4 Best Institutes To Take Tally Classes With Placement Assistance

There are many institutes and training facilities that provide Tally classes for those who want to learn how to use the program. These classes cover subjects including building and managing ledgers, producing invoices and bills, logging transactions, controlling inventory, and producing financial reports. Tally classes are available in many different formats, such as classroom-based instruction, online learning, and self-paced study materials. Additionally, some institutions provide certification courses that enable people to prove their skills using Tally.


List of best tally classes


The cost and duration of Tally classes can change depending on the structure and difficulty of the instruction. Many institutions, however, provide students with affordable options, such as group sessions and discounts for large enrollments. Students can learn important skills and knowledge that will help them excel in the accounting and financial sectors by enrolling in Tally classes. These classes may help you increase your expertise in using this robust accounting software, whether you are a beginner or an established professional. Let’s learn about tally and its features.


What is Tally and What Are the Features of Tally Software?

Tally is a prevalent accounting software to manage financial transactions and accounts that are widely used by businesses of all sizes whether big or small. People who are interested in a profession in accounting or finance may find it useful to learn how to use Tally successfully.


Features of Tally Software

The most recent version is Tally Prime, which was an updated version of ERP 9. Let’s discuss some of its features:

Distance Access– some companies have numerous branches in multiple locations. For such firms, operating from different locations becomes difficult. However, the Tally Remote Access tool created a link between them and assisted in the smooth management of their firm. It makes it easier to work remotely from various locations. To work from several places, all you need is a current Tally.net subscription.

Tally.Net– Tally Solutions created a safe channel for transferring data. Only the sender and recipient of data can see it since this encrypted channel uses end-to-end subscriptions, which makes it so secure that not even tally solutions workers can access it. So basically, it’s a safe platform for working remotely and sharing information about your company.

Control Centre– the location from where you can manage your account is the control center. You have access to and control over every connected user to a particular account. With the help of this function, you can manage their data sharing and security.

Multiple Selection– the addition of multiple selection features makes the software even easier to use. To cross-check several entries at once the user can use this function. Multiple entries can be selected at once by using the spacebar on the keyboard.


Benefits of Taking Tally

In an era where everything is accessible with a few clicks, Tally has advanced to a completely new level. One of the most popular and sought-after business accounting programs in India. VAT has now been included as a tool in addition to GST. Here are a few benefits of taking Tally classes:

  • Understanding the Software– students can learn about the various capabilities and functionalities of the program by taking Tally lessons. This involves being aware of how to set up a company, issue vouchers, keep track of goods, and generate reports.
  • Improved Efficiency– people can increase their productivity and efficiency by mastering the usage of the Tally. Because it streamlines the accounting process, it can help firms save time and money.
  • Career Opportunities– many firms need people who are knowledgeable about Tally software because it is so commonly used. People who enroll in Tally lessons can acquire the abilities and information required to pursue a profession in accounting or finance.
  • Better Decision Making– businesses can access real-time financial performance data from Tally. Individuals can make more informed decisions regarding their business operations by learning how to use Tally efficiently.

In conclusion, taking Tally classes is essential for anyone who wishes to advance their accounting knowledge, seek a profession in finance, or simply manage their company finances more efficiently.


Job Opportunities after Taking Tally Classes

You can look at many career options in accounting and finance after studying tally. Some of the opportunities are:

Accountant– any organization that uses Tally software for accounting can hire you as an accountant. Maintaining financial records, creating financial statements, and completing tax returns are all responsibilities that fall under your purview.

Tally Operator– any company that employs tally software can hire you as a Tally operator. Your work duties will include data entry, report creation, and troubleshooting.

Financial Analyst– you can also work as a financial analyst in any firm that uses Tally software for financial analysis. Your work duties will include analyzing financial data, preparing reports, and providing financial advice.

Tax Consultant– using Tally software, you can act as a tax adviser and offer clients tax-related services. Tax preparation, tax planning, and filing tax returns are all part of your employment duties.

Tally Trainer– you might work as a Tally trainer and instruct people or businesses on how to utilize the Tally program efficiently. You would be responsible for creating training materials, leading training sessions, and supporting trainees as part of your role.

Numerous prospects in the field of accounting and finance can be unlocked by taking general Tally classes.


Let’s Discuss Some Key Points to Know More About Tally Classes in India

Course Content– topics covered in Tally lessons are inventory management, payroll processing, invoicing taxation, basic accounting principles, creating and managing company accounts, and generating financial reports. These are all done by using Tally software.

