10 Best Content Writers in The World (2022 Edition)

The best content writers in the World are the pioneers and pillars of the Content Writing industry who have painted the canvas for many to follow. Emphasizing and prooving the relevance of the premonition “Content is King,” they have augmented the Content as the true essence of marketing and influencing the World.


Best Content Writers in The World



With that in mind, here we present the list of the Best Content Writers in the World that can become your role model, given that you are a budding or aspiring content writer. It is not the extent of their gift but the strength of their grit that boosted them to fan the flames of their passion and climb up the ladder to make room for themselves in the list of the Best Content Writers in the World.


10 Best Content Writers in the World


1. Vaibhav Kakkar


A stalwart entrepreneur, an advanced digital marketer, and a well-renowned writer, Vaibhav Kakkar is one of the best content writers in the World. From modest beginnings of an enlightening blog to the owner of a pre-eminent ed-tech institution IIM Skills- Vaibhav Kakkar ran down a long-drawn journey.


Hailing from the capital city of New Delhi, Vaibhav Kakkar laid the foundation of his content writer career 12 years ago with the sheer determination to educate and counsel people around their education needs and requirements. Growing and developing by leaps and bounds, he is now a content curator and digital marketer.


The founder and CEO of websites such as IIM Skills, Advisor Uncle, and Course Dekho; he writes blogs wrapped around education, career, and course niche. Being one of the first to apprehend and leverage the worth of online education, Vaibhav Kakkar prides himself on imparting content writing and digital marketing knowledge to the newbies in the industry. He is the torch-bearer for prospective content writers in India and abroad.


Vivid Milestones:


  1. He is a successful owner of a globally recognized institute IIM Skills. This institute, by and large, has transformed the lives of thousands of students and working professionals to find their way into the digital World.
  2. An honorable veteran of the content writing and digital marketing industry, who can mentor aspirants about content writing, digital marketing, career, and education.
  3. He is also a flourishing E-book writer having 3 live books on the market already:
  • Becoming a Content Marketer with Vaibhav Kakkar, speculates the skills required to become a content marketer.
  • Word Castle: How to Start a Content Writing Business, reveals the codes to establish a lucrative content marketing business.
  • The Secret of Online Businesses, unwinds the enigmas of online businesses and marketing.
  1. Enduring the long game, he is a splendid columnist in the Times of India blog. Besides, he has garnered praise and citations from noticeable news channels such as Mid-day, Prime Time, and Zee News.
  2. Recently, he started another private blog named VaibhavK to advise people on content writing and digital marketing skills that can make a person get an edge above others and open up a horizon of possibilities.
  3. Most recently, jumping on the bandwagon of podcasts practics, he started his own podcast- Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar show to become a voice of reason for many.


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2. Bhavik Sarkhedi


The 9-year old boy fond of writing private diary turned professional content writer, Bhavik Sarkhedi knew his whereabouts since he was an age when most of us don’t even know about our aspirations. Since then, by and large, he spent most of his days and precious time writing and exploring the World of Words.


Over the years, Mr. Bhavik has become a Creative Consultant and Pro Digital marketer, who is beyond happy to represent India in the list of the best content writers in the World.


Earning titles like “Word-maniac” and “Content king”, Bhavik Sarkhedi founded organizations- namely Estorytellers, Taletel, Write Right, and Dad of Ad agency. Among the organizations, Write right is the 2nd highest-reviewed Content Marketing Agency in India.


Vivid Milestones:


  1. With as many as 12 private diaries consisting of 365 pages each, he is an innate and prodigious writer.
  2. Basking in the success of his 4 published books with surreal and intriguing names, which are:
  • The Weak Point Dealer
  • Will You Walk A Mile
  • The C to T of Content Marketing
  • The Unproposed Guy
  1. Proud of his spiral and incredible bond with words and vocab
  2. Founder of prominent and proficient organizations Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletal, Dad of Ad, which has to date fulfilled the solutions and wants of people demanding write-ups.
  3. Delivering his creative juices to write guest columns for Huffingtonpost, Entrepreneur, YourStory, Inc42, and 15 other reputable blogs.
  4. Give his share of knowledge through writing for 35+ publications.


