IIM SKILLS vs Simplilearn – Who Offers Best Digital Marketing Course

At this point, we often come across the term “digital marketing”, and we need to understand what role it plays at present. The planet we live in has a population of 7.8 billion and around half of that number is the count of internet users. This clearly shows what a large audience is an online audience and how effective would it be if there is some way to reach out to even a small percentage of that audience. 


IIM SKILLS vs Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course


Businesses cannot just put up a highway hoarding or a banner to grab the attention of millions, most of us don’t even look at them but if those businesses managed to find a way to appear on the mobile phones and laptops of the users, then the attention they’ll receive is exponentially higher than what they would get from the local audience.


Not everyone knows how to reach the maximum audience online but definitely, they can learn and if you’re someone looking for jobs then you might find this a lot more relatable because businesses of all genres are going to need these services shortly and the industry presents a tremendous capacity and opportunity for those who got the right skills to market a product digitally.


Now when it comes to learning digital marketing, students are often confused about which institute to join or which courses to take, and a lot of times they find themselves in a position of choosing between two institutes who seem almost equally suitable.


Well, now that we’re discussing digital marketing institutes, and if you are into digital marketing, I bet you must have come across the names Simplilearn and IIM SKILLS. 


A lot of times students themselves are stuck in between these to names as in which one to go for mostly because both these institutes seem equally competitive and suitable at the same time.


Now, the fact is both the institutes are great at what they are doing and has been offering training for students and professional for a considerable amount of time, it is really difficult to come to a conclusion regarding which is the better one, so below is a detailed comparison or what we can also call as the detailed review of both these institutions which would help a lot many students to conclude which of the institutes is a step ahead of the other.


Let’s begin with IIM SKILLS




It’s been a good 6 years ever since IIM SKILLS has been offering courses and training around digital marketing and similar subjects. In these 6 years, this institution has yielded some incredible results.


IIM SKILLS is very much popular among students and professionals. It is also recommended by experts in the industry. 


There is not one but multiple reasons why this institution has been so popular. Let’s list them out and understand whether or not this institution is any better than the previous one we discussed which is Simplilearn.


So, there aren’t any extraordinary things that make this institution great but those simple and fundamental things that IIM SKILLS is great at. 


The quality of training remains the first and foremost reason for all the positive remarks and reviews and being so popular among students and professionals. This institution has industry experts as trainers who take care of the entire guiding and training procedure.


They are no less than mentors and students here receive personalized attention which is again a great way to get to the depths of what and how the student is learning. The trainers here hold an experience of more than 10 years and have worked for some of the finest organizations in the world.


They are extremely talented, skilled, and experienced which makes them the best for the students. The instructors have helped thousands of students to build stable careers in the industry of digital marketing.


So, far IIM SKILLS has very successfully provided digital marketing course to over innumerable students across 33 countries and has built an international recognition. It is really difficult to be in such a competitive industry and establish a unique spot and reputation among a crowd of hundreds of thousands of other institutions which offer training around similar subjects.


The next feature of the course which is again loved by the students is how practical this course is. IIM SKILLS from the very beginning has been a good believer of the fact that practical learning is way more effective and efficient than theoretical learning.


And it is the fact that students learn better and understand topics to their technical depths when they do it themselves rather than someone reading theories out loud to them.


The course is designed keeping in mind that it should be practically very much accessible and understandable and this is what I like about IIM SKILLS. So, as a part of one of the initial modules, the students are trained and asked to build their desired WordPress website.


It can be any website such as an e-commerce site or a blog or any website and as the course progresses and the students get to learn about the digital marketing strategies and use of tools, they are allowed to use their understanding of those strategies on their websites and see the change in audience attention in real-time.


I mean, honestly, I have never seen something more practical and accessible than this before. Therefore IIM SKILLS has eliminated all the unnecessary and boring theories to save students time and therefore money leaving behind a wonderful entirely practical course.


Just like I mentioned in the previous point, the students are trained about the tools as well. So, this is very clear that the training offered by IIM SKILLS is very much of a tool-driven course and we can become more clear about this from the fact that the institution offers access to tools to the students and those premium tools are worth INR 79,000 for absolutely free. You can go through the details IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course review here. 