Duration and Mode of Training– depending on the institute and depth of a course, Tally lessons can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Classes are provided in a variety of formats, including classroom instruction, online programs, and self-paced learning options.

Certification– after completing the Tally course, many institutions provide certification. These credentials can validate a person’s abilities and be useful while looking for opportunities in the accounting field.

Eligibility– people from all backgrounds can take admitted to Tally lessons. You can enroll in it whether you are a student, a working professional, or a business owner trying to improve your accounting abilities.

Institutes and Training Centres– in India, there are many institutions and training facilities that provide Tally classes. NIIT, Aptech, Tally Academy, and ICA Edu Skills are a few well-known institutions. Tally training is also offered by several local institutions and independent instructors.

Job Prospects– after finishing Tally lessons, people can look into employment options in a variety of businesses as auditors, financial executives, accountants, or tax consultants. Employers place a high value on tally skills, so including them on a CV is a great move.

Continuous Learning– the Tally software is regularly improved, and new versions with more advancements are released. As a result, people need to stay updated. Numerous institutions provide advanced Tally courses to aid professionals to advance their skills and keeping up with the latest developments.

Individuals can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to operate the Tally accounting software by enrolling in Tally classes in India. To meet the needs of various individuals, these classes are widely available across the country, in a variety of formats and lengths. The completion of a Tally course can increase work chances in the accounting industry and give job seekers a competitive edge.


Top Institutes That Provide Tally Classes in India

There are many institutions that provide tally classes. Here is the list of top institutes that offer Tally classes in India.



IIM SKILLs’ self-paced Advanced Tally Course is a comprehensive program that covers all of the important concepts of tally and Tally software. The Master Tally Course teaches you the basics of Tally as well as its most complex elements using a curriculum that has been carefully crafted by experts to match industry requirements. It is regarded as the best program in India for learning tally.

The acquisition of skills- the goal of the tally course at IIM SKILLS is to blend practical learning and skill development in addition to theoretical knowledge transmission. The advanced Tally course at IIM SKILLS provides you with a thorough understanding of all the concepts used in accounting. The vibrant course prepares you in every way to become a skilled professional based on the industry’s best practices.

The IIM SKILLS Tally Advanced course incorporates the following desirable abilities that companies seek in candidates while considering them for recruitment, keeping up with the latest trends:

  • Accounting Competency
  • Analytical Skills
  • Robust Communication Skills
  • Numerical Ability
  • Computer Skills
  • Master the tools at IIM SKILLS


In every sector, staying current with cutting-edge tools and software has become essential due to the rapid growth of technology. The Tally and accounting sectors are in the same boat. Candidates having an advantage in software knowledge are preferred by employers.

To assist you comprehend the functions of accounting, IIM SKILLS experienced trainers use software and technologies to present real-world scenarios. To perform better at work, it is always preferable to spend time and money on the correct tools. Despite this, IIM SKILLS can help you improve your performance by using the right tools.

People who work as accountants or finance experts need to be knowledgeable about and regularly use the suggested tools, particularly in the case of Tally. Learn how to utilize these essential instruments precisely with a practical tally course program.

Tally Prime: Tally Prime, an integrated business management system, is crucial for managing inventories, statutory and compliance requirements, and banking, payroll, and other daily tasks.

Tally ERP 9- the most recent version of the Tally solution is Tally Prime. The best combination of function, control, and in-built customization makes it the most dependable and well-linked accounting software to leverage business management solutions and GST software.

Microsoft Excel- excel provides a manageable dashboard for corporate data. For tracking and recording data, the majority of those working in the sector have access to this practical tool.


Why choose IIM SKILLS?

