IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine – Which Is The Best Financial Modeling Course

Are you a student who belongs from commerce background? Do the word finance and everything related to the subject interest you? Are you looking to start your career as a financial analyst? But do not know where to begin? If your answer is yes, and, if finance is your forte, then we have good news for you. For the time being, relax, and, take a deep breath, as in this article, we are going to mention the financial modeling course provided by IIM Skills versus Edupristine’s financial modeling course, and the comparative analysis between the two institutes. This article will help you to decide which institute might suit you. Apart from that, this article will also guide you on how to land prominent job roles like financial analyst, investment banker, equity research analyst, and, many more.


IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine Financial Modeling Course


But before we dig deeper into the comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS VS Edupristine Financial Modeling course, we are first going to learn what is meant by financial modeling.


Financial Modeling Definition


In order to calculate the effects of future or upcoming events or decisions, a company goes through a process wherein it summarizes its expenses and income in a spreadsheet. Company executives use a financial model for several purposes. For instance, a financial analyst may utilize the financial model to forecast and inspect whether or not a company’s stock performance can be impacted by executive decisions or future events. Future events or executive decisions may result from internal factors like modifications to business models or strategies. Additionally, they may result from external factors like adjustments in economic or regulatory policies. We provide a thorough explanation of the topic so you can comprehend what a financial model is.


Understanding What Is Financial Modeling

A company keeps track of all of its financial transactions, whether they happened in the past, present, or future, in a spreadsheet (Excel). The models are then put to use as tools for making decisions.

A business utilizes it to roughly estimate the expenses and determine the profits of a needed new project. Additionally, it is used to estimate a company’s worth and to assess how a company stacks up against its competitors. Finally, it is utilized in tactical planning to evaluate different possibilities, determine budgets, calculate the expenses of new projects, distribute corporate resources, and estimate their costs.

Having learned about the definition of financial modeling, and, understanding what it is, it is now time for us to start the detailed comparative analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine Financial Modeling Courses. We will begin the analysis with IIM Skills.


IIM Skills

Known for providing various types of professional courses like business accounting and taxation, GST, SEO, content writing, and, much more, IIM Skills is one of India’s premier institutions for pursuing professional courses. Having made its name for providing top-quality education that will transform the lives and careers of the students, IIM is now redefining itself as one of the top course providers in India. The institute’s courses have been labeled as relevant, and precise. Moreover, the institute also ensures that the students learn from the latest trends.

If you choose this institute, then there is no doubt that you will be able to enhance your ability to shine in your career, no matter whatever post you are working in. IIM Skills will help you to acquire the right skillset that is currently asked by recruiters. Talking about its financial modeling course, the institute has recently launched the financial modeling course. Within a few months of launching the course, the institute has garnered thousands of positive reviews.

Enroll in IIM Skills’ financial modeling course, if you want to be ready for the financial modeling job industry. You can turn your dreams into reality if you choose IIM Skills. Once you get enrolled in IIM Skills’ courses, there is a surety that you will be able to get your dream job.


IIM Skills’ Financial Modeling Course


During the last two decades, India has seen the scope of financial modeling services expand by manifolds. Since the country is an immature market, several big companies and start-ups have been suffering huge losses as they do not have financial modeling in their operations. Therefore, that makes it clear that financial modeling will go on to be the most-demanded skill that is desired by all companies and industries.

As financial modeling continues to be most needed, IIM Skills, hence, has come up with the idea to launch the financial modeling course so that it can meet the huge demands for financial modeling professionals like investment bankers, financial analysts, credit analysts, equity research analysts, and, more.

The curriculum of the financial modeling course has been designed after much thought, research, and, time.  The course starts with the basics as students acquire the basic knowledge of creating financial models. IIM Skills has made sure that students not just acquire technical skills but also obtain soft skills, and, that is the reason why the course includes imparting technical as well as soft skills. The course provides a glance at financial modeling and its models.


