IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course – Which One Is Ideal For You

IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course – Which one do you think is the right program for you? We are going to look in detail at the two courses. But before that, a little background into why financial modeling has become so popular today.  The last two decades have shown the growing scope and demand for professionals in the financial service sector. Financial modeling has established itself as one of the industries that are going to be in demand not just for today, but also in the coming years. Usually, right after passing the class 12 examination, commerce students go after mainstream career choices like a chartered accountant, tax accountant, company secretary, cost accountant, and, many more.  


IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course


With the advent of financial modeling, several new career choices have opened up for example – equity research analyst, credit analyst, investment banking, and, others. This has allowed the students to take up those options as their career choices. Unlike usual auditing, accounting, and auditing jobs, the financial model has got more to do with creating models and forecasting.


With the introduction of financial modeling, companies and businesses are now able to record their financial operations and transactions, and, forecast if any upcoming events or happenings will affect their stock performance. Companies and businesses assess data and create financial models to make forecasting for the future and predict whether or not the market will move and how it will move in the upcoming years.    


Here, in this article, our purpose is to provide you with the basic knowledge of financial modeling, and, state the special features of IIM Skills and NSE’s financial course, so that, in the future, you can choose the financial service industry as your career, and, then you will be able to make a sound decision as to which institute should you choose for studying financial modeling course.

We are first going to make you understand the basics of financial modeling. Let us begin our journey by learning the fundamentals of financial modeling.


Fundamentals of Financial Modeling

To explain it in simple terms, financial modeling is a procedure or practice that sums up a company’s income and expenses in a spreadsheet (Excel) which is then utilized for calculating the effects of upcoming events and business decisions about its finances. A financial model is created to emphasize a company’s performance which ultimately goes on to help the analysts recognize current challenges and offer solutions accordingly.

As we mentioned before, many companies use financial modeling primarily to examine the stock performance and assess what impact will future events leave on the performance of their stock. Financial models are created by companies and businesses to show their operations statistically. The major goal is to enhance financial decision-making through the evaluation of a lot of data. In the business world of today, data-backed decisions have become the usual standard.

Additionally, to evaluate a company’s valuation and assess how it stacks up against its competitors in a similar industry, financial modeling tools are employed. The cost of new projects is calculated, corporate resources are allocated, budget decisions are made, and other things are done with it in strategic planning as well. A company uses financial models to assess the viability of each project it proposes to launch, whether it be an expansion of its business or a commencing a new project.


It is time to start the comprehensive comparison of the IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course, now that we are familiar with what financial modeling means and have a basic understanding of what it comprises. We shall analyze IIM Skills first.


IIM Skills

IIM Skills was established in the year 2015 with the sole objective of providing training and coaching for content writing. After making its name in the content writing industry, it launched several other courses like digital marketing, GST, business accounting and taxation, SEO, and many more. Within five years, the institute got recognition for providing top-quality education and professional courses which ultimately have helped the students to transform their lives and careers. Since all the industries keep on updating their job profiles, the institute has made all its courses simple, short, and, easy to understand. IIM Skills knows that to land a job it is important to build a strong portfolio, and, hence, it encourages all of its students to actively participate in its internship programs, and, during that time only, the students learn how to create a solid portfolio to showcase their skills and knowledge to the employers.

As we mentioned earlier that the institute believes in offering high-standard education, and, professional courses, IIM Skills is in tandem with its mission to provide highly rated courses at an affordable rate. Students have labeled the institute as the perfect place to upskill, start or re-start their careers.

As the recruiters nowadays are providing jobs based on skillsets which are as per the specific industry, IIM Skills provides the latest knowledge and course skills which are as per the current trends. Enroll yourself in IIM Skills courses, if you want to get yourself ready for jobs by the time you complete the course.

Coming to its financial modeling course, after seeing the scope and demand for financial modeling services, the institute decided to introduce a financial modeling course. In a short span, the course has received tons of positive reviews.


