Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Leeds With Placements

The entire process of composing and fashioning an original and hypothetical piece of writing is known as creative writing. It can be a work of fiction, poetry, literature, prose, drama, etc. Creative writing gives an individual the freedom to express their thoughts and ideas through the power of diction. It involves a lot of imagination and creativity. It is a form of art that requires abundant emotions, ideas, and the use of literary devices. If you aspire to become a professional creative writer, pursuing a creative writing course will do good for you. Time has changed, and gone are the days when pursuing a creative writing course was more of a hassle. Now you can easily enroll and complete a creative writing course from the comfort of your house. A lot of academic institutes are offering creative writing courses in Leeds.


List of best creative writing courses in Leeds


What is Creative Writing?

The primary objective of creative writing is to entertain, engage, evoke, and inspire readers. It can be written in both fiction and non-fiction form. The purpose of creative writing varies from writer to writer. Some writers want to explore and provoke emotions or thoughts, others aim to provide entertainment, and some other writers delve deep into social issues.

Technical Writing or legal or academic writing often follows a set of protocols and structure. In contrast, creative writing offers the freedom to the writers to explore and experiment with different styles, syntax, and language.


Different Forms of Creative Writing

Creative writing courses in Leeds offer a broad range of themes and genres for the writers to experiment and explore. Primarily, there are four writing styles: Expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive.  These four styles have their own conventions and serve different purposes to the readers. A writer can express their art of writing through these four styles. There are various forms of creative writing through which a writer can express their emotions and imaginations. These are:

  • Screenwriting
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Drama
  • Creative Non-fiction
  • Biographies


Creative Writing As A Career

If you want to adopt creative writing as a career, it can be both rewarding and challenging. In the job of creative writing, a writer is expected to express their emotions, imaginations, and thoughts in the form of written words. And if you are aspiring to be a creative writer, then you must develop these crucial aspects to excel in the field:

  1. Finding your niche– Recognise what kind of writing harmonizes with your thoughts the most. This will help you focus all your efforts and create your expertise in a specific area, such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, etc.
  2. Enhance your craftsmanship– Any form of writing requires rigorous practice and polishing of your skills. Your writing skills can only be honed by your constant reading skills. If you want to write well, you will have to read a lot. Reading will help you to understand various forms of genres and styles of writing.
  3. Pursuing a creative writing course– Pursuing a certificate, diploma, or degree course in Creative writing will help you give practical training, trending techniques, and valuable feedback. Any learner will benefit under the guidance of proper mentorship and in a conducive atmosphere with the help of regular training classes and assignments.
  4. Expanding your skills– Along with creative writing, it is vital that you must expand and enlarge your skill sets. In order to be a professional creative writer, you need to excel in marketing, editing, copywriting, and content creation, which will eventually add avenues of income and widen your career prospects.
  5. Maintaining persistence– Like any other art form, creative writing is all about practice and more practice. In this field, it takes much time to gain professional success and achieve acclaim critically. One has to keep a lot of patience and work hard to be in this profession. It is always advisable that you must follow your passion for writing and stay committed to it. A true creative writer is always open to criticism and ready to learn and unlearn.


Career Opportunities in Creative Writing

Creative Writing courses in Leeds offer a wide range of career opportunities. A creative writer can explore the following potential jobs to have a fulfilling career:

