Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Noida With Placements

Noida is one of the emerging IT hubs in the country. It has several hundreds of IT companies and start-ups. It is a prime location for professionals and students as there are several institutes offering a variety of courses. Among them, content writing courses in Noida seem to be well in demand. Students and many professionals look up to cities like Noida to learn such skills.


Top Content Writing Courses In Noida


Why is Content So valuable?


Before moving on to the topic of content writing courses in Noida, let’s discuss why content is so valued today. The writing industry was earlier limited to books and newspaper columns when the internet wasn’t a thing, but then as slowly our world progressed with the internet, content became more easily available reaching hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people. The audience interacting with content is what makes it so valuable.


Any organization, business, the community would aim for people only. The more customers, clients or members they have the more is the opportunity to make profits, and the best way to reach the largest audience possible is through the internet.


Just having a website on the internet is not enough, it has to have content that reflects the purpose of the website. Someone has to read about the offerings of a business before they get to decide whether or not they are going for it, so that piece of content they read makes them a potential lead, and if it is good enough and convincing, the reader will turn into an actual customer.


Content being so valuable at this point in time, the content writing industry is still not crowded and not overly competitive at least for now. Businesses have just started to realize what having a website could do to their business.


If we go by statistical data, regular blogging can increase the number of leads generated by 67%, and companies which blog at least once a week see tremendous results as compared to the non-bloggers.


This is all a big game of content, the better and more content one is able to produce the more is their chance to appear online to a larger audience.



Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Noida 


In cities like Noida, there are some really reputed and well-performing institutes that have been there for over a decade now and there are also a few other institutes that are performing extraordinarily well even though they aren’t that old.


Students who look for content writing courses in Noida, often find themselves confused to pick between hundreds of courses that claim to be the best and appear equally appealing and so, based on a deep analysis and combined student reviews, here are the Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Noida.






IIM SKILLS has been there in the industry for over 6 years now and has performed exceptionally well in terms of providing students.  6 years is not a very long time, but the milestones this institute has achieved so far in these years are commendable, and very few others could have achieved such progress in a short period of time. IIM SKILLS offers content writing courses in Delhi, Mumbai, and abroad as well. They have one of the best content writing courses In India. 


IIM SKILLS has trained over 6000 students in more than 30 countries. Yes, it is an internationally recognized institution and many thousands of their students are now capable of earning as professional content writers, bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, etc. It is regarded as one of the top content writing courses in Noida for the features mentioned below. 



  • Suitable for Everyone



There is no set restriction for who can or cannot join the course as the syllabus, and content of the course is designed in a way to be suitable for a very diverse category of people. 


The course modules involve topics that range from pure basics to core concepts of the skill. This enables beginners to learn from scratch and still be professional content writers. There are no eligibility criteria, so, anyone with relevant interests can join the course and learn professional content writing.


Though there is no restriction on who can join or not, there’s definitely a broad categorization about people who are very suitable for the course.


Category of people suitable for the content writing master course by IIM SKILLS:



  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Retired
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Aspiring Content Writers
  • College Dropouts
  • Housewives
  • Single Mother



It is quite good to see people with no idea about content writing join the course and turn certified professionals in a month. A lot of them are earning as freelance content writers, bloggers, and even many of them got jobs.



  • 4 Weeks of Intensive Training



The course duration is just 4 weeks and many people wonder how come one turns into professional in just a month? Well, this is because the institute believes that practical training is way effective than theoretical ones. 


When one performs a certain task by themselves, they understand to much more depth than in case someone is reading out the theory for them. So, the unnecessary theory which is a waste of time and therefore is a waste of money also is eliminated from the course.


Thus, remains a very compact, necessary, and very important course that involves all the required skills for becoming a professional content writer.



  • Certifications



Certifications are one of the most important elements when looking for jobs. It is proof for someone who has been through formal training and holds understanding over a certain skill.


Well, the more valuable certification is, the more are the chances for one to find a job easily. Having a Google or a Hubspot Certification could easily help one find a well-paying job.


IIM SKILLS offers 2 certifications that are globally accepted and considering how reputed an organization IIM SKILLS is, these certificates could easily help one find jobs or even could be used to strengthen the profile as a freelance content writer.


The certifications offered by IIM SKILLS are:


  • Hubspot Content Marketing Certification
  • IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course Certification



These certifications could certainly be used in resumes, and even in the profile as a freelance content writer, in order to find better jobs or increase the flow of clients.



  • Instructors



The course instructors are industry experts who have been in the same field for more than 10 years now. Having such experience, and skills, they are the most suitable people to learn content writing from.


