IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review

Today we are going to delve into details of the premium content writing master course from IIM SKILLS. If you ever thought seriously about being a professional writer and using your writing skills to earn money, content writing is the course for you. Content writers are professionals who write compelling content for websites. This content is written purely for the purposes of digital marketing needs. Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that uses digital tools like the internet and smartphones, and computers to reach people for the promotion of products and services.


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What is content writing?


Content writing is the core of digital marketing. Most people think of content writing as just writing articles for blogs.

But content writing is much more than that. Content writing not only requires skills of writing convincing copy or content, but it also needs to be optimized so that search engines list that article whenever someone makes a search that is relevant to that article.

As we know, the web is filled with lots of content. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. When you make a google search, lots of articles pop up. In fact, the total search results can sometimes be in tens of thousands. In this pile of words, how do you make sure that your content comes at the top?


This is what is taught at the IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course (CWMC).

At IIM Skills students can learn various skills required for becoming a great content writer. These skills include Search Engine Optimization, basic web development, learning how to use content writing tools, and how to start your content writing career.


IIM Skills Online Content Writing Master Course Review


IIM Skills is a leading online education service in the world that has been around for more than 5 years.

They have offices in 23 cities all over Asia and cater to a global audience. IIM Skills has provided digital marketing and content writing skills to people in more than 35 countries.


Why IIM SKILLS is the best course for content writing?


IIM SKILLS content writing master course (CWMC) is considered one of the best content writing courses in the industry This course has been taken by many marketing professionals, businessmen and industry leaders in addition to students who want to learn digital marketing and content writing.

The content writing course is completely online. There are two batches: weekday and weekend.

The timings are such that even working professionals and college students can easily manage without taking time out of work or college.

The candidate also has the benefit of learning from home, without needing to go to classroom coaching.

Given, the nature of the course, an online content writing course is the best way to learn content writing.

IIM SKILLS Online Content Writing Master Course is a one-of-its-kind course. There are many reasons the IIM SKILLS content writing course is considered one of the best. Why? Let’s find out.


Course details


The course contains

  • 26 hours of live lectures
  • 60 hours of practical assignments
  • Digital marketing tools worth Rs. 35k
  • Globally accredited certification
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Placement assistance

The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course covers everything that is needed to learn complete content writing.

In the 16 hours of live lectures, the course provides the student with complete theory and of different terminology and techniques of effective writing so that they understand how to write good content.

With the 60 hours of practical assignments, It is ensured that the student is able to implement the techniques and the knowledge learned in the course.

All students are required to buy a domain and hosting so that they can implement the lessons.

This is an essential step because, without practice, content writing is impossible to learn and develop.

At IIM SKILLS, the course itself takes care of the practice part.


Course Fee – INR 14,900+GST


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Skills Taught in the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course


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Here is a list of all the skills taught under the content writing course.

  • Setting up a website using WordPress
  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Using digital marketing tools like Ubersuggest, Answer the Public, etc.
  • Content development skills like using correct grammar, avoiding plagiarism and more
  • E-mail marketing. Setting up a contact form and writing mail copy and newsletters.
  • Set up Google local pages for businesses
  • Social media marketing using Twitter, Facebook with tools like Buffer, TweetDeck and Facebook ads which are the most widely used social media marketing tools.
  • How to make money as a content writer
  • How much to charge as a content writer


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Content Writing Tools


The participants are provided access to tools like Ubersuggest Pro, Google keyword planner, and other popular keyword tools where candidates can learn what kind of content is in demand.

Since content writing is a form of marketing, the needs of the audience are paramount. There is no value of content that has no consumer.

The participants are taught how to do keyword research using cutting-edge digital marketing tools. doing keyword research before writing content is essential to learn what is being searched more on the internet so that content writers know how to provide value to the internet users and seek products afterward that consumers need.

The candidates are also taught how to choose the keywords out of popular keywords.

This becomes more important in a competitive niche when there are many other players fighting for position on page 1 of the search engine results page (SERPs).

Since Google is the most popular search engine, more focus is provided to it, however, other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo are also taught.

There are many things to consider before choosing a keyword like competition, length, search traffic, relevance to product, and so on. But searching the keyword is not enough.