This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to get used to the working and operations of such important tools. These tools are used everywhere and so the students aspiring to find jobs must learn to use these tools because a major part of the digital marketing strategies and campaigns are carried out with the help of tools only.


The tools play a very important role in all sorts of digital marketing campaigns starting from their role in researching part to even post-campaign analysis to learn about the performance of the campaign.


The companies at this point will be expecting candidates to know these tools otherwise it becomes a very difficult task to carry out marketing campaigns. 


Now that we’re discussing companies, it is very clear that students who go for such skill-based courses usually aim for jobs. The competition is very high and there are potentially thousands of aspirants for the job but only a few manage to get in, this is because other people who couldn’t get into companies might lack some skills.


Well, there’s no parameter to judge a person’s skill set in just one interview though there is a fair method to find out if or not a candidate is good at a certain skill. Yes, I am discussing the certifications.


there’s no better way to convey that you’re a skilled candidate other than showing the certifications to the employer. Companies these days are also looking for candidates who are certified professionals and have been through formal training.


IIM SKILLS offers over 15 certifications which are extremely valuable and could be possibly helpful to find jobs. Some of the certifications offered by IIM SKILLS are:


  • GOOGLE Certification ( 8 certifications)
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification (1 certificate)
  • Hubspot Certification (3 certifications)
  • IIM SKILLS master course certificate ( 1 certificate)


These certifications are all globally accepted and could be used to strengthen resumes and improve profile scores.


The next thing which I would like to mention about IIM SKILLS is that the course is suitable for almost everyone. Yes, that is correct the course is made suitable for everyone interested in building a career in the digital marketing industry or even wants to raise a business. 


The course is designed in such a way that the topics and modules involved in the course range from the very basics to extreme professional skills which is why a pure beginner can also learn digital marketing from scratch and turn into a professional in just 5 months. This includes a rigorous internship for 2 months for a fixed stipend of INR 6000. The Course Fee is Rs 34900 + GST. 


Though there is no set restrictions for who can or cannot join the course there is still a broad classification of who can do this course:


  • Students
  • Professional 
  • Traditional Marketing Practitioner
  • College Dropouts
  • Housewives
  • Entrepreneurs


The next interesting feature of IIM SKILLS is that it offers lifetime access to the students. Yes, you read it right. The students’, post completion of the course can access the course modules, study materials, lecture recordings and much more for the rest of their lives.


Digital Marketing is a very broad aspect and it might seem easy to some and difficult to others but there are a lot of things to take care of in digital marketing and therefore if at any point in the future if one finds the need to relearn or access any of the lectures or modules they are free to do so for the rest of their lives.


This feature makes it so much easier for students to revise and polish their skills and knowledge whenever they want.


Just like I mentioned about the skills that the students are trained with, just to give a brief idea, mentioned below are some of the skills or modules which the students can expect to learn in the course:


  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Media Planning and Buying
  6. Advanced Blogging
  7. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy


Though these skills are very common to be found in pretty much every training course, what matters is the kind of training offered.


Many a time students doubt how authentic the institution is, well, that is never the case with IIM SKILLS.


This institution is supported by some of the finest organizations in the world such as Google, Facebook, American Express, KMPG, PHILIPS, etc and the students who successfully graduated from this institution can now be seen working for some of the best companies like Barclays, Amazon, etc.


So, this was pretty much everything you needed to know about IIM SKILLS. Overall it is one of the finest institutions our country has and ever since it has been into the training industry it has managed to prove itself as a global leader.


It’s time we should have a look at what Simplilearn has to offer.




Simplilearn is a very renowned name in the digital marketing industry. It is among the leading providers of skill-based training and not just one but this institution offers training around hundreds of skill-based courses. The training offered by Simplilearn can be broadly categorized into 13 major genres, and there are at least 5-8 courses in each of them.


Those major categories are:


  • Project Management
  • Big Data
  • Data Science and Business Intelligence
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • DevOps
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Agile and Scrum
  • IT Service and Architecture
  • Software Management
  • Salesforce
  • Quality Management


Well, those were a lot of categories to learn from and interested students can pick any of the courses and start learning. Well, right at the moment, we’re more concerned about Digital Marketing so let us discuss that.


