Top 5 Courses With Investment Banking internships in Delhi

It is very evident that the task of underwriting the latest debt and equity securities is an arduous job that needs professional skills. In this context, mere theoretical knowledge is not adequate, rather this lucrative profession calls for hands-on training. Therefore, investment banking courses that come up with internships are high in demand. So, if you are searching for the best investment banking internships in Delhi, this article is set to assist you with the most vital points on the topic.


List of best investment banking internships in Delhi


Investment Banking has become an international niche in the arena of high finance. It is a specialized branch of banking dedicated to organizing complicated transactions and providing suggestions for mergers, reorganizations, and acquisitions. An investment banker remains updated about the current economic affairs around the globe so that he can guide governments, corporations, or other groups to manage large projects and save time.


What is an Investment Banking Internship?

Investment banks are financial services that assist companies in vital capital transactions. This type of banking connects investors with institutions, governments, or corporations through investment services.  This service involves deals, shares, stock exchange, and financial instrument pricing. Working as a middleman between investors and a company by helping the company’s share or revenue take a leap.

When a company conducts an Initial Public Offering (IPO), its major shares are taken over by an investment bank on behalf of the company. Eventually, the investment bank sells off those shares following all government rules and earns higher revenue for the company. In this way, the investment bank assists the corporation to make a maximum profit even if it puts itself at a loss in case of overvaluation in the stock market.

Naturally, this fast-paced industry is driven by very talented and trained experts with outstanding market aptitude to fathom the rise and fall of the finance industry. Since the field is totally practical based, first-hand experience through internship is a must for well-structured investment banking courses. Thus, investment banking internships in Delhi can be your first step into this wide, dynamic, and the most fascinating financial industry.


Skills Required for an Efficient Investment Banker.

A knack for upgrading himself with current financial trends, and enriching financial knowledge through constant research and analysis are the core requisites for an investment banker. He should have a clear idea about project finance and leveraged finance, different types of debts, and legal rules of the financial industry and be able to decipher financial documents.

However, when choosing for investment banking internships in Delhi, an enthusiast should have a goal about the skills he/she is going to achieve in the near future. To serve that purpose, these skills are elaborated here.

In order to assist businesses and institutions with the most suitable recommendations in the scenario of the present investment climate, an investment banker must possess the following expertise.

  • Need for hard skills:

An investment banker must have mastery over computer programs and calculations to manage technical works at an investment bank.


Knowledge of computer programs:

  • An investment banker should develop his knowledge of Excel as it will help in analyzing and creating a financial model.
  • Excel also simplifies calculation for valuation.
  • A good command of PowerPoint helps in creating attractive and easy-to-understand presentations.
  • Power BI is very useful for making data visualization.
  • PitchBook and Bloomberg Terminal are essential in terms of accessing and analyzing market capital data.
  • Preparing financial documents is the most common duty of an investment banker. Having a good command over the tools of Word will help him do so.


Knowledge of calculations:

Calculations are the core of modeling, forecasting, and valuation. Some of the basic methods are- free cash flow (FCF), weighted average cash of capital (WACC), compound annual growth rate (CAGR), initial public offering (IPO), unlevered free cash flow (UFCC), net present value (NPV), etc.


Need for soft skills:

The task of an investment banker is a lengthy one and needs lots of dedication and time management skills for such a tough grind. When working in synergy, he should possess excellent communicative and collaborative skills so that the team can impede the momentum of the undertaken project.  Apart from these, the most essential soft skill is analytical skill for analyzing collected data and decision building.


List of Some Well-known Investment Banks in India:

When you are looking for investment banking internships in Delhi, you must be convinced to move into the same field. So, you should have a transparent idea about the field- some well-known investment banks, their service, culture, etc. Here it goes-

  • Ernst & Young Private Ltd.
  • Price Water House Coopers, Investment Banking Arm
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India, LLP
  • O3 Capital Global Advisory Private Ltd.
  • KPMG India Private Ltd.
  • Axis Capital Ltd.
  • Standard Chartered Bank, Investment Banking Division
  • Avendus Capital Private Ltd.
  • JM Financial Institutional Securities Ltd.
  • KPMG Corporate Finance LLC


Let us be updated with some of the top-notch investment banks around the globe-

  • Goldman Sachs: This American Investment Bank was established in 1869 and has been leading in the finance industry. Operating from headquarters in New York, this investment bank focuses on investment management, client services, trading and lending, etc.
  • J P Morgan Chase: The largest bank of America J P Morgan Chase is a merger of several American banks. It has reached more than 60 countries globally and is the highest in size and reach. The wide range of services includes investment management, retail, commercial, merchant, and corporate banking.
  • Barclays: Founded in 1690, Barclays is a British multinational investment bank. This goldsmith banking business now provides services like wealth management, consumer credit card business, corporate banking, etc.
  • Morgan Stanley: This American multinational bank has been operating since 1585 and has spread in more than 40 countries. Their services center on wealth management, investment management, and institutional securities.
  • Citi Bank: In the USA, this is the third largest banking institute and has secured 33 ranks in Fortune Journal. This universal bank has been operating in 160 countries in commercial and investment banking.