  1. Author- Being an author gives you the freedom to write on your favorite niche and publish your book. You can choose any form of writing, whichever is comfortable for you, ranging from poetry to drama, fiction or non-fiction novels, whatever suits you best.
  2. Copywriter– A professional copywriter is expected to write clear and compelling copy for advertisements, marketing materials, publications, and websites. A copywriter’s main objective is to inform and engage target audiences. They have to collaborate with the web and graphic designers and PR team for email campaigns and website landing pages.
  3. Journalism- As a writer in the journalism profession, one is responsible for researching, writing, editing, and proofreading informational articles, newsletters, editorials, and stories about events and incidents happening in and around and interviewing expert professionals, writing real-life compelling stories, and accumulating first-hand accounts of events.
  4. Screenwriter or Playwright- Writing scripts for plays or shows which will be going on to be staged in theatrical productions or aired on television series or movies. It is one of the most exciting and high paid jobs where a writer has to work in collaboration with directors, producers, and actors to create stories.
  5. Content Creation for Digital Media- Content creators, write crisp, compelling, and informative articles, blogs, captions, and social media posts for websites. It includes a lot of research work, and one may expect to write on various topics.
  6. Freelance Writer- Freelance writers do not work under a particular company or organization. They write for different publications, companies, or marketing agencies.
  7. Ghostwriter- If you want to be a content creator but do not want to reveal your identity, then ghostwriting is the right job for you. A lot of publishing houses and brands require ghostwriters to prepare content for blogs, books, scripts, website articles, advertisements, and social media posts. Ghostwriters usually write content under another person’s name, and usually, the entire credit for content goes to the company or brands that hire ghostwriters.
  8. Blogger- If you have the skills to generate maximum organic online traffic by using SEO keywords, then blogging is an ideal profession for you. Blogging can be fun as you can write about your favorite subjects through your research and social experiments. Traveling, lifestyle, cooking, food, and academic blogging have been trending nowadays.
  9. Academic Writer- If you have a knack for teaching and writing scholarly articles, then you should pursue your career in this field. Writing academic research papers, books, blogs, and journals is in high demand nowadays. A lot of educational institutes or organizations need good academic writers.


 Average Salary in Creative Writing Jobs

Pursuing any of the creative writing courses in Leeds for aspiring writers is beneficial as, according to recent data, it has become a rewarding profession of this era. In the United Kingdom, an average salary of a creative writer can range from £ 35,000 to £ 40,000 per annum. The pay may vary depending on the job role and responsibilities and from company to company.


Top Creative Writing Courses in Leeds




IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive creative writing course as part of its Master Content Writing Course. The innovative writing module covers various aspects like developing creativity, using literary devices, writing fiction and non-fiction, and more. The course is taught by expert trainers with over 10 years of industry experience. It has a strong focus on practical training through assignments and projects.

Upon completion, students can get their articles published in the Times of India and their first e-book published. The course also provides internship opportunities. IIM SKILLS offers 100% placement assistance to help students find jobs or freelancing work after the course. Many top brands have hired IIM Skills graduates.

The course has received excellent reviews and ratings from students. It is considered among the best creative writing courses in India. The course includes lifetime access to course materials, 35K worth of tools, and certifications from IIM Skills and HubSpot.


The creative writing module is part of the 4-week Content Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS

  • It covers various aspects of creative writing, like developing stories, characters, and settings, using literary devices, writing fiction and non-fiction, and more.
  • 16 hours of interactive lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments
  • Taught by expert trainers with over 10 years of industry experience
  • Strong focus on hands-on learning through assignments and projects
  • Helps develop creativity, storytelling skills, and proficiency in different creative writing techniques


The creative writing module in IIM SKILLS’ Content Writing Course provides comprehensive training in creative writing principles and techniques. With a strong focus on practical learning, expert trainers, and job assistance, it is considered one of the best creative writing courses in Leeds. The course fee is reasonable given the certifications, tools access, and benefits offered. Overall, it is an excellent option for anyone looking to start or advance their creative writing career.


2. Leeds Beckett University


The BA (Hons) Creative Writing course at Leeds Beckett University is a 3-year full-time degree program that aims to help students develop their creative writing skills across different genres like poetry, fiction, scripts, etc. The course is taught by award-winning published writers, which allows students to learn from experts in the field.

There is a strong focus on developing professional portfolios and employability skills through industry-focused modules. Entry requirements are 80 UCAS points. The course has a student satisfaction score of 98% (NSS 2022), indicating high teaching standards.