IIM Skills’ Financial Modeling Course

The financial industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the financial modeling sector during the past 20 years. As a result, it compelled big businesses and companies to include a financial model in their business operations. This suggests that financial modeling services will continue to be in high demand from all organizations and businesses, not just today but also in the future.

IIM Skills’ comprehensive financial modeling course is ideal for you to be a financial industry professional as it motivates you to improve your financial modeling skills. The course teaches you how to create financial models from the foundation and focuses on developing your Excel abilities from basic to advanced, financial statements, accounting, equity modeling, KPI analysis, and project finance. In addition, it gets you prepared for employment in investment banking, equities research, credit research, etc.

You will become financially knowledgeable with the right combination of technical financial skills and soft skills, and, thus get yourselves prepared for employment after the course.

IIM Skills strives to meet the growing need for trained workers by producing qualified financial modeling professionals. The financial modeling course thereby accomplishes what it was intended to. If you wish to work in positions like equities research analyst, investment banker, financial analyst, credit analyst, and others, enrol in this course.

Before launching the financial modeling course, the institute spent a lot of time, effort, and thought on it. Students will learn the fundamentals of financial models in this course, and then they will be able to construct their financial models.

Course Modules

Overall the course has six modules and they are business valuation, accounting and financial statement foundation, fundamental financial model, KPI/Ratio Analysis, different varieties of financial models, and Basic to Advanced Excel.

Course Features:-
1. Mentors who have several years of experience and knowledge

IIM Skills gives its students up-to-date information and knowledge about what is happening right now in the financial modeling industry because it is aware that the sector is flourishing. In addition to those, it also employs mentors who are currently employed as financial analysts, and investment bankers, have several years of experience, and are knowledgeable about the financial sector. In addition to offering a standard education, IIM Skills also gives students insightful recommendations and guidance on how to thrive in their jobs.

2. Live online session video recording

Because it is not always possible to attend a live online class, the institute has made all of its video recordings of the sessions available to the students. To put it simply, if you can’t make it to a live online session, a recorded video of it will be made available. You have access to those videos forever and 24×7. You can always watch the recorded class session again if you have any questions or concerns just to have a better grasp of the subject.

3. Personal coaching and learning

To get all of your questions answered, just ask the trainers. The mentors at IIM Skills are approachable and aware that no two students are the same, thus they provide individualized attention to each one. You may usually clear up any of your doubts by watching the video recordings of the live online lesson. However, if you believe you are still having trouble grasping a concept or topic, you can always get in touch with the teachers at the institute’s email address.

4. Access a learning management system (LMS) for a lifetime

The learning management system is very easy to use and acts as a permanent library for all the course contents and session recordings. To help you acquire the skills required for many professional courses, this LMS compiles all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical tasks in one area. You can use this LMS for nothing at any time. Aside from that, the LMS is often updated, and updates are made to its content to reflect changes made to the online world. To give you the most up-to-date knowledge, the course content is frequently updated to reflect the most recent trends.

5. Engaging classes

The methodology of the course was established with the understanding that each student is different and has a diversity of educational and professional experiences. The live online class that is engaging ensures that, despite it being a time-consuming course, provides a successful training process. Collaborative learning and critical thinking are fostered by these interactive online classes. Interactions between trainers and learners are common. The active learning environment and quick resolutions to any inquiries or ambiguities are other features of these online classes.

6. Assignments are totally practical and according to the latest industry trends

You need a large amount of real-world project experience to strengthen your skills and give you the confidence you need to undertake challenging business tasks. As a reason, the Financial Modeling course offered by IIM Skills features a significant number of hands-on assignments to help students comprehend all the complex concepts and chapters. It will take a lot of time to complete these practical assignments. You know exactly how to use the knowledge you have gained in the course to solve problems in real-world circumstances.

7. Certification approved globally and by the financial modeling industry

When you finish the course, you will receive a certificate that is acknowledged by the financial modeling sector and the rest of the globe. Having this qualification will make it easier for you to collaborate with clients and work with them remotely.