Their work culture or services are discussed below-

  • Whenever any company decides to merge or take over another company, they are guided by investment banks through merger and acquisition deals for maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • Investment banks provide prudent advice for companies to expand their share in the market and earn more revenue. For these, investment banks follow formulas such as IPO (Initial Public Offering), Book Building Method, QIP (Qualified Institutional Placement), Preferential Issues, etc.
  • They help big companies chalk out business plans. Investment banks assist in understanding business valuation, project identification, project advisory, and corporate restructuring.
  • The work culture of investment banks mainly revolves around their ability to take risks and make money proportionately. The more risk it takes in the financial industry, the more profit it gets.
  • The job of an investment banker calls for long working hours. He or she has to be updated with every piece of information and consistent in his learning endeavor.


Career Prospects of Investment Banking Internships in Delhi :

Investment banking is a prospering domain of the finance industry that is going to take a big leap due to technological advancement. A prominent career in investment banks helps you earn handsome compensation in exchange for your knowledge. The career path at an investment bank is mentioned below.

Investment banking analyst:

As an analyst, you become an important member of the deal cycle of the investment bank. He has to chalk out a pitchbook presentation that is crucial for further discussion. An elaborate analysis of the stored data and then updating the deal books are some of his other major functions. This is a highly responsible position and earns great bonus.

Investment banking associate:

To bridge the gap between a client and an investor, an analyst is much needed. As an investment banking associate, you lead the junior analysts and guide them in the best deal. So, you are responsible in drafting a report to the Vice President at an investment bank.

Vice President at an investment bank:

He is behind in generating good funds from the market by creating trustworthy relationships with the corporation. So, the vice president is going to execute the most profitable business development for the investment bank. He will lead a group of analysts and draft a report on profit and loss for the managing director.

Managing Director:

All of the aforementioned team leaders are further guided and governed by the Managing Director of the investment bank. As the position is titled, he/she carries lots of accountability for the overall performance of the organization. A dedicated candidate becomes apt for such a rank after the successful accomplishment of investment banking internships in Delhi. This responsible position requires candidates with the best technological knowledge and many years of experience.


Best Programs for Investment Banking Internships in Delhi :

Today a number of institutes have come up with investment banking internships in Delhi to help potential bankers incorporate the knowledge with practical skills essential to leave a mark in the financial industry. Some of the best institutes for investment banking internships in Delhi are handpicked to make it easy for enthusiasts to choose from:



About the institution:

IIM SKILLS is one of the premier online education forums in India to trust for any professional course. Their financial courses have become popular due to the beautifully designed course structure that is delivered by some of the talented faculties in the field. When you are looking for investment banking internships in Delhi, IIM SKILLS is definitely one of the best choices.


About the course:

The Certified Investment Banking Master Course at IIMSKILLS provides an internship for one month. This internship is in-house and non-paid but is crucial in building your resume for the competitive job market of the finance industry. For practical knowledge, they are giving scope through a capstone project which is very beneficial. During this internship phase, you will be able to clear your doubts with financial experts with constant support from the team.


Key highlights:

  • The total course is three months long with an addition of one month of internship.
  • Course fees can be paid through installments at your convenience without EMI.
  • The total course fee for the Certified Investment Banking Course is 39,000/-
  • For the eligibility of the students to pursue this career option, they expect a basic understanding of finance and statistics or a bachelor’s degree in the business field like a BBA.
  • Weekend batches are planned remembering the professionals who want to hone their skills to remain updated with current events in the field.
  • There are a total of 8 modules containing topics such as derivatives market, techniques of financial modeling, business evaluation, etc.


2. National Institute of Management and Business Studies

About the institution:

Situated in Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore, NIMBS is one of the best choices for any course in the financial industry. They have designed well-planned pedagogy for Courses on BAT, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, and Accounting & Taxation, etc.


About the course:

Their Investment Banking course is an offline program with an adjustable schedule. There are a total of three projects that students are going to perform in the name of internship or hands-on experience.


Key highlights:

  • The course covers a total of 8 modules including important concepts such as fundamentals of IB, DCF, Evaluation of financial statements, etc.
  • They provide job-oriented certificates after successful completion of the investment banking course with an assurance of placement for each candidate.
  • The total duration of the course is 120 hours which can be attended at your convenience with a different schedule.


3. Imarticus Learning

About the institution:

This institute in Delhi has gained popularity among financial enthusiasts due to its emphasis on practical projects and enabling them to achieve this unique career of an investment banker.


