Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Certifications in India

Digital Marketing is growing in India & everyone is talking about Digital Marketing training & courses in India. From students to entrepreneurs demand for Digital Marketing knowledge is increasing thus digital marketing training institutes are in demand which offer Top Digital Marketing Certifications. In India, almost 100+ digital marketing training institutes have created their footprints in the last couple of years and several small business owners and self-made digital marketers are claiming themselves as a pioneer in Digital Marketing. The question to point out is ‘Which is Top Digital Marketing Certifications In India to enroll in?


Digital Marketing Certifications In India



Before we come to any conclusion let’s understand Why Digital Marketing knowledge is important today?



For Students: As the number of Internet users is increasing in India and the demand for good digital marketers is already increasing, companies want multi-talent candidates. Along with primary job roles, good companies are expecting digital marketing skills from desired candidates.



Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: No matter how good your agencies are doing your digital marketing work, your business is still missing big opportunities.  Apart from business owners, no one can better understand the demand of their customers and understand where their customers are on the Internet. To ensure your agencies and you both are working on the same objectives & in the right direction, Digital Marketing Certification is required.



Digital Marketers: Digital Marketing industry is always evolving. Do you use a smartphone? Yes. Have you observed how many times you upgrade your smartphone applications in a month? At least once isn’t it? Yes. Same like that digital marketing as a medium keeps on changing and one needs to upgrade him/her.



Sales & Marketing Professionals: Some sales and Marketing Professionals are using these skills to increase their productivity. If you are an employee for MNC you cannot use Digital Marketing on the brand name. So What? You can still do digital marketing to increase your sales productivity. Senior salespeople from most of the famous B2C and B2B are using social channels and search engines to qualify their potential clients and increase sales productivity.



Digital Marketing is not restricted only to the above-mentioned profiles. Anyone can use this for various objectives. You can use digital marketing for brand building, lead generation, online sales, opening your e-commerce, increasing your brand image, and many more.



List of Top Digital Marketing Certifications



IIM SKILLS is one of the top ed-tech institutes offering digital markting certifications in India. With leading experts from the digital domain, an industry-validated curriculum, and a well-structured pedagogy, IIM SKILLS aims to educate anyone interested in digital marketing on the nuances of online marketing strategies. A lot of factors go into making successful digital campaigns. IIM SKILLS ensures that their course encompasses everything integral to Web Marketing for you to become a competent digital marketer.


Brand Partners For Placement Assistance 



Reviews and Testimonials From Students


Course Structure

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Brand Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Writing, And Marketing
  • Advanced Blogging Features
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Consumer behavior Analysis
  • Digital Resume Preparation With Training on Infographics
  • Integrated Digital Strategy


One of their most remarkable features is the Digital Marketing Paid Internship for 2 months with a fixed stipend of INR 6000.



Why Should You Choose IIM SKILLS for your Digital Marketing Certification?


  •  Advanced Course Curriculum

The course curriculum has been designed by industry experts keeping in mind the students, and professionals who come from all walks of life to learn digital marketing. All the elements of digital marketing are covered from the most fundamental to the advanced concepts.
Clear explanations with examples are given so that it becomes easier for students to understand how digital marketing strategies can be implemented. Also, since the course is conducted in a live virtual classroom, the training is immersive and enables you to implement and work on the modules as you participate in these live sessions.


  • Guaranteed Paid internship With Fixed Stipend

One of the distinctive features of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing certification is that they offer you with a guaranteed internship for 2 months that pays you a fixed stipend. This feature of “learn and earn” is a great incentive and can be extremely beneficial for people who want to gain an enhanced understanding of marketing while earning.


  • Hands-On Assignments

There are several important hands-on practical assignments incorporated in the course structure to help you get a clear idea of how things work in the real world. With these assignments, you learn to implement various digital marketing tools, and software that helps to eliminate repetitive work. You also get to streamline your activities so that you can create efficient digital marketing campaigns as quickly as possible.


  • Supportive Help – Desk

The help desk is approachable, affable, and supportive and attends to your queries quickly. Whether you have a doubt about a particular class or a module, you can always reach out to the helpdesk and they will provide you with the necessary information. The important thing to consider here is that the help desk is available to you you even when the course is completed. Access to assistance is for a lifetime once you enroll in a digital marketing master course certification at IIM SKILLS.


  • Interactive batches

The live sessions are generally comprised of a limited number of students. This helps the mentors to give personalized attention to each student and open the doors for interactive classes. You can discuss points with your faculty members, brainstorm with your fellow students, and communicate anything with absolute ease.


  • Mentor Assistance

The faculty members all have more than 5 + years of experience in the web domain. They have an in-depth understanding of how digital marketing campaigns are created and executed. Which so so much experience, they are able to provide you with invaluable suggestions, techniques, and strategies to help you succeed as a digital marketer.