They have worked for some of the very popular organizations and have studied every bit of this industry. They have witnessed the transition of the industry when the internet became so easily available and how the terms of content writing changed.


These highly qualified, skilled, talented, and experienced trains are no less than personal mentors as the provide personalized training depending upon the understanding ability of a student.



  • Tools



The tools are one of the very important elements of content writing practices. Starting from the research part to even when the content has been published, to measure the performance on needs tools.


Imagining content writing without the use of tools is nearly impossible because the tools are so efficient at gathering so much data in much less time, so the tools are definitely the crucial elements of content writing.


The free tools offer access to limited data, while the premium ones are highly efficient and can help in getting the very details whether it is about keyword research, content suggestions, backlinks, domain score, etc.


The problem is such premium tools are very difficult to afford because it is not one or two but the combined use of many such tools which results in a well-performing piece of content. And all those tools could cost one a heavy amount.


So, IIM SKILLS offers free access to premium tools worth of INR 59,000. This enables the students to become understand the application and operation of such tools.



  • Lifetime Access



The course also comes with a very interesting feature called lifetime access. This means that the students who successfully complete the course will have access to all the course modules, course content, study materials, lecture recordings, etc.


So, whenever a student finds the need to relearn or just refer to any of the topics they had learned earlier during the course, they can do so for free and also for the rest of their lives.


Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


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  • Placement Assistance 



Many of the students join this content writing course just because they believe having this skill on their resume can get them jobs. Well, it surely can, and this course does make them job-ready as well, which means the students can look for job opportunities post completion of the course. Some deserving students might get offered direct placement.


IIM SKILLS provides 100% placement assistance where they guide students about the career possibilities with the skills they have and what way they might proceed for having a stable successful and fruitful career as a professional content writer.


Many of the students who graduated from IIM SKILLS are now running successful blogs, some have turned into freelance content writers, many are using the knowledge to reach more audience about something they’re selling and a lot of the others have managed to find jobs in well-reputed companies like Amazon, Flipkart, American Express, Accenture, etc.




  • Internship Opportunity



Based on the student’s performance in a certain test, they might get offered a 3-month internship at IIM SKILLS where they’ll learn real terminologies behind the industry’s operation.


They’ll learn how to get clients, projects, how to deliver work, what a portfolio means, etc. and these things will definitely help one instantly find job post-completion


  • Reviews


IIM SKILLS has been featured on several expert recommendations, a lot of professionals also suggest going for this course. Because it best suits beginners and professionals also, it is a very popular institute among students and working professionals.


The reviews of IIM SKILLS content writing course are great, and the testimonials suggest, the students are quite satisfied with what they learned here and what got them those jobs or career stability after completing this course.


The details of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course reflect very clearly the concern it has for students and their careers in the industry which is a prime reason that the institute makes it to the top in the list of Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Noida.



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2. Nestsoft


NestSoft is another such famous name that we usually find when it comes to content writing courses in Noida. It has been offering content writing courses for a while and is really good at it. The course is mainly designed for beginners and those who aim to become freelance content writers.


The course content is very professional and covers some really important aspects of content writing. Though anyone can join the course, the people who’ll find it most relevant are:


  • IT Professionals 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Professionals Dealing with Marketing
  • Literature students
  • Students who want to have a career in content writing


This is just a broad classification, though there is no set restriction on who can or cannot join the course, which means anyone with relevant interests and those who want to have a career in the content industry can definitely join the course.






The content writing course by NestSoft involves 6 modules that cover some really professional aspects of content writing. The modules of this course are:


  1. Essentials of Content Writing
  2. Before you Write
  3. Write Right
  4. After you Write
  5. Publishing- Project Work
  6. Career Development for Writers


These were the modules and the topics they include are very professionals and in-depth concepts of the skill content writing.


The course highlights some of the features which make NestSoft a unique training provider. The highlights of this course are mentioned below:


  • More than 18 years of experience in Noida
  • Bright History of training 35,000+ students so far
  • Flexible Timing
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Training
  • Guidance of Expert Trainers
  • Unlimited Lab facility with wifi
  • Customize Course Duration
  • Course Completion Certificate


NestSoft content writing course has a strategy that involves 6 elements. These are very important points and can help one understand better about how content performs.


The 6 content writing strategies are:


  1. Identifying the Goal
  2. Analyzing
  3. Creating Numerous Ideas and Collecting them
  4. Structuring
  5. Squeezing it in sequence
  6. Making it error-free and in proper grammar






So far, the course has received good reviews and the testimonials also look great. Looking at the structure of the course and analyzing the reviews made by students, it is good enough to find a slot in the Top 5 Content Writing Course in Noida.



