Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai With Placements

Have you ever wondered how a company finds its past, present, and future financial outcomes and investments? For your clarification, financial models help find the worth of any company by looking at the company’s financial profile. Since financial modeling is in huge demand in today’s corporate world, financial modeling courses in Dubai are specially designed for financial professionals.


List of best financial modeling courses in Dubai


Finding your worth to live in this ambitious yet two-faced world is essential. How do you find your worth? Simply self-reflect on yourself to discover the answer to this question. Similarly, every company has worth, and knowing the company’s value is just like the process of self-discovering yourself.

Undoubtedly, traveling to Dubai is on everyone’s travel bucket list. People love to visit Dubai for its breathtaking infrastructure and beautifully curated places at least once a lifetime. The city of the future is endeavoring to unearth itself distinctively as a global center for trade and business outlay.

The highly recognized Dubai Expo itself is a call to attract investment, subscribe to partnership agreements, and elevate business growth. Thus, it has earned a place in the top 20 global financial hubs. Without further ado, let us delve deeper to learn more about financial modeling, its importance, advantages, job opportunities available, and the top 5 best financial modeling courses in Dubai.


 Why is Financial Modeling Important for Business?

Adding fuel to a car gives energy and helps drive for longer distances. In the same way, a company does not run on its own. As incredible as it may seem, finance is the fuel of the company. You need to keep your wheels turning to upgrade your company to the next level.

And to ensure whether your company consumes more, less, or no fuel, it is necessary to investigate a firm’s economic health. You may wonder how? Well, it’s possible with financial models.


What is Financial Modeling?

In simple terms, financial modeling refers to finding a company’s financial situation by considering its early, current, and future investments; performance; impact; revenue growth; and other financial business information in the form of spreadsheets.

Simply put, these models present you with the company’s expenditures, investments, savings, and budget in an Excel sheet. They are used to raise capital and manage risks. These models act as a tool to make important business decisions and unlock smart business metrics accordingly.

Perhaps more importantly, before investing, developing a new product, or expanding your business, it is essential to investigate the financial insights of the company. This can be effortlessly achieved through financial models.


Advantages of Financial Modeling

To obtain a win-win opportunity for you and the organization, you ought to build your career in financial modeling to become the strength of a business organization. To become that strong, first, it is important to understand the advantages of financial modeling that will boost your confidence.


1. Easy Understanding of Business and Decision – Making

One of the main advantages of financial modeling is that it aids in making business decisions easily through better understanding. Decision-making is an essential skill needed for any business professional. These financial models focus on the financial statement, balance sheet, income statement of the company, other cash flow, and profit and loss statements.

It helps to prosper businesses to make wise decisions by obtaining the right funding strategies and approaches. They decide on whether to invest or take on a new project or not. And whether to develop a new product or not after comprehending the financial portrait of a company.


2. Financial Performance Analysis

To improve a firm’s growth in the corporate world, financial performance analysis plays a greater role. Thus, another main advantage of finance models is that it helps generate quick outputs by listing the company’s financial performance. The financial performance includes complete financial statements of a business firm.

These models present financial activities like pricing, costing, savings, and budgeting. Through this periodic performance review, the company draws a comparison of its revenue growth during the past and present years. They employ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to illustrate the discrepancies between the company’s existing assets and liabilities.


3. Business Valuation 

Learning business valuation techniques is crucial for any financial professional. The process of discovering the company’s overall value or worth is called business valuation or company valuation. A form of a financial model called the Discounted Cash Flow Model  (DCF model) aids in determining the built-in value of any company.

To calculate the company’s present value, the DCF model estimates future cash flows and discounts them. Since firms need to know their exact market value to sell their shares and select what price range to accept, financial models use tools like the DCF model.


4. Mitigate Risks

Financial risks have an unpleasing outcome and impact on the company. Therefore, to deal with such risks, financial models caution the company through the process of due diligence to mitigate risks during an investment decision or risks related to higher expenses, credit card debts, and mortgages. Thus, such models act as a savior for the firm’s advancement.


