be of 20.01 Hours
  • Expiry of the videos: 3 months or 50 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration
  • Videos can only be web-viewed. They cannot be downloaded
  • The course cannot be canceled once it is purchased


Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Accounting


o   Introduction

o   Accounting Terms

o   Accounting Assumptions, Concepts, and Principles

o   Double Entry System of Accounting

o   Types of Accounts

o   The Golden Rules of Accounting

o   Source Documents for Accounting

o   Recording of Business Transactions

o   Ledger

o   Trial Balance

o   Subsidiary Books & Control Accounts

o   Financial Statements

Module 2: Maintaining Chart of Accounts with the help of Tally ERP 9


o   Introduction

o   Company Creation

o   Company Features and Configurations

o   Chart of Accounts

Ledger Creation

o   Group Creation

o   Displaying Groups and Ledgers

o   Deletion of Groups and Ledgers

Module 3: Maintaining Stock-Keeping Units (SKU)


o   Introduction

o   Inventory Masters in Tally. ERP 9

o   Creating Inventory Masters

o   Reports

Module 4: Recording Daily Transactions in Tally ERP 9


o   Introduction

o   Business transactions with GST impact

o   Accounting Vouchers

Module 5: Accounts Receivable and Payable Management


o   Introduction

o   Maintaining Bill-Wise Details

o   Activation of Maintaining Bill-Wise Details Feature

o   New reference

o   Advance

o   Stock Category Report

o   How to Change the Financial Year in Tally ERP 9 (while continuing to work in the same company)

Practical Exercise 1
Module 6: MIS Report


o   Introduction

o   Advantages of MIS

o   MIS Reports in Tally ERP 9

Module 7: Getting Started with GST


o   Introduction

o   Enabling GST and Defining Tax Details

o   Intrastate Supply – Inward & Outward

o   Interstate Supply – Inward & Outward

o   Return of Goods

o   Supplies inclusive of Tax

o   GST Reports – GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B

o   Input Tax Credit Set-off

o   GST Tax Payment

Module 8: Recording voucher with TDS




o   Introduction

o   Basic Concepts of TDS

o   TDS in Tally ERP 9

o   How to Activate TDS Feature

o   TDS Statutory Masters

o   Configuring TDS at the Group Level

o   Configuring TDS at the Ledger Level

o   Booking of Expenses in Purchase Voucher

o   TDS Report

Practical Exercise-2


Course Fee: INR 1199

Mode of Education: Online

Duration of the course: 20 Hours

Contact Details: Phone-+91-8880320003



Recommended Reads:


5. INDIAN ACADEMY- Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course

INDIAN ACADEMY offers a varied range of courses and it has many subsidiary institutions and colleges working under it. INDIAN ACADEMY offers a Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course that focuses on practical skills needed to succeed in the business world. This course will help you in becoming an accountant professional in a short period. Students will get to learn from the best experts in this field with live example-solving classes.

The assessment is done based on the assignments, internal assessments, projects, presentations, and final end-term examinations. The student gets a certificate after completion of all these assessments. Their certificate is recognized by Tally Academy.


Key Features:

  • 24 hours of lectures and case studies
  • Practical training and internship sessions of 20 Hours
  • Flexible timing for classes
  • Training assessments provided for practical exposure
  • Deep understanding of Electronic Accounting


Course Curriculum:

  • Getting started with Tally
  • Basics of Tally ERP 9
  • Items included in Tally ERP 9
  • Configuring Tally
  • Reports in Tally
  • Preparing books of accounts


Course Fee: N/A

Mode of Education: Online/ Offline

Duration of the course: 44 Hours of lectures

Contact Details: Phone- +91-8067458900



6. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy- Advanced Tally ERP 9 Certificate Course

Henry Harvin’s Advanced Tally ERP 9 Certificate course is ranked among the top 3 courses in this field by The course combines training, projects, masterclass, boot camp,  and internship of Tally ERP 9. This course will help you learn all the aspects of accounting including GST, TDS, Income Tax, and Tally ERP 9 Software in detail. The students enrolling for this course will get a Gold Membership of Henry Harvin where they can attend unlimited classes and bootcamps without paying extra. The students can also become a part of their alumni network of 18000+ members which is spread worldwide.

Their certificate is acclaimed with CTA. After completing the course, you will become a Certified Tally Accountant(CTA)


Key Highlights:

  • 12+ Master Class Sessions held every month
  • Facility to attend different batches with different trainers without paying anything extra
  • Live projects are given for practical exposure
  • Assured internship and complete job support
  • Monthly boot camp sessions with industry experts
  • Complimentary modules like Resume Writing, Soft Skill Development, and Communication skills are provided


