Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Noida With 100% Job Placements


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Looking for Noida’s best content writing courses to kick-start your career by 2020? Your hunt for the best Noida content writing courses ends here. So how to be a good content writer in Noida?


How to start writing text, and what rules to disregard and what to obey in English grammar? We are here to help you choose the right content writing course.



Consistent, engaging, and high-quality ads affect the viewer more than any other technique. Content writing helps the company to create unified bits of content. Consistency, particularly in the field of brand marketing, is one of the major factors that determine the growth and success of the company.


The Content writers of today are creative storytellers. They are digital creators and marketers, responsible for delivering stunning digital and making it work for you and your consumer. The content writers are responsible for linking enterprises to the target audience, bringing inbound traffic, and also looking for exposure and rating.


Yeah, the content writers do all of this, and more. For SEO they are content marketers and content writers; they are all rolling in one. True, it can be difficult to juggle all the duties that go into making a successful content writer at Noida. Especially in the internet age where everyone is either interested in social media or blogging, it’s difficult to make the content stand out.


The prospects are enormous provided that all companies need content to create and sustain their digital footprint. Learning the fundamentals of SEO and some other tips and tricks will make you a healthy and effective content writer to keep yourself in the sea of content writers around.


Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Noida



IIMSkills is a leading online content training institute in Noida offering the most comprehensive and exhaustive education in content writing and other components of the online domain. They provideΒ Master Certification from IIMSkillsΒ and prepare you forΒ HubSpot Content Marketing Certification.Β The Course fee is 11,900+GST.


You have the liberty of choosing a class suited to your convenience(weekdays or weekend batches). You have lifetime access to all the updated content in the learning management system. This means, that when your course is completed, you can still access the content in the LMS whenever you want.


You learn content writing with the help of some of the best industry case studies and assignments. These case studies will help you determine how to create content for success in the online domain.


The different types of content you will get to know are digital infographics, articles, commercial pages, ads copy, business listing, institutional copywriting, product description, business listing, webpages, press releases, social media posts, instructional content, and others.


You will have 15 hours of case study on affiliate marketing and content marketing campaigns. You will learn to explore and select a niche. There is also a hands-on assignment on web development and creation. You will create your own website on WordPress.


And then will proceed to create and write content. There is also social media marketing where you learn about the different concepts like auto-scheduling, microblogging, and building effective social media pages.


The syllabus for theΒ Content Writing Master CourseΒ is as follows:


  • Content Marketing Using Social Media
  • Exploring The Different Social Media Tools For Your Benefit
  • Freelance Content Writing Options
  • Web Development
  • User Experience and Interface
  • Introduction To Content Writing And Marketing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Familiarizing The Different Content Writing Tools
  • Content Distribution With The Help Of Email
  • Google Local Pages Setup
  • Content Creation And Posting On Different Digital Platforms


  1. Nest Soft

The prospects are enormous provided that all companies need content to create and sustain their digital footprint. Learning the fundamentals of SEO and some other tips and tricks will make you a healthy and effective content writer to keep yourself in the sea of content writers around.


  1. Digital Edge

Digital Edge Institute is one of the Trusted Institute of Advance Digital Marketing Training. As a leading Institute, it offers the best course in content design, where students can take advantage of this course and achieve limitless marketing goals.


This content writing course in Noida offers in-depth knowledge of the marketing techniques and develops the writing skills with imagination for digital, schooling, wellness, legal, lifestyle, travel and much more industry content.

With any company and organization, content writing has been a landmark. It provides the company with a smooth driving philosophy, commitment, best customer partnership, brand equity and many more advantages for every company.


In each and every organization it is one of the most lead generation techniques. Any online business can not sustain content that’s why web writing has created separate technology.


  1. Coursera

Coursera is yet another, multi-lingual and multi-subject, online learning subjects. The content writing courses online are versatile and at a reasonable price. From their humorous range, you can learn any talent you desire. Train online from the best tutors and start from scratch, transforming your journey to a well-paid job.


The courses have language filters, stage (beginner, intermediate or advance), expertise, affiliate universities and the result of learning. Under content writing subheading there are more than 100 different content writing courses online. You can check to see which one suits your budget. The content writing classes online are designed to be self-paced, but they include practical projects to master the practical part of the learning.


  1. Digital TITA

DigitalTITA has outlined the direction of digital practitioners by training in communications expertise at a global level. They have made it their mission to exchange awareness and to promote innovation. Their purpose is, first of all, to promote and advance the careers of their members as digital marketers and global business vendors.