  • The course is structured into 3 levels – Levels 4, 5, and 6 corresponding to the 3 years of study.
  • It comprises core and optional modules across literary studies, critical analysis, creative writing workshops, etc. Students take 120 credits per level totaling 360 credits.
  • In Level 4, core modules cover writers’ workshops, contemporary literature, early modern comedy, poetry, and texts & theories.
  • Level 5 has core modules in the literature of romanticism, postcolonial writing, writing fiction, theory into practice, and writing poetry.
  • At Level 6, students complete a dissertation or creative writing project. Optional modules offered include life writing, writing drama, experimental writing, etc.
  • 33% of the course is focused on developing a professional portfolio through industry-linked challenges to build employability skills.


Teaching involves a blend of lectures, seminars, workshops, learning sets, student-led discussions, and presentations. Students receive guidance on critical analysis, developing a writing style, genre techniques, editing drafts, identifying markets, etc.  Assessment is mainly through coursework like writing portfolios, critical essays, presentations, etc. There are some practical assessments.  The overall workload is 216 hours at Level 4, 216 hours at Level 5, and 112 hours at Level 6.


Admissions and Entry Requirements

  • Entry requirements are 80 UCAS points from 2 A-levels or equivalent qualifications. The average tariff score is around 119 points.
  • International students require IELTS 6.5 overall or equivalent English qualification.
  • The course has a student satisfaction of 98%, indicating high teaching quality. The dropout rate is around 3%.


Graduates can work in diverse sectors like arts, media, publishing, marketing, journalism, education, etc. Specific roles include copywriter, editor, scriptwriter, novelist, journalist, creative/communication director, etc.


3. Swarthmore Education Centre


Swarthmore Education Centre offers a range of creative writing courses in Leeds for beginner to advanced levels, covering genres like fiction, poetry, drama, and screenwriting. The introductory creative writing course provides a broad overview of techniques across different genres. The step-up course allows students to build on existing skills.

Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 15 students. Lessons take place mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Instructors include published writers and poets who provide expert guidance. The classes emphasize workshop formats for peer feedback. Admission requires some prior creative writing experience or completing the introductory course. The courses aim to help students improve their writing toward publication. Course fees range from £24-90 based on number of sessions. Some concessions are available.



  • The introductory creative writing course explores fiction, poetry, and drama over 12 weeks. It is suitable for beginners looking to experiment across genres.
  • The step-up creative writing course focuses on building more advanced techniques like voice, complexity, and point of view over 12 weeks. It requires some prior experience.
  • Courses emphasize exploring inspiration, editing, peer work, reading, and discussion.
  • Students get ongoing feedback from instructors on homework and initial/final assessments.
  • Courses are taught by published writers and poets who provide expert guidance.
  • The small faculty size allows for focused attention and mentoring. Students get to work with acclaimed writers.


Swarthmore Education Centre provides high-quality creative writing instruction from published writers in a supportive workshop environment. The courses allow students at various levels to improve their skills systematically toward publication goals. Small class sizes and personalized feedback are advantages. Completing the beginner and step-up courses can give students a solid creative writing foundation. The primary constraint is the limited number of courses offered each term. However, the expertise of instructors compensates for this limitation. Overall, Swarthmore Education Centre’s creative writing courses in Leeds provide valuable training for aspiring writers.


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4. Udemy


Creative writing courses on Udemy cover a wide range of topics, including fiction writing, poetry, playwriting, writing books, screenwriting, storytelling, and more. Popular beginner courses focus on creative writing fundamentals, developing fiction writing skills, and unlocking creativity. Highly rated courses go deeper into specific genres like poetry, playwriting, and creative nonfiction.

Most courses are aimed at beginner and intermediate-level writers looking to develop core creative writing abilities. But there are also some courses for more advanced writers. Course lengths range from 1-30 hours of video content, with many courses in the 1-5 hour range. This allows flexibility based on your available time commitment.