  • In-depth and Hand-on Training
  • Internationally Certifications
  • Guaranteed Job Assistance
  • Lifetime Access to the Latest Content


Course Content

Business Accounting

  • Basics of Accounts
  • Accounting Standard (GAAP)
  • Types of Accounts

Advanced Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime

  • Basics of Tally
  • Creation/ Setting up of Firm in Tally
  • Setting up Accounts Heads
  • Group & Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Debit and Credit Note
  • Creating Inventory Masters in Tally

Advanced Accounting in Tally

  • Recording of Transactions
  • Inventory Management
  • Bill Wise Details
  • Cost Centre and Cost Categories
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Stock Journal
  • Adjusting Forex Gain/Loss
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Interest Calculation
  • Creating a Group Budget
  • Order Processing in Tally
  • Bill of Materials
  • Recorder Levels
  • Stock Valuation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Depreciation Entries
  • Shortcut Keys


Fees- Rs. 2900 + GST

Contact- 9580740740

Email Id- info@iimskills.com



NIIT is a renowned name in the field of computer education. They offer Tally courses with comprehensive training modules and industry-relevant curricula. They offer three courses- Working with Tally.ERP9-Level 1, GST Using Tally.ERP9 and Accounting with Tally.ERP9. Let’s discuss in a brief about these courses.


  • Working with Tally.ERP9-Level 1- This is a short-term course offered by NIIT. The total duration of this course is 108 hours. Also, a classroom-based learning model is used. In this course, you will learn the basics of accounting with the Tally.ERP9 software. You will receive instruction from NIIT’s highly qualified faculty. Additionally, you will become familiar with various business processes, and information systems, and the reasons why they are necessary. After finishing this course, you will get a certificate from NIIT to demonstrate your qualifications.



  • Intensive Learning
  • Graded Certificate
  • Unique Curriculum
  • 108 hours of Classroom-Based Learning
  • Expert Faculty
  • Three Modules



  • Business Process Fundamentals
  • Accounting with Tally.ERP9- volume 1: Basic Accounting & Inventory
  • Accounting with Tally.ERP9- volume 2: Advanced Accounting, VAT & Inventory


  • GST Using Tally.ERP9 – This course is for both graduates and undergraduates. Your ability to understand various GST concepts would be improved by taking this course. You will learn how to put these ideas into practice by legal requirements. The course also goes through how to use the Tally.ERP9 software for recording and processing GST transactions.


This is also a short-term course of 44- hours of intensive learning.


  • Graded Certification
  • NIIT Support
  • Classroom Learning
  • Study Material
  • Participation Certificate
  • Industry Expert- Instructors
  • Practical Exercises


On completing this course, you will learn:

  • The new system of indirect taxation
  • How to keep records of accounting
  • Several scenarios for the application of GST
  • What is GST?
  • How to record advanced data (GST)
  • Procedure for GST registration
  • How to get your company ready for GST
  • Recording advanced entries


  • Accounting with Tally.ERP9 – You will learn about the most popular business accounting software in this certification course. It covers a wide range of subjects, such as fundamentals of accounting, Tally’s essential parts, the double-entry accounting system, and its numerous features.

During this Accounting with Tally.ERP9 course, you will learn to use Microsoft Office tools for creating reports and conducting financial analysis and also how to handle the accounting information and record business transactions for a firm.



  • 36-hours Content
  • Graded Certificate
  • Veteran Faculty
  • Practical Exercises
  • Learning Material
  • NIIT Support


After completing this program, you will learn:

  • Select and insert data into the MS Excel worksheet
  • Understand and implement fundamental accounting concepts
  • Features of Tally
  • Keep a record and handle business transactions
  • Create effective documents with Microsoft Word
  • Learn tally’s main components
  • Make your daily accounting activities more effective


Toll-free number: 180030006448

Email Id- careers@niit.com


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3. Aptech Computer Education

Aptech Computer Education, a brand of Aptech Limited since 1986, provides IT training. It is one of the leading computer education institutes in India. Through its extensive network of centers, it offers career education programs to students. Aptech offers Tally.ERP9 course that covers basic to advanced concepts of accounting and financial management.



Basics of Accounting

  • Accounting principles
  • Double Entry System
  • Rules of Accounting
  • Mode of Accounting
  • Financial Statements

Manual Accounting

  • Voucher System
  • General Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss Accounts

Gateway of Tally.ERP9

  • Introduction
  • Company Features
  • A/C with Inventory Features


  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Multi Columns Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Receivable/Payable Management
  • Payment Performance Analysis

VAT Accounting

  • Setting up VAT Features
  • Creating VAT Ledgers
  • Calculation of VAT
  • VAT Reporting
  • Vouchers Entry

Advance Features

  • Consolidation of Company
  • Budgets and Control
  • Remote Access
  • Control Centre
  • Cost & Profit Centres
  • Support Centre

After completing this course, you will learn:

  • Knowledge of fundamental accounting concepts and principles
  • The ability to create basic reports, vouchers, and accounting and inventory masters in Tally.
  • Learn about Tally’s technology benefits, such as its multilingual capabilities and security measures.
  • Ability to generate reports in the required format
  • Ability to create payroll concepts
  • Know the basics of payroll accounting, including its principles and features.