About the course:

The Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) course is created for the benefit of both freshers and professionals in the finance industry. They assure in giving job opportunities to its students and currently working with a number of hiring companies.


Key highlights:

  • The total duration of the course is 150 hours.
  • The institution promises to assist in getting the desired placement after the course through resume building and interview preparation.
  • The students are exposed to the essential knowledge of investment banking, such as risk management, trade life cycle, basics of financial markets, and implementing that knowledge to solve real-life problems, and case studies.


Check here the other best courses:


4. CFI Education

About the institution:

One of the top-ranked online education platforms Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) was founded in 2016 aiming for different finance programs. Headquartered in Canada, their offline (Delhi, Gurugram) and online Investment Banking Certification Course is highly dependable in terms of soft skill development and project work.


About the course:

The investment banking course at CFI enables you to perform businesses like investment banking research, equity analysis, financial analysis, finance modeling, credit analysis, etc.


Key highlights:

  • Both the live classes and self-paced classes are followed by an internship to get real-life work experience.
  • Students can directly enroll in the investment banking curriculum or join it after completion of their Financial Modeling and Valuation Program.


5. The WallStreet School of India

About the institution:

Established in 2009, TWSS has impacted positively in educating people with contemporary professional courses. The USP of this institute is their transparent placement policy which attracts a huge number of enthusiasts to their financing modeling and valuations courses.


About the course:

The investment banking course at The Wall Street School is available in both live classrooms (offline) and online recorded sessions. In both cases, students receive their certificate upon successful accomplishment of the course.


Key highlights:

  • The total duration of intensive classes is 180 minutes and students are taught by experts from the financial arena.
  • Batches can be chosen according to the student’s convenience as they offer both weekend and full-time classes.
  • The course can be undertaken by CA students, engineers, MBA students, or anyone interested in the field of finance.


Frequently Asked Questions On Investment Banking Internships in Delhi:


a) Elaborate on the recruitment process of investment bankers.

The sturdy professionals as investment bankers are mostly recruited directly by the managing director of an investment bank; HR hardly plays any role in such recruitment. There is no shortcut to pass the screening or impress the important executives during selection. You need to be really trustworthy to handle a valuable amount of clients. A self-motivated candidate’s technical skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, etc are judged during the screening; the most suitable candidates are shortlisted and gradually selected through the process. It is important to note that for such a hard-working job, the passion or zeal of the candidate is also checked out. The necessary qualities are attainable by a passionate learner through investment banking internships in Delhi.


b) What is IPO?

This is the process of transitioning a company’s ownership or shares from private to public. In short, this is also called ‘going public’. Through Initial Public Offering or IPO, the shares of a company are primarily bought on behalf of one or more IBs only to increase its value in the share market.


C) What is underwriting?

Underwriting is one of the services provided by an investment bank through which it evaluates the financial loss of an organization and guarantees payment in case of loss. In exchange for a fee, investment banks give insurance for all financial loss or damage.


d) What is the approximate duration and course fee for investment banking courses in Delhi?

The duration of an investment banking course in any authorized institution varies depending on the course design. For example, an online course on Udemy or Coursera starts from some hours to a few months long.

Similarly, course fee depends on the duration of the course, resources, and facility of the particular institution, and in the case of an offline institution, the location of the organization also matters in this respect. This is an important step before making for final decision about investment banking internships in Delhi.


 e) What about the remuneration of an investment banker?

The field of investment banking has a bright future. Categorically, this is one of the highest-paying corporate jobs for a hardworking dedicated person. There is a wide range of positions to work in IB and a lot of opportunities to grow his/her career in the finance world. Generally, a graduate starts working here in return for six figures, but this field gives ample scope for earning bonuses and payment for overtime work. This is a challenging profession and hardly leaves any scope for luxury or even work-life balance. But if you are passionate enough this challenging profession with demands for meeting deadlines is not a matter of tension to you, but only an economically rewarding and roaring career choice.


f) Which are the largest investment banks in India?

The elite investment banks in India find ambitious bankers in return for lucrative salary packages and incredible career growth. Names of such investment banks are as follows-

  • Avendus Capital
  • Axis Capital Limited
  • Edelweiss Financial Services
  • JM Financial Institutions Securities
  • ICICI Securities Limited


Concluding Thoughts: Investment Banking Internships in Delhi

Investment banking can be a thriving career opportunity for anyone interested in the intricacies of the financial industry. But many a time candidates are unable to settle down due to the lack of systematic guidance and they hover around the goal. This article is intended to give a basic idea about the particular career option, the necessary skills and knowledge to be imbibed, and a well-studied list of institutions to select from.  I hope this article will prove to be significant to all those future investment bankers seeking a comprehensive idea about investment banking internships in Delhi.

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