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3. Anuraadha Tewari


Swaying creative leads for decades, Anuraadha Tewari is an Indian writer, Director, and Creative Personnel working in the domain of Mumbai Industry to enter the list of the Best Content Writers in the World. Leaving no stoned unturned, she has left her indelible mark in diverse categories of creative writing.


Lauded with a Gold Medal in Film Direction from Jamia Milia Islamia, Anuraadha has accomplished Masters in Mass Communication. The first on the cards for her career was working as a Chief Assistant to Mahesh Bhatt on 3 films, followed by an independent Writer-Director for Anupam Kher’s Media based Company. Having directed some staggering shows and events for TV, Mainstream Press commended her as the youngest Director in India.


Vivid Milestones:

  1. Gold Medallist from Jamia Milia Islamia
  2. Celebrated as the writer of Story and Screenplay of Award-winning Bollywood films: Fashion, Jail, and Heroine.
  3. Her incredible work in Amazon Prime’s Web Series “Laakhon Mein Ek (Season 2)” won her a nomination for the first-ever SWA Awards. Indeed, she was also part of the Jury member for the Awards.
  4. Also, tried her hands as the Supervising Producer of Channel V, the CEO of a Cinema-based portal by the Walchand group.
  5. In 2002, getting back on her track of Screenplay writing, she pulled story-screenplay of the films Rahul, Yaddein, Supari.
  6. Since 2004, she had indited 12 Successful TV shows culminating with the “SEven”- a 26 part superhero series.
  7. Then, came her track record in writing the story and screenplay for Films Fashion, Jail, and Heroine.
  8. The year 2017 saw the birth of her company “KOSEN-RUFU,” which collaborates with writers across the globe. Most likely, it is a replica of the writer’s room where various OTT platforms, TV collabs, and Film Studios collude.
  9. Her relentless passion for #ConsciousCreativity blends seamlessly with her devotion to mentoring younger minds.
  10. Over the top, she is the Curator of Film Festivals and offers her own Certification course in Screenwriting.


4. Darren Rowse


Another prominent name in the list of the best Content Writers in the World is Dareen Rowse, as he is better known online Problogger. Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger, speaker, consultant as well as founder of a trove of amazing blogs inclusive of Problogger and digital-photography school.


While Rowse blogs for over and above 20 varied blogs, his two personal blogs are Problogger and Digital Photography School. Both these blogs are about tips and techniques regarding specific niches.


Vivid Milestones:

  1. In 2006, he was rewarded with the Best Web Development Weblog award for Problogger.
  2. Co-author of the book ProBlogger the Book.
  3. He is the co-founder of b5media, the mammoth blog network that claims to have over 300 blogs. Indeed, it is one of the largest new media networks in the World. Whatsoever, the website is on sale now.
  4. The year 2007 witnessed his mention in the list of Forbes Web Celebrity.
  5. He co-authored the book ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income in 2018.
  6. Moreover, he founded TwiTip—a blog committed to Twitter tips.
  7. Aced as the speaker in 2011 at the Blogopolis blogger conference in Melbourne.


5. Nick Usborne


A Copywriter, author, instructor, and coach, Nick Usborne has saved his space as one of the best content writers in the world. From a breadwinning copywriter in 1979 to the present-day foster-care breeding ground for freelancers and copywriters, Nick Usborne savored every inch of his life.


Vivid Milestones:


  • Since 1979, worked as a copywriter (both online and offline) writing copies for A1 companies like Apple, Franklin Mint, CitiBank, Diners Club International, New York Times, and many more prominent names.
  • For direct mail writing, he received 15 awards in Europe and North America.
  • He worked as an advisor and consultant for many startups concerning online consumer product sales.
  • He disseminated knowledge at discrete online marketing conferences.
  • He has conducted in-house training sessions for companies- Yahoo!, John Deere, Textron, National Cancer Institute, Walt Disney Attractions, etc.
  • Have written 100+ articles for ClickZ, MarketingProfs, Business 2.0, and other online publications.
  • The year 2007 marked his first gig as a training program creator, which he curated for the American Writers and Artists Inc.
  • The first and foremost program Web Copywriting 2.0 magnetized thousands of students to change the trajectory of their copywriting careers.
  • Upcoming 5 years got busy with the curation of short-form courses for valuable skillsets.
  • Founded a new website for the stand-alone course Conversational Copywriting.
  • Co-founded chatbot marketing agency- Chatbot Forge.