8. 100 % Job Guarantee

IIM Skills will place you in a job right after you complete the training. However, you must first perform well throughout the internship to get hired. Paid and unpaid internship programs are both available through the institute. The duration of both programs is three months. The internship will provide the ideal platform for you to present your work to potential employers.

The financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills has the distinctive features listed above, which explains why it is so popular with the students. The course success rate is demonstrated through statistics and numbers. This demonstrates why the institute received 4.9 out of 5 stars and why it also managed to achieve an 87 percent success rate.


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NSE India(National Stock Exchange of India Limited)

Known for being India’s leader of the stock exchange, the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) was founded in the year 1992. It was India’s first dematerialized electronic exchange. Now, after making its name by offering trading services for stocks and other securities, the institute has forced millions of people to dream, aspire, and, hopefully, thus, fill India with lots of potential.

This aspiration that propels India forward and elevates it to a more prominent position on the global stage serves as the motivation for NSE. By facilitating access, generating investment chances, and empowering its stakeholders, NSE hopes to accelerate India’s growth story. To make influence the entire investing ecosystem, NSE works longer, harder, and, quickly. NSE constantly reinvents itself so that it can reimagine the future in a world where things change shape every second. The institute has direction because of its ambition. It is thrusting forward while it pivots. This shows that NSE is taking its steps away from the present and towards a better future.

Talking about its courses, since NSE is an expert in providing knowledge and services related to trading stock and securities, it thus came up with the idea to provide various courses related to the financial domain. However, to provide full-time knowledge of the financial domain, the stock exchange giant of India decided to set up a fully dedicated institute for providing knowledge related to the financial domain. Hence, on March 12, 2016, NSE established NSE Academy Limited, a wholly owned company of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited (now known as NSE Investments Limited).

Since the institute believes that is quite essential to make people financially literate, and, hence it considers it to be an important life skill. Moreover, based on the previous statement, we forgot to state that NSE provides training and coaching, and certifications in insurance, financial markets, and banking. To provide providing top-notch intermediation to market participants encourages the development of a pool of human resources with the relevant, and apt skills, and, experience in each BFSI industry segment.

As we noted earlier that NSE provides a numerous range of courses related to stock, trading, financial markets, and, financial modeling, etc. Here are those courses which are as follows:-

In the online interactive course, the students get to learn a-to-z of trading, and other topics related to stock, commodities, etc. However, interestingly, the institute has included equity valuation and financial modeling as one of its interactive courses. Besides these, there are also partner programs that teach the students all about trading.

In the online recorded courses, the students will learn about investment, derivatives trading, financial planning, basic stock market investing, wealth management, forex and commodities, and many more. This course also includes financial modeling as one of its courses.

For students who want classroom-based courses, we have good news, as the institute has included classroom courses like forex and commodities, technical analysis, technical analysis masterclass, advanced future and options, and, many more. This course also included equity valuation and financial modeling as one of its courses.

Lastly, NSE also offers full-time programs like PGCM in investment banking, an executive program in banking and digital finance, PG certification in the financial market, an executive program in financial analytics, and a few more programs.


NSE India Financial Modeling Course Modules

Both the online interactive and recorded course have the same modules which are as follows:-

  • Comprehending financial statements and models
  • Making a financial model
  • Simple case study to create financial models
  • Financial statement inspection
  • Processes of valuation
  • Case study of varieties of financial models

We did not mention the course module for the classroom-based course as, except for financial statement forecasting and analysis, the remaining modules are similar to that of an online interactive and recorded course.


NSE India Financial Modeling Course

In this section, we are covering NSE financial modeling course

Irrespective of whichever course you prefer, all the courses nearly have the same features, hence, even if you decide to choose a single course, you will have nothing to lose.

Interactive Online Course

This course looks to offer hands-on training to those who have trust in building values and making a long-term investment. The course is so easy to understand that the students not only grasp the concepts but also put into use the knowledge they have acquired during the course so that they can create realistic and efficient financial models for problems in real life. The course will go a long way in providing the students with detailed directions and coaching that is needed to succeed in the quickly improving financial markets.

