Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Delhi With Practical Training

Now and then, companies collect a large volume of data. And, of course, data is important because the company’s future is built on the pillars of strategies, approaches, procedures, and decisions. Business analysts assist firms in making the most of their data by identifying trends, patterns, and faults that would otherwise go unreported. Successful business analysts can deal with data and comprehend the business side of things. Both finding work and planning a career necessitate a sound educational basis. The major goal of this article is to list out the top business analytics courses in Delhi to help candidates narrow down their choice of institution and locate the appropriate course that can take their career to the next level.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Delhi


This comparison will help you choose the best out of the top business analysis courses in Delhi. Before we move to our list of business analytics courses in Delhi, it is important to understand business analytics a little.


What is the Role of a Business Analyst?

Business analysts oversee leveraging data to make strategic business choices. A business analyst may also be known as an operations research analyst, a management analyst, or a business data analyst.


A Business Analyst’s Responsibilities Often Include the Following:

  • Evaluating business processes in terms of efficiency, cost, and other important metrics
  • Insights should be shared with business teams and important stakeholders
  • Developing strategic recommendations for process changes, procedures, and performance enhancements
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and process improvement are some of the major talents required to become a good business analyst. These individuals must be well-versed in their organization’s goals and procedures to analyze performance, discover inefficiencies, and propose and execute remedies.


Business analysts must have a working knowledge of the technologies used in analytics, while the requirement for hard technical abilities is often lower than for data analysts. On the other hand, developing an extensive understanding of mathematics, computer science, and analytics might act as a big differentiator in the job market for those looking for career growth prospects.


A bachelor’s degree in business administration or a comparable field of study is typically required for entry-level business analyst roles. However, as the need for workers with expert data abilities grows, advanced degrees such as a master’s in analytics or a master’s in business analytics are becoming more popular among job candidates.


Difference Between Business Analytics and Data Analytics

While considering various business analytics courses in Delhi, you might be wondering –

Is it better to be a business analyst or a data analyst?

These job names are occasionally used interchangeably in smaller businesses to describe data or systems analysis responsibilities. Larger firms, on the other hand, frequently employ both data analysts and business analysts to accomplish specific tasks, making the distinctions between the two vocations critical to comprehend.


Here’s an overview of various professions and guidance on determining which career path is best for you.


Data analytics is the process of studying datasets to discover trends and insights that can then be used to make informed organizational decisions. Business analytics is concerned with analyzing various forms of information to create realistic, data-driven business choices and then putting those conclusions into action. Data analysis insights are frequently used in business analytics to identify problems and develop solutions.


Data is utilized by business analysts to aid organizations in creating more efficient business choices. Data analysts, on the other hand, are more concerned with gathering and evaluating information for the business to use in making autonomous decisions.


In the simplest terms, for business analysts, data is a means to an end, whereas, for data analysts, data is the end.


So, after knowing about the scope of data analytics you can get an idea and choose the institutes from our list of business analytics courses in Delhi.


Now Let’s See Our List of Institutes Offering Business Analytics Courses in Delhi


The first institute offering business analysis courses in Delhi is SLA Consultants.

1. SLA Consultants

SLA (Structured-Learning-Assistance) Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. is a competent and professionally proficient training and development company that was founded with a broader focus on delivering scalable solutions to maintain consistency in providing quality training and placement solutions. They have proven best to their words by having an expert teacher with unrivaled professionalism and expertise in offering superior training. Several students have achieved excellence in the domains they were aiming for because of their exceptional instruction.


The Business Analyst Training Course is a devoted and smartly developed course aimed at individuals who are good with numbers and figures and want to pursue a successful career in the Business Analytics area. The training is organized into five models, each of which can be completed in 150 hours.


The Course’s main attraction is the course content, which is constantly updated by industry standards. It covers a wide range of advanced Data Analytics topics such as Excel and VBA macros Analytics, SQL and MS Access, Python Data Visualization, Tableau and MS Power Business Intelligence (BI), R-Programming, and Python.


Practical Training will be delivered to the student for them to obtain experience in Business Data Analysis and technical competence in data models, segmentation techniques, data mining techniques, database design development, and so on. It will also assist students in developing strong analytical abilities, which will allow them to easily collect, organize, and evaluate vast amounts of information with accuracy and efficiency.


The participants will also be given an in-depth grasp of Business Analysis through realistic projects and assignments on real-world instances, so they will not need additional Data Analytics training after being placed. Teachers will conduct appropriate seminars and handouts to provide them with industry-relevant knowledge and to handle any concerns they may have. After completing the Course, an individual can pursue a variety of alternative job profiles such as Data Analyst, Senior Analyst, Data Manager, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence specialist, and so on.


Valid certification in Business Analytics will be granted to all learners upon completion of the training to help them obtain a competitive edge over other applicants during the interview. Candidates who complete the course will also receive 100% Job Placement Assistance, including resume creation services and practice interviews to prepare them for entry into the same field.


The second institute offering business analysis courses in Delhi is Simplilearn.

