Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland With Placements

Do you have an affinity for numbers? Can you identify trends by looking at the numbers? Are you someone who has knowledge of accounts and finance and can create spreadsheets at the back of your hand?  Then financial modeling is the career you should be looking at. The requirement for financial modelers is on the rise in a fast-growing economy like New Zeeland. In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 financial modeling courses in Auckland to accelerate your career and job prospects as a financial modeler.


List of best financial modeling courses in Auckland


So before we delve into what financial modeling courses are and why you should think of getting certified, let us first understand what financial modeling is.


What is Financial modeling?

Financial modeling is the process of analyzing the past and present performance of businesses’ assets, investments, and expenses to plan and predict future performance. The Financial model is a numerical representation of finances and business decisions to decide the next course of action.

In simple words, financial modeling is the process of creating a spreadsheet, which takes into account a company’s earnings, expenses, and cash flows to provide insight for future decisions or events. The financial model provides clarity to the management regarding raising capital, disinvesting in a particular product line, innovations, mergers, acquisitions, or any other corrective actions that may be necessary for the healthy growth of the business.

For creating an unbiased financial model, internal as well as external resources must be involved. The financial model becomes a key reference resource when a valuation needs to be done for a particular business. The financial model should not be confused with a financial statement.

While the financial statement is a balance sheet, the financial model is more of an analytical tool to assess the scenarios and map viable solutions.  Financial modelers are required in industries like:

  • Equity research organizations
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Credit rating companies
  • Portfolio and wealth management firms
  • Hedge funds
  • Venture capital funds


Financial Modelers Are Required to Provide Expertise Related to the:

  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Investments
  • New business evaluations
  • Project or business financing/ refinances
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategies
  • Tax, workforce, and product planning


Who Can Become a Financial Modeler?

  • All finance professionals with a background in investment banking, Equity research, corporate fiancé, private equity, risk professionals, etc.
  • CA, CFA, MBA finance professionals
  • Commerce Graduates
  • Fresh graduates
  • Engineers have an interest in finance and want to switch their careers
  • And all those people who have a passion for financial modeling.


How Joining Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland Can Benefit You?

The most important skill every financial modeler needs to learn is advanced Excel tools. Excel is extensively used to produce and integrate financial models in a secure manner. While all the financial modeling courses in Auckland train the learners in Excel skills, some courses also integrate Python coding skills to extend these models. By taking financial modeling courses in Auckland, you can get benefitted in many ways:

  • Learn industry-related skills applicable in New Zeeland as well as around the world.
  • Learn Finance related techniques and tools to gain an upper hand in the job market.
  • To become an expert in creating quantitative financial models.
  • Become an expert in Skills and techniques for creating spreadsheets to predict data
  • Understanding elements of data
  • Improving analytical and quantitative skills
  • Understanding strategies relevant to New Zeeland.
  • Valuation skills


Besides These Technical Skills, You Will Also Gain Soft Skills Like:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Attention to details
  • Decision-making abilities


Auckland is the largest city and main economical zone of New Zeeland having nearly 40% of the country’s GDP. Auckland’s main contribution to the industrial growth of New Zeeland is the manufacturing sector and service-related industries. Auckland known as the “City of sails” is known for its beautiful landscape, waterways, and many other tourist destinations.

Rated as one of the top multicultural cities to live in around the world, is home to many businesses and educational institutes. These institutes provide internationally recognized qualifications based on New Zeeland guidelines for high-quality study pathways and are in high demand for jobs all around the world.

The University of Auckland is rated as number one in NZ and 81st worldwide. Post-education employability from the university is also very high and ranked 59th worldwide. Auckland being the hub of the financial and economic business sector in New Zealand is the top job provider for financial modelers.

The economy of Auckland has grown nearly 3.2% per annum over the last 10 years compared to 2.6% in other cities of New Zeeland. Although construction and healthcare contribute the highest at 10%, followed by manufacturing and professional services at around 9.5 %, according to the New Zeeland immigration green list of fast-track residency finance and business-related jobs are on the top list.

New Zeeland also offers a world-class education system for international students. Education institutes and universities are regulated by the government and approved as per global standards. These universities along with some of the online institutes provide great options for learning financial modeling courses.


Why is It Beneficial to Enroll in Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland?

Due to high business growth, financial modeling jobs are in high demand in Auckland. There are some other job titles such as financial planning analyst, Business analyst, financial analyst; financial controllers, Business insights and analytics manager, etc. also fall under the category of financial modelers requiring financial modeling skills. Financial modelers have all the tools and skills to provide the correct guidance in predicting future business growth.