Course Modules


There are six modules in the course which are as follows:-

  1. Basics of Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Concepts of Accountancy and Financial Statements
  3. KPI/Ratio Analysis
  4. Fundamental Financial Modeling
  5. Different Varieties of Financial Modeling
  6. Business Valuation


Course Objectives
  • To equip candidates with the skills necessary to create dynamic, powerful, and organized financial models for performing financial analysis and impactful decision making
  • So as to provide you with the capacity and skills necessary for you to succeed in and compete in international standard financial markets
  • To ensure that you get confident in acquiring the basic knowledge of how to build a financial model despite you being a rookie
  • Since Excel is used as the key tool to create financial models, the tool-based learning will offer you exhaustive training in Excel, no matter whether you are an amateur or a pro


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Course Highlights:-


  1. Faculties are people from the industry

To provide the students with the knowledge of what is happening inside and outside the financial modeling market, IIM Skills faculties are people who are currently employed as financial analysts and investment bankers. They have several years of expertise and experience in the financial domain. Besides offering quality education, the institute also provides valuable advice to the students on how to achieve growth in their careers.

  1. Recorded Class Sessions

In case, if you do not understand something. You can always go back to the recorded class session to get a better understanding. After every live online session, the class recording of the same is available, and, can be unlimited times. Basically, what we are trying to say is that, in case, you miss a live online session, a video recording of the same is made accessible and available for all the students.


  1. Personalized learning experience

After going through a live online session, in case you have doubts to clear, you can always ask the experts. IIM Skills’ trainers are friendly and understand that every student is unique, and, hence, they cater to every student’s demands personally. Although, most of the time, doubts get cleared after going through the video recordings. But in case you still have doubts, you can contact the mentors on email id.


  1. Access LMS (Learning Management System) for a lifetime

The learning management system is incredibly easy to use and acts as a continuous library for all course materials and session recordings. This LMS gathers all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical assignments in one place to help you in learning the skills required for the many professional courses. This LMS is available to use for free always. Additionally, the LMS is regularly updated, and its content is revised to take into account modifications to the online world. In order to give you access to the most up-to-date knowledge, the course content is updated to reflect the latest trends.


  1. Interactive Online Sessions

Since each student is different and has a range of educational and professional experiences, the approach to the course was established with that thought in mind. Interactive live training is a guarantee of the painstaking but impactful training process. Teamwork and critical thinking are supported by these engaging online classes. Students and mentors frequently interact. Additionally, these online classes provide a lively learning atmosphere and quick resolutions to any queries or ambiguities.


  1. Assignments

It is essential to hone your skills with enough real-world project experience if you want to develop confidence and handle challenging business tasks efficiently. Because of this, the Financial Modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS includes a large number of practical assignments to help students fully grasp all the difficult subjects and chapters. These practical activities will take up a significant amount of time. You have a profound grasp of how to apply everything you have studied in the course to realistic scenarios.


  1. Globally-recognized Certifications

Due to the widespread acceptance of IIM Skills certifications, once you complete the program you can work with clients anywhere in the world. After completing the course, you are awarded a Master’s Certification.


  1. 100 % Job Placement Support and Assistance

Once you complete the course, the institute will offer job opportunities. What we basically mean is as soon as you finish the course, companies will look to hire financial modeling professionals from IIM Skills. However, getting a job offer depends on how your performance during the internship. Interestingly, the students also receive soft skills training during the internship.

As a result of all the points discussed above, the Financial Modeling course from IIM Skills is incredibly successful. Even the statistics and figures directly demonstrate the efficiency of this course, with an 87 percent success rate and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5. Additionally, their 100 percent money-back guarantee will ensure that your investment never results in a loss if you believe that this course did not meet your expectations.