  • Lifetime Access to LMS

The learning management system is an e-portal of the institute that stores recorded class sessions, case studies, reference materials, and content relevant to digital marketing. Once you enroll in the digital marketing course at IIM skills, you get lifetime access to the learning management system for free. This ensures that you never stop the learning process and can always refer to the updated content in the learning management system to upskill and glean knowledge about the latest developments in the digital domain.


  • Comprehensive Training For Other Important Certifications

Last but not the least, IIM SKILLS does not Just provide you with training for their own master certification but offers study materials and training for important valid certifications like HubSpot, Facebook Blueprint, and Google.



Course Fee – INR 34900 + GST


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Check for IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Review here for more clarity on the subject. 


2. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya (CDMM): CDMM is Certified Digital Marketing Master Certification, which is one of the most in-demand certifications in India & it makes them 1st in the list of Top Digital Marketing Certification. CDMM Certification includes 21 chapters of Digital Marketing, which includes Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Social Media Marketing & many more. As a student benefit of learning the CDMM course is you get the value of INR 70,000 free Digital Marketing tools added to your kitty, which helps you to apply all your digital marketing skills. To be one of the masters in digital marketing post getting Digital Marketing Certifications one need to apply those learning to get perfection.



About Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company and they have conducted more than 1000+ training programs which are corporate training & online instructor-led course (you can attend them anywhere from India: e.g. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida Or outside India as well e.g. Dubai, Singapore, Oman, Riyadh, Malaysia, USA, UK, Nigeria) through which they have trained over 15000+ participants from brands like Google, Yahoo, eBay, Naukri, Flipkart and many more. Their course is affiliated with V-Skills, which is the Govt. of India Initiative. VSkills Certification holds good value in the industry, people who are VSkills certified get special attention on job portals like Shine, Advisor Uncle & Naukri.


At Digital Vidya, they have 2 digital marketing programs
  • Certified Digital Marketing Master
  • Executive Program In Digital Marketing.


The Certified digital marketing master program is for a period of 4 to 7 months and the course has been created with inputs from Facebook, LinkedIn, and NASSCOM.
Along with a comprehensive curriculum, you get a guaranteed internship and a total of three job interviews to start your career as a digital marketer.
You also get to research and analyse on different eminent corporate organisations like ICICI Bank, Myntra, Cadbury, Microsoft, and Puma as case studies. There are variety of tools that you work with in this digital marketing course and one of the first things you do is create your website and start your content marketing process. That is the first step towards a successful digital marketing career.


Check Digital Vidya Review Here.


 3. Google Adwords

Google Adwords Certification: Google AdWords certification is offered by Google to give hands-on skills to every individual free of cost, those who are interested in building their career in digital marketing. Given, most of us are using Google as our primary search engine opportunity of Digital Marketing Certification with Google increases & keeping their certification in the list of Top Digital Marketing Certifications In India is surely the right step.


Some of the courses offered in the Google at certification are as follows:
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification
  • Google Search Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Google Ads App Certification
  • Shopping Ads Certification.
All these are beginner courses and you have to dedicate 2.5 hours to 5 hours to finish these courses. After completion of the courses, you have to appear for an examination after which you get certified.

You can appear for Google exams & learn with their study material online at Google Partners Website.

Digital Marketing Course CTA


 4. Digital Academy India 

CPDM Certification: CPDM Certification is Certified Digital Marketing Professional, which is offered in association with the Google Academy partnership. CDPM is skill-based learning wherein students learn everything practically. In India and Asian countries, CPDM certification is offered by Digital Academy India.


About Digital Academy India:

DAI was founded in the year 2012 and year 2015 it was acquired by Digital Vidya. Digital Academy India started with Digital Marketing Course in Gurgaon with an in-class learning model and later they come up with an online model. They offer participation certificates from DAI and Google (optional) certificates. Digital Academy India is one of the respected companies and now it has stronger roots, as it is part of Digital Vidya.


 5. Facebook

Blueprints by Facebook: Facebook blueprints certification provides FB ads specialist tag to the certified professional. Given, Facebook has the most advanced advertising options most of the brands want to promote their services on FB. In the last 5 years, we have seen a rapid increase in FB advertisement & this has given a significant increase in the number of people who want to get Facebook Certified along with Digital Marketing Certification. Adding Facebook Certification to the list of Top Digital Marketing Certifications is the right decision.


Some of the topics covered in the Facebook Blueprint training classes are as follows:
  • Setting Your Marketing Objectives
  • Understanding Your Consumers
  • Selecting The Best Audience For Your Product Or Service
  • Making A Decision On Which Products And Services To Promote
  • Selection Of The Best Tools For Your Business
  • Page Insights
  • Finding New Consumers
  • Story Telling Using Digital Marketing Channels Like Instagram
  • Facebook Ads And Facebook Reporting
  • Scaling Your Advertising Objectives With The Facebook Ads Manager
  • Learning How To Create Facebook Ads, among others.
It is to be noted these are free digital marketing classes and training programs that will help you to develop an incisive understanding of the important digital marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram. That, in turn, will enable you to to propel your business towards better visibility and growth.