How to Select the Right One From Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland?

Many factors play an important role while choosing a financial modeling course. The courses are available both onsite with universities and online. The Fee for financial modeling course can be from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. The fee is dependent on many factors such as onsite or online, the reputation of the institute, course modules, duration of the course, job support, industry expert tutors, mentorship, etc.

Usually, the onsite courses are more expensive and less flexible. Also if you are not a resident of the city where the course is being offered, you will have to factor in the cost of living expenses apart from the fee, transport, visa, etc. for international students among others.

Online courses on the other hand provide the flexibility of upgrading skills from any part of the world while also continuing your day jobs. Hence before choosing any course, you should have a detailed analysis of the syllabus, evaluate whether the skills you need for your job or prospective career are covered in detail, whether the course provides job support, the reputation of the course in the market, etc.

Hence fee should not be the only criterion for your choice. There are some world-class universities providing financial modeling courses in Auckland. Also, some online training platforms from around the world are available in Auckland to learn and upgrade financial modeling skills. Providing below a concise list of financial modeling courses in Auckland with their curriculum highlights, fee, and duration of the course:



IIM SKILLS is one of the top online course providers worldwide. Business-oriented professional courses provided by IIM SKILLS focus on developing the subject matter understanding through practical training and internships. They have developed these courses through meticulous research and feedback from industry experts.

These courses are designed keeping in mind all levels of learners such as experts, students, work-from-home professionals, or people who are wanting to switch careers. Under various job-oriented courses, the Financial Modeling Course by IIM SKILLS is one of the top favorites among people.

It is a very comprehensive course, covering modules focusing the technical skills as well as practical training. This course has been designed by industry experts to provide participants the flexibility, hands-on learning, and practical training through relevant assignments.


The Benefits of This Course Are:

  • Live online training
  • More than 70 hours of lectures + 50 hours of training + other 20 hours of interactive sessions for any doubts and clarifications.
  • More than 100 hours of practical assignments
  • 5 case studies.
  • 2 months of guaranteed internships
  • Mock interview support
  • 100% job support.
  • Tool based learning
  • Industry expert mentors
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to LMS
  • Excel and Powerpoint expertise


The course curriculum is comprehensive and provides a 360 view of financial modeling to the students. Various modules are designed to provide:

  • Technical understanding of financial modeling and financial statements.
  • Learning to create a financial model by analyzing historical data and forecasting future projections
  • Capability to present statements and outputs as robust and realistic financial models.
  • Expertise in analysis, conclusion, and recommendations.
  • Investigating capabilities in prospective business ventures,


Course Fee: NZ dollar 798.33 NZD + GST

Course Duration: 3 months + 2 months guaranteed Internship

Certification: Master certification in financial modeling from IIM skills.

Contact: +91 9580 740 740



IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Knowledge Hut Financial Modeling Course With Excel

Knowledge Hut is the worlds leading Edtech Company empowering the workforce around the world with futuristic skills in outcome-based immersive learning. Knowledge Hut has trained more than 250000 professionals and has partnered with 1200+ enterprises in more than 100 countries.

Knowledge Hut provides courses in software development, IT management, Cyber security, machine learning, data science, and many more for individuals and organizations to unlock their potential and opportunities. Knowledge Hut’s financial modeling course integrates Excel with advanced financial models.


The Course Aims at Empowering the Students With the Following Skills:

  • Use time series, checks, assumptions outputs, and calculations.
  • Key functionalities for financial modeling
  • Understanding the difference between the 3 prime financial statements – income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow.


The Course Highlights Include:

  • 24 hours of live instructor lead training workshops
  • Practical assignments to retain the technical knowledge
  • Hands-on training to master excel advanced tools
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Guidance on tips to build robust financial models
  • Course completion certificate from Knowledge Hut.
  • Advanced curriculum associated with the latest skills, techniques, and industry trends
  • Builds a strong knowledge base by incorporating concepts from accounting,


3. Victoria University of Wellington:

This is one of New Zeeland’s oldest and most prestigious universities have campuses in Auckland and Wellington. The university is ranked first in New Zeeland and 275 in the QS world ranking for 2023. It is one of the only 13 universities in the world to hold a 5-star rating in research and teaching among various other eight categories.

University has a total of nine faculties including business & government and has many options to fund students in their pursuit of master’s degrees. University can be considered one of the good options for financial modeling courses in Auckland using Excel spreadsheets and Python programming. Python programming is used to extend Excel models. The course covers:


  • Risk analysis via simulation and bootstrapping
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Frontier estimation
  • Equity and interest rate modeling
  • Bond credit risk models.