Let us now move to Edupristine’s Financial Modeling course




Having been established in 2008 by four sector professionals who are working in multi-national companies (MNC) like Accenture, Standard Chartered, S&P, and, Goldman Sachs, EduPristine is India’s top training course provider in the domain of accountancy and finance. Quickly, the institute became a top-ranked finance course provider all over the world. As years went by, EduPristine expanded its verticals from one to five – Marketing, Finance, Accountancy, Healthcare, and, Analytics.

Being considered as one of India’s leaders of course providers in Finance and Accountancy, EduPristine, the institute has established a solid online platform and a network of classrooms across India and, now it is providing self-paced learning, online learning, and classroom learning.

People who devote their time and effort to EduPristine will be admired. It is seeking individuals who are eager to advance and who want to upgrade and upskill themselves when time and job demands change.


EduPristine’s Financial Modeling Course


Since EduPristine is a specialist in providing finance courses like accountancy and finance, the institute decided to come up with a financial modeling course. With the booming scope and job market of financial modeling services, EduPristine has designed the course in such a way that the students remain updated.

The institute knows that it is important to keep a tab on the financial modeling industry trends so that the students get the best and latest knowledge. Hence, the course is updated from time to time. The course is taught by experts, who are currently working in the financial modeling industry. The mentors have many years of experience and expertise in the financial modeling industry.

Through this course, the students will be able to know what is currently going on in the financial industry. Apart from that, they will also be able to get themselves ready for jobs. The Financial Modeling course prepares the learners to design financial models that are utilized by the organization for a variety of purposes, including monitoring company performance, forecasting, and budgeting, risk analysis and evaluation, etc. Excel-based financial modeling skills will be taught to candidates for both simple and complex financial models. Candidates will be helped to comprehend the usefulness of the concepts through extensive practice with case studies.

EduPristine’s courses are designed to promote applied learning, going beyond rote memorization or theoretical knowledge as the only criteria for academic excellence. Case studies and assignments that you and your classmates complete will change the way you do your work or perceive your role within the company.

In partnership with the BSE Institute Ltd., EduPristine has designed its financial modeling course. The course covers all facets of financial model construction and instructs the candidate on how to construct several models, including the discounted cash flow model, the comparative company analysis model, the sum-of-the-parts model, the leveraged buy-out (LBO) model, the merger and acquisition (M&A) model, the industry-specific financial model, the option pricing model, and the corporate finance model.


Who can take up EduPristine’s financial modeling course?


To enroll in the financial modeling course, no prerequisites are necessary. However, because of the course’s complexity, it is simpler for students with backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, and economics to comprehend the concept of financial models.

People who work in investment banking, project management, equity research, business planning & strategy, private equity funds, and commercial banking might benefit from this training. It is also perfect for people with CFA certifications, FRMs, MBAs in finance, B.Tech graduates, and graduates in the fields of business and commerce who want to work in the aforementioned fields.


Financial Modeling Course Curriculum


In EduPristine’s financial modeling course, there are four modules which are as follows:-

  1. Excel Tricks and Tips
  2. Case study of FMCG
  3. Project finance, charting, and macros
  4. Case study of Accenture


Course Features

As we mentioned before industry professionals teach EduPristine’s financial modeling course. Through its courses, the institute provides you with real-world knowledge. With them, you will gain in-depth experience that will expose you to fresh problems and creative ideas to help you excel in your career. Since EduPristine started delivering its courses more than ten years ago, its pass outs have gone on to achieve great success all across the world.