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Career Opportunities in Financial Modeling

From big conglomerates like Amazon to top job listing websites like Indeed and LinkedIn, a person expert in finance unit and financial modeling is highly preferred to uplift the economic growth of the company. Here are some job opportunities waiting for a financial model expert and financial professionals.

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Senior Investment and Financial Modeling Manager
  • Director of Financial Modeling
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Credit Analyst
  • Corporate Finance
  • Stock Market & Personal Finance
  • Merger & Acquisition Associate
  • Debt Syndication – Junior Executive


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Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

The better the learning institute you choose, the best job position you possess; the finer skills you acquire, the more confidence you gain. Henceforth, choosing the right training firm is important to achieve the best learning. That’s why here are the top 5 best learning institutes offering financial modeling courses in Dubai.


Rank# 1. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai



IIM SKILLS is a top-tier online education service provider located in New Delhi, India. The institute is made for school and college students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. This well-known institute offers various in-demand courses in different disciplines like marketing, finance, and writing.

The institute’s courses are rated No.1 by top education websites like Career360, CourseReport, AdvisorUncle, and CourseDekho. IIM SKILLS is widely present in 23 Asian cities, including Dubai and Singapore. Since its courses in digital marketing, content writing, advanced SEO, and financial modeling shape students to advance in their careers, it is considered one of the greatest institutions for career development.

The Financial Modeling Course with Master Certification provided by the institute is acknowledged as the best because of its leading mentorship by well-versed trainers who elevate the learners to work in the financial sectors. Exclusively designed by leading industry experts, the course highlights various skills needed for a financial model expert.

Having its presence, IIM SKILLS serves as one of the best financial modeling courses in Dubai. The course is crafted from scratch to allow the students to break new ground with high-end strategies to develop accurate financial models for better business conduct. Additionally, the course comes in batches on weekdays or weekends.


Course Highlights

  • 3 months online certification course + 2 months internship
  • 70+ hours of lectures and 100+ hours of hands-on practical assignments, including 4 live projects and 5+ case studies
  • 6 modules + lifetime LMS access
  • Mock interview preparation and 100% secured placement assistance
  • 24-hour online assistance


Course Eligibility

  • MBA, CFA, CA, FRM, B-Tech, Engineers, Commerce Graduates, and other finance-related degree holders are eligible.
  • Applicants interested in the finance industry, equity research, valuation, private equity funds, investment banking or commercial banking, project management, etc., are also eligible.
  • Candidates who want to know about financial modeling are also eligible.
  • Candidates with basic knowledge of working with computers and basic Excel knowledge are also eligible.


Course Outcome

  • To create robust financial models by analyzing financial statements and historical data.
  • Comprehending real-world business problems to conduct financial analysis and forecast future trends.
  • Learn other possible ways to figure out financial facts and parameters.
  • To master Excel formulas and data tools such as sorting, filtering, data importing, and data validation for financial analysis.
  • To construct business valuations and prepare useful valuation reports.


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Course Price: INR.39,000 (AED1743.317)

Phone No: +91 9580 740 740

Email id:


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Rank# 2. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

2. Wall Street Prep


The Internationally recognized Wall Street Prep is a financial training company specifically created for aspiring financial investors who are looking to set the bar in the financial industry as investment bankers, financial model experts, equity research associates, etc.

Wall Street Prep provides several online self-study courses, boot camps, and one-to-one coaching consisting of lecture videos with customized schedules. The courses are designed from scratch to advance by investment and financial professionals that help the learners gradually and steadily break the shell to use financial modeling skills to resolve any real-world business problems.

The training firm also conducts on-campus boot camps for 90+ universities in financial valuation & modeling. Financial valuation & modeling is the most sought-after course provided by the firm. The course consists of basic and premium packages. The students have the choice to select either of the course accordingly.

To be specific, the basic course predominantly focuses on building 3 statement models, whereas the premium package focuses on both financial modeling and business valuation.


