Top 6 Content Writing Courses in Thane With Placements

Before jumping into content writing courses in Thane, let’s see what content writing means. If you are planning to join a content writing course in Thane, then you have come to the right spot. Before hopping into the wagon, let me tell you, 59.5% of the global population, i.e. around 4.66 billion, are active internet users as per Statista. “Content is king” is the most common conjecture used in today’s digital world. A quality content writer with knowledge of SEO and keywords is what businesses require that drives the traffic to their website. 


Top Content Writing Courses In Thane


And, on average, Google handles 40,000 search requests each second, equating to roughly 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year globally. So if you see those statistics, you can assume how much content is available and consumed online, and to be at the top of Google search, businesses need quality content writers all the time.


What Do You Mean By Content Writing?


The information is available in form of print, videos, digital, podcasts, blogs, brochures, press releases, advertisements, etc – everything is content, either written or spoken. And planning, writing, editing, and proofing content for digital marketing is content writing.


Content writing is professional writing for an online audience to reach a specific goal. Business professionals hire a competent content writer to write high-quality content for blogs, posts, articles, and social media posts. And the content writer needs to understand the brand tone to produce a piece consistent with the brand website.


To stay on top, deliver the content within the context. With immense consumption of content, we see a lot of irrelevant and fluffy content available online.



What Are The Roles Of A Content Writer?


In today’s cut-throat competitive world, being good with words or flair for writing is not enough to pursue a career in this field. Content writing courses in Thane will help to learn the roles and responsibilities of a content writer.


As Per Today’s Norm, A Content Writer Should:

  • Know the basics of social media marketing.
  • Know about SEO, Word press, and basic HTML to integrate it into content writing.
  • Always understand the reader’s persona.
  • Remain updated as per industry-relevant changes to remain on top.


Significant Attributes And Responsibilities Of A Content Writer Are:


  • Create enticing SEO-friendly articles with ample keyword research to draw website traffic.
  • Excellent research skills to always remain updated with the industry trends.
  • Write engaging and compelling content marketing copy to promote websites, blogs, social media, etc.
  • Coordinating with other departments, like design or marketing, to develop a content strategy to target the ideal customer.
  • Proofreading and editing before publishing any article.
  • Writing diversified content to be reformatted according to platform and audience. Like writing a blog for the post won’t work for the videos, content needs to be shortened and repurposed to be converted into a short video.


Additional Roles Of A Content Writer Are:


  • Blogging/ Blog writers are content writers who create engaging and conversational content. They know how to write with humor and another entertainment form for readers to glue to the content and convert them into a loyal follower. The engaging blog generates organic traffic.
  • Writing press releases for brand promotion for various sites and magazines.
  • Ghostwriting/ Ghost Writer writes for brands, companies, and individuals who don’t have time to do the projects. They understand the tone of the brand and implement the same in their writing. A ghostwriter writes newsletters or messages from CEOs who have studied the brand’s tone and images. They also write eBooks, white papers, and other forms of content.


  • Social media writing/ social media writer creates engaging content for various social media platforms that encourages liking, following, and commenting. They work with the marketing team, videographers, and graphic designers to create unique content. Their interactive content generates lead and organic traffic.


  • Technical writing/ Technical writers differ from other content writers as they are highly skilled, and have expert-level knowledge of maths, science, and technology. They convert complex processes and components into understandable guides, manuals, articles, and FAQs.


  • Product descriptionProduct description helps potential as well as existing consumers understand in detail about your products, and what you have to offer. A product description clearly delineates all the points that are essential for the customer to understand why they should buy your product and how it will make their life easier. A product description writer uses easy-to-understand language to disseminate complex terms and features of the product for the layman to understand. They are very much in demand because they are the connecting bridge between the consumer and the business.


  • Ebooks: Ebook writers create books in digital format on a variety of topics. The world today carries out a major part of its activities online. This includes reading. An ebook writer ensures that the book is created and presented in a manner that is easy for the target readers to read and navigate. Ebooks often come with illustrations and additional features than physical books since the creators have the liberty to incorporate several new elements in the book in a digital format. Ebook writers are especially adept at creating impeccable content and incorporating important links in the book as and when necessary for the benefit of the reader.


  • A long-form content writer writes content anywhere from 2000 to 4000 words. It’s typically four times the normal blog post. Long-form content is to rank higher in the search engines as it seems more authoritative.


  • Email Writer uses human psychology and behavior that drive people to take action on the content. They work for the brands that want people to sign up for their newsletter, take surveys, and subscribe. They implement a call to action for the content.


  • Infographics: Infographics represent writing and design to make the content visually appealing. An infographics creator combines the prowess of their writing skills with designing skills and creates a document that is attractive and disseminates useful information in an interesting manner. This helps the target readers to retain information better since a combination of visual elements and write-ups is the secret recipe for success in the digital world


  • Copywriters are skilled content writers well versed in various topics and strategies designed to engage a specific audience. They write various articles encompassing main content, site articles, infographics, and blog posts, where all the data flows seamlessly from one content to another.