2. Simplilearn

In cooperation with IBM, the special Business Analyst course in Delhi will help you enhance your career in Business Analysis. In this Business Analyst Course, you will learn the best Business Analysis skills through superior training from well-known and accredited industry professionals.


Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Training in Delhi is essential since it hones business analyst abilities and makes one a better business analyst. With Simplilearn’s Business Analyst, one becomes an expert in Excel, CBAP, SQL, CCBA, Tableau, Agile ScrumMaster, and Agile Scrum Foundation. The entire Business Analyst Certification learning experience is blended with real-world projects to assist students in gaining real-world experience and excelling in their careers.


The Following Projects Are Included in the Business Analyst Certification:

The first project would be sales performance analysis, in which you would create a dashboard to report monthly sales performance by product segment in an organization. This will also be done per product category to determine which sectors have met or exceeded their sales targets.


The Second Project entails customer analysis, with you creating a dashboard that provides a view of the customer’s statistical data, ranking them based on profit ratio and sales.


The third project would be about product analysis, in which you would analyze product categories over time.


The final project is to construct a sales dashboard, which will provide information about products as well as patterns in various statistics over time.


The third institute offering business analysis courses in Delhi is AnalytixLabs.

3. AnalytixLabs

Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has been a leader in Data Science training. It is well acknowledged and recognized for providing high-quality training programs planned and delivered by industry specialists. Based on their exceptional record and student satisfaction, they steadily progressed to gain the same reputation globally after establishing themselves as the best analytics training college. Accenture, American Express, AbsolutData, Axtria, Bank of America, and McKinsey are among the firms that have placed their students. They are committed to assisting clients in developing fundamental and advanced analytics abilities so that they can emerge as “Industry Ready” professionals and grow their careers.


AnalytixLabs has devised a well-balanced business analytics course, that assists in laying the groundwork, especially for students wishing to begin a career in the sector and ensure they are job ready. The following are some of the advantages of enrolling in AnalytixLabs’ business analytics course – 


  • The course comprises 15+ assignments and capstone projects to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the subject


  • The curriculum includes the study of tools such as Tableau, Python, and R programming, which will assist you in developing the abilities required for business analyst employment 


  • The course includes placement assistance


  • There are three different study modes available to meet the needs of different students. You can select the ideal study format for you


  • The course fee is reasonable, and there are alternatives for easy EMI


  • A certificate is issued after you complete the course. This certificate demonstrates that you have gained the necessary skills and abilities to succeed as a business analyst


Course Fees and Mode of Study

The institute offers a mix of online, in-person, and self-paced classes. Here is a list of study formats from which you can choose based on your preferences:

  • Live Online Interactive Classes – ₹ 38,000/- (plus taxes)

The first study format is online classes. With this format, you can study whenever and wherever you want. The live online lessons are interactive and led by qualified professors. The instructors hold live talks to guarantee that all questions are answered.


  • Classroom & Bootcamp ₹ 38,000/- (plus taxes)

The institute offers physical classes in Gurgaon and Noida. Students in this format attend in-person classes with experienced teaching members. Students physically attend classes, and teachers administer face-to-face MCQs. These classes have set start and end times. Classes, however, are accessible on both weekdays and weekends.


  • Blended eLearning Classes 28,000/- (plus taxes)

Students can study at their own pace under this strategy. On-demand videos are provided with students using the learning management system, and live doubt sessions are held on weekends. With access throughout the course, individuals can complete the course at their own pace while benefiting from the strong student support.


The fourth institute offering business analysis courses in Delhi is Tech Stack.

4. Tech Stack

Join Tech Stack academy to gain an in-depth understanding of the dos and don’ts of business analytics. They provide 34+ modules that include complete data and analytics augmentation. With their specialists and experienced analysts, you may gain insights into a wide range of real-world and commercial difficulties and enhance your abilities in the simplest, most effective, and most efficient way possible. 


Course Features

  • 100% Classroom Instruction
  • More than 25 Case Studies
  • As a Business Analytics Executive, Analytics Specialist, Business Analyst, Influencing Analyst, Data Scientist, or Social Media Analyst, you can advance your career
  • Over the course of four months, you will receive 150+ hours of comprehensive BAP training
  • Make projects for your portfolio
  • Create your own business


Course Contents

  • Introduction to Data & Analytics
  • Dashboard Designing in Excel
  • Basics of Statistics
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Business Statistics and Applications
  • Fundamentals of Python/R
  • Data Importing/ Exporting in Python and R
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Visualization with R
  • Data Preparation Using R
  • Predictive Modeling Concepts – Introduction
  • Correlation and Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to Data Analytics with Python
  • Python Basics: Basic Syntax, Data Structures
  • Python Concepts (Core)
  • Numpy Package
  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Data Manipulation using Pandas
  • Pandas Package
  • Python Advance: Data Munging with Pandas
  • Python Advance: Visualization with Matplotlib
  • Pylab and Pyplot
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Supervised Learning
  • Evaluation
  • Advanced Supervised Machine Learning Concepts
  • Unsupervised Learning-Clustering
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning-Deep Learning
  • Text Mining

Recommended Courses to Try in Delhi:


The fifth institute offering business analysis courses in Delhi is Madrid Software.