 6. AIMA

(AIMA) All India Management Association: AIMA is offering a short Digital Marketing Certification program in association with Digital Vidya however; their brand name helps individuals to get jobs easily. Most of the topics, which they teach are enough to enter the digital marketing industry and from the cost point of view program, are also at a less cost.


 7. Hubspot

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification: Hubspot offers inbound marketing certification which helps you to learn how to go ahead to attract, engage & convert your website visitors into sales. Hubspot Certification is free and they also offer their study material.


 8. DSIM

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM): Mr. Kunal Choudhary founded DSIM, they are one of the oldest Digital Marketing training company in India. DSIM provides offline and online training, they also provide their participation certification. Majorly DSIM training is focused on online money-making techniques. Their training center is in Delhi & other parts of India.


Digital Marketing Course CTA


 9. Simplilearn

Simplilearn: Simply learn is an online education portal and they have 400+ courses available. Recently they have acquired Market Motive “A leading Digital Marketing Training Company” which was founded by Mr. Avinash Kaushik X-Googler from the USA. Their training program is half online + half video tutorial-based. They offer certification from OMCA, which is International certification.


 10. Digiperform

Digiperform: They started their training business in the year 2015 and offer Digital Marketing in-house certification along with optional (Google) certification. Their lead trainer is Vaibhav Vats who was earlier associated with DSIM as a trainer. Digiperform program is good and their certifications can help fresher’s to get jobs in Digital Marketing.


Digiperform conducts four comprehensive programs on digital marketing

  • The Annual Program In Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Course
  • Certified Online Digital Marketing Practitioner And
  • Digital Ninja
They have a 24/7 interactive learning management system that houses PowerPoint presentations, videos, assignments, case studies, quizzes, reference materials. Your progress tracker helps you to understand how much you have covered in terms of the syllabus and how much is left. The digital marketing program comprises 50 plus models with more than 320 learning hours.
You have 2 online certification tests after which you are given your certification. It is one of the finest digital marketing certifications in India and the curriculum is structured with invaluable inputs from corporate organizations across Asia.

FAQs on Digital Marketing Certifications In India 

1. Are Digital Marketing Certifications worth the hype?

Today digital marketing has become one of the top career avenues for people from different academic and professional backgrounds. The hype over digital marketing certifications is completely valid since it helps you to gain recognition as a competent and skillful digital marketer who has the required knowledge to create digital campaigns for an organization. It is a validation of your strengths as an online marketer. Furthermore, digital marketing certifications help to reinforce your skill sets and you can add them to your resume for better career opportunities. Considering all these factors, it is evident that digital marketing certifications are definitely worth all the hype that it is getting now.

2. Online or offline digital marketing certifications – which one is preferable?

Since digital marketing is required for every industry, and sector today, professionals and students can choose to opt for Digital Marketing certification from an institute. Whether you choose to opt for an online or offline digital marketing certification completely depends on you. There are several factors that determine which one is ideal for you. As for the smooth progress, and efficacy of these courses, an online digital marketing course offers you with same and sometimes even more features than an offline digital marketing course. On top of that, you do not have to commute which saves you time and gives you the liberty to pursue other things. It is completely a personal choice whether you want to go for an online or offline digital marketing course. Both are good where learning is concerned.

3. What should be the key considerations to take up digital marketing certification from an institute?

Two of the main considerations to opt for a digital marketing certificate from an institute are the number of hands-on practical assignments incorporated in the syllabus and the access to learning materials. It is preferable that the institute offers you lifetime access to their e-portal free or otherwise. This will enable you to keep in touch with the institute as well as get all the latest updates and information about the digital marketing industry and the web domain.

4. What are some of the digital marketing topics covered in a digital marketing certification?

There are several platforms and institutes including Google that offer you a plethora of digital marketing certifications. Some have a consolidated digital marketing course that encompasses all the modules for Digital Marketing. Others provide you with single courses that help you to specialize in one or more modules of the digital marketing structure. However, some of the most important topics that are covered in digital marketing certifications are SEO, SEM, content marketing and blogging, inbound marketing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing.

5. I do not come from a technical background. Will digital marketing certifications help me land a job?

The best part of digital marketing is that you do not need a technical background to be able to start your career in this very lucrative career avenue. You can come from any academic background and profession and choose to pursue digital marketing certifications. The only prerequisite is your basic understanding of computers and the connection to high-speed internet. Most of the institutes help you to cover the basics as well as the advanced features and give you the time to process all the information and work on them even if you’re absolutely new. So, in short, a resounding yes to whether you can land a job without a technical background after a digital marketing certification program.


Final Words On Digital marketing Certifications in India


If you are searching for getting certified with Top Digital Marketing Certifications you can surely plan with our recommendations. Doing a training program along with good certification will surely help you to get a job. There will be more than 4 lac jobs approximately in Digital Marketing in the coming years and certified people will be getting preference to get jobs. This should be an incentive enough o seriously s=consider enrolling yourself in digital marketing certifications and training programs. 


Thank you for reading.

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