What Skills Do Content Writers Need?


Every profession requires a specific set of skills and so do content writers too. The content writer requires the following skillsets.


  • Ability to write quickly to meet deadlines.
  • Good grammar skills.
  • Thorough research style.
  • Editing skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Ability to understand the audience.
  • Social media know-how.
  • Knowledge of SEO.
  • Knowledge of keyword research.
  • Ability to write in distinct tones and styles.


Content Writing Important For Brand And Business


Good content is the most effective way to target SEO, generate leads, and give the brand a recognizable identity.


As every brand is coming to a digital platform, consistent, excellent quality content is an invaluable way to connect brands with consumers. Content improves audience engagement and retention. So more and more brands and businesses are putting out content for audiences to educate them about their product and engaging within social media platforms, emails, etc to enhance visibility.


Weekly, biweekly, monthly posts will keep you on the top of the search engine algorithm. Backlinks of content are important in drawing traffic to your website and social channels.


Consumers are rapidly moving away from the traditional form of advertising and using digital platforms. So the brand wants to make the most out of it by the content which resonates with the target audience and elevates the brand.



How To Write Effective Content?


As design and aesthetics are important for the website, so is content as content drives the search engine’s results, increases traffic, and establishes the customer base.

There are several tips to writing effective content both in quality and quantity, few are:


Write A Head-Turning Headline


Audiences first read the headline. This is where they determine whether to read the rest of your work. If a headline doesn’t spark interest or emotions, the entire content won’t achieve the desired result. Proper captions with researched keywords are always important to attract the attention of users.


Research Your Topic


Extensive knowledge of the topic with data, metrics, and statistics will help to build credibility and a base for loyal customers. People don’t want to read half-cooked content. Authenticity drives the traffic. The research will help to know the user’s expectations.


Use All The Tools


Writing good content is one thing, but you need to promote it to increase its visibility. There are many tools like keyword research, SEO, alt tag, image tag, heading tag, etc, which properly used can spread the content across the internet and bring back the leads.


Create A Killer Hook


Headlines draw the readers to the page, but the compelling opening sentence and leading paragraphs make the reader stay on the page.


The opening paragraph is like an advertisement for the article. You can even draft the opening paragraph after completing the entire article, as you will have all the ideas about the content. The opening is the selling part, so it should never be misleading.


Now we are clear why content writing is important, so before starting content writing courses in Thane, let’s learn about a content writer.


How To Become A Content Writer?


Creativity is spontaneous, no one can teach you that, but content writing involves much more than that. It requires research, strategy, learning, networking, and writing, which all require in-hand training. There are various offline and online courses offering content writing teaching materials.


To be a successful content writer, the foremost thing is to:


  • Find your niche, it will help you build trust among your peers, and establish you as an authority.
  • Write original and generic content to drive organic traffic to your website.
  • Learn how to get your content ranked.
  • Join popular courses to learn how to and where to start.


Now, let’s walk you through the top 6 content writing courses in Thane.


1) IIM Skills


IIM Skills are at the top of the list of the institutes that provide the most comprehensive 4-week content writing master course. Their course is a perfect mix of content writing and marketing.


The course is one of the best comprehensive content writing courses in Thane, and the classes are completely online, obliterating the need to commute to the institute. The design of the course is a student-centric and practical approach, in such a way that anyone can benefit, irrespective of the background they are coming from.


The top-notch faculty and their one-to-one approach make the course one of the best content writing courses in Thane. They are headquartered in New Delhi.


The Online Content Writing Course Includes


  • Live online training for 4 weeks.
  • Enrolled students get tools worth 35k for free.
  • 16 hours of classes and 60hrs of practical assignments.
  • 3 months of guaranteed internship.
  • Students get lifetime access to a learning management system.
  • Provide placement assistance.
  • Provide globally recognized master certification.


          Curriculum Includes

  • Introduction to content writing
  • Content writing tools
  • Keyword research
  • Google ad page setup
  • Emailers
  • Web development using word press
  • Content writing for social media
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Google local page setup
  • Freelance content writing
  • Exploring social media tools



IIM Skills Brand Partners 



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Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST

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2) Education & Career Times (ECT)


ECT is a training organization acknowledged by the Government of India. They have courses in content writing, digital marketing, communication skills & personality development. They have two training centers, one in New Delhi and the other in Noida, and they train online as well. They are one of the most well-rated content writing courses in Thane. 


The Content Writing Course At Ect Includes


  • Three-month course duration.
  • 32 hours of live classroom training.
  • E-learning and useful videos of 50hrs.
  • 10 quizzes, 7 assignments, and 5 live projects.
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • The government of India recognized content writing certification.
  • 100% placement assistance.