The fee for domestic students is $2123.55 NZ

Fee for international students: $4270.65 NZ

Duration: One trimester


4. Massey University

Massey University is a well-known university in New Zealand famous for its research-driven training methods. The university has three campuses based in Auckland, Wellington, and Palmerston north. University has strong connections in Industry and trade providing an edge for the students in the applied zones of engineering, agriculture, finance, medicine, and technology.

Massey University has a warm, friendly campus for local and international students. The university has a ranking of 292 on the QS World University ranking for 2023. Massey University has many popular career-related programs.


Financial Modeling Course (Course Number 125250)

This course is listed among the top financial modeling courses in Auckland and has some prerequisites. The students are required to first complete a course in finance fundamentals using analytical techniques to evaluate personal and business investments and financing decisions.


The Course Outcomes Are;

  • Creating spreadsheets using design elements
  • To be able to apply valuation techniques to financial assets and investment opportunities.
  • Analyze risk and returns
  • Use statistical analysis and linear regressions


The certification process includes tests, written assignments,s, and centrally scheduled exams. The course is available onsite as well as through distance learning. On the Auckland campus, it is available in both semesters. Course duration is one semester and before admission students are required to pass the proficiency test.


Course Fee:

NZD $802.42 + GST for local students

NZD $4,032.5 + GST for international students.


International students who are not staying in New Zealand, are eligible for GST exemption. There may be some additional component fees which can be checked from the Massey university website.


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5. Nexacu Software Skill Training

Previously known as Excel consulting, Nexacu is Australia’s leading software training provider. They focus mainly on proving short intensive courses focused on Microsoft applications. Their courses have more than 50000 reviews with five-star ratings.

This course is considered a top boot camp among leading financial modeling courses in Auckland and is conducted by industry experts. The course works on empowering the learners with the confidence of building their own financial models. They also provide best practice guides for referring back to the industry-approved models. This is a beginner-level course and the highlights are:


  • Training for building smart models
  • Guidance to avoid pitfalls by working through real scenarios.
  • Calculations and model designs to enhance the decision-making process.


Course Modules Cover the Following Skills:

  • Modeling techniques
  • Absolute versus relative referencing
  • Logical functions
  • Defined names and controls
  • Validating data.
  • Financial, math, lookup, date, and time functions
  • Projects, goal-seeking, and scenarios
  • Complex formulas, formula referencing, and solver.


Fees & Duration; NZ $450 for a 1-day course in Financial modeling, however, this course can be combined with analysis and dashboards for NZ $450 and Excel Macros / VBA for a 2-day course for NZ $ 905.


Method of Course Delivery: Remote online instructor-led classes.


6. The Knowledge Academy Auckland

The Knowledge Academy is a UK-based global learning academy, that provides onsite and online learning in more than 100 countries. This is an online course provided by the academy in Auckland. The financial modeling courses in Auckland provided by The Knowledge Academy are subdivided into six modulus covering:


  • Introduction to financial modeling and skills required.
  • Valuation methods
  • Excel Skills
  • Data Dashboard introduction and working
  • Presentation
  • Uses of financial modeling


The course is delivered through easy to use virtual platform with a live instructor, which can be either attended from home or the classroom.

Fee: The course price start from NZD 1995.


For More Details, Contact:

Contact: +64 98874342


7. University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is located in Christchurch New Zeeland. The university is well known for world-class research-based inspirational teaching, a vibrant campus, and a welcoming international student culture. The university is rated 284 on Qs global ranking for 2023.

The University of Canterbury provides a financial modeling course that aims at providing a deeper understanding of selected topics in corporate finance and portfolio models. This course has extensive use of Excel to create spreadsheet skills for financial analysts.


Learning Outcomes of This Course:

  • Learn valuation methods and models for discounting for time and risk
  • Learn to use asset pricing through mean-variance analysis to model the diversification of risk.
  • Learn spreadsheet functions and methodology to evaluate and measure risk value
  • Learn the use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in finance
  • Learn modeling techniques for sensitivity analysis, goal seeking, simulation, and optimization
  • Presentation skills for a problem/issue/situation/scenario


The course duration is one semester and has some prerequisites. The certificate for one of the most sought-after financial modeling courses in Auckland is granted after completing the assessment test, final exam, and two lab tests.


Course Fee:

NZ $868 + GST for local students

NZ $4075 + GST for international students.