Instructors are typically published writers, professional creative writing teachers, and industry experts. This brings real-world writing and teaching experience. Key course topics cover developing stories and characters, writing techniques and literary devices, generating ideas, overcoming writer’s block, editing skills, and more.


Course Structure

  • Courses are delivered through video lectures that teach concepts and provide demonstrations. Supplemental resources like PDFs, templates, and assignments are also included.
  • Lessons are organized into logical sections that build on each other. Sections may cover specific elements like developing characters, writing dialogue, poetry forms, etc.
  • Review quizzes to reinforce key learnings. Writing prompts and exercises let you practice applying techniques. Some courses offer instructor or peer feedback.
  • Beginner courses tend to cover core creative writing basics. More advanced courses go deeper into specific genres and techniques.
  • Course lengths allow learning creative writing in small time commitments or through more comprehensive multi-hour courses.


Key Benefits

  • Learn at your own pace, revisiting lectures and resources as needed
  • Get feedback and critique to improve your writing skills
  • Flexible pricing options to suit different budgets
  • Access courses anytime from your desktop or mobile device
  • Choose from a wide selection of creative writing topics and genres
  • Develop a consistent writing habit and beat writer’s block
  • Interact with instructors and a community of writers in some courses
  • Build a portfolio of writing samples through course assignments


Udemy offers an extensive catalog of creative writing courses for all levels of writers. The hands-on course approach helps build core writing skills through practice and feedback. For writers looking to expand their knowledge, develop their craft, and connect with a community of writers, Udemy’s creative writing courses in Leeds provides a flexible and affordable option.


5. Faber Academy


The Faber Academy creative writing course is an 8-week intensive beginner’s course called “Getting Started: Beginners’ Fiction”. It is designed for aspiring writers who need more experience and want to develop core creative writing skills. The course covers topics like character, setting, plot, point of view, and more through lectures, readings, writing exercises, and peer feedback.

Students complete major writing assignments each week and provide critiques on their peers’ work. The course costs around £550 and takes place online or in person in London. After completing the course, students can continue their studies through other Faber Academy courses, mentoring programs, or by joining the alum community.


Course Structure

  • 8-week intensive course
  • Weekly 2-hour evening classes plus additional writing time outside of class
  • It covers topics like character, setting, plot, point of view
  • Taught through lectures, readings, writing exercises, and peer critiques
  • Major writing assignment to be completed each week
  • Develop core creative writing skills as a beginner
  • Get feedback from peers and instructors
  • Build a writing habit through weekly assignments
  • Make connections with fellow writers


Gain knowledge to continue studies through other Faber courses or independently. In summary, the Faber Academy “Getting Started: Beginners’ Fiction” course provides aspiring writers with little experience and a solid foundation in creative writing through an intensive 8-week program focused on building skills and developing a writing practice.


FAQs: Creative Writing Courses in Leeds


Q1. What is the general format and delivery of good creative writing courses in Leeds?

Answer. Online courses may be asynchronous (self-paced) or synchronous (live video). They allow flexibility but require self-motivation. In contrast, in-person courses offer face-to-face instructions and community. Class sizes are usually capped at 12-15 students.


Q2. What are the outcomes and benefits of Creative writing courses in Leeds?

Answer. Creative writing courses help develop skills like storytelling, descriptive writing, scene-setting, and creating compelling characters. Writers build habits and mindsets to sustain creativity through prompts, idea generation, overcoming blocks, etc.


Q3. What is the average course fee for good creative writing courses in Leeds?

Answer. Costs vary widely depending on the type of program. Short online courses may cost £ 50-£ 200. Undergraduate degrees average £ 15,000-£ 60,000 per year. Low-residency MFA programs cost £ 8,000-£ 50,000 in total. Full-time residential MFAs can cost £ 30,000-£ 60,000 total.


Conclusion: Creative Writing Courses in Leeds

It is important to note that the availability and course offerings may vary from institute to institute and place to place. Hence, it is always advisable to check with the respective institutions or academic organizations for the most up-to-date information for creative writing courses in Leeds.

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