Curriculum Includes


  • Introduction to content writing.
  • Writing tools, tips & techniques.
  • Vocabulary building.
  • Technical writing.
  • Business writing skills.
  • Academic writing skills.


This is one of the best content writing courses in Thane and the Government recognized certificate acts as the cherry on the top.


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3) Nestsoft


Nestsoft is one of the leading content writing courses in Thane, as they have a curriculum and modules designed around the day-to-day requirements in the market.


The Content Writing Courses At Nestsoft Includes


  • Live project training.
  • Expert guidance from trainers.
  • Flexible class timing and customizable courses.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Lab facility and Wi-fi.
  • Course completion certificate.


Curriculum Includes


  • Essentials of writing.
  • Introduction to writing.
  • Write right
  • Writing for web and publishing project work.
  • Career development for writers.


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4)   Digital Bizarre


Digital Bizware is one of the premier institutes in Thane which provides various courses like digital marketing, content writing, social media marketing, SEO, etc. They provide customized courses as per individual requirements.


Their courses include an introduction, SEO, emailers, content for blog, research, etc. As it is in Thane, this makes a good choice to join the content writing courses in Thane.


IIM SKILLS CW Demo Invite Thane


5) Skill Upgrader


Skill upgrader is a consultancy and counseling company that provides a variety of programs for corporate and companies as well on-demand courses for enhancing personal growth. They commit to high learning experiences to achieve specific outcomes, and that makes it a good content writing course in Thane.


The Content Writing Course At Skill Upgrader Includes:


  • 4 weeks of live online classroom training.
  • 16hrs of classes and 70 hrs of practical assignments.
  • 40k worth of tools.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Lifetime support.
  • 3 months internship.
  • Dedicated placement cell.
  • Freelance writing opportunities.


Curriculum Includes


  • Introduction to content writing, which includes what is content writing and the reason to learn it.
  • Web hosting, purchase domain, and host, and its integration.
  • Importance and connection between UI/UX and its relation to content marketing.
  • Website Development using word press.
  • Understanding the writing process.
  • Search Engine Optimization and its basics.
  • Keyword research and its importance in content writing.
  • Writing SEO-optimized content and checking for plagiarism.
  • Content creation, management, and distribution.
  • Content marketing using social media platforms.
  • Understand call to action(CTA), and its importance.
  • Content marketing strategy and content marketing tools.
  • Lead generation using content marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Freelance content marketing.


6) Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutions in India, which provides various content writing courses in Thane, ranging from GST, finance, marketing, and many more, and in that content writing course is the best seller.


The Content Writing Course At Henry Harvin Includes


  • 36 hours of the live training session.
  • Guaranteed internship to gain practical experience.
  • Placement support.
  • E-learning tools and techniques video content and assessment.
  • Regular boot camps and hackathons.
  • Research writing.
  • Technical writing.


Curriculum Includes


  • Language skills to understand the basics of languages.
  • Internet skills to learn how to research and write content.
  • Business and marketing writing in terms of SEO and book review, press release, etc.
  • Content strategy and challenges of content writing.
  • Technical and research writing, which includes thesis and grant writing skills.
  • Academic writing like tutorials.
  • Creative writing.
  • Email writing.
  • Simulated content writing projects.
  • Soft skills.
  • Resume writing.


Frequently Asked Question on content writing courses in Thane 


Q1) Is content writing a good career option?


With the rise of demand for content in the market, content writing is a booming career option. Full-fledged professional firms are providing content solutions to clients. Besides taking a job, you can become a freelancer or a full-time blogger.

You can also refer to understand how good a career in content writing is?


Q2) How much do content writers earn?


With the experience of 0-2yrs, content writers earn between Rs 3.5lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum. And a content writer having an experience of 2-5yrs earns between Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs per annum.


Q3) Why is content writing certification important?


Well-written and engaging content is the backbone of any online content marketing campaign. Any renowned institute helps to build the basics of SEO, keywords, content writing ideas, and other tools which will help to connect with new users and convert them into loyal customers. And any company gives preference to certified content writers. Above mentioned content writing courses in Thane will help you to get certification also.


Q4) What is SEO content writing?


SEO writing is the incorporation of keywords and keyword phrases into the web content to increase organic traffic to the page. It includes long-tail keywords, SERP, backlinks, etc to increase the page visibility.


Conclusion on the top digital marketing courses in Thane


In today’s era, creating content is the heart of any business. Create content that provides high-value information to the target audiences. Remember that the audience wants information they can participate in. Creating content is just not about writing five hundred words, instead, it is understanding the importance of headlines, keywords with SEO, and good writing practices.


If you are interested in content writing, then select from the above “content writing courses in Thane”, to start your dream career.


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