6. Jay Baer


Jay Baer is a hall of fame keynote speaker and emcee and one of the best content writers in the world. Having published umpteen books, he is a New York Times best-selling author. Most significantly, he is considered one of the Internet pioneers, who shared his wisdom to provide adroit consultations to more than 700 companies.


Tagged as a 7th-gen entrepreneur, he is well-known to have been founded 5 multi-million dollar companies. And, that is not all he has favorably conducted more than 100 webinars and virtual events for corporates and associations.


Vivid Milestones:


  • He shared insightful, humourous presentations worldwide with fathomed experience in Associations, Automotive, Construction, Finserv, Healthcare, Pharma, Production, Technology, Retail, and Travel.
  • 25+ years of digital marketing experience; administering advisor to excellent companies- Caterpillar, Nike, The United Nations, and 36 of the FORTUNE 500, to name a few.
  • Establish an entrepreneur breakthrough with five-million-dollar businesses.
  • Recognizable as a top-drawer business strategist, emcee, and event host.
  • Founder of Convince & Convert, a digital marketing firm that reinforces pre-eminent companies to enhance customer retention.
  •  Host of some prevalent podcasts such as the Talk Triggers Video Show, Social Pros podcast, and the Standing Ovation podcast.
  • Associate of the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame
  • A vivacious venture capitalist, technology advisor, and voracious Tequilla collector
  • Jay Baer is a go-to source for powerful press channels like USA Today, Time, NPR, CBC, and many more.
  • Hailed as New York Times Best-selling Author.


7. Ann Handley


Lauded as a top Though Leader by Forbes, Ann Handley is an acclaimed writer and first of the world’s Chief Content officers. Counted as one of the best content writers in the world, she has her fair share as a best-selling author by the Wall Street Journal.


As a prevalent pioneer of digital marketing, IBM named her one of the 7 people shaping the outlook of modern marketing. With her expertise, she boasts of empowering businesses to plateaued heights escaping the mediocrity route. Let us look at her exemplary achievements so far.


Vivid Milestones:

  • Wall Street Journal best-selling author of books- Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content
  • Co-wrote book Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business
  • Her former company ClickZ is considered one of the earliest sources of digital marketing knowledge in the world.
  • Her marketing training and education company MarketingProfs enjoys as many as 6,00,000 subscribers.
  • Her MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum is a pre-eminent global marketing event for B2B marketers.
  • She has garnered umpteen commendations for being one of the most influential marketers on the social media platform.
  • LinkedIn influencer
  • 420,000 followers on Twitter
  • Her copious contributions to commentary and bylines for Wall Street Journal, Mashable, American Express, Entrepreneur magazine, Huffington Post, IBM’s Think Marketing, Inc. magazine, and NPR.


8. Ryan Holiday


Ryan Holiday is an American bestselling author and media strategist; undoubtedly one of the best Content Writers in the World. Born in Austin, he dropped out of college at the age of 19 to work as an apprentice under Robert Grene, a modern world author.


Chasing an innate interest in life, how to be self-critical and self-aware, humility, philosophy, reading, learning, research, and strategy, Ryan emanated a blog to put out his word. The blog name is RyanHoliday.net packed with 2,00,000 subscribers who feed on his experiential life lessons.


Vivid Milestones:

  • An apprentice under Robert Greene.
  • A pristine career at Marketing Apparel
  • Founder of a creative agency- Brass Check, which conferred clients like Google, TASER, Complex, and best-selling authors (Neil Strauss, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferriss).
  • Quintessential author of 10 books including The Obstacle is the Way, Ego is the Enemy, The Daily Stoic, Stillness is the Key, Conspiracy. Indeed, these books have sold over 2 million copies in 30 languages and have a huge fan following among NFL coaches, world-class athletes, TV personalities, political leaders, and others around the world.
  • Besides writing for his own blog, he has made contributions to world-class publications like New York Times, USA Today, Thought Catalog, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Medium, and The Huffington Post, to name a few.

