IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Who Offers Best Content Writing Course

Content Writing Course at IIM SKILLS VS Henry Harvin

IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review


Content writing as a career option has infinite opportunities. In the present day and age where information consumption is at its peak, the demand for good content writers sees new highs.


Gone are the days when only the highly literate were thought capable of handling a content writing job. Today, any graduate can take up a content writing job. The demand for quality content writers is so high that many full-fledged content writing companies are mushrooming.


The content writing companies offer services catering to all disciplines of content writing. Website content writing, legal writing, product description, articles, blogs, editing, proofing, e-book writing, emails, brochures, flyers, case studies, travel writing, medical writing, the list is endless.


Engaging and appealing content attracts traffic and ultimately leads to sales and conversions. Is that not the goal of every business? Content writing is truly a powerful tool that, if rightly used, strikes a chord with the target audience and gives a human persona to your product/service.


People remember websites that have immersive and engaging content in any form. They tend to be return visitors and customers if their experience in terms of content (website, emails, promotions, engaging videos, descriptive products, etc.), has been an unforgettable experience for them.


Small businesses to large scale businesses; all realize the importance of online/digital or web presence to survive. In this ever-growing industry of content writing, the demand for content writers is also on the rise.


Even the freelance industry is teeming with content writers, happy ones at that. A survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the freelance content writing industry will likely grow by 6% by 2020 year-end.


Some more mind-boggling content marketing statistics:


  • Most B2B buyers believe that online content has a significant impact on their purchases.
  • 60% of marketers create one piece of content per day, at least. Can you imagine the amount of information generated globally in a day?
  • Content marketing generates more leads and sales, and hence 78% of chief marketing officers see content marketing as the future way of marketing.
  • The more engaging the content, the better is the conversion.
  • Content marketing costs way lesser than traditional marketing, almost 62% less, while generating thrice as many leads.


What exactly is content writing, and what is its scope?


Any information is content. Content delivery is through various platforms such as voice, print, digital, images, infographics, etc. Typically, these days, content writers write for the web. Be it a blogging website, a business or product website, or even a start-up, content plays a significant role. The content was, is, and will be the king for a long time to come.


Qualities of a Good Content Writer:


Good and quality content has the intention of providing information along with being engaging. To be a good content writer, one must possess certain qualities:


  • Good research. Every piece of content should is to be written after much research and deliberation. Excellent research capabilities are foremost for most types and categories of content writers.
  • Write, edit, and re-write. The ability to draft outlines, write, edit without mercy, and re-write is a must for any content writer. Discard fluff and proofread before submission.
  • Most important is knowledge about SEO, keyword research, and WordPress.
  • Along with a functional knowledge of best SEO practices, a quality content writer should be adaptable with the different tones and styles of writing. 
  • You should know social media marketing and email marketing for content distribution.
  • Organizational skills, meeting deadlines, focus, strong communication skills, etc., are some other skills that empower a writer into being a quality content writer.
  • Ultimately, no matter how good a content writer is, if he/she does not stay up-to-date, they will soon find themselves on a job hunt. The content industry is very dynamic. With the integration of content marketing and digital marketing, the industry is very active with no constant rules. It is imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to remain in demand.
  • Last but not least is maintaining an active social presence. Joining freelance communities, writing guest blogs, leveraging different social platforms, are all ways to ensure you stay in demand.


Types of content writers:


Now, there are different types of content, and content writer is a broad term that includes many specializations.


A technical writer is responsible for the writing of manuals, installation guides, operating procedures, and the likes.


An Editor is one who edits all writing to improve readability and determines the final content. An editor often supervises the work of other writers.


A Copywriter is one who writes a copy that sells a product or service. A copy is nothing but all information on product/service web pages, advertisements, promotional materials, etc.


A Ghostwriter is one who writes any content form such as articles, books, blogs, etc. but does not get the credit. The credit goes to the client that hires the ghostwriter.


A Blogger is someone who writes online regularly either for a journal or a website.


Then, there are press releases, infographics, articles, brand stories, white papers, e-books, social media writing, email writer, etc.


A content writer can handle multiple disciplines or choose a single domain/discipline and make it their niche specialty. For example, technical writing is something that requires another level of expertise, and technical writers rarely, if ever, venture into any other form of content writing.


Similarly, creative writing, as in poetry, fiction, non-fiction, is another genre that requires different skills, and creative writers rarely venture into the other spaces of content writing.


What is an SEO Content Writer?


An SEO content writer is most in-demand considering today’s digital proliferation. Most job portals seek an SEO-certified or SEO content writer to up their rankings and sales. An SEO content writer is knowledgeable about keyword research, the use of analytical tools, search engine rankings, and its optimization.


The need for an institute to learn content writing:


Anyone who likes writing can indeed become a content writer. There are free resources online to learn from, but a formal course at an institute of repute is an excellent way to kick start your content writing career.