Premium Package Course Highlights

  • A series of 7 courses + 45hr 60 min lectures
  • 1-month access to WSP Pitchbook
  • Free access to Wall Street Prep’s Online Help Center
  • Using real case studies and best practices to build financial models
  • Score above 70% on the 2-hour online examination and get the certification
  • A fee of $800/hour for private online tutoring


Course Eligibility for the Premium Package

  • Candidates must have a basic introductory knowledge of accounting (e.g., 3 model statements)
  • A candidate must be skilled in Excel.
  • Students with no prior background in accounting should take the Wall Street Accounting Crash Course before applying.
  • Students having little experience in Excel should take the Wall Street Excel Crash Course before applying.
  • Applicants interested in the finance industry, private equity research, valuation, private equity funds, investment banking or commercial banking, project management, etc., are also eligible.


Premium Package Course Outcome

  • Ability to create a thorough three-statement model with a variety of supporting schedules.
  • Acquiring a thorough understanding of DCF modeling and using data tables to examine a variety of scenarios.
  • Acquiring knowledge on how to choose and “scrub” comparables, select appropriate multiples, and create dynamic comps models in Excel.
  • Developing knowledge on how to choose comparable purchases and locate crucial disclosures in filings.
  • Acquiring knowledge of fundamental LBO concepts, typical deal structures, current market trends, and how to create output tables.
  • 24 months of eligibility to take the WSP Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Exam.


Basic Package Course Highlights

  • 82 lessons + 10 hrs 29 min of lectures
  • Using real case studies and best practices to build financial models
  • Free access to Wall Street Prep’s Help Center
  • A fee of $800/hour for private online tutoring


Course Outcome

  • Learning Excel shortcuts and functions, settings, and formatting norms for financial modeling
  • Generating model plugs by using revolver and cash sweep and dealing with circularities in the model
  • Constructing a fully integrated 3-statement model
  • Balancing the model and incorporating automated checks
  • Implementing what-if analysis evaluation to enhance decision-making
  • Mastering how to check models for errors, accuracy, and integrity effectively


Course Price

  • Basic package – $100
  • Premium package – $400


Note: The course eligibility for the basic course follows the same criteria as that of the premium course package.


Rank# 3. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

3. Coursera


Coursera is a U.S-based online learning platform that provides several courses in different domains. This renowned institute connects with popular learning organizations and highly recognized universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, etc., to provide the best learning opportunities for students and to employ their actual skills for professional growth.

Coursera offers an online certificate program in Business and Financial Modeling Specialization proposed by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The course is led by leading instructors from the Wharton School of the university.

This Coursera Specialization is a series of courses arranged for all finance aspirants and investment bankers to make wise financial decisions for business revenue by keenly observing the financial status of the company. The program covers all the important factors needed to become a financial model expert. Coursera provides one of the best financial modeling courses in Dubai.


Course Highlights

  • Specialize in 5 courses and monitor your progress on the dashboard
  • Each course carries 4 modules with practical exercises
  • 3–4 weeks per course with an online certification
  • Hands-on practical assignments and projects with flexible deadlines
  • Financial aid is available for this course


Course Eligibility

  • No specific background is required.
  • Anyone looking to develop their spreadsheet and modeling skills, including employees, business owners, managers, and consultants, should consider this Specialization.
  • A candidate must at least know high-school-level math.


Course Outcome

  • Develop a top-notch financial model by reflecting on the real-world business elements
  • Using Excel or spreadsheets to optimize and predict data
  • Using models to make decisions and manage risks
  • Procure optimum results to determine the business value by structuring the right model
  • To analyze mergers and acquisitions


Course Price

  • 1 month – ₹6,298 (AED 279.23)
  • 3 months – ₹4,199 per month (AED186.17)
  • 6 months – ₹3,149 per month (AED139.61)


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Rank# 4. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

4. Learners Point Academy


Learners Point Academy is one of the leading education providers located in Dubai. The institute offers professional-certified training programs for learners for their career growth. The academy is primarily known for its high-quality assistance and for using advanced innovative methods to master the latest portions in all fields.

This learning center offers an array of courses relevant to the field of technology, Finance, Marketing, HR, Logistics, Management, ERP, and Leadership which is attended by a massive number of students globally.