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9. Julia McCoy


The next big name on the list of the best Content Writers in the World is Julia McCoy, a serial entrepreneur, content strategist, and strong advocate of leveraging content to build a business. Her in-depth belief in the unmatched prowess of content makes her one of the best Content Writers in the World.


On the face of it, she is a proud owner of a Brand named The Content Hacker, and a content creation agency Express Writers. It is time to crawl through the details and achievements of her life:


Vivid Milestones:

  • As early as 19 years of age, Julia committed herself to writing content. Dropping out of college, she pushed herself to learn online writing.
  • Soon she founded a platform called Express Writers, which she ratcheted to a $5M revenue without ads marketing. Now, that’s something to commemorate.
  • With a 90+ members team today, Express Writers has served brands like Johnson & Johnson, Nordstream, and other small B2Bs.
  • She was invited as a guest expert for MarketingProfs workshops.
  • She had had multiple interviews with Forbes.
  • Julia is a spirited author with four best-selling books and counting.
  • Her magnum opus work is her memoir, Woman Rising: A True Story which reflects her breaking out of the fundamentalist cult to become a self-reliant businesswoman.
  • Currently, she focuses on her Brand The Content Hacker which helps people break out of content ruts.
  • She schools marketers through workshops and courses.
  • Besides, she ghostwrites books for industry veterans.
  • Altogether, she is a content marketing influencer, educator, and author.


10. Seth Godin


Among the carousel of the best content writers in the World, Seth Godin has secured a full-fledged place for himself with his frenzied wiggle room work on different platforms. As for his accomplishments, he is an entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author.


Over the years, he has dipped his hands into diverse work forms covering writing, marketing, entrepreneurship, blog world, book writing, podcasts, etc. Now, let us furrow through the ingrained life accolades that had an impact.


Vivid Milestones:


  • He launched one of the crowd-pleasing blogs.
  • Most significantly, he is the founder of Akimbo.
  • Exploring the book writing horizon, he has written as many as 20 best-selling books. To name a few, Linchpin, The Dip, Tribes, What To Do When It’s Your Turn and Purple Cow.
  • One of his books, “This is Marketing” was an instant hit and best-seller across the world.
  • His latest masterpiece is The Practice, which is again a best-seller.
  • He has garnered immense commendation for his writing and speaking prowess.
  • Besides, he also founded two companies Squidoo and Yoyodyne.
  • Inducing his effective marketing and leadership roles, he has been a positive influence on countless people.
  • In the year 2013, Seth Godin was one of the three professionals enlisted under the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.
  • With a staggering turn of events, he became an entrant in the Marketing Hall of Fame in 2018.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.Which website is best for Content Writing?


Answer- There are innumerable websites for content writing, some of the popular ones are:

  1. Medium
  2. Problogger
  3. Freelancer
  4. Tumblr
  5. Writer Access
  6. Ghost
  7. Wix


Q2. How do I know if I am a good content writer?


Answer– You can introspect yourself by scaling over these skillsets and hone them over time to become a good content writer. These skills are:

  • Strong research skills
  • Sound knowledge of SEO
  • Adaptability
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Well-versed in communication skills
  • Editing and proofreading


Q3. What is SEO content writing?


Answer- SEO content writing makes use of the SEO practices like keyword research, keyword optimization, schema, and others to rank your content higher on the SERP. Targeting terms and enhancing organic visibility are the basic determinants of SEO.


Q4. How do I Start Content Writing?


Answer-If you are a newbie, then you can begin by enrolling in of the best content writing courses. IIM Skills Content writer Master Course is the best of its kind. On the other hand, if you know the facts about content writing, then you can begin writing for different sites such as Medium, Quora, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.




That concludes our astute list of the best content writers in the World. Each writer has pursued writing as the Holy Grail of their lives to set the cornerstone of where they stand today. These are just a few of the many unsung writers who relentlessly pursue their path to becoming successful content writers.


Tracking and tracing their unique paths, you can too become one of the best content writers in the World. That said, follow these and learn every ounce of their experiential learnings to set a mark for yourself. Who knows, the updated list could see your name in the carousel of the best content writers in the World.


Dream big and work smart!!


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