Under the digital marketing category, Simplilearn offers around 10 courses and 1 master’s certification course. Let’s first have a look at what these courses are and then we’ll get into the details of the courses. 


Mentioned below are the courses offered by Simplilearn, under the digital marketing strategy:


  1. Digital marketing associate
  2. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Certification Program
  3. Advanced Social Media Certification Program
  4. Advanced Pay Per Click Certification Program
  5. Advanced Email Marketing
  6. Advanced Mobile Marketing
  7. Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization
  8. Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing 
  9. Complete Google Adwords Professional
  10. Digital Marketing for CXOs
  11. Masters Program- Digital Marketing Specialist


If I keep on writing about each of them, then I am not sure how many hours would it take me to review just one category of Simplilearn’s digital marketing training. So, we’ll look through the master’s program and also a brief about all the rest of the courses.


So, the master’s program involves 7 stages of digital marketing training, and they are as listed:


  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Demystifying Digital Channels
  • Conversion and Strategy
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Pay Per Click Certification Program
  • Advanced Social Media


There are 3 certifications for the course and they are:


  • Google 
  • Hubspot 
  • Facebook Blueprint


The student’s post completion of the course can access the course modules, study materials, lectures, and other resources for 365 days or a year. Access to the resources also involves 75+ live instructor-led classes.


The master’s program is a very practical course and I felt this from the number of projects that are being conducted and students are allowed to work on them. They get to work and learn in real-time experiencing the real terminologies of the industry. The master’s program for digital marketing specialists has 45+ projects and Mimic Pro simulation. This is what I feel like a great feature of the course by Simplilearn because it helps the students to get engaged in the particulars of digital marketing.


Students there at Simplilearn are allowed access to some of the most premium tools which they can learn to use and implement as they progress with the course. Some of the tools covered during the course are:


  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • UberSuggest
  • Hitwise
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner


These tools play a very important role in carrying out digital marketing campaigns. This is because tools have made it a lot easier to access information, analyze and make changes or take actions accordingly.


This was just the master’s program for digital marketing specialists by Simplilearn. And beyond that, there are ten other courses offered under the digital marketing category. Most courses comprise very important modules, and the training is offered around one particular skill forex, SEO, SEM, SMO, etc. These courses are suitable for those who either want to master one particular skill or those who are already having some of the other skill sets. For beginners and amateurs, the combined course which is also the Master’s Program is more suitable.


FAQs on IIM SKILLS vs Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course 


1. Why should I make a comparison between digital marketing institutes?

It is important that you go through the details of the digital marketing courses, and programs of the top institutes in order to make the right decision for yourself. There are many unique features that each institute offers even if the curriculum is more or less the same. Some offer access to learning e-portals for a lifetime while others offer it for a specified time. Some have more practical projects, some have less. Thus, it becomes imperative to research well before getting admission to any institute.


2. What should my aim be when enrolling in a digital marketing course?

You should closely look at the curriculum, certifications preparations, practical assignments, access period to the learning management system, post-course support, knowledge of tools provided, internship opportunities, and placement assistance among other things.


3. What are the vital chapters in digital marketing?

 The most signifi=cant modules of the digital marketing learning process are SEO, Paid ads, Email Marketing, understanding marketing funnels, email cycles, content writing, blogging, copywriting, maneuvering websites, web analytics, Brand strategy, reputation management, and media buying among others. 


Concluding thoughts on IIM SKILLS vs Simplilearn Digital marketing Course


Both these organizations have managed to achieve milestones through their quality training made possible through talented and experienced instructors.


Simplilearn and IIM SKILLS both are equally competitive when it comes to providing courses related to digital marketing and in terms of quality of training as well.


Both institutes have distinctive features that have been delineated in the description above. It is entirely your prerogative which digital marketing institute to choose between the two. No two individuals have the same priorities when it comes to courses and institutes. Some might like to enroll in offline courses, some online. Thus, the judicious thing would be to explore the curriculum of both and talk to the relevant person from the institute. After this, you can make an informed decision on the course of your choice.


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