This course will provide a thorough knowledge of basic theories added with the practices of different features of financial models like DCF, strategic analysis, valuation analysis, etc. Moreover, you will also get to learn through modeling in excel so that you can create your financial models from the basics.

Classroom Course

This course also looks to offer hands-on training to those who have trust in value building and long-term investment. In addition to the knowledge and training the institute provides during the course, it has combined those with Excel, Accounting, and, finance skills so that you can delineate investment analysis and financial statements. The financial modeling and equity valuation course will also assist you during decision making, assessments, and, dynamic estimations. To assist with the process of basic spreadsheet valuations, the students will complete assignments using financial modeling to value a company and find out if it is overvalued or undervalued.

Course Features:-
  • Hands-on coaching – As we stated earlier, NSE provides hands-on training to those who keep the belief that it is important to build values and make a long-term investment
  • Internship – To provide the students with the knowledge of how the financial modeling and services industry works, the institute offers an internship program in which the students can avail themselves by paying an additional amount of Rs 5000 added with an 18 per cent GST
  • Job placement support – Like NSE helps its students to get placed after completing the stock and trading course, it is now offering the same to the students of the financial modeling course. Now students are able to grab jobs in the financial modeling and services industry
  • Email query support – If any student has got some doubts regarding the course details or concerning the concepts or topics learned, he or she can get it cleared on the Q&A community platform, and, for the same email query support is provided


A Comparative Study of IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

We learned through thorough study that the financial modeling course offered by IIM Skills had a remarkable success rate of 87 percent. If you wish to pursue a career in the financial modeling sector as an equities research analyst, investment banker, or credit analyst, or if you are in one of several esteemed positions but are relatively new to the financial world, choose IIM Skills. The mentors at IIM Skills are always willing to assist the students, whether or not they are working, which is the course’s greatest plus. The student’s ability to utilize the LMS whenever they want to is the second plus.

Coming NSE’s financial modeling course, this course is best for those who want to be acquainted with the practical world of financial modeling applications. The three courses have been designed and developed after taking a lot of things into consideration, for instance, you can choose an interactive online course if you do not have the time to attend classes physically.


Choose online recorded courses, if you think that you will learn best, provided the lectures are recorded in advance and can be accessed at any time. Classroom courses are best for you if you think that they are the best possible way to learn. In addition to these benefits, the last facility that you will get from NSE’s financial modeling course is that as a participant you will receive free access to webinars hosted by Kredent Academy which is also a premier institution in providing financial market-related education. That will allow you to boost your already acquired knowledge about financial modeling and its application.


Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

1. How are these two IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Courses different from others that are available on the market?

Reviews of Financial Modeling courses submitted by students who have taken them contain several instances of people who were able to progress in their careers. Students have access to tools that have a track record of aiding students in landing jobs of their choice. The training program simulates what it would be like to be a professional financial analyst while being entirely practical. There is an abundance of information available on free career websites. Due to the extraordinary incorporation of all these components in both of these courses, they stand out from the competition in terms of giving you the resources you need to have a successful career.

2. What career options will I get after completing the Financial Modeling Course?

Following completion of the Financial Modeling course, a large range of employment opportunities, including those for financial analysts, investment bankers, equities research analysts, and many more, are readily available on the market.

3. How much time does it take to complete a financial modeling course?

You can complete a financial modeling course typically in 3-5 months. However, ensure that you are aware of the latest updates on the finance sector to excel as a financial modeler.


Conclusion on IIM Skills vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

We hope that the comparative Analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial modeling Course has helped quell your doubts about which institute to choose. What sets these two institutes apart from one another has already been covered. Now is the moment to conclude things. Before we do that, let us first discuss which institute will be helpful for you. Choosing the best provider of financial modeling courses is ultimately up to the individual, even though each person has unique interests and choices. A choice can only be made after a thorough evaluation of the institutes, taking into account the costs, facilities, and mode of delivery. We can therefore conclude that our comparison of the two schools met its objectives, and we sincerely hope that you will choose the institution that will benefit your career the most.

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