Course Curriculum

Module 1: Basics of Tally ERP 9 o   What is Tally

o   Overview of Software

o   Introducing Gateway and its elements

o   Creation of Company

o   Basics of Accounting

o   Fundamentals of Tally ERP 9

o   Create Accounting Masters in Tally ERP 9

o   Accounting Vouchers

o   Financial Statements

o   Quiz Module 1

Module 2: Tally ERP 9 and Inventory Management o   Creating Inventory Masters in Tally ERP 9

o   Inventory Vouchers

o   Generating Inventory Books and Reports

o   Introducing the Bill of Materials

o   Accounting with Inventory

o   Quiz Module-2

Module 3: Accounting Management through Advanced Tally ERP 9 o   Tally and Accounting Memos

o   Ledger

o   Cost Centres and Cost Categories

o   Voucher

o   Multiple Currencies

o   Interest Calculations

o   Budget and Controls

o   Banking

o   Module 3 Quiz

Module 4: Production and Stock Management through Tally ERP 9 o   Order Processing

o   Multiple Price Level

o   Batch-wise details

o   Additional cost details

o   BoM

o   Stock Valuation

o   Zero Valued Entries

o   Price Levels and Price Lists

o   Inventory Analysis

o   Job Costing

o   Job Order Processing

o   Module 4 Quiz

Module 5: TDS o   TDS Payable Computation and Reconciliation

o   TDS Receivable Computation and Reconciliation

o   Payment of TDS

o   Reporting on TDS Compliance

o   Quiz Module 5

Module 6: Payroll Management in Tally ERP 9 o   Generation of Employee Database
Salary Structure
Calculation of Attendance and Leave Details   Salary Slip Generation   PF, ESI, Gratuity Bonus
Professional Tax
Various Payroll Reporto   Quiz Module 6


Module 7: Tally ERP 9 and GST Compliance o   Upgrading to Tally ERP 9 Release 6.4

o   Using Tally ERP 9 for GST

o   Activating GST for Your Company

o   Setting Up GST Rates

o   How to Update Stock Items and Stock

o   Groups for GST Compliance

o   Updating a Services Ledger for GST

o   Compliance Sales and Purchase Ledgers for GST Compliance

o   Updating Party GSTIN
Creating GST Ledgers

o   Recording an Advance Payment to Supplier, Journal Vouchers, Vouchers for TDS Adjustments, Vouchers for TCS Adjustments,

o   Recording a Journal Voucher for Refund of Tax Credit, ISD Credit, Transitional Credit, Reversal of Tax Credit, and Other Liabilities

o   GSTR-1

o   Returns Summary

o   Status Reconciliation

o   Exporting GSTR-1

o   GSTR – 3B

o   Annual Return

o   Recording Purchase Returns

o   Creating Income and Expense Ledgers

o   Recording Sales and Printing Invoices

o   Recording Purchases

o   Recording a Tax Payment

o   Transferring Tax Credits

o   Sales

o   Recording Sales Returns

o   Recording an Advance Receipt from Customer

o   Debit Note and Credit Note
Particulars (Computation Details)

o   Summary of Exceptions

o   Table-wise GSTR-1

o   Challan Reconciliation

Recording Export Sales

o   Reverse Charge under GST

o   Quiz Module 7


Course Fee: INR 9500

Mode of Education: Online

Duration of the course: 28 Hours

Contact Details: Phone- +91-9891953953



Frequently Asked Questions:


·       What is Tally?

Transaction Allowed in a Linear Line Yard is the full form of Tally. In simple terms, Tally is software used to note down the daily financial transactions happening in the business on the computer instead of writing it manually. Tally helps to automate and integrate all your business transactions and stores them in one place.


·       What are the benefits of learning Tally ERP 9 from educational institutes?

Learning Tally ERP 9 from the above-mentioned institutes will help you in a deep understanding of the core concepts of Accounting. It will make you industry-ready and will boost your job opportunities. These courses will teach you the latest rules and guidelines for GST which is required the most in current times in India.


·       What are the main differences between Tally Prime and Tally ERP?

Tally ERP and Tally Prime both are different versions of Tally. Tally ERP helps to keep track of daily business data like inventory, stocks, sales, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and financial reports. While Tally Prime is the recent version launched by Tally. It is more simple, flexible and helps to multitask at the same time while improving the efficiency of accounts.


·       Is the Tally ERP 9 course beneficial in the future?

India is a business-minded country. Every business has to take care of its finances. And for that one needs Tally ERP software. So, learning a Tally course from a good institute will never be in vain. It will increase your chances of getting into an MNC and a good salary package.



It can be said that Tally has an evolving market at the domestic, national, and international levels. Finance is considered one of the pillars of business operations and it plays an important role in the growth of the business. Keeping that in mind, learning Tally can lead to expansive growth and progress in your career. Accounting is the heart of the business so this domain can never wain in the future. So, enrolling in any of these Tally Courses will help you tremendously in your career growth.

Most companies use Tally ERP 9 Software, so it increases the chance of your selection for a job, or learning this software will make you more employable in your current job. These courses will help you learn all about accounting under one roof. There are ample opportunities for accounting and bookkeeping positions. Learning Tally ERP 9 for your own business is also very beneficial saving you a lot of money that you can invest in other areas. I hope that this article will assist you in selecting the best course to meet your needs and help you land your ideal position.

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