5. Madrid Software

Madrid Software Training is a Delhi-based training facility that offers a variety of courses to students to sharpen their abilities in line with market needs. Ex-Cognizant employees founded the institute in May 2011. In their training center, they have successfully trained over 5000 IT experts. They are now the market leader in emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data Hadoop, mobile application development, and digital marketing. The training assists professionals in developing the practical and soft skills necessary to succeed in challenging occupations.


Business Analytics, Data Science with R and Python, Data Analytics with R and Python, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Software Testing, Salesforce, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are among the courses offered to students at the institute. 


Course Features

  • Improve your skills for a high-paying corporate job by learning from industry leaders and working on real-world projects
  • You can work on several case studies


So, this was the list of the top 5 institutes offering business analytics courses in Delhi. Now let us see some of the most asked questions regarding the business analytics courses in Delhi.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How to select a career between Data Analyst and a Business Analyst?

So, which is the better professional route for you: data analyst or business analyst? Three things must be considered before you enroll for the business analytics courses in Delhi


Q2. What should be your educational and professional credentials?

Business analysts and data analysts typically have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Business analysts (also known as systems analysts) for example, typically hold a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field. They primarily use data to improve the efficiency of company operations, and they are familiar with (but not necessarily experts in) a variety of programming languages.


Business analysts may take company needs and collaborate with the business and the technical team to design a software package or implement a new CRM.


Data analysts, on the other hand, spend their days working with massive data sets to discover trends, generate charts, and build visual presentations that the business can use to make choices. These individuals typically have advanced degrees and more comprehensive expertise in math, science, programming, databases, modeling, and predictive analytics.


Your pursuits

Do you concentrate on data and statistics, or are you a problem-solving entrepreneur?

Business analysts enjoy working in the corporate environment and are more interested in issue solving. For example, they could be responsible for researching, arranging, and supervising the implementation of a new workflow. These individuals are frequently natural-born communicators—both written and spoken communication abilities are required since they must explain technical communications to stakeholders in layman’s terms.


Data analysts are numerically oriented individuals who excel in disciplines such as statistics and programming. They are entrenched in databases and interested in extracting data points from complicated and frequently divergent sources as the gatekeepers for the business’s data. Data analysts must also have a strong interest in and knowledge of the business in which they operate.


Your ideal career paths

Though business analysts and data analysts have some commonalities, factors such as incomes, and their possible career paths differ.


Because business analysts are not expected to have as extensive a programming background as data analysts, entry-level employment may pay slightly less than data analysts. Salaries in advanced professions or high-demand industries, on the other hand, can exceed six figures. Advanced degrees and certifications are frequently required to advance from the profession of business analyst to a more analytics-driven career.


Q3. Why should we pursue a business analytics course?

It is critical to understand that business analysts are one of the most crucial parts of any corporation and are needed in all sectors and businesses. For those with the necessary talents, business analysis is a tremendously fascinating and gratifying vocation. They contribute to the growth and success of businesses.


You can pursue any course from our list of business analytics courses in Delhi, which will provide you with extensive knowledge of business analysis. You can obtain expertise in numerous ideas and skills essential for making educated business decisions by taking a course from business analytics courses in Delhi. You will be an Excel, Tableau, agile, CCBA, and other subject matter expert. With the help of these business analytics courses in Delhi, you will be able to study all the abilities required to gain insights into business analysis monitoring and planning, as well as the competencies of a business analyst.


Q4. Can we get a job after the business analytics course?

A business analyst’s function is critical in any industry and requires the correct combination of talents to handle the associated obligations. As a result, it is always advisable to supplement your portfolio with industry-recognized credentials that illustrate your business analysis skills and knowledge. Choosing any of the business analytics courses in Delhi out of our mentioned courses will get you off to a terrific start.



Despite the distinctions between data analysts and business analysts, both professions have bright futures, and whichever course you choose from the list of business analytics courses in Delhi, you will get a great learning opportunity.


Whatever job route you ultimately choose, there are steps you must take to prepare yourself for the workplace. Most significantly, you’ll need to gain the necessary abilities for your desired career and finish the necessary training from business analytics courses in Delhi.


If you want to take this seriously and reap the benefits as soon as possible, you must consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into learning data science and analytics. If you are currently employed or running your own business, you may choose to attend online courses at your speed, enroll in business analytics courses in Delhi with after-work and weekend schedules, or sign up for 2 or 3 days of boot camp type training if you cannot afford to be away from work for an extended period.


So, no matter where you are in your career, business, or quest to help create social change, I strongly advise you to get your feet wet and begin learning data science and analytics right away. Do not let your lack of experience or knowledge of the subject prevent you from doing so, as all learning opportunities are available to you. With everything and everyone experiencing and being touched by digital transformation on all levels and disruption of all kinds, data literacy will prepare you for the next stage of your career or business.


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