Email Id- enquiry@aptech.ae


4. Tally Education

Over time, the popularity of the Tally program increased the need for trained and certified Tally specialists across the country. So, they began intervening in the market more than ten years ago. At first, they develop the training materials and oversaw the instruction provided by their network of partners. After much thought, they decided to shift their attention away from “training” and towards certification.

The criterion for determining competency for a specific purpose, which may scale for the enormous SME client base, is now stabilizing. You’ll be able to learn in the manner of your choice and still be able to demonstrate your competency for the job thanks to this.


Courses provided by Tally Education:

  • TallyEssential
  • TallyACE International
  • TallyEssential International
  • GCC VAT using Tally
  • TDS using Tally


Let’s know about these courses.

  • TallyEssential- it is a course created for your professional progress if you are a beginner in this sector. In this course, basic to intermediate concepts in Financial Accounting are covered. The various concepts are clarified through examples, self-learning videos, and actual industry-based scenarios to help lay a solid basis for your accounting and finance profession.



Level 1 (Recording & Reporting)

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Introduction to TallyPrime
  • GST
  • Banking
  • Keeping a Chart of Accounts
  • Keeping track of Accounting Transactions
  • Creating MIS Reports and Financial Statements
  • Data Security
  • Company Data Management

Level 2 (Accounts Payable & Receivable)

  • Classification of Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable Management
  • Purchase/Sales Order Management
  • Budgets and Scenarios
  • Generating/Printing Reports
  • Cost & Profit Centres Management

Level 3 (Taxation and Compliance)

  • Business Data Management
  • Changing to the Next Financial Year
  • Source-based Tax Deduction


  • TallyACE International- learners can use this course material to better understand the fundamentals of computerized accounting using Tally. It offers step-by-step instructions for everything from downloading and installing the software to setting up a business, keeping track of financial transactions, creating financial reports, and managing accounts payable and receivable.


Course Detail

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Maintaining Account Charts
  • Receivable/Payable Management
  • Financial & MIS Reports
  • Keeping Record of Transactions in TallyPrime


  • TallyEssential International- in this course the complexity of business activities will be clear to learners, who will then be well-equipped to deal with such transactions in a regular working environment.


Course detail

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Introduction to TallyPrime
  • Recording/Maintaining Account Transactions
  • Data Security
  • Company Data Management
  • Creating Financial Statements
  • Generating MIS Reports
  • Purchase/Sales Order Management


  • GCC VAT using Tally- through this course, learners will get an understanding of complex computerized accounting and taxation. The entire course has been designed to provide you with the greatest learning environment with real-world applications.


Course detail

  • Introduction to GCC VAT
  • Basics of GCC VAT Transactions
  • Advanced GCC VAT Transactions
  • Payment & Returns


  • TDS using Tally- numerous real-world business scenarios, charts, images, observations, solved examples, and practice scenarios on TallyPrime are included to enhance the learning experience. Its mixed style gives you the freedom to learn from a distance while receiving assistance from professionals. Being a qualified TDS specialist gives you an advantage over other competitors.


Course detail

  • Introduction to TDS
  • Basics TDS Transactions
  • Advanced TDS Transactions
  • TDS Reports
  • TDS Configuration at Various Levels


Email Id- support@tallysolutions.com


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is eligible for the Tally course?

Candidates from any stream can apply, but you must have finished your 12th grade, preferably in the commerce stream. Some knowledge of accounting and business management is preferred. As soon as you receive your graduation, you can enroll in this course as well.


2. Where Tally can be used?

Tally software is used to store the specific business transactions for each account. Calculations are now easy thanks to Tally. Tally is now utilized by all enterprises. Small businesses also use Tally software for accurate, timely, and efficient business transactions.


3. Why Tally is important nowadays?

The computer course capabilities of Tally enable you to swiftly and conveniently record business transactions. To keep track of business transactions, and create and maintain vouchers, and reports Tally is needed. You may manage all your company’s critical accounting processes with its assistance.



By taking Tally classes, individuals can gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them succeed in the accounting and finance fields. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, tally classes can help you improve your proficiency in using this powerful accounting software. All the best for your career ahead!

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