Out there on the web are scores of articles that tell you the do’s and don’ts of content writing, tips and tricks, and whatnot. Are they valid to lead you into the career of content writing? Are they practical, and do these articles tell-all? 


The only way to know is to start implementing to see how actionable the tips and resources are. Once you start your journey, you realize many factors are not apparent in the free resources. Definitely, content writing today is not merely writing fancy words in complex sentences.


A formal content writing course/training gives you the foundation to start your journey. There are various courses as well to learn content writing. There are online classes, offline classes, classes such as those on Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera, each with their pros and cons.


You need to go through the details of the content writing course in minute detail to be able to select a course that best suits you. An institute will not just coach you on the actionable and functional aspects but also train you about content strategy, content marketing, SEO aspects of content writing, etc., which are undoubtedly the requirements today.


Apart from the hands-on training, an institute providing internship and job placement assistance are like the cherry on the cake. It solves your very purpose of learning content writing from an institute unless you prefer to be a freelancer. Even as a freelancer, you may be unaware of all the steps and processes to establish yourself, and a good institute will guide you on all of this.


We have already discussed the role of a content writer, the scope, and the importance of an institute to learn the skill. Let us now go through the content writing course in detail at two famous institutes, IIM SKILLS, and Henry Harvin.


IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course


If you want to become a content writer and ace at it, then you need to learn the nuances from an institute of repute. With its inception five years ago, IIM SKILLS is a global leader in the content writing industry. IIM SKILLS content writing course is comprehensive and covers all essential aspects.


The institute has its headquarters in Delhi, and the training is exclusively online. Industry experts handle the instructor-led training, which is an enriching experience. Over five years, IIM SKILLS has to its credit trained 14300+ professionals across 30+ countries. They have held 1000+ training programs.


You can visit the website and request a call back from an expert or watch their demo to have a fair idea of the training, or even download the brochure for course details.





IIM SKILLS CONTENT WRITING MASTER COURSE is Listed at Naukri.com as Preferred Skills For Content Writers: Link



Who can opt for IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?


  • Students who are willing to invest some time to gain passive income.
  • Entrepreneurs who own a website and wish to improve sales. Even entrepreneurs who want to go digital to achieve business goals.
  • Digital Marketers. Content marketing and digital marketing go hand-in-hand, so good content writing ability is an inherent part of digital marketing, and digital marketers will benefit from this course.
  • Anyone else, meaning homemakers, bloggers, freelancers, or absolute beginners who are looking at enhancing their existing writing skills or learning anew.


Going over the course in detail, the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course involves:


  • Four weeks of live online training. The training period is perfect, neither too short and hurried, nor too lengthy. It includes 16 hours of lectures and 60 hours of practical assignments.
  • The training is exclusively online and accessible to candidates anywhere in or outside India. They can access the training from the comfort of their homes.
  • They have flexibility in terms of weekday and weekend batches. The online platform is highly interactive and engaging. With a limited number of students in each batch, the training offers individual mentorship.
  • Every candidate gets free tools worth INR 35,000 as a part of the training. These tools are of immense value for a content writer.
  • An invaluable internship program for deserving candidates for three months further strengthens their capabilities. Not just that, experienced candidates are more preferred than freshers in any industry. This internship gives the students an edge of showcasing their skills with an industry expert, a huge advantage for all candidates.
  • IIM SKILLS has a dedicated placement cell that assists with interviews as well as job placements to deserving candidates.
  • The Learning Management System or LMS that has the entire courseware is free for a lifetime. Any time a candidate even after training wishes to revisit the courseware, he/she can do so.
  • The mentors have a decade of domain expertise, and it is indeed a privilege to be able to learn under their guidance. They are very approachable and offer their generous assistance even beyond the course time, guiding through challenges that the candidates might face in their newfound jobs.
  • The Content Writing Master Course comes with a master certification from IIM SKILLS, as well as a content marketing certification from Hubspot. Hubspot is globally renowned with its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • The global certification is undoubtedly useful in terms of getting jobs even outside India and for candidates outside India.
  • The course fee is 12900 +GST, an understandable and value for money fee for one-month training plus internship of over three months.


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What will you learn in the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?


  • You will LEARN the core concepts and correlation of content writing and content marketing.
  • You will CREATE your website in the very first class and learn about Webhosting and HTTPS secure server set up.
  • IDENTIFY the target audience to select a niche understand buyer persona.
  • How to START WRITING blogs on your own website after selecting a niche, understanding keyword research, and other content writing tools.
  • USING content distribution channels and email marketing, along with email automation.
  • DEVELOP compelling storytelling and copywriting skills.
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of powerful headlines and call to actions and the art of writing persuasive content that the audience loves to share.
  • INCREASE your blog traffic through SEO techniques and OPTIMIZE content for visibility and better search engine rankings.
  • How to BUILD trust and connect with the audience.