3. ECT


ECT is a very popular and renowned institute which has been offering content writing courses in Noida, and other parts of the country for a very long time. It has done a commendable job in providing students with quality training and is much appreciated by students and professionals.


The content writing course by ECT is a very professional course and has been designed with the sole aim of making students capable of earning as professional content writers. 


The details of the course suggest that it is very much relevant to those who are looking ahead to have a career as freelance content writers and the course does involve specific modules, training, and topics based on freelance content writing.


Many of their students have also managed to build a very stable and successful career as freelance content writers.


Some of the highlights of this course are:


  • 3-month course
  • 32 hours of classroom/live training and 50 hours of e-learning and videos
  • 8 assignments
  • 4 live projects
  • 10 quizzes
  • 2 tests
  • 2 certification
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Assured work from home job opportunities
  • Lifetime Support


These are the highlights which support the fact that the content writing course by ECT is very much professional and could possibly be considered as one among the Top 5 content writing courses in Noida.






The course reviews have been great so far and the institute has managed to have very unique popularity among the students and professionals. One can definitely look forward to learning content writing from ECT especially in case they aim to become freelance content writers.


4. Information Development Foundation


The information development foundation is a very popular organization known for offering multiple courses including content writing courses in Noida. The format of their training is different, and they call the graduates of this course content strategists.


The students in this course will get to learn many professional aspects of content writing, some of them are mentioned below:


  • How to create your customer persona
  • The tools you’ll need to become an effective content writer
  • Content Formula
  • Different Types of Content
  • Convert leads into Buyers
  • Goals, Metrics, and Different Types of Content
  • The Editorial Planner
  • Simple Article Templates
  • SEO Health Check
  • Components of the perfect News Letter
  • How to earn and Thrive as a freelance content writer


These were some topics that the students can expect to learn from the content writing course at Information Development Foundation.






Many of the students who graduated from this course are now having a very stable and successful career in content writing and therefore the reviews are also great. The mentioned details are the reason, this institute makes it to the list of Top 5 content writing courses in Noida.


5. Iquor Solutions


Iquor solution is an institute that offers content writing courses in Noida. It is a popular name in this domain and has been providing courses for a while now. The course is very professional and covers some really important points about professional content writing.


Along with that, they offer several other training courses such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, etc.


Some of the writing practices involved in the content writing course by Iquor Solutions are:


  • Article Writing
  • Real-estate Writing
  • Political Writing
  • News Writing
  • Proof Reading
  • Editing
  • Technical Writing


These are the writing procedures involved in the content writing courses and are very important as some of them could possibly help students find clients as freelance content writers. The course structure is also designed very much according to freelance content writing.






The course reviews are pretty good and that is the sole reason this institute makes it to the list of Top 5 Content Writing Courses in India.



FAQs on Content Writing Courses in Noida

1. What courses can a content writer enroll in? 

An online master certification in content writing encompasses all aspects of content writing and gives you the liberty to upskill whenever you want without the constraints of time. These courses are also short term which helps you to enhance your skill sets quickly and to embark on a journey of becoming a content writer. These online master course certification courses, like their offline counterparts, come with workshops, seminars, and soft skills training that help to improve your overall job opportunities.

2. How to start a content writing career from home? 

You can have a greatly flourishing content writing career from home provided you know how to tap into the vast resources and opportunities available in the content writing job domain. A few of the steps to implement are as follows:
  • Do market research, go through social media, and other digital channels like LinkedIn, Quora, and choose a profitable niche
  • Build your portfolio which will serve as a testament to your writing abilities. It is advisable to have a website of your own where you can publish your articles.
  • Optimize your social media channels and LinkedIn profile along with creating writeups consistently on your website.
  • Jot down the organizations that you want to work in, research about them, and reached out to them through cold emails.
  • Sign up with other freelancing sites and look for job postings.
  • Apply to job postings with a tailored resume. Remember a one-size-fits-all does not apply for resumes in today’s times.

3. What are the skills required for a successful content writing career? 

The primary skills of a competent content writer are the ability to research and the zeal to evolve with the dynamic and flexible content writing industry. Other qualities include listening skills, a penchant for reading, communication skills, understanding of search engine optimization, social media skills, creativity, innovation, and time management.


Final thoughts on content writing courses in Noida


CourseDekho recommends content writing courses in Noida based on the course structure, student reviews, testimonials, and expert recommendations. If you want to sign up for an Online Content Writing course, the IIM SKILLS institute stands fit for pretty much every form of content writing. Therefore, one might consider learning the skill from IIM SKILLS to find better professional opportunities ahead in the career.


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