8. Bright Star Co NZ

Bright star’s comprehensive Financial modeling course delves into the methodology of modeling and covers finance and accounting spreadsheets. Bright star provides design skills through practical work, lectures, and discussions however the prerequisite for this course is to have intermediate knowledge of Excel. The financial modeling courses in Auckland by Bright Star are subdivided into the following modules:

  • Introduction to financial modeling (scope, objective, and process)
  • Financial modeling drivers and response
  • Developing Key metrics and performance indicators.
  • Financial modeling design and management.
  • Financial concepts and functions
  • Spreadsheet operations, devices, and components.
  • Accounting and finance ideas
  • Goal-seeking and solver.


The Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland by Bright Star Aims to Achieve the Following Outcome:

  • Understand goals, principles, and practices
  • Proficiency in Excel and its extended tools to create user-friendly and foolproof models.
  • Model development and maintenance skills
  • Create analysis for probable scenarios


Course Name: Financial modeling courses in Auckland

Fee:  NZD 2299 + GST

Email Id:


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


9. Financial Modeling Institute: 

The financial modeling institute is based in Canada and is committed to providing certifications for financial modelers worldwide. Former bankers who were known for their skills in financial modeling formed this institute. Experts in financial modeling observed the void of a certifying authority and created this platform to certify individuals who can showcase extraordinary financial modeling skills.

The institute has four Financial modeling courses. Courses are categorized between the foundation, advanced, chartered financial, and Master financial modeler courses. One can choose from these courses depending on their skill level.

The bar has been set high with these exams developed through research and testing. The tests have been designed to gauge an individual’s ability to structure, build and draw analysis from a model.


Each Course Duration: 10-hour


What Do the Learning Materials Cover: 

·       Financial modeling best practices

·       Optimal model design and flow

·       Financial statements

·       Advanced technical skills to build models related to revenues, costs, fixed assets, taxes, working capital, debt, and equity.


10. Henry Harvin Finance Academy

Henry Harvin is an institute that provides training in job-related skills. The course by this Institute is designed taking into account the current and future needs of Industry.


Course Highlights Include:

  • 40 hours of course
  • 24-hour online interactive sessions
  • Practical training through assignments
  • Internship assistance.
  • Placement assistance during the first year.
  • Online access to all course material, assignment videos,s, etc.
  • Introduction and familiarization with financial techniques.
  • Mastery of Excel Creation, ratio analysis, and financial reporting skills
  • Improvement in financial analysis and forecasting skills




1. Why Should You Acquire the Financial Modeling Certification;

Although a lot of tutorials are available online, but to get a complete perspective of the job-related skills for financial modeling, it is advisable to do a certification course. These courses are designed and delivered by industry experts and they can provide a clear insight into modules one needs to focus on and attain mastery over.

By acquiring financial modeling certification from one of the reputed institutes, you can enhance your Job prospects as a financial modeler. Employers have a preference for certified financial modelers as they are assured of their technical knowledge, tools, and skills. People already employed can up-skill themselves by learning the latest tools and skills and opening up new avenues for themselves or working as freelance consultants.


2. What are the main skills a financial modeler requires?

The main skills a financial modeler requires are:

  • Accounting skills-a thorough understanding of accounts
  • Excel skills -Strong Excel knowledge needed
  • Knowledge of 3 financial statements (Income, Balance, and cash flow) and how to link them.
  • Forecasting Skills- Understanding of how to decipher data to build forecasts.
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Attention to details
  • Good presentation skills- simplifying complex data and presenting it in a simple format easy to understand. Should have the ability to know what is important for high-level strategy.
  • Knowledge of valuation methods.
  • Design skills- presenting data in an aesthetic manner


3. Is financial modeling in demand?

Financial modeling is highly in demand, as businesses are depending on scientific methods like data science and AI to understand and predict the direction a business should be heading. Analyzing needs, market demands, future business focus, and a lot more is based on facts, which are translated into numbers.

Financial modeling is the skill where the numbers are modeled to provide useful outcomes.  Most businesses are looking for talent who have financial modeling skills and carry out numerical decision-making processes such as financial planning, investments, fundraising, budgeting, etc. for them. Thus financial modeling is currently a highly sought-after skill.


Concluding Thought!

Financial modeling is an upcoming field with a lot of new job opportunities being created every single day and the availability of skilled professionals is way less than the availability. Hence there is no better time to acquire financial modeling skills than now. Looking at the tons of opportunities available in Auckland, the financial capital of New Zeeland, we have provided a comprehensive list of the top 10 financial modeling courses available there.

All of these courses are well-reputed and recognized worldwide. You can visit the institute’s website to find out more in detail regarding the course, fee structure, prerequisites, post-certification placement support, and hands-on learning to make an informed decision. Choose the course that best suits your needs and succeed in your pursuit.

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