Furthermore, they seek to fill the vacuum created by a shortage of talent in businesses. With their preparation at the institute, they ensure that businesses are powered by an innovative, skilled and qualified workforce capable of taking the lead and fulfilling the demands of the competitive digital economy.


Thirdly, their immersive training courses are structured to fulfil the technical criteria to provide the applicants with qualified qualifications. Their courses educate students on all facets and emerging developments of the modern economy, so that they can, in effect, foster future generations.


Their committed and enthusiastic team of professional coaches inspires students to think differently. They are just hunting for new reasons to act differently. They allow their students to pursue a range of paths that contribute to success. Their advanced curriculum in digital media keeps its students up-to-date.


Their content creation courses are up-to-date and help you achieve a competitive advantage at a fairly low cost. In their professional content creation courses, we develop writing skills, teach simple SEO, and create awareness of various forms of content production that can be used for different purposes.


  1. ECT

ECT is one of the very renowned institutions providing multi-domain training and one of them is content writing. For more than 8 years now, this institution has been in the industry and is very popular among students and professionals. The course on content writing is built to keep freelancing as a prime goal so that the students can benefit as freelance content writers.


It comes with an internship opportunity where students can engage in more realistic and technical aspects of writing content and learn how to get clients, how to produce, what the procedures are? It conducts interactive sessions where students can interact with their instructors one by one to deliver the most out of the topics.


  1. Udemy

Thanks to its multi-subject courses offered on a single site, Udemy is gaining prominence by leaps and bounds. It helps you do what you want from where you are when you want to. Udemy offers a large range of courses as mentors, with the help of business professionals from across the globe.


Their content writing classes online are very interactive and include teaching materials, tasks, and resources available for download. A graduation certificate and lifetime, unrestricted entry to the course is also included.


Udemy is a platform of learning which connects people from all over the world to the best instructors and transform lives. It has free, as well as paid courses. They have a user-friendly interface and it’s a breeze to navigate. You can browse their course bouquet and filter it out according to your specifications.


  1. Spark Academy

The Spark Academy offers a course in content writing in Noida. They are raised in the digital age. In any business, content is needed. Imagine the content that affects you in your everyday lives from books, journals, magazines, online sites, user guides, and mass media. Content is an absolute must, and so are the authors. Less info on job opportunities for a content writer in Noida.

The content writing courses online are designed for ambitious executives, managers and entrepreneurs who work in information companies such as eLearning, Information Technology, Publishing or communications organizations. The curriculum is designed to encourage learners to apply their lessons directly, without any interruption to their existing work schedules.


  1. FITA

FITA (Focus’d IT Academy) is a leading IT and language training centre providing a full suite of training and placement services for new careers and career advancement professionals. It is managed and operated by highly trained business professionals with more than 15 years of IT experience.


It has a team of highly skilled professional trainers who provide technical IT training in an affable atmosphere, focused on the needs of individuals to help them to succeed in a demanding business setting. Their staff rarely leaves a page unturned in the history of career and achievement.


Adaptable instructor-led training content writing classes online by customized content writing courses online and reduced class sizes at FITA make it easy for individuals to connect and learn information, producing excellent outcomes both for themselves and for the organization they work for. Their training programs are versatile and customized to ensure that every person gets the most out of the training.


  1. Compete Infotech Academy

They create a live environment where you’ll love to learn from content writing classes online. Their mentors and faculties have more than 5 years of experience in technical content writing, creative writing, website writing, article writing, business writing and many other styles of content writing.


They are part of Compete Infotech, where their team delivers content writing and digital content marketing solutions to more than 500 + clients worldwide.


They are the most popular content training of content writing professionals for the internet marketing industry. More than 1000 + students rely on our content writing team members and are now successful in their web content writing professions.


  1. Newcent Training Academy

Newcent Training Academy is a privately owned educational college; one of the devoted college of technical training. Today, NTA provides content writing courses in Faridabad designed to develop skills that help applicants secure a position and/or gain technical knowledge that may be an advantage or a path that advancement in current occupations.


The classes are realistic and skill-oriented, meaning applicants can conduct their roles more easily to satisfy the industry’s new demands. NTA aims to learn the current business practices, requirements and technologies to offer strategic guidance to educators to improve the expertise of the profession.


They offer 3 types of classes, Distance Learning that costs Rs 8100. Classroom Course that costs Rs 16200 and Direct Certification that costs Rs 6300.




This completes my list of Noida’s Top Content writing courses. If you’re serious about having content to write your passion, you’ll need to enroll in an advanced content writing course and learn the content development skills you need to become a successful content writer at Noida.

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