The content writer also needs to know how to use those keywords in the content naturally. This is extremely important to understand. Because Google bans websites for using manipulative SEO practices.

According to Google, any content must be natural and informative and be useful and relevant to the user. This is the only quality to rank on page 1 of SERPs.

But how do you decide what google means by natural content? This is the problem. Google never tells what it considers natural content.

That is left to be guessed by the content writers. This is why content writing courses like IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course are teaching.

Because institutes like these have experience in producing content that ranks high repeatedly.

Why is it important to rank on page 1 of SERPs? This is because less than 2% of users actually open page 2.

They usually get what they require on page 1. In fact, about 75% of the users only visit the first two search results.

In fact, google page 2 is comically known as the best place to hide any proof of the crime!!

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Content Marketing Certification


The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course prepares candidates so that they can easily get the certification of major organizations like Google, Facebook, and Hubspot in addition to IIM SKILLS certification.

This certification is globally valid and will help the candidates prove the credibility of their skills to their employer.

This will help in employment opportunities. This will also help if the candidate is looking for work as a freelancer or willing to start their own content writing agency.

As an optional opportunity, the participant is offered a content writing internship at IIM SKILLS for 3 months.

This creates a solid portfolio for the participant in addition to certification and skills.

When the participant works for the content writers themselves, they learn more about the techniques and methods of the best in the industry that many other content writers are unaware of.

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Lifetime access


The biggest advantage of the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course over any other content writing course is that the participant can always revisit the course if they have any doubts.

The course material in the form of videos and tutorials is available forever once the candidate has enrolled in the course. In fact, IIM SKILLS is the only online course provider that provides lifetime access to all their course material once the participant has enrolled in that course.


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Practical-oriented course


Many candidates who learn content writing in any coaching learn theory and practice enough.

But when they graduate and it is time to find actual work, they do not know how to find content writing jobs.

This problem is made worse when coaching institutes provide no help to candidates in this regard. IIM SKILLS provides complete placement assistance for all their participants.

The IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is recognized by many in the industry as one of the best content writing courses that perfectly understands the needs of the content writing industry.

There is always a requirement of a content writer who has graduated from IIM SKILLS. Online content writing coaching provides full assistance and helps in any form for the candidate can kick-start their career smoothly.

The participants are given assignments in every class, which are later reviewed by the experts. These experts also provide ways to improve and how to proceed further.


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It’s the Best Online Content Writing Course


If you are thinking about what is the best content writing course in India, you can check out the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course. Some of the features of this course that makes it the best are discussed below.

The course has been designed by industry experts who are themselves accomplished content writers and digital marketers.

The course has already trained thousands of candidates to learn and start a career in content writing. The instructor of the course has an experience of more than 10 years in writing digital content.

Moreover, the course is a practical-oriented content writing course. All the theory that is taught is quickly applied.

All participants are required to buy their own website domain and set up hosting.

They are taught how to set up a website using WordPress. They are also taught how to transfer a domain if they already have one, to a hosting plan. The website is completely owned by the participant and is the participant’s property.


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Does the course teach writing skills?

Yes. In addition to providing the technical knowledge of content writing for the websites, the course also teaches effective and persuasive writing that sells.

As content writing is a form of marketing, it is important to know how to sell. If a marketing course does not teach you how to sell, what good is that course?

IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course teaches students all the elements of content writing.

Participants are provided writing tools that help improve their writing skills even after the course as they keep writing and producing content.

This way candidates improve their grammar and prose during the internship and even after it.

Participants are taught how to write different types of content like articles, blogs, press releases, e-books, company newsletters, and more.

This is because when you learn content writing, similar principles with a little variation can be used to write any written form of content.

Now you know why content writing is so popular.


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At the end of the course, if the candidate has sufficient attendance, an online examination is conducted at the convenience of the candidate, before certification for content writing from IIM SKILLS.


Why do you need to learn content writing?


With the democratization of the internet and information in general, many websites have come up and are coming up for the purposes of the promotion of their products, providing information, providing a platform for people to express their feelings, and expanding their business.