What can you do by the end of this comprehensive IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?


  • You will know how to make a simple WordPress website along with knowledge of plugins.
  • Have a clear understanding of types of content, the channels of distribution, and publication channels.
  • Write persuasively, and the art of converting leads to sales.
  • Identify the target audience, create a buyer persona, and write content accordingly.
  • Learn the different on-page and off-page SEO best practices to rank well on Google.
  • Know Google’s local pages, Google analytics, and know-how to analyze the data to determine a future action plan.
  • Have social media profiles and learn content distribution across social media channels and analyzing that data as well.


How IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Helps You Monetize Your Content Writing:


IIM SKILLS has a separate module dedicated to monetizing the newly learned skill. They give insights into the industry expectations, resume writing, freelance market, writing proposals using infographics, and how to go about the freelance industry or other work from home options. By the end of this module and complete training at IIM SKILLS candidates will be capable of:


  • Working as a freelancer in the domestic and global platforms.
  • Start a content marketing agency.
  • Use blogging as a way to earn passive income.
  • Work from home either in a part-time or full-time job with the assistance of the placement cell.


The practical and hands-on training and guidance and blend of content writing with content marketing are the USP of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course. 

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Lets now find Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review


Content Writing at Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is also a known name in the content writing training industry. It is a trusted training partner to 60+ colleges and 150+ corporates pan India.


Henry Harvin provides training for various other courses. They have nine courses under the Analytics Academy, five courses for the Content Academy, four for the Finance Academy, one for Law, and three for Management Academy. Thus content writing is only a very tiny part of their portfolio of courses.


The duration of the online course is only 32 hours of classroom training with 24 hours of live online brushup sessions and 50 hours of E-learning access.


Henry Harvin offers its students one-year membership in their Henry Harvin Content Academy. The benefits of this membership are e-learning access, brushup sessions worth 6000 free, internship, and job opportunities.


Henry Harvin boasts of some experienced and seasoned trainers with 10+ years of experience and an alumni status and network with distinguished alumni.


According to the website reviewed by us Henry Harvin has trained 23000+ students in 1100+ across 7+ countries batches, but these stats are across all their courses together, not just a reach through content writing.


The course curriculum includes language skills, internet skills, different types of writing, academic and research writing, content strategy, and finally earning from content writing.


Henry Harvin provides only up to 50 hours of e-learning access and tops it with a one-year membership. They also offer some free tools frequently used in content writing.


Henry Harvin also offers post-training assistance and placement assistance, like most institutes. Academic workshops and guidance for jobs in India and abroad are also something they provide to their students, again like most institutes.


The CDCW (Certified Digital Content Writer) certification by Henry Harvin has affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, and UKAF. The CDCW certification helps the students with better job prospects.


Henry Harvin has a pan India presence with centers across 25 cities and seven countries. The course fee for short-term online coaching is INR 9500.




  • Both IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin are famous for content writing course training. The training at IIM SKILLS is focused primarily only on content writing, whereas at Henry Harvin, they have a host of other courses.
  • The course duration is definitely more apt at IIM SKILLS. Though short-term courses, the term should be sufficient to grasp the requisites and nuances to be able to land a lucrative job. A very brief duration simply feels inadequate to be able to cover the exhaustive field of content writing.
  • The one-year membership by Henry Harvin falls short of the lifetime access granted by IIM SKILLS to its candidates. The institute also has a dedicated alumni group on Facebook to offer their generous assistance to students in their content writing careers.
  • The e-learning access at Henry Harvin is for up to 50 hours, whereas IIM SKILLS provides, as mentioned, lifetime access to all the courseware and the latest recorded sessions.
  • IIM SKILLS offers 100% money back if a student is not satisfied after the first session, a feature that most institutes do not provide. IIM SKILLS also has an online demo option for students to view the demo and make a decision.
  • The more you write and get feedback, the better you get at the art of content writing. The internship at IIM SKILLS enables a longer-lasting relation with the mentor and gives time to the students as well to develop and hone their skills under able guidance.
  • Though Henry Harvin has more centers and a pan India presence, with the rapid internet proliferation, online classes are gaining popularity, and the number of centers hardly matters. Most people prefer the immense flexibility that an online course offers. IIM SKILLS offers training exclusively online.
  • IIM SKILLS blends content writing and marketing, a skill that is most in-demand on the content writing job profiles.


We have provided in-depth information about the content writing course training at both IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin.


Both IIM SKILLS and Henry Harvin Reviews have their place in the content writing training industry. The institutes have gained a reputation over the years. They are adept at their course design and structure and even in terms of faculty.


Ultimately, it is for the students to decipher their priorities. In terms of the course duration, the depth of the course, and the skills required. Based on brand image and overall research about IIMSKILLS Reviews and Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews, we recommend IIM SKILLS.

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