  1. Extensive training – The institute knows that the syllabus of the financial modeling course is vast, and, hence, it has made its course and training extensively.
  2. Lectures are recorded in advance – To help the students get acquainted with the course topics, and, concepts, EduPristine has recorded the topics and concepts-related videos even before the course starts.
  3. Detailed study materials and notes – The best part of EduPristine’s financial modeling course is that it has provided the students with the latest and most detailed study materials and notes that will help them to remember all the important points in the long run.
  4. After-class practice on real-life case studies – As soon as the institute completes a chapter of the financial modeling course syllabus, it provides after-class practice on practical case studies so that the students get first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the financial industry. Being aware and prepared before entering the financial modeling domain will help the students in the long run.
  5. First-hand training on Excel sheets – Since Excel is the tool that is being used by a company’s financial modeling professionals to create financial models, the institute provides first-hand training in Excel.
  6. Access to LMS 24×7 with a one-year validity – Along with the course, you will get access to the LMS which can be accessed 24×7 with a validation period of one year.
  7. Dedicated forum for discussion – In case, you have doubts, and, you want clarification for the same, then there is an exclusive discussion forum where the students and the trainers meet and discuss questions and answers.
  8. EduPristine Regularly Posts Job Updates – There is a dedicated website wherein the institute posts job updates regularly for those who remain unemployed.
  9. Personalized career guidance – The other feature of the institute’s financial modeling course is that it personally provides advice and suggestion to all of its students.
  10. Interview skills workshop – For students who are time and again getting stuck in the interview round, while applying for jobs, the institute conducts a workshop to improve their interview skills.
  11. CV/resume-making assistance – To get shortlisted for a job offer is one of the toughest tasks in the world. However, to get shortlisted, a person has to make his CV/resume look tempting, strong yet simple. One of the best jobs that EduPristine has done is holding a CV/resume creating session, wherein it teaches students about how to create an impactful, enticing, and, lucid resume or CV.

After mentioning about EduPristine’s financial modeling course, it is now time to tell how the institute has fared in delivering the course. The institute has done well. It has received four and a half stars for delivering a top-quality course. EduPristine has got 5698 reviews, and, out of that, most of the reviews were positive. This goes to explain why it has made a strong name for providing high-standard finance courses, including the financial modeling course.


A Comparative Study of IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine Financial Modeling Course


After conducting thorough research, we have found that the institute has attained a staggering growth rate of 87 percent. The biggest plus point of IIM Skills is that its trainers are available 24×7 at the service of the students, the course fee is affordable, and, the success it has acquired in the delivery of its courses. Furthermore, the other plus point is that the institute has made its LMS accessible to the students for a time. Students can use the LMS as much as possible to increase their knowledge and put them into practice in the real world.

EduPristine and the BSE Institute provide practical challenges that force students to put what they have learned in class into practice and get ready for the realities of the industry. EduPristine is dedicated to assisting you at every stage by providing you with hands-on learning opportunities, soft skill training, and job placement assistance.

Take advantage of EduPristine’s exemplary customer support. Here are some USPs of EduPristine’s courses:-

  1. Support for efficient evaluation, examination, and placement
  2. Mentoring assistance and question-solving are available around the clock during the program


Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine Financial Modeling Course 


  1. In what ways are these two Financial Modeling courses unique from other programs on the market?

Reviews from students who have taken Financial Modeling courses contain several instances of people who are being able to advance in their careers. The resources that are available to students show a track record of successfully assisting graduates to shift to the careers of their dreams. The training program simulates what it would be like to be trained as a professional financial analyst and is entirely practical. There is also a ton of information available through free career sites. Both of these courses stand out from the competition when it comes to giving you the tools you need to construct a successful career since they uniquely combine all these components.


  1. What job opportunities are there for graduates of the Financial Modeling course?

As soon as complete the financial modeling course, there are a plethora of job opportunities that are available in the market like financial analyst, investment banker, and, equity research analyst,and, many more.


Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs Edupristine Financial Modeling Course 

Earlier, we learned what makes these two institutes stand apart from each other. Now it is time to wind up. Before we do that, let us first summarise which institute will prove to be beneficial for you. Although, every person has his preference or choice, yet, the decision to select the best financial modeling course provider is on him. A person can conclude only after doing a thorough study of the institutes, and, considering the fees, features, and, course delivery method. Having said that, it is now time to conclude that we have served the purpose to do a comparative study of the two institutions, and, thus, we now hope that you will select the right choice for your career.


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