When websites are developed, they need a lot of written content to go to different places on the website. This written content must be persuasive in nature, in the case of a business website, and informational in the case of a knowledge website.

Different kinds of websites have different requirements from the written content. It is the job of the content writer to understand these requirements and fulfill them in the form of their written content.

Here are a few reasons why you need to learn content writing for your digital marketing career.

  • Written content builds the brand. It tells the audience what the brand stands for, what the brand values are, the brand’s history, their attitude, and a lot more. Even when logos, graphics, and web design techniques are used to enhance brand perception, the written content is what is the soul of the brand.


  • The written content gives meaning to the consumer. Meaning helps with informing the audience about your product, service, or any other value you are providing the consumer. Good content builds brand awareness, customer retention and helps in product differentiation. This is why in the world of digital marketing, content writing is as important as copywriting in advertising.


  • Content writing is important for Search Engine Optimization ie. SEO. SEO is extremely crucial for the online presence of any business. As we know, there are billions of articles on the web. In fact, in a given niche, there could be as many as tens of thousands of articles that claim to provide relevant content. Then it is important to make your content stand out.


  • If your content is good, you will get links from other websites. This improves your page ranking in the search engine. Higher ranking helps more people see your content. This gets more people on your website. More clicks increase the possibility of a sale if you are selling a product or a service.


  • If your content is informative, it will be shared by people who read it. Digital marketing leverages the power of sharing content. If you can make content so good that readers share it, you will have even more people visiting your website. For this, you need to write content that is relevant to the reader. The relevance provides value to the user. When the user is happy, it is natural for them to share the content so that others could also see and learn.


  • As a freelance content writer, you can leverage your writing skills to help brands reach more people and take advantage of the online space for marketing purposes. You can work from anywhere you want and earn a great salary that increases proportionately to the value you provide to the client.


Now let us learn how IIM Skills can help you learn the skills of content writing and build a promising career as a content writer.


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Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course


1. What is the duration of the content writing course from IIM SKILLS?

The duration of the content writing course from IIM SKILLS is 4 weeks of immersive virtual live classes. It comprises 26 hours of a comprehensive program that packs in 16 hours of lectures and 10 hours of internship sessions. You get access to free tools that are worth more than 35k.


2. Why should I opt for the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?

There are plenty of reasons why you should apply for the content writing master course from IIM skills. Apart from the one-month intensive training that will help you master more than 25 types of writing formats and types, you get to work on practical assignments to get an idea of how things actually work. Additionally, you have three months of optional internship with flexible hours. After completion of the course, you can start your own content writing business, or apply for content writing positions. IIM SKILLS helps you to develop your portfolio and publish your first ever e-book on online platforms like Kindle or Google books. Based on your skills, you will be able to also write your first blog for Times of India and work with an online news portal to publish your writeups.


3. What is the process of enrollment at IIM SKILLS for a content writing course?

Once you register for the course on the website, you will immediately get access to the learning materials and case studies that you can go through even before the commencement of the course. You will have the opportunity to select a batch (weekday or weekend). After the course is complete you will have to sit for the examination to get your master certification from IIM SKILLS.


4. Will I get Internship and Placement Assistance after completion of the course?

Yes of course. IIM SKILLS has partnered up with eminent fortune 500 companies to provide you with the best placement assistance. The dedicated placement cell at IIM skills helps you to determine your strengths. They also provide you with soft skills training to build your confidence. The guaranteed optional internship for three months gives you the option of flexible timings.


5. What are some important modules covered in the content writing course?

Some important modules that are covered in the content writing master course are the creation of a website, understanding how WordPress can help you build your content writing business, keyword research, exploring different digital channels and publications. The Content Writing Master Course also covers content writing and marketing tools, social media tools, Google local pages, email writing, and creating your personal brand.



IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is one of the best content writing courses that are widely recognized in the industry.

IIM SKILLS has taught many marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing students, Freelance content writers, and even women who are looking to restart their careers.

The course has positive reviews from all participants.

This is because, in addition to imparting content writing skills, IIM SKILLS also helps you find work opportunities to begin your career.

In fact, they are so confident in their content writing course that they provide a money-back guarantee.


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