The Advanced Excel and Financial Modeling Course offered by the academy is intended to boost the trainee’s skills in Excel to curate more authentic models. In short, the course is laid out to drive traffic in the business revenue by making operational decisions comprising three financial statements.

This course caters to those who desire to seize opportunities in the UAE job market. Undoubtedly, this training institute is best known for delivering one of the finest financial modeling courses in Dubai.


Course Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

  • 4 weeks course dealt both online & campus with certification
  • 5 modules+ practical exercises, case studies, and live projects
  • Hands-on experience by offering assignments
  • Group sessions and one-to-one sessions to enhance the quality of the training program
  • Career opportunities to work in big companies like Emirates, Emaar, Air Arabia, Jumeirah, Aramex, and Dubai Islamic Bank


Course Eligibility

  • All MBA, CFA, CA, FRM, B-Tech, and Commerce Graduates are eligible.
  • Applicants interested in the finance industry, equity research, valuation, private equity funds, investment banking or commercial banking, project management, etc., are also eligible.


Course Outcome

  • Use Microsoft Excel and able to create pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Able to design professional-level spreadsheets to analyze and organize data
  • Implement what-if analysis evaluation to enhance decision-making
  • Construct a solid financial model comprising of an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement


Note: Contact the course advisors to know the course price

Phone no: +971 4 326 6880

Email id:


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Rank# 5. Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

5. Edoxi Training Institute


Edoxi Training Institute is located in the heart of Dubai. The professional training institute is built for professionals looking to excel in their knowledge in a specific field. The institute has a unique way of collaborating with corporate companies or individual experts to achieve effective learning.

The center offers several on-demand courses, notably in data science, digital marketing, finance, accounting, etc. They are typically conducted online and offline and offered in batches on weekdays or weekends.

Edoxi’s Financial Modeling Course will uplift career prospects for those seeking a career in finance. The course builds confidence in the learners’ ability to work with raw data and organize it to predict future financial outcomes and assumptions using financial modeling tools and skills.


Course Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai

  • 9 modules with practical skills and hands-on assignments
  • 3 types of training options are available (live virtual training, classroom training, and customized corporate training)
  • 30+ hours of virtual training, video presentations, study materials, and weekday/weekend batches are available
  • Case study presentation, lecture-based presentation, and exam practice for classroom training
  • Dashboards, LMS access, and adjustable pricing options are available for customized corporate training
  • Earn a certificate upon completion


Course Eligibility

  • Candidates from mathematics, statistics, and economics background are eligible.
  • Basic knowledge of excel and numerical data is suggested.


Course Outcome

  • Master Excel skills and use spreadsheets to perform analysis
  • Learn different methods and approaches to building a financial model
  • Ability to work with large numerical data and organize and structure it
  • Ability to make a complete Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation model.


Note: Contact the course advisors to know the course price

Contact No: +971 43801666

Email id:


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What gadgets do I need to have to attend financial modeling courses in Dubai?

  • A personal computer or a laptop with an updated version of Microsoft Excel starting from the 2007 version
  • A good internet connection and good quality speakers or earphones


2. I am new to this field. Can I take up financial modeling course?

Yes, if you have skills in basic excel and mathematics and skills pertaining to finance, you can take up the course.

  • Students who are pursuing or have pursued their studies relevant to the finance and accounting field are also eligible.
  • Professionals who want to make their career as financial model experts, Investment bankers, private equity researcher associates, and other financial & investment banking professionals can also take up the course.


3. Is there a money-back guarantee in financial modeling courses in Dubai?

IIM SKILLS provides you with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are less satisfied with the course after attending the first session, you can ask for a monetary refund though this genuine institute never lets you down. Coursera’s specialization course in financial modeling is a series of 5 courses. Out of the 5 courses offered, you can pay only for the course which you desire to attend. You can also pause your course or even end the subscription whenever you want.



Having known the role of financial models in every business organization, without a shred of doubt, it is perceptible that even after a company hits the jackpot, it still counts on finance models. Dubai is regarded as the economic hub of the UAE for conquering multifarious growth in the marketplace. As a result, Quickly start your career in financial modeling to transform from novice to expert and go the